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theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette

theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette Review, Photos, Swatches (Part 2)

This is part two of our review for theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette ($44.50), which includes 16 eyeshadows (1.0 oz. total), two lip/cheek stains (0.14 oz. total), and one lip gloss (0.07 oz.. It is a limited edition palette to-be-related (late September/early October) and only 1,000 will be available (each one is numbered). Check out part one for the overall review as well as a review on packaging and the first eight eyeshadows.

  • Woman, Woman is a softened forest green with golden shimmer. The finish is a soft frost. Urban Decay Bender is several shades darker, while MAC Humid is a touch greener. It’s a bit greener than theBalm Makeout Mary.
  • Curtain Call is a pink lilac with a white, frosted shimmer. This is one of two shades I had issues with–it’s a little sheer in places, and the texture isn’t as smooth as the other shades. It just feels looser overall, like it doesn’t stay bound together. It’s a bit pinker than Milani Royalty and MAC Lotusland.
  • Great Gonzo is a brightened sky blue with a white shimmer-sheen. It is bluer than NARS South Pacific and Inglot #415, but it is lighter than Make Up For Ever #83. It is closest to Make Up For Ever #118 but lighter.
  • Kissy, Kissy is a medium-dark purple with very subtle red undertones. It doesn’t lean too red or blue, which is nice. It is less red-toned compared to Bare Escentuals Encore but purpler than Lancome Zip Me Up. Urban Decay Gravity is purpler as well. It is rather similar to theBalm All the Way Annie.
  • Wild Child is a pale yellow gold with a soft, frosted finish. It’s a frosted version of Make Up For Ever #102. It is also quite close to Givenchy Lune Mordoree.
  • Lab Coat is a creamy white with a high frosted sheen. It has a smoother finish but is similar in color to theBalm Envious Erin. Inglot #447 is a slightly cooler white, while Givenchy Lune Mysterieuse is warmer.
  • Hiii-Yaaa! is a softly warmed-up beige with a metallic-frost finish. The color is similar to Cle de Peau #207 though less metallic. Urban Decay Sin is darker and pink-tinged. It is similar to NARS Delphes but has more payoff.
  • Swedish Pancakes is darker peach-beige with a frosted finish. This was the other shade I had some issues with–it has a slight grittiness from the large flecks of glitter, but the color payoff was decent to good. It’s similar to Inglot #397. MAC Jest is a touch browner. MAC Naked Lunch is also a bit browner but closer than Jest. Urban Decay Sin is a tad darker.

Now, if you know me, the eyeshadows in this palette were far and away what would have driven me to purchase one. The lip/cheek stains are surprisingly effective, and I couldn’t believe how pigmented the gloss was. The stains are creamy and blendable without being oily, and they dry down quick enough to keep your makeup routine slimmed down but not so quick you can’t blend out the color. The wear was good, too — about eight hours of flushed cheeks. The gloss was mostly opaque with a nice shine to the finish and wore for three hours.

  • Rainbow Connection is a brightened coral-red. It can be built up for more intensity, but when blended, it takes on a watermelon-like stain on cheeks or lips. It seems a bit redder than NARS Cactus Flower.
  • Le Diva is a softened fuchsia-pink with a subtle blue base and silver sparkle. This one will emphasize pores a bit more, because it has a shimmery finish, but it will complement cooler skin tones well. It seems like it might be similar to Illamasqua Laid.
  • Electric Mayhem is an opaque pink-nude with a glossy shine. It feels and looks more like a liquid lipstick than a lipgloss, though. It’s similar to MAC Super and MAC Lust.

The Glossover


Cast Your Shadow

theBalm knocked this one out of the park--the shade includes neutrals as well as pops of color, while the finishes are mostly soft frosts and shimmers, there are a couple that are more semi-matte.











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See more photos & swatches!

theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette

theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette

theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette

theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette

theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette

theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette

theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette

theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette

theBalm Woman, Woman Eyeshadow

theBalm Woman, Woman Eyeshadow

theBalm Curtain Call Eyeshadow

theBalm Curtain Call Eyeshadow

theBalm Great Gonzo Eyeshadow

theBalm Great Gonzo Eyeshadow

theBalm Kissy, Kissy Eyeshadow

theBalm Kissy, Kissy Eyeshadow

theBalm Wild Child Eyeshadow

theBalm Wild Child Eyeshadow

theBalm Lab Coat Eyeshadow

theBalm Lab Coat Eyeshadow

theBalm Hiii-Yaaa! Eyeshadow

theBalm Hiii-Yaaa! Eyeshadow

theBalm Swedish Pancakes Eyeshadow

theBalm Swedish Pancakes Eyeshadow

theBalm Rainbow Connection Lip/Cheek Stain

theBalm Rainbow Connection Lip/Cheek Stain

theBalm Le Diva Lip/Cheek Stain

theBalm Le Diva Lip/Cheek Stain

theBalm Electric Mayhem Lipgloss

theBalm Electric Mayhem Lipgloss

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75 thoughts on “theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette Review, Photos, Swatches (Part 2)

  1. Lisa

    I think I will be skipping UD BoS4 for the first time & getting my first theBalm palette! 😀

  2. Deb

    Wow, part 2 looks amazing, too! I’m excited but already disappointed because I’m sure I won’t be able to get one.

    I wonder if theBalm will do anything to make sure all 1000 don’t get bought by eBay resellers.

    • I sure hope they keep it out of those resellers hands! I don’t expect to be able to get this but I would like to think people who really appreciate makeup (like myself) will pay $44.50 to own it, as intended!

    • Hopefully they will limit it to 1 per person. I know there are ways to get around that, but it is a start! I really want this!

      • Cecilia

        I agree that by limiting to 1 per person, they’ll find a way around it. But at least they have to work a little harder for it. I personally think it’s not a bad idea to limit this to one per person. Anybody who buys makeup for the love of it shouldn’t miss out on this just because of some greedy reseller or hoarder.

  3. Love it! Being an 80’s child I am a huge muppets fan. I am dissapointed there is no “wonka wonka wonka” eyeshadow though!

  4. Luka

    It’s too bad there will only be 1000 of these

  5. Courtney

    I so hope I can nab one of these. I LOVE Jim Henson. Not to mention that the swatches look fantastic!

  6. Alyssa

    Only 1000! They’re torturing us. I really want this palette.

  7. Steff

    Looks like something I would buy and never use like most of my other palettes. The colors are nothing special… Pass!

  8. Julia

    I’m not totally sold on this palette, since it seems like so many of the colors I could easily dupe with my current eyeshadow. I will say, however, that I LOVE LOVE LOVE electric mayhem and wish I could buy it separately (I feel like Electric Mayhem is what I wanted VG Gaga 2 to be but it totally missed the mark!) But I still appreciate this review because it has totally changed my opinion of The Balm as a brand and though I will not be getting this palette, I will be keeping my eyes open for the brand in the future!!

  9. Leigh

    I really hope I can get my hands on this. I don’t want to get my hopes up though, lol!

  10. Lan

    I really want Rainbow. Hope they’ll release it separately…

  11. AS

    Yay! Check out theBalm’s recent tweet:
    thebalm theBalm Cosmetics
    If u cant get the Muppets Palette,dont worry!We’re doing a holiday edition palette w/ the same gorg. colors called TheBalm & The Beautiful!
    10 minutes ago

    It looks like we will be able to buy the palette without the muppet’s theme if we just want the product!

    • Liz

      That makes me feel soooo much better. I love the muppets packaging, but its the stuff inside I want anyway!

  12. shontay

    This palette will be mine! Everything looks gorgeous and I have yet to own a shadow by thebalm. I was just about to start collecting, but this is the best way to start!

  13. Emme

    It’s so amazing! Wish I could purchase it in Europe though…. :(

  14. I may have to camp out online to snatch this gem up. Get ready ladies, I’m going to be throwing some virtual elbows to get this one! LOL

  15. Carrie Ann

    Oh, wow. All of the colors are so pretty and I love the Muppets!! What a neat palette. I wish they were making more than just a thousand, though.

  16. Miramía

    OMG! Beautiful!!!!!

  17. LM

    My nominee for best. palette. ever.

  18. Cat

    Please help me to find were I can buy this palette, I can’t find any website and I live in Brazil… so I’m desperate!! Congratulations for your blog, it’s wonderful!

  19. I LOVE THE MUPPETS .. but i’m afraid like Christine mentioned that I’d end up with a lot of dupes from other palettes I own …. and why are they only making a few? :-(

  20. thepaigest

    OMG YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHRISTINE YOU GOT #1!!!!!!! OMG SO EXCITED! If I can get a hold of this UD’s will just have to wait!! Love The Balm and LOVE the Muppets. Can’t wait for the new movie. Bummed I missed the contest!

  21. Mariella

    Woman Woman = Gorgeous, Gorgeous! The more you show me, Christine, the more I think I will grab one of these if I EVER see one (not bloody likely, to quote Eliza Doolittle!)

  22. Amanda Dubs

    I want this sooooo bad, how can I get one? Seriously? Will they only be available on thebalm website cause I am sooo there

  23. Aleeya

    Wow! I think theBalm has officially ethered UD BoS 4 lol. This palette is absolutely amazing. If I am lucky to get my hands on it, this will be the best palette I would have bought this year. Absolutely spectacular. I never been so excited to spend $44.50 on anything!

    • LM

      that’s exactly how I feel!!

      for those interested– thebalm is working on a presell list so it doesn’t end up with ebayers and fans get the palettes

      (and maybe they’ll presell enough to make more)

  24. Sass

    Ahhh I wish the cheek/lip stuff wasnt in the same palette as the eyeshadows so Im going to have to skip on that alone. Gah!

    • emily

      Me too! I hate powders and cream products in the same palette. Wish they would release the creams separately instead.

      • LM

        the cream lip cheek is in a seperate lower section which is covered by it’s own flap for exactly that reason. worked great in balmbini

  25. April

    I got about 10 of theBalm’s shadows through a while back and recently went into TJ Maxx and was digging through the elf makeup and came across both vol. 1 and vol. 2 of Shady Lady for 16.50 each! I literally screeched and grabbed them and of course bought them….I’m just really impressed with this brand!

  26. DAMN i need this just for the “gonzo” shadow <3333

  27. Dee

    I had no idea about this, and actually forgot how to speak for second when I saw it. Love It!!

  28. Elizabeth

    What in the world can I do to get one! I’d rather have this one than the Urban Decay one!!!

  29. erica

    Wait… you got palette #1? Jealous! 1000 pieces really isn’t that many though…

  30. Kate

    Christine, I’m assuming that this is the amazing palette you were hinting at on twitter yesterday? The colors are fabulous!

  31. elyse

    This is gorgeous Christine! I’m totally getting this because I’m a huge muppets fan! this is so awesome and adorable!

  32. sonjiya

    ohh myy gaaad! despite having almost every colour of shadow i’d ever need, i want this palette for the cutsie muppets! cant wait! i’m guessing this isn’t being sold at sephora? boo

  33. Solangel

    Ok, I need this! I hope it’s available in Sephora…

  34. yes, this design is cute and unique….and the colors I think are very pretty even though they are duplicable…but I already own shady lady III….and though the colors are pretty, they dont last like UD shadows or Cle de Peu without the use of a primer which I dont like to use…..also doubt I would be one of the lucky 999 purchasers of this product.

  35. Krista

    Will they seriously release only 1000?! :{ Better head out to get mine!

  36. artemis

    wow, this is better than the UD one :) nice colors 😀

  37. Kristal

    Awwwwww! I want this! :( Wish they’d make more of them and get them at Sephora! I’d much rather have this than the new UD BOS.

  38. Mai

    The thing I’m going to love is the fact that there’s a separate flap cover for the lip/cheek products. I hate it when palettes mix creams with powders because it’s just asking to get residue stuck in the creams!

  39. shiny

    Who cares what they’ll look like?! MUPPETS!! In a makeup tribute!!!!

  40. sara

    Christine…I just picked up The Balm and The Beautiful palette at TJ Maxx for $20!!!! It’s the same palette with the same colors…exactly the same….But no muppets…..Just wanted your readers to know, as not everyone will be able to grab this one:)

  41. Roza

    Was lucky enough to get on the 1st pre-order list!! Ordered this palette today:) And I too will now be skipping the UD BOS4… Can’t wait to receive this!!!! Thanks for the heads up Christine!! You are the best:))

  42. Stephanie

    I got on the pre-order list and ordered mine today. Can’t wait to get it, it looks awesome!

  43. Angie

    This palette looks gorgeous! That purple looks like the one from the 15th anniversary palette from UD. I’ve never owned anything from the Balm.. Hopefully I can get my hands on this.

  44. Jessi

    Is there a way to pre-order?

  45. anne

    wow the taupe celebrational is pretty! and kissy kissy aswell as the great-named: swedish panecakes! i love the taupes and lilac shades. and curtain call.