Friday, April 16th, 2010

MAC Girl About Town Lipstick
MAC Girl About Town Lipstick

The Summer Season: MAC Girl About Town Lipstick

MAC Girl About Town Lipstick ($14.00 for 0.10 oz.) is a vibrant shade of darkened, bright fuchsia pink. It has an amplified creme finish, which makes it a very creamy, opaque shade. Girl About Town is a classic pink from MAC, and it’s always been a favorite of mine. I love the full-color coverage it provides while giving just a slightly glossy sheen without shimmer.

Is this the right pink lipstick for you? Would you wear it?

The Summer Season is a series of posts featuring bright, vibrant shades of coral, orange, and pink lipsticks and lipglosses — all perfect for a summer of fun — that runs through July 2010.

See photos and swatches…

MAC Girl About Town Lipstick
MAC Girl About Town Lipstick

MAC Girl About Town Lipstick
MAC Girl About Town Lipstick

MAC Girl About Town Lipstick
MAC Girl About Town Lipstick

MAC Girl About Town Lipstick
MAC Girl About Town Lipstick (Diffused Flash)

MAC Girl About Town Lipstick
MAC Girl About Town Lipstick (Studio Lighting)

MAC Girl About Town Lipstick
MAC Girl About Town Lipstick

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101 thoughts on “The Summer Season: MAC Girl About Town Lipstick

  1. this is my all-time favourite lipstick, i LOVE it :)

  2. Wanna see something awesome? Try this with Funtabulous dazzleglass(hot pink and blue/violet glitter).

    I can’t find THAT many uses for the combo, but i LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

  3. Alexis

    I love it exactly how you have it in your face pic – not a whole lot of makeup with it. It’s like you are throwing all the attention to your lips. I would wear it just like that – not much else on. This looks fabulous on you.

  4. Teresa

    Oh wow this looks SO gorgeous with your skintone! You should rock this often :) I however, don’t think I could work it πŸ˜‰

  5. Sarah T

    Thank you so much for doing a face pic now with the lip swatches, Christine! It really helps figure out what it looks like.

  6. Cate

    I love bright lipsticks but what lipliner would you use with it, if at all?

    I think I need this one! πŸ˜€

    • I’d probably use Magenta or an invisible one. I don’t have much trouble with lipstick bleeding, so in my laziness, I’d probably skip it myself, lol!

  7. Ashley

    This is just so pretty on, I’m seriously thinking about getting a bright pink lipstick, and I really like how the texture of this looks on the lips, not too frosty or sparkly, just very juicy looking, I think it’s that slight sheen you were talking about. Would you say this would look good on both warm and cool skin-tones? I still can’t decide which one I actually am! All I know is, I’m pale.

    • Yes, I think it would look great on both warmer and cooler tones! :) I’m warm toned, and it’s definitely more blue-based, but I like it on my warmer skin — which pretty much means it should look great on cooler skin tones, too!

    • Soni

      I am pale too and this is the best fuschia I own. I love it. It’s opaque but with a sheen – no gloss needed. If you wear during the day, bring it along for touch-ups because the colour it fades too is not quite as beautiful.

  8. I love this colour, it’s so bright and vibrant! I’m all about hot pink lips!

  9. Kathryn

    This colour really brings out your brown eyes! I have brown eyes too, and I find that pink lipstick somehow enchances them.

  10. Dawn

    With my pasty white skin this would be way too bright

  11. Steph

    This is so pretty! I really want a hot pink lipstick for summer, but I’m so afraid of bright colours because I’m sef-conscious about my teeth/smile.

    • Aww! I wore braces for TEN YEARS. TEN! Life is too short to avoid wearing colors because of your teeth/smile!

      • Steph

        I wish I could have had braces! My parents couldn’t afford it, and I don’t complain too much because they are able to pay for my university education. However, it is the thing I’m most self conscious about, silly as that sounds. I’m comfortable with my body & know I have a pretty face, it’s just the teeth. Perhaps I’ll buy the lipstick & try to be brave! Haha.


        • My boyfriend is really sensitive about his teeth, too — as is my sister who has some jaw problems and just hasn’t gotten braces yet (she is 19 now).

  12. Simone

    Also my all time favourite, I wore it today!

  13. oh, i’m happy you showed this shade. i saw it a few times on the counter but i always decided to buy another one. but on the lips it’s so beautiful!

  14. Amal

    I have this and I love it!

  15. a little off topic…the Temptalia page is not opening normally on my 2 computers…The page is unusual spacing and some ‘about’ ‘links’ poping on top…its like when something messes wth HTML codes..i dunno, if its my computer or in general…

  16. Rachael

    Would you go for this or show orchid? I love bright pink lippy and cant decide between them!

    • But they’re different, LOL! Show Orchid is more fun… very cool with the sheen. Girl About Town is probably more wearable!

      • kikeri

        Hmm… beside texture, what’s the difference between Girl About Town and Lickable? I already have Lickable and Show Orchid. Not sure if I need another bright pink! But it’s my fave and could probably be persuaded.

  17. Phoebe

    I bought this one but never wore out yet. I love love the look but it makes my teeth so yellower than they usually are for some reason. That doesn’t happen when i wear other lipstick tho. I’m getting my teeth whiten soon, so maybe that will help. For girls who like bright out there color, try MAC Up the Amp. Gorgeous color, suits any skin tone in my opinion. Love MAC lipsticks! hahaha

  18. stacy

    I am ordering that one…RIGHT NOW. Love it.

  19. Diana B

    Wow this is a gorgeous color

  20. Tavia

    This is exactly the kind of pink shade I’m looking for. I can’t thank you enough for this Christine. It’s gorgeous :)

  21. janis

    Is there a matte version of this color? I don’t like the glossy look with this color.

  22. I swear I have this same shade in a 99cent Wet n’ Wild lipstick, and I love it. I should upgrade to the MAC version when it runs out!

  23. One of my favourite MAC lipsticks!

  24. Jula

    I’ve been wanting to get this lippie for a long time, but today I got an eyeshadow instead. I must pick this up very soon! It’s so perfect for spring/summer.

  25. Shanelle

    Got this shade last week and I am in love with it! I almost got Impassioned, but I decided on this one instead. I absolutely adore it and it looks gorgeous with your skintone.

    • Rose

      Christine, you should swatch Impassioned next!

      • Steph

        Have been wanting to get both Girl About Town and Impassioned, but the MUAs at all the Mac shops (I’m from Malaysia) insist that they’re limited edition and ‘don’t exist anymore’, or that perhaps I got the brand wrong because some of them have ‘never heard of it’. Aaargh…..

  26. I was wondering when you would feature this colour! I fell in love at first swatch! πŸ˜‰

  27. JB/Brandi

    Such a beautiful bright color, but I’m not sure something like this would look good against my skin tone.

  28. stephanie

    my daughter can rock this! she is NC45/NC50
    me not so much, lol

  29. amy

    ohhh this is pretty, I am glad it is permanent so I can pick it up anytime.

  30. Pam

    i absolutely love this colour!!! looks so great on you!!

    quick question – i have Pink Poodle lipglass… would you say this Girl About Town lipstick would be the equivalent to Pink Poodle? if not, what would you say would be close to pink poodle? Thanks for you help!!

  31. dallasbrowneyes

    Ah, I’ve been waiting to see this one!!! Very pretty!

  32. I love this! The UPS man just brought it this week. Thanks for the suggestion, Christine!

  33. LNU

    This is SO pretty! I love it!

  34. Salvinia

    WHOA! Even I would wear this and I hate lipstick!

  35. Justin

    How does this compair to Show Orcid and Petals & Peacocks?

  36. Laudry

    I wear it, I love it. But I like “Hollywood Nights” (Heatherette) for my bright pink.

  37. nw25. in my top 5 MAC lipsticks of all time!!! :-)

  38. shontay

    Surprisingly, this didn’t knock me out. I bought it a while back, but truth is, everything pales in comparison to Show Orchid for me. That’s my favorite lipstick ever.
    Slightly off topic, Christine thanks for showcasing 5150 by Urban Decay. I bought it yesterday and wore it today. I am in LOVE!

  39. Sharon

    I really like that on you. Girl About Town was one of the shades I tried on my very first trip to the MAC counter (only a few months ago), and I got Lickable instead (also have Show Orchid, and love it)… both are really bright against my NW15 skin, LOL! Still looking for an “everyday” work-appropriate lippie, though.

  40. Kat

    Christine, I was just thinking of buying this lipstick! Serendipity. I’m still in love with this color, but after reading Jemma Kid’s makeup book where she says of warm toned peeps, “No Fuchsia lips for you!” I started to hesitate…so I’m online searching for warm toned people wearing this lipstick pondering whether to get it or not… You say it’s blue toned, I know that I don’t look so well with cool toned colors, (even though I’m in denial, but let’s get real, blue toned makeup makes me look like a hooker), can you think of any warmer toned bright pinks like Girl About Town? I just saw a photo in this months issue of ELLE magazine where this blond model was rocking this amazingly gorgeous blue pink lipstick, and ugh, I would kill for the name of that lipstick!

    • I’m warm toned, and I’ll rock a blue-babed fuchsia, so don’t be afraid to try! :)

      You might try something like Illamasqua’s Frenzy, which is more red pink. MAC Full Fuchsia (PRO) is also more of a reddish pink.

      • Sylvie

        The other day I was at a pro store and I was deciding between Show Orchid, Girl About Town, Impassioned, Petals and Peacocks and Full Fuchsia. Girl About Town and Full Fuchsia were close in terms of colour and were the most complimentary on me (NC30)- the others were too blue. However, I bought Full Fuchsia eventually because I found it smoother to apply than Girl About Town.

  41. I think Trimming Talk can be a dup for this. I like them both, but still I can’t figure out why I bought those two at the same time πŸ˜€

  42. Hend

    My fav color .. I would wear it with an eyeliner n thats it

  43. It looks great! Too bad I don’t have MAC anywhere near to swatch it but I’ll probably order it online πŸ˜€

  44. KC

    I was wondering if I should get this, and if it would suit my complexion, I’m NC 50.

  45. gia

    This looks nice on you,Girls your age can get away with brights but it’s too much for me.My favs were the Spring Season I spent lots O cash:)

  46. Carrie

    looks like a color worth trying when its time to give “back to MAC”. I love the amplifieds.

  47. rashmi

    AAAAHHHHH i love this to the extent even i cannot describe in words…
    pair it with pink poodle liglass for more intense payoff otherwise layer it with nymphette to make it more wearable during day time

    i really wonder if u r a MAC junkie n still dont have this in ur collection … i think this is the only color i can buy a back up
    m 32 but still rock it hard … real hard … hubby loves it sooo much that he doesnt come near me whenevr i wear this ….

    but christine pls tell what would be ur fav BLUSH to wear it with this one???
    and which color of blush should i wear my sweetie???

  48. Kristen

    what a gorgeous shade! Love it! I would love to see a comparison between this, Full Fuchsia and Show Orchid. πŸ˜‰

  49. jaspreet

    hhhooooooooooooot pink

  50. Milani makes a PERFECT dupe for this shade. It’s called “Rose Hip” and I’ve been in love with it for a year! The formula is very long lasting and not drying, very worth trying (but then again I love to sing its praises. lol!)

  51. This color reminds be of MAC Pink Poodle lipglass, which is my favorite lipgloss of the moment.

  52. Ferarri

    Can someone explain to me the difference between Show Orchid, Girl about Town and Full Fuchsia lipsticks?

    I only want one and I am so LOST!

    • Show Orchid has a frostier finish and runs a bit more magenta-purple with a fuchsia-purple sheen. Girl About Town is a darker, creamier pink. Full Fuchsia is a brighter, more fuchsia pink than Girl About Town, though the two are closer than either are to Show Orchid.

  53. jaspreet

    my kind of pink

  54. courtney

    I love this color so much. :) :) & you look like Demi Lovato here, very pretty :) !

  55. Tiffany S.

    One of my fave lipsticks of all time! This is also one of the first MAC lipsticks I ever bought!

  56. Becca

    Hey Christine! I am in love with how this looks on you.. I am debating between getting Girl About Town or Lickable. My skintone looks pretty close to yours (~NC35) Which do you think would look better? Thank you!

  57. Maloo

    Hi cristine! Im looking for this color for 3 months already. I would love to have this, can you pls help me where to buy? It always out of stock in mal of asia mac store! :(

  58. Nancy

    Dang! Your lips look PERFECT! What do you use Christine?

  59. lippieloveeyy

    hi, do u think this color will suit warm skintones? thanks

  60. Laura D

    Heya! this lipstick looks fab fab fabiddy fab on you! it looks lovely :) i love bright lipsticks like this :) really suits you :) anyways…..I have a youtube channel called Lauragrimes55 and I was wondering if you would see one of my videos and see if you think this lipstick would suit me? i dont want to buy it if its not going to suit me! :)

  61. Laura Grenke

    Just bought this shade today, and I looooove it!!! Soo pretty!! And $14-$15, (depending on tax), really isn’t too terrible in my head!

  62. Tors

    Have you used a lip liner with this lipstick?