Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

YSL Pur Black Gloss sure is fun!

Above is the result of a little experiment I did last night trying to do “vampire lips” or the “just bitten” lips. Let me tell you, it isn’t as easy as you’d think! It’s not just red lipstick and then slapping on black gloss. Ultimately, what worked best was matte red lipstick (MAC Russian Red), then puckering lips up (to the max!), and applying a horizontal line of the black gloss (YSL Pur Black Gloss) on the top and bottom lip. Next, I took a glossy red gloss (MAC Boundless 3D Glass) and applied it vertically, without going too much over the black parts.

See the experiment from beginning to end!

Just Russian Red + Boundless 3D Glass.

Same combo, but with YSL Pur Black Gloss patted on the center area.

The Final Result

Final Result!

And when you blend YSL Pur Black Gloss in, this is what you get!

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74 thoughts on “The Vampire Lip Experiment – YSL Pur Black Gloss Pt. II

  1. Hi Christine,

    I really like the winged eyeliner look you did with the lip, I think it suits the whole “look” perfectly!

    How does this look in real life, is the black very bold? It looks quite glossy in your pictures so I was wondering if it looked different in person.

    I wonder who are YSL’s target consumers for this product? I love the idea but I don’t think I see this becoming a big trend!


    • kellie

      Christine, I like this look too. Especially w/ it patted in the center. Also, what do you use for a cat eye? I got my make-up done by a MA a couple weeks ago and he did a cat eye, and I loved it, but I’m having a hard time creating it on my own.

      • Hey Kellie! I used Dior’s black liquid liner, actually! I found that using an angled brush like MAC’s 208 (I think that’s it… it’s a very fine and small angled brush).


    • Peachesevie

      Yea the color is gorgeous although I doubt i could pull it off

    • Thanks! It’s noticeable, but it isn’t totally in your face. You could wear it out at night for sure.

  2. Sexy Sadie

    Adore this look!

  3. SnickerDoodle

    WHOA. It looks reaaally good! I think you just found a way to make Pur Black pretty damn wearable! Go you.

  4. shangrila

    that looks awesome!!! i also like the way it looks blended in!

  5. Gem

    Sorry I meant to comment on this – can you recommend a non-YSL gloss to apply for us cruelty-free peepe?

  6. Virginia

    I love the last full-face shot you did – you look simply adorable and your eyeliner is perfection! I think this look would be great paired with a little black dress for a night out, too.

  7. lisa

    now i really want that ysl gloss to mix with other glosses!

  8. slick

    wow, that is such a killer look on you! hawt!!

  9. Heather

    Wow, you own that look!!

  10. I love the experiment! I’ve been pondering this ever since I saw it back in stock on the website, but for now I’ll just live vicariously through you. 😉

    The photo with the black just in the center is absolutely and completely stunning. My favourite of the series. Gorgeous!

  11. cloudburst

    I’ve done a similar look with a black gloss Sephora used to make – instead of using the applicator to apply it, I put some gloss on the back of my hand and use my ring finger to pat it on – I find you get better, more even coverage this way. I love it!

  12. pink_candy

    WOW! I’m actually thinking of get that ysl black gloss!
    & truly, i’d luv to see more of the YSL pr black experiments.
    like how will it look on top of very light colors?

    I dont know if i can get hold of the ysl black where i live, i’ll try to mix some dark soul with clear gloss. 😀

    btw, ur totally rockin the fat winged liner! i think this is the best liner ive seen on u.! (a tutorial plz) haha
    & this pic is sooooooo peerfeect!!! idd reaally luuv to see more looks from this angle coz im used to seeing ur makeup only from one angle, so this will give me a better perspective of how u do ur makeeup….

    keep on inspirin us! xoxox

  13. Jousy

    wow! Russian Red look absolutely lovely on you! my lips are on the smaller side so i’m living vicariously through you 😉 LOL

  14. danielle


  15. pquanda

    Christine – you totally nailed this. How sexy and sultry!!

  16. Eva

    I love the first lip combo – so sexy!!
    Very glamourous!
    The second one is a little too “goth” for my taste..

  17. Haydee

    Oh you look pretty, I just wished you did an old Hollywood pinup with your hair. Would love to see how you look :) xoxox You look amazing as always!

    • Thanks, Haydee! Aw, I don’t even really know what that entails, but my limited hairstyling probably couldn’t take it, LOL.

      • haydee

        All you need is a 1 or 2 hair rollers with silver pins, hairspray then pin with bobby pins spray spray spray lol . I hope you try, doesnt hurt :) You already have that vintage pin up look. I think they have some tut on Youtube. Hope to see it hey halloween is coming up lol Of course when you have time.

  18. Oh crap you said Vampire inspired, anyway YES you nailed it! Looks like you have blood thirsty lips :)

  19. Absolutely phenomenal…you have definitely found a great way to work that gloss. Personally I’m a fan of the second to last version, where it’s not patten in the center but it’s not mixed in. But they all look unbelievably fierce! The eye makeup looks amazing as well…I think I like this “winged” eye look better than your past one, though I’m not sure why.

    Oh and is that Yeyo eyeliner on your bottom waterline/lashline? Could you possibly pose a face shot of that, or maybe use it in a look? I’ve been looking for a nice white eyeliner to use on my waterline (to achieve an “eyes wide open” look the more natural way) but I haven’t found any that don’t look really really strange on me.

    Anyway, one of my favourite posts ever!!! This experiment really did turn out in your favour :)

    • Oh wow, thanks so much Miss Fred :)

      Yep, that IS Ye-yo! Talk about good spotting! It seemed kind of silvery on me, but I’m not sure if it was because I applied mascara before liner (it was a last minute addition). I’ll try to use it in another look soon! Maybe a wintry kind of look.

  20. michelle

    It looks great!

    I really like your eye makeup.

    What did you use?

  21. Calico

    I would love to see this over a pink – would it make like a dark dirty pink colour?
    So interesting!

  22. Whitney

    wow – gorgeous!

  23. This turned out really awesome. I love it.

  24. Sian

    very good look; impressed. what lipglass did you use over russian red for us UK people?

  25. jami

    oooooh! i likie! you could totally pull that off for a night out look!

  26. cloudburst

    I just got mine – whoa it really is BLACK! I have 2 other black glosses (Sephora & Smashbox) and they are no where near as black as this one. It has an interesting smell – I think it’s supposed to be black currant? Anways, I really like the last look & then the one with the gloss in the middle.

  27. Janice

    hello! i love your look but can you still get the ysl black lipgloss?

  28. Natasha

    This is so different, I love it, but you have a beautyfull face, so you can pull of any look! Keep up the inspirational work gal!

  29. piggles

    That last pic looks really good. Totally vampy, wearable and perfect for Halloween!

  30. WOW you can really pull off that look well! Most can’t!

  31. Is this worth getting? Help!

    • It’s really up to you! I don’t think it’s a must-have in the sense that you’ll wear it all the time or anything. It is a fun color to have!

  32. holly

    i really like this!
    i experimented a bit, and found that
    for a very cheap way to get this,
    i used a basic red lipstick, mixed a bit of Vaseline or clear lip balm (not gloss) with some matte black eyeshadow
    and dabbed it on in the same place and just left for a matte look
    but i guess you could dot on some clear gloss for a shiny look

    but this is ace (:

  33. Josiane

    I wish I could wear red lipstick as well as you do!