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Tom Ford Bruised Plum Lip Color
Tom Ford Bruised Plum Lip Color

Tom Ford for Lipstick — Test #4

Tom Ford Bruised Plum Lip Color ($45.00 for 0.10 oz.) is a deep, reddened plum with subtle pink, fuchsia, and ruby micro-shimmer.  It goes on opaque, and it’s the most glistening/shimmering shade I’ve tried so far.  It does settle a bit into lip lines, but from a normal viewing distance, it’s really not noticeable.  This is a shade that stains very well and wears for four to five hours with a lingering stain for an additional two or so.  It’s vampy without being too blackened but not too much of a red shade either.  I can definitely see this being a perfect shade for fall.

Tom Ford’s Private Blend Lip Color collection are all vanilla scented and come in a white and gold square tube. It’s a very clean and elegant look, and the tube itself is weighty, so it feels more luxurious when you hold it in your hand. I like that the usage of the white paneling means no fingerprints, since that is a common problem when brands use more metallic/metal kind of packaging. The top and bottom are both “gold,” with the top having “Tom Ford” imprinted on it. It does click shut and stay closed well.

The formula itself is creamy and lightweight–it doesn’t feel slippery or nearly as creamy as YSL Rouge Voluptes, nor does it glide on as smoothly and effortlessly as Guerlain Rouge Gs. Tom Ford’s color range is full with twelve different shades ranging from nudes to deep plums. The textures of Tom Ford’s lipsticks are semi-matte–they’re not shimmery at all–and so they have a smidgen of sheen/glisten but overall, a much flatter finish.

Come August, I might have more possible dupes to share, since that will kick off the Sultry Season (all about vampy lip colors!), but for now, MAC’s Hang Up is the closest I’ve found–it’s a little lighter, not as shimmery.  These are all the Tom Ford shades I have to share with you for now, but I hope it’s given you a nice introduction to the range.

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  • Product: 29/30
  • Value: 7/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: If you’re in the mood for a decadent luxury and prefer your lip color on the more matte side, Tom Ford’s range of twelve might interest you.

AVAILABILITY: Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus

See more photos & swatches!

Tom Ford Bruised Plum Lip Color
Tom Ford Bruised Plum Lip Color

Tom Ford Bruised Plum Lip Color
Tom Ford Bruised Plum Lip Color

Tom Ford Bruised Plum Lip Color
Tom Ford Bruised Plum Lip Color

Tom Ford Bruised Plum Lip Color
Tom Ford Bruised Plum Lip Color

Tom Ford Bruised Plum Lip Color
Tom Ford Bruised Plum Lip Color

Tom Ford Bruised Plum Lip Color
Tom Ford Bruised Plum Lip Color

Tom Ford Bruised Plum Lip Color
Tom Ford Bruised Plum Lip Color

Tom Ford Bruised Plum Lip Color
Tom Ford Bruised Plum Lip Color

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47 thoughts on “Tom Ford Bruised Plum Lip Color Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. WOW! It looks fantastic on you Christine!

  2. lauralikesmakeup

    It makes me sad to see how pretty these lipsticks are, lol! Too price-y, even for the Chanel addict in me. :(

    • Brittany

      Yea it’s crazy how they’re more expensive than Chanel. The most I’ve spent on a lipstick was $30 and it happens to be Chanel lipsticks. lol

  3. Kristen

    this is so pretty!

  4. Angela

    THIS is a must have for fall! GORGEOUS shade!

  5. Wow! It’s a little pricey but I really like the color on this. Very deep but you still get the red/plum color.

  6. daphne

    Love the microshimmer and it makes your teeth looks EXTRA white. Great color for you. I love the packaging too. That said none of them has excited me enough to consider them worth the money, but it is neat just to be able to see them on.

  7. baby in a corner

    WOW! this is so so amazing and an unusual colour I think! now i really want!

    • baby in a corner

      I’ve thought about nothing else in the last 5 minutes since i read this! MMmmm daydream, but it would be crazy of me to buy it when there are other things i need more! Plus not sure it would look great cause i’m so pale, but maybe i could rock it!

  8. Christina

    I agree with the pricey-ness! Any dupes? I love this shade, it’s so gorgeous!

    I really need to control myself though, with a baby parrot on the way, I can’t splurge as much….

  9. Charlotte

    This must be some kind of optical illusion because in the full-face swatch I swear your brows look darker!

  10. egon

    This is one gorgeous shade =)

  11. AnGeLwInGz

    That color is so gorgeous! I used to have a similar one from L’Oreal like 12 years ago but I have no idea what the name was.

  12. Sari

    So gorgeous but I ‘d be mad at myself for spending this much on a lipstick , along with everyone else I know :(

  13. Emma

    Thanks for the swatch Christine! Looks like wine for the lips…By the way, will you be posting swatches of the MAC Dare to Wear collection soon? The launch is days away! 😀

  14. nikki

    tom ford’s lipsticks are really pretty. but i could never buy a $45 lipstick. i think the ysl rouge volupts are a stretch for me–i’ve only bought one. and they are ten less.

  15. Hend

    Oh this color is soo wintery and intense
    ;( I wish I could wear it but i know im not bold enough

  16. Maya

    Amazing color!
    I Wish I could afford it:(

  17. Beth

    I am feeling the “must have!” bug start to bite after these lipsticks!

  18. Ruth

    Love it Christine, you look like a saucy minx in that lippie !

  19. Ana V

    perfect plum, GORGEOUS

  20. Lizz M.

    THIS is the color i’ve been looking for from this line. I said it a few times, but i’ve been seriously lemming these ridiculously expensive lipsticks and I know I want one nude and one bold color form him. This just may be the right kinda dark, bold lip i’ll purchase from this line.

  21. Helen

    this color is amazing!!!! aaarrggh the price – but I must just cave in haha

  22. Megan

    I feel like if the price were lowered just a bit these would sell like crazy! The colors are lovely and the formula goes on beautifully. Shame really.

  23. Elizabeth

    Argh that is beautiful and way to much for me to spend…damnit

  24. Sharon M

    Ir’s beautiful, but I could never spend that much on a lipstick. I felt guilty spending $30 on a Lancome one (in Creme Framboise) a few months ago — even though I wear it just about every day — and usually will just get Revlon.

  25. Kelli

    Of the three shades I have of these (Warm Sable, True Coral and this), Bruised Plum is my favorite. Thanks for the great posts Christine! If only you could magically make these cheaper :)

  26. Leenie

    I love that shade, but I’d never spend 45 dollars on lip stick

  27. Alejandra

    Thanks for rec. Hang up.I will check it out.
    This color is very gorgeous, but $45 is a bit steep at this particular moment.
    It looks really nice on you.

  28. Diana

    Love the colours in the collection, but hate the packaging – far too gaudy, and it looks like you’re always going to be in danger of cutting yourself on the edges.

  29. Kim

    what eyeliner are you wearing in the photo, Christine?

  30. Dini

    Love this color. It immediately reminds me of holiday parties and Christmas.

  31. Roxanne

    Oh this is gorgeous! Any drugstore dupes? I definitely don’t have 40 bucks to drop on a lipstick.

  32. kathy

    SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I ought Bruised Plum and Cherry Crush. Yummy!

  33. ak

    It looks nice on Christine but it looks like a dark red not a plum at all on the lips anyway. It only looks plum-mish on her arm.

  34. Vanessa

    Very elegant! I’m really curious to see how every Tom Ford’s intense lipstick’s looks like, specially the color named “Moroccan Rouge”. I think it’s a kind of rosy plum, very cute.