Sunday, April 4th, 2010

Chanel Venus (124) Glossimer
Chanel Venus Glossimer

The Summer Season: Chanel Venus (#124) Glossimer

Chanel Venus (#124) Glossimer ($27.00) is a dazzling shade of brightened rosy pink with iridescent fuchsia and gold sparkle. This shade, apparently, released last summer, but it’s still available at Nordstrom (which means I’m still allowed to feature it, woo!), so you can grab it there if you love it enough to buy! :) I love this shade in particular for its color pay off and glittering shimmer. Glossimers always look best in the sunlight, by the by, because they look phenomenal–truly like shimmering water. It’s a very slicked, wet, and dazzling look. Glossimers are incredibly glossy with a medium-thick formula that’s not overly sticky. I get about three to four hours of wear when I wear a Glossimer on its lonesome.

P.S. — Wouldn’t this look FABULOUS over Guerlain Giulette? I think I may have to do that this week!

Is this the right pink gloss for you? Would you wear it?

The Summer Season is a series of posts featuring bright, vibrant shades of coral, orange, and pink lipsticks and lipglosses — all perfect for a summer of fun — that runs through July 2010.

See photos and swatches…

Chanel Venus (124) Glossimer

Chanel Venus (124) Glossimer

Chanel Venus (124) Glossimer

Chanel Venus (124) Glossimer

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51 thoughts on “The Summer Season: Chanel Venus (#124) Glossimer

  1. oh my gosh…gorgeous!!!

  2. Elisa

    That’s such a nice bright pink! I was going to buy Guerlain’s Rose Florida based on your other review but I think I’ll check for this one first. I love how the sparkles show up even on the panned out picture@

  3. Caitlyn

    oh my, what a pretty colour!!

  4. I have this and love it! Gorgeous colour! :)

  5. YAY! This is the only Glossimer I own, but omg, isn’t it gorgeous! I think I’ll wear it today! For Easter! 😀

  6. Looks beautiful on you!

  7. AnGeLwInGz

    I purchased this one during my last Nordie’s trip and I love it

  8. Lily

    beautiful!! i just want it!!

  9. Melly

    hm, pretty! Happy Easter!

  10. honey thank u so much for making the pics include your face now, i have always hoped that u wud do that because it provides so much more perspective than only the lips!! :) love it..keep it up plss~

  11. it looks gorgeous on you! I looked for it everywhere n found one on ebay looong time ago..but it wasnt new as described so i returned it :(

  12. Karen

    I love the summer season so far!! I have Venus – love it. Wonder if I should get another one. Is there a close dupe out there anyone recommends?

  13. Stunning. I may want to get this.

  14. mia

    argh!! damn you and your gorgeous but expensive lipglosses!! this is beautiful but does it look less pink in your full face picture to anyone else?

  15. Kathy

    I usually don’t gravitate towards glittery glosses, but that is GORGEOUS!

  16. Therese

    This is GORGEOUS <3 It compliments your skintone BIG TIME!
    More Glossimer post please! I'm SO getting Chanel lipgloss. It's on my top 10 product of what to get as my graduation present;D

  17. Alice

    Are the glitter flecks/pieces particularly gritty or have a gritty sensation? I would hope not, because this colour is absolutely gorgeous, but I just want to make sure lol. You look lovely as always!

  18. Michele

    Love it but don’t know that I’d spend $27 on it as I have a few (OK, a lot :o) of glosses I love already. I love the sparkle as it’s eye catching but not big flecks of glitter. Hmm, I better not look at it any longer or I may break down and buy it :-O

  19. I love Chanel glosses. I picked up one in the color Equinox on Thursday. They really have some fantastic colors for this season!

  20. Rae

    Oh my goodness! I die. I haven’t seen a gloss in ages that’s really taken my breath away, but this is just… wow.

  21. aquarianrabbit

    Oh wow. That is gorgeous in the tube and on your lips! How would you say the “sparkliness” compares to YSL Golden Glosses? Thanks! =)

  22. Evelyn

    I just love glossimers. I have to avoid the Chanel counter!

  23. Hi Christine! Sorry this isn’t quite related to this post but here goes:

    My boyfriend’s family is visiting us here in the Philippines from France (he’s French and I’m Filipina) and his mom offered to buy me some Chanel products. I already made up my mind on Rouge Coco Madamoiselle, but I really can’t decide which Rouge Allure shade to buy! Can you recommend anything?

    I’m NC42, Asian with pinkish lips. Chanel Santal looks peachy on me. I’d like to have a neutral pink or brown, nothing flashy or anything. Hope you can help!

  24. Hend

    what a lovely color!!
    I lovved !! 😀
    way too sparkly for the day ..
    so its perfect for evenings

  25. Mel

    Love the sparkles!

    • ayse

      Hi, I own this but ı can’t wear it because it looks so reddish pink on my lips, too dark. I don’t know what to pair it with. e/s and blush wise. If you have any suggestions I would be very pleased and thankful.

  26. Wow, so pretty! I want!!

  27. Luisafer

    this is so cute!!! reminds me of a smaker lip gloss I had some time ago LOL… love it!!!! the color is great!!!

  28. jaspreet

    sexy uh

  29. Darrien

    That is gorgeous, I think I’m going to have to pick it up!

  30. Dada

    i just got one 😀 my first Chanel lg hope so it’s good :)

  31. Hilana

    Stunning. My kinda gloss. One of my favourites for this season!

  32. Hilana

    Oh. Just want to add. I also like the new full face pic you include with the lip swatches so we could get the total effect. Very nice, Christine!

  33. Steph2

    I just bought one! You enabled me! LOL! The color is absolutely gorgeous. I can’t believe I overlooked this shade before.

  34. Marina

    I own and love this Glossimer. It looks brighter on me, very summery ^ ^

  35. ilexica

    One of my favourite glosses ever. I know this sounds weird but try it over full of flare LSM – it really picks out the gold shimmer!

  36. Finally I found this gloss in my local department store and what can I say… I bought it! It looks kind of shocking in the tube, but it is sooo lovely on the lips! The golden sheen is amazing! Thank you Christine!