Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

theBalm Brushes Launch in August

Powder to the People Powder Brush ($29.50)

Empowder yourself with a brush that does it all. This powderful brush is the ideal size and shape for all-over powder, blush, highlighting and contouring.

Blend a Hand Tapered Foundation Brush ($26.50)

Let this pointed foundation brush Blend a Hand and give you a flawless foundation application. The tapered point applies both your foundation and concealer close to the skin for an airbrushed finish. Blend a Hand is shaped to fit in even the smallest contours of your face, particularly around the eyes and nose. Help is on the way!

Give Crease a Chance All-over Eyeshadow Brush/Eye Blending Brush ($26.50)

Don’t stress, Give Crease a Chance! One end of this double-sided brush is great for applying all-over color to the eyelids. The other side uses duo-fiber technology to blend your eyeshadows for a peaceful, easy finish.

Eye Believe Double-sided Eyebrow/Eyeliner Brush ($24.50)

Eye Believe in bold liner and perfect brows. One side of this multi-tasking brush is angled, making it easy to create both perfect eyebrows and eyeliner. Flip it around for a precise defining tip that gives you something to believe in.

Crease, Love, and Happiness Smudger Brush/Tapered Crease Brush ($24.50)

Give yourself peace of mind with Crease, Love, and Happiness. Using your favorite shadows, drag the small end of this brush along the lower lash line for soft, natural definition or use it on your eyelid to place colors exactly where you want. Fall in love with the larger end which defines your crease and applies shadows all over your lid in one smooth sweep.

Availability: August 27th on thebalm.com

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22 thoughts on “theBalm Brushes Launch in August

  1. Alison

    DAMN! For a second there, I thought it said they were launching new TheBalm BLUSHES. That would be AWESOME.

  2. Mariella

    Based on how happy I have been with the quality of TheBalm products I’ve purchased, I will be eager to give these brushes a try if they come to Canada. I’m especially interested in the Give Crease a Chance and Crease, Love and Happiness brushes. Mind you, I wish the Real Techniques brushes were available here – those are amazing brushes at an unbelievably affordable price.

  3. i’m not a fan of duo-sided brushes ( i store them in a mug and you can’t exactly do that with these..) but i’m loving that powder brush!

  4. SheDaisy

    I find it really difficult to pay so much for a single brush (not only that, but aren’t double ended ones hard to store?). I think that brush sets are a great deal for the higher quality brushes. But, I’m also starting to come around to the “cheap” brushes for adding to my collection of brushes wherever they are sparse – for instance, e.l.f. surprised me! I got a $1 eye-shadow blending brush and it’s really nicely dense, has a great domed shape (two things that are usually the downfall of cheap brushes) and it buffs my shadow like a pro. It shed like crazy the first use and cleaning, but nary a hair after that. I know you haven’t tried anything e.l.f. but select items are quite nice, especially for the crazy cheap price (most items are between $1-3).

    • I have tried e.l.f. products in the past – I choose not to post about them on Temptalia, because they stole photos from me on multiple occasions. Don’t mistake that for thinking the products are poor quality or I have a problem with the products (they are hit or miss, like any brand) – I actually gave their eyelash curler an award one year! :)

    • Kafka

      I really like E.L.F. brushes too. I have 5 or 6 of the $3 E.L.F. eyeshadow brushes, as well as that C contouring brush that I think you’re talking about and their blush, kabuki, and foundation brushes. Mine have never shed but given that that is a frequent complaint, I think I’ve been lucky. I actually find those E.L.F. brushes to be better than some of my Sonia Kashuk and expensive Italian brushes for eyeshadows. I see absolutely no difference between my E.L.F. powder brush and some MAC ones I have (like the skunk brushes), but after hearing what they did to Christine (and so blatantly too!), E.L.F. is a no-go for me. Still, I agree with you, their brushes are great and not just given how dirt-cheap they are.

    • Dinitchka

      I LOVE the ELF brushes I have. I have found them at Target and The Dollar Tree. After a few washes the shedding stops! That is a bonus as I have a few higher-end that shed no matter how many washings.

      Alas though, ELF is now going to be a hard sell for me as I have only learned of the theiving of Christine’s pics quite recently.

  5. Dinitchka

    EEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!! I loath dual-ended brushes!! But not these! As over-hyped as these look …. I need them. LOL! They are way too cute. When I have a moment of lapse I will know what each brush is for AND boy-howdy will these make my morning HAPPY!

  6. Adorable! I can’t wait.

  7. Crease, Love, and Happiness looks tempting, but I have to agree with others about the difficulty of storing double-ended brushes. I’ll have to pass, I believe.

  8. kari

    definitely loving the john lennon references.

  9. Joy

    I love double-sided brushes, especially for travel. Simply store them flat in a box or large mu case.

  10. Magdalena

    Are these brushes vegan?

  11. krystal pickup

    They look like they would be good but I am not a fan of double ended brushes. They can’t be stored in my brush bowls, that are full of beads. So they would be more of a hindrance to me just in storing them.

  12. Oh my, I’m curious to see the French phrases they added to the handle of the smaller brushes… I hope it makes sense. The two face brushes look okay, although I can’t read the smaller font on the Blend a Hand brush.

    I’m saying that because a lot of good, serious mid-end brands have a real problem with translating their names and directions into French: UD, Stila, Too Faced, etc… tend to have a French translation on their products and it’s sometimes hilarious (as in very wrong).

    Apart from that, I like theBalm and could try the face brushes. For the eye ones, I’m not a fan of double-ended brushes. How am I supposed to store them??

  13. Liz

    Not interested at all. Dual ended brushes sort of sound like a good idea, but only if you store them lying down. I store mine in a cup, so it wouldn’t work. Also, the design is immature, I’ll leave it for the tweens.

  14. Natural or synthetic bristles?

  15. Renee

    I don’t mind the double ended brushes, I actually love them. I store mind in a beautiful box from the craft store Michael’s.
    I just don’t like the cartoonish/hippiness design on the handles. At all.

  16. Jade

    The brushes themselves are tempting, but the double ended thing IS annoying. I want to start collecting MAC ones, but I refuse to pay the stupidly inflated prices we pay in New Zealand (and Australia). They’re often more than double, even after you take into account the exchange rate. If only the MAC US website shipped internationally!

  17. Wow! I love everything about theBalm and haven’t been disappointed with any of their products that I have tried. I have their kabuki brush and it works great with their highlighters and blushers. I can’t wait for these brushes to be released. I hope ultrafragrances.com will carry them soon!