Thursday, May 24th, 2012

theBalm Shady Lady Palettes: 3 for 1 – Friday Only

theBalm has a very special deal going on Friday, May 25th, only. With purchase of one Shady Lady palette ($39.50), you’ll receive all three editions ($79.00 additional value). I absolutely LOVE the Shady Lady palettes; each contains nine eyeshadows (each containing ~0.067 oz. of product)–I finally have all three (bought the first on off of HauteLook a few months ago), but I have reviews of Vol. 2 (A+) and Vol 3 (A).

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111 thoughts on “theBalm Shady Lady Palettes: 3 for 1 – Friday Only

  1. gilded_lady

    Wow! What a crazy bargain! I’m in ūüėÄ

  2. Nique

    Great deal. I’m definitely buying

  3. Veronica

    The question isn’t whether it’s worth it, but do I NEED more eyeshadow palettes, haha.¬† ūüėÄ

  4. Donna

    do they ship to canada?

  5. AmyHuang

    is there a review for vol. 1?

    • ¬†@AmyHuang¬†No – it was discontinued (but it appears it’s available again), so I did not review it after I finally received since I received it years after it launched.

  6. Are we supposed to use a code, or will it automatically deduct the cost of the two additional palettes?

  7. starchild

    This is an amazing offer! theBalm is awesome, and seriously deserves more attention. I’d snatch these up if I had the¬† moolah :(

  8. Mariella

    It’s only thanks to you, Christine, that I ever even heard of TheBalm and I have a lot of their products now. If this offer were available in Canada (I doubt it, though), I might consider it though to be honest, I already have most of my favourites from them either singly or in other palettes (Balmbini was a great one, as is Nude Tude which I got last week)

  9. Joanna

    i’ve never tried anything from theBalm and i don’t really know anything about the company, so i guess with an awesome bargain like this it’s a great time to try their stuff out! thanks christine :)

  10. Cat Ray

    Wow, I’m really tempted by this. A great deal, and for some great shades. I haven’t tried any of theBalm shadows before, but I’ve been wanting to add some color to my makeup bag.

  11. That’s completely insane! ¬†I love it!

  12. maria paola tovar

    Im traveling to the states tomorrow :) so gonna get this !!!!

  13. Sweet colors! This is great! :)
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  14. jincyg

    Awesome deal but I need more eyeshadow like I need a punch in the face. 
    Chances are I will be buying…. :)

  15. f0rtunefaded

    good deal!

  16. Slim

    I’m there!!!

  17. Sara Elisabeth

    Sadly I bought them all already! Wish I got this deal.

  18. Ko Ching Yen

    is this online too? i tried putting it through but it didn’t show up. do we need a code?

  19. Kafka

    Oh God. I don’t need 27 eyeshadows¬†but this is just killing me. It desperately — desperately —¬†appeals to my cheapskate side and obsessive love of a bargain.¬† What to do?! How to resist?!??¬† Dammit, Temptalia, I never thought your the “Tempt” part of your name was going to be an actual PREDICTION or omen of financial doom!¬† ;P ¬†lol ¬†

    • ¬†@Kafka¬†Hahaha..I’m trying to stay away from this for the same reason! ¬†The international shipping has saved the day for me! ¬†Hahaha..but you don’t have that issue! ¬†Will your cheapskate side win?? ¬†Only time will tell…. ¬†but let us know the outcome…

      • Kafka

        ¬†@wwendalynne¬† Hee, my cheapskate, bargain-shopper¬†side won out! I lasted a full EIGHT minutes after writing that post! I kept thinking, “$120 worth¬†of stuff for $39??!!!! And free shipping with no tax??!!!!!”¬† I couldn’t help it. The savings and bargain called to me like a siren to Odysseus, and I knew I’d kick myself — violently — if I didn’t buy it.¬†So, yeah, I justified 27 new eyeshadows as a peace offering to my subconscious. I have a sickness, I tell you,¬†a sickness!¬† ;P

  20. blueraccoon

    I don’t really wear eyeshadow because I wear tinted glasses and also I don’t really know how to blend and highlight and all that…and I just ordered this. What was I thinking?

    • Kafka

      ¬†@blueraccoon¬† Hahaha, I so relate.¬†I’m not even sure I’d use all of these and I need more eyeshadow like a hole in the head,¬†but I’m about an inch away from following in your footsteps!

      • blueraccoon

        ¬†@Kafka¬†dooo eeet :) I can’t be the only one to succumb!

        • Kafka

          ¬†@blueraccoon¬† Oh trust me, you influenced me! lol I thought, “if she’s not an expert pro with all that blending/highlighting stuff¬†either, I really have no excuse.”¬†Up to then, I was holding out by telling myself I was too much of a dodo to really be able to¬†use all the shades properly (what would I do with¬†frosted light¬†pink???!) but, dammit, between my bargain-shopper side and you….¬†¬† You’re all evil temptresses, I tell you! ūüėČ

    • ¬†@blueraccoon They really nice eyeshadows so you can learn to work with them a lot faster. ūüėČ

      • blueraccoon

        ¬†@Ani_BEE¬†*g* Woo! The *only* other eyeshadow I own at the moment is the UD Naked 2 palette, and I haven’t been even playing with that lately due to some skin issues. But those have cleared up, so…now I have to figure out what I’m doing :)

  21. cloudburst

    Thanks for the notice! I just bought these before I went to bed :).

  22. I bought¬† set # III set at full price.¬† Then I bought two II sets and two III sets on sale.¬† Gave them as gifts….since I paid about 12.99 for each of them or so.¬† The texture and color do grow on you.¬† It is good for traveling also.¬† So I highly recommend it.¬† I dont wear primer with my shadows and they do stay put.¬† I like #3 the best because I am warm tone.¬† I think these shadows put MAC into shame.

  23. Isabella87

    It’s a great deal, but they increased the international shipping to $40! I remember it used to be $20, it feels like it costs me an arm and a leg on shipping only! Especially now that the exchange rate for ‚ā¨/$ is bad, and on top of all that, import duty & taxes us Europeans. So skipping it…
    I’m glad though I own one of these already and almost all of their cheek products, their quality is just amazing!

    • ¬†@Isabella87¬†I asked Marissa earlier this evening if it was open to international, and she said they had to increase it to $40 because they were losing money at $20 – she said it is free for $100+ orders though. ¬†

    • Catherine

      ¬†@Isabella87 I was about to buy it but since the shipping is the same price as the offer, I will pass on that one….I always forget how far Canada is from the US!

  24. stephanie

    they already have it online! i just ordered mine!

  25. vsangel279

    I’ve wanted these pallettes for sooo long now and never gave in!! So glad I waited :) thanks for the heads up!! order already submitted ūüėČ

  26. Sarahlou

    Yes! I’ve been trying to buy the vol2 off ebay for a while, along with the nude palette but they’ve been going for extortionate prices. The international shippings been increased to $40 for the deal, but I decided to splurge and do a $100 order to get the free shipping -ive been eying off the cabana boy blush and mary-loumaniser anyway!. Being an aussie this works out cheapest – so happy, totally made my friday and I’m glad I saw this on my facebook side bar. Thanks Christine, you put the ‘tempt’ into temptalia haha

  27. pikashel

    omg. just bought this. thanks, christine!

  28. blkrox

    Like many others here I definitely don’t *need* 27 more eyeshadows but I just. Could. Not. Resist. Especially after I saw they were offering free shipping as well. I’ve never tried their shadows but their timeBalm concealer is HG for me and Christine’s reviews have yet to steer me wrong. So excited to receive them!

  29. cyberrubis

    Oh my goddd thanks for a valuable information! I’m definitely tempted! Try to restrain so hard but it’s such a good deal *sigh*
    My problem is that I’ve already got their “Cast your shadow” palette (same colours with the muppet palette, I suppose) ¬†I browsed through some reviews of Shady Lady (I,II,III) and I got a bit confused since the shades look pretty similar (or I’m just shade-blind lol) to each other, and also, to Cast your shadow. But still, CHEAP-SAKE. *squee*¬†
    So, do you have advices whether it will be value-worthy if I already have their Cast your shadow? If they’re still (coz, with this deal, it’s ¬†rather cheap lol) any suggestion which one I could give away due to the similarity of colours?¬†
    (Sorry for the long questions and thank you! :D) 

    • ¬†@cyberrubis¬†Basically, I think they’re worth it. $40 for three palettes? Yeah, too good to pass up. You could always give one or two away as gifts if you look and see there’s too much overlap :)

  30. Kimberly Tra Sawyer

    Damn it. I already have all 3!!!

  31. Stephanie Rodriguez

    they already have it up on there site!

  32. Shari Ridley

    that’s a really good deal!

  33. Rikki Grunewald-Barsheshet

    that’s amazing!!!

  34. Lore Hdez

    Got My Deal!! So excited to get all 3 pallets for this great price. =]

  35. Wendy Miller

    Yeah, I totally didn’t need that $40 for anything ūüėČ I am a sucker for a good deal, can’t pass this up. I’ve never used any of theBalm makeup before, but I trust your judgment. Thanks Christine!

  36. Stephanie Rodriguez

    just ordered mine!

  37. San Yee Kaylen Chung

    woohoo such a steal!!!

  38. Sharon Chan

    Damn x 2!

  39. Emmi Naughton

    Just put in an order. Now,, time to sleep.

  40. Robin Anderson

    that’s awesome, I just bought one of those the other day.

  41. Anastasia Coza

    I just did it, you have to click on the special link on the website…If you were doing that, maybe it was too early when you tried? Mine just worked about 2 minutes ago — try it again!

  42. Anastasia Coza

    BTW, it will say Shady Lady Promo, it doesn’t put all three palettes in your cart…

  43. Emily Whitrod

    there is a link/pic on the page which pretty much says purchase all three. It’s at the top of the page

  44. Shelley NaoBun

    i got free shipping. is this part of the deal too?

  45. Solar Eyes

    I SOOO totally.. Accidentally pulled out my card from my purse and accidentally typed in all my info on the website.. I accidentally ordered these… (yeah riiiight) LOL.. LOVE the deal!!! Couldn’t pass it up.. @ Shelly I got free USPS shipping too.. :)

  46. Joyce Pezqueda

    I wold love the Cabana Boy blush!!! It looks supper pretty

  47. Nadia Burrell

    This is a deal I just could not pass up and you get free shipping!

  48. Alissa Claire

    as much as i want them, i must resist…

  49. Kela Bathory

    why is international shipping so expensive! :(

  50. Michelle Leung

    bought it!! THANK YOU!!

  51. rawrmels

    thanks christine! i have always wanted to try thebalm because of the great reviews! your the best! 

  52. Helga

    OMG they send to iceland, thats it im sold ūüėČ

  53. Debbie

    I totally did not need new eyeshadows but this is too good of a deal to pass up.¬† I’ve just bought the special deal.¬† Thanks, Christine, for notifying us! :)

  54. caroline

    I’ve always wanted to try TheBalm’s eye shadows and this is such a great deal! But sadly, I will have to resist and not purchase this for I have way too many eye shadows that have not seen the light of day. The swatches are beautiful. I must resist!!

  55. Noemie_Cherry

    That is an amazing deal!! Just got it :) Do you know if any of the shades are exact repeats of other palettes? I have the nude tude and the balm and the beautiful palettes, and I know the balm tends to change the name of shadows to fit the theme of a palette :/ just wondering, thanks for letting us know about this awesome deal!!

    • ¬†@Noemie_Cherry¬†I think there are a couple of repeats from the range/permanent line-up, though I haven’t heard of theBalm changing names at all.

      • Noemie_Cherry

        ¬†@Christine (Temptalia)¬†you’re right, I was just thinking of the balm and the beautiful being the same as the muppet one, just different names. thanks for responding, I can’t wait to get my palettes :) ooh the life of a makeup junkie!!

  56. JayBay

    I feel like they did this special SPECIFICALLY for my Birthday!!!! I couldn’t pass up this amazing deal… I was hesitant to buy this when the Balm was on Hautelook (shipping from there takes SOOOOOOO LONG) but I’m glad I waited!!!! ūüėÄ I didn’t have any and now I have ALLLLLLLL THREEEE!!!

  57. KarinaRodrigues

    OMG, that’s amazing! I almost ordered one of them last week, I was “this” close. Now I get to order all the pallets and the famous Mary-Lou Manizer… I wonder if they’re any good. I don’t own any theBalm products, but since they ship internationally for free (orders over $100), I threw in a Nude Tude pallete as well to check this brand out! Hope I don’t regret it! :)

    • Gina

      ¬†@KarinaRodrigues Have you seen Christine’s reviews on those products? They’re all glowing! I’m pretty sure she gave everything you mentioned an A.

  58. Reem

    I have many eyeshadows and almost wished I didn’t see this post because, it is too good to pass up! I totally just ordered it! Lol

  59. Karen Johnston Eltz

    Got mine… thanks for the tip! Amazing deal ūüėÄ

  60. Dana Zahran

    Got mine also and was super happy with the free shipping ūüėÄ

  61. Elizabeth Kathryn

    so tempted!

  62. Stephanie Villanueva

    So glad you gave us the heads up about this. I already own volume one and LOVE IT! Been dying to get my hands on Vol. 2 and 3. Thanks so much.

  63. Keshia W

    Christine, can you do a review on the vol. 1 palette? Greatly appreciated…

  64. Abryda Rodrigues

    Got mines. thx

  65. Sara Duran

    Just ordered them! I love eyeshadow palettes and I am a sucker for good deals. I will justify it buy not going to starbucks for a week lol! :-)

  66. Maria Paola Tobar Rangel

    i got mines too :p

  67. Veronica Tinoco

    ordered mine too! great deal!!!

  68. Last month I was on a blush kick, and this month has been eyeshadows.¬† Bought it and I’m excited, as I’ve never tried anything from The Balm.¬† The free shipping was a nice bonus as well!

  69. KimRyanHolmes

    WOW. I don’t have or know anything about the Balm, what a great way to try all these out! ¬†I bought it! WAHOO

  70. AnnaPMaquillaje

    I just ordered them! So happy to be going to Texas in less than 2 weeks to visit my brother because I wouldn’t have paid the $40 international shipping…

  71. babieruthie

    i finallt gave in and bought it! haha! i love thebalms blushes and I will not use any kind of highlighter except from this brand! i had the nude ‘tude and meet matte and im in love with them. now time to make some space in my drawer for this 2 palettes! thanks christine for letting us know about this promo!

  72. tepaj

    I would get this deal but I already have all of them and haven’t even gotten around to using them yet.¬† It’s still a great deal nonetheless.¬† I’m tempted to get them so I can give them away as gifts!!!¬† It’s worth it for the price!!!

  73. Jessica Hernandez

    I need to get these!!!!!!

  74. Maria Salinas

    Great deal! But I already own two of the palettes!

  75. Ana-Lisa Becerra

    I have the 2nd palette already, but I just couldn’t resist this deal.

  76. Wendy Miller

    I hope everyone saw the message about the shipping being delayed until the beginning of June. I would have been wondering where the heck my palettes were!

  77. I can’t seem to buy them anymore and I can’t find the promotion online?! Oh no why did I wait…

    • AnnaPMaquillaje

      @Shannon The promo is over :( it was only a available for 24 hours. I am sorry you missed it!

  78. afroditi

    oh….i missed it!! :(

  79. Canadian Makeup Addict

    I was going to buy these but charging $40 to ship to Canada is outrageous. I order tons from the US and virtually all companies have a Canadian shipping price and another one for international/overseas. That’s appropriate because the actual costs to ship to Canada are far less than shipping overseas. Their North American shipping policy isn’t justified¬†from a cost standpoint and means that this Canadian will purchase none of their products, including ones carried at Sephora.

    • Lisa

      I’m Canadian too, and the palettes plus shipping was $80. International shipping is free if you spend $100, so I selected $60 in makeup instead of paying $40 for shipping. The three palette deal was too impressive to miss, and now I get to try some of their popular blushes!

  80. Salomé Samii

    Wendy, no, I didn’t see the message when I bought it and can’t find any notice on the website right now. Did they give a date on which they would start shipping? Could you tell us more? Christine, do you know anything about this?

  81. Kafka

    I finally received these, played around with them a bit and have concluded that I need some guidance on how to use this effectively or well. Bottom line, I’m massively disappointed by these in person. Yes, the texture is creamy and silky and a few of the colours are really nice, but not enough of them. The colours seem extremely sheer and not very pigmented. Nothing as intense as the swatches you posted. And definitely not as intense or pigmented as my NARS stuff. Did you swatch them wet, Christine? Is that why the colours pop like that in the photos? Will using a primer help? (I just played around with them without primer but I did try a number of them wet and I still didn’t think many of them popped.) I really wish I hadn’t gotten them.
    I’m sure 65% of the problem is probably¬†me because I don’t have your level of expertise & am clearly doing something wrong. A good chunk of the colours (not all but enough) look far, far too sheer and muted. Even worse, when combined/blended, many of them end up looking totally muddy. Various different combination but one identical muddy mess. (I’m using a dupe for the 239 brush, btw.) There simply isn’t enough differentation between most of the colours and not enough enough intensity to create a really clean, distinctive look. And with the exception of colours like Jealous Jordana, packing on the eyeshadow didn’t seem to build up the intensity. What do you suggest other than using the colours wet in hopes of getting *some* intensity and pigmentation? I feel like an idiot but since everyone raves about these, it’s clearly my inadequacy that is to blame.¬†¬†

    • ¬†@Kafka¬†I never swatch anything wet unless I’ve mentioned that – and if it’s swatched wet, you’ll see two swatches: a dry and a wet swatch. I have no problem with the intensity/pigmentation on bare lids, but if you are having problems, a primer should no doubt help. I don’t even know if I’ve ever used theBalm’s eyeshadows wet, actually! (I totally might have, but I’m just not remembering).
      I’m really sorry to hear that :( I feel really bad! I’m sure it has nothing to do with you!

    • ¬†@Kafka¬†The only thing I can think of, at least when you’re blending, is maybe you’re using too much product – and I say that because NARS eyeshadows have a very thin, dry texture, and these have a much softer, denser texture.

      • Kafka

        ¬†@Christine (Temptalia)¬† I waited to reply until I could play about even more and I’ve concluded I’m¬†*clearly* incompetent and¬†some sort of moron.¬† I’ve used 4 diff. types of brushes (239 dupe, flat, concealer type, angled, etc.) and I see a *ton* of product visibly showing up on them. But on my eyelid, the result is sheer and muted.¬†(Even Open to Offers Olwen!)¬†I tried a few looks with primer on one eyelid, and same thing. The ONLY time I was successful was using my fingers.¬†I finally created a look using the black and some sort of silver but the problem there was that whether I used a grey-blueish silver or pure silver¬† (Easy Wheezie, Lusty Lee, Bossy Bobby), there was little differentiation between grey/silvers the inner 1/3 of the lid, the middle and the outer.¬† The muddiness issue arises when I try to apply & combine¬†the olives, light greens, dark browns, etc.¬† Unless I use the totally white-ish or gold ones in conjunction with something like the Guilty Gwen (which has turned out to be one of the few that works on me– I know you had problems with it), I get very little differentation or distinction.¬†I¬†can’t keep using my fingers just to get a handful of them to show up with any sort of depth or intensity, so¬†I’ve given up and written to the company. I can’t remember the last time I returned a product but I now have¬†27 eyeshadows that I will *never* use.¬† 27 is a lot. :(¬†

  82. T

    They still haven¬īt shipped my order :( I quess international buyers are not that important. They can always wait…

  83. T

    My palettes finally arrived. :) I tested two shades and they applied like a dream. I always use a primer or two, meaning UDPP and some stick primer or pant pot on top of it.

  84. Josslyn

    I had put my order in for this promotion and still havent recieved anything yet!! I am so frustrated and upset, and I was charged on credit card also!! So dissapointing!!

  85. soezzy

    I live in washington and still dont receive it yet :(