Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

MAC Myth Lipstick
MAC Myth Lipstick

The Spring Season: MAC Myth Lipstick

MAC Myth Lipstick ($14.00 for 0.10 oz.) is a pale, flesh-toned slightly peach-pink tinged nude. Myth has a satin finish, which means it has a very creamy, opaque look with a low-level sheen and on shimmer. It gives my lips incredibly full coverage color, and the creaminess gives it a nice, defined look without the aid of a lip liner, too–always a nice bonus! It’s similar to Fleshpot, but it’s not quite as fleshy or as light.  It’s lighter and not as peachy as Peachstock, as well.  They’re in the same family, though!

Is this the right nude lipstick for you? Would you wear it?

The Spring Season is a series of posts featuring my favorite soft beige, coral, and pink lipsticks and lipglosses — all perfect for the first blossom of spring — that runs through March 2010.

See photos and swatches…

MAC Myth Lipstick
MAC Myth Lipstick

MAC Myth Lipstick
MAC Myth Lipstick

MAC Myth Lipstick
MAC Myth Lipstick

MAC Myth Lipstick
MAC Myth Lipstick (Diffused Flash)

MAC Myth Lipstick
MAC Myth Lipstick (Studio Lighting)

MAC Myth Lipstick
MAC Myth Lipstick

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73 thoughts on “The Spring Season: MAC Myth Lipstick

  1. rowan

    awful colour imo

  2. I loooove Myth! It’s one of my favorite nude lipsticks! Right up there with Tanarama, Creme d’nude and Fleshpot!

  3. Myth is my FAVORITE. Don’t hate on it.

    • Michelle

      LOL Some makeup colors look good one some, and look horrible on others. It’s OK for people to have different opinions about makeup!! It is kinda the point of this blog . . .

  4. Emma

    I have Myth and I really do like it, though the concealer look is sometimes just a bit too much, you know.. Would you consider Peachstock a more wearable everyday shade for me, I’m a NC 35 ? 😉

  5. I’m nc37 and Myth is too light for me, but Cherish gives me the desired nude effect.

  6. Cristina

    I like it!

  7. Diana

    I love Myth it goes so well with smokey eyes and a little gloss.

  8. Noelle

    If I wore this, I would look like a corpse. I like nudes, but this one’s a little out there in my humble opinion.

  9. Leonie

    I don’t get these flesh colored lipsticks, they look horrible!
    It’s like you’re wearing concealer on your lips, not very charming….

  10. Christine Shen

    Will you do Honeylove please!!!

  11. Steph

    Is this myth or fleshpot more moisturizing on the lips? I don’t want a dry formula.

  12. evangelia

    love myth, especially blotted and topped with a milky pink (like NARS turkish delight).

    myth is my standard nude by which i compare all other nudes. sooooo pretty with a smoky eye and bronzer.

  13. Kathryn

    Myth is a really nice colour for layering lipsticks. I would never wear it on its own, but it is a good colour to wear underneath brighter or darker colours of lipstick to tone them down. It also helps to lighten really pigmented lips, sort of like lip erase, so that other colours and glosses show up more. Creme D’ Nude is similar to this, just a little less opaque, and I also use Creme D’ Nude as a layering lipstick.

  14. I like the color but I don’t like how it looks on the lips. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t like how’s spread on the lips, I see lines. :(

  15. lauraaaaa

    This nude is soooo much better on me than fleshpot. the peachyness gives it a different oomph

  16. Aggie

    Im an NC40 and I adore the way this looks on me w/ gloss on top, I pair it w/ a slight grey or dark smokey eye and maybe pink or peach blush. Love myth!

  17. This looks like the new Naked liner in a lippie form.

  18. Melissa (divinem)

    Um, no. Just no. Thank you for saving me the trouble, Christine.

  19. evangelia

    now you make me want to try peachstock!

  20. Kristen

    I love this series. What month do you plan on starting summer colors christine?

  21. Abril

    I love Myth! I does gives me lines on the lips but it can be fixed with a lip brush and a little Prrr! :)

  22. Yuck, not for me, thanks! :)

  23. tracey

    one of my favorite lipsticks!!

  24. MsKia

    I like Myth. The first MAC lipstick I bought. It gives me a nude colored lip. I just dont put too much on. Just a pat here and there on my lips and lipgloss over it.

  25. Donna

    Even though I’m quite fair, I just don’t think I can handle this color… I love lipstick… but I can tell this isn’t the right nude for me….

  26. Chase

    From my experience, this color is hard to work with on it’s own, especially for anyone who doesn’t have very light cool-toned skin.
    I personally only use it to mix with other colors. I wear MAC lustre lipstick in Hug Me almost everyday, but if I want to make it a more intense nude look I will dab Myth lipstick on before I apply Hug Me. It looks great with smokey eyes!

  27. debbie_dundan

    It just needs some dimension to be wearable by adding gold shimmer lipgloss.

  28. AnGeLwInGz

    Looks like Crayola Peach (yes, I mean the crayon)

  29. Ivette

    OMG this is so pale.. I knew it was pale, but it is just too much for my liking… and I’m a nude lips kinda girl

  30. Steph2

    I love Myth! I think it looks great on you Christina. I wear it either alone or under other lipsticks in place of Lip Erase.

  31. Casey

    One of my favorite lipsticks as well….I think it was the 3rd MAC lipstick I ever bought. I have been on a nude lipstick kick for the past few months and I don’t see any signs of it stopping! =p

  32. Laura

    I agree Myth is light and sould not be worn alone, but it can look great with the right gloss.

  33. Christina

    Alas, I can’t pull off any kind of nude lip. Lord knows I’ve tried, though!

  34. Ashley

    My first, and only, response was “….ewwwww”.

    If the formula didn’t suck, then I’d probably just think “meh”. But the combination of bad colour and bad formula, just ick.

  35. Hilana

    Looks nice in the tube but horrible on the skin. Nope. Awful.

  36. I know a lot of people don’t like myth but I think it’s perfect! For some reason it always comes out peachy when I want it to look peachy and pink when I want it to look pink…maybe that’s just my imagination or depends on the blush/eyeshadow I’m wearing but I think it’s just the best lipstick! And if it doesn’t work for you sometimes pairing it with another shade works the ticket!

  37. Hi Christine, you’ve inspired me to try nudes! Do you think this would look good on an NC15/NC20? Or can you suggest a good nude for my skin tone? Thanks so much :)

  38. YJ

    I love your blog! And I love the Myth lipstick! It tends to be a little too pale for me though, so I like to add a little of Speed Dial (it’s a pink MAC lipstick) to give it a little color!

  39. i have myth and i HATE that you have to have perfectly unchapped, soft lips to wear it. if you don’t you look like a corpse! NOT CUTE!

    i barely reach for this. perhaps now that i’ve seen the light and purchased a lip primer, it might be time to try it again.

  40. How does it compare to “Hue”?

  41. Best nude for my pale skin tone!

  42. shelby

    I cannot wear this!

  43. I LOVE Myth, its one of the best nudes I’ve tried. I am very pale though so its not too bad on me. I love to put some on, sort of blend it out a bit on my lips type thing, then add a pretty gloss. Looks so pretty with lots of glosses, gold, peaches, pinks. Also great if you want to layer other colours on top, i.e creme d’nude, which doesn’t work on its own on me, or other nudes like hug me and lots of other colours

    I want to know which nude to try next cos I think I’ll be measuring every nude by this one!!

  44. This looks really awful lol 😀

  45. this looks like concealer. haha

  46. Leidy

    I have myth and I love it. I wear it when I really want my eyes to stand out. I pair Myth with florabundance on top and I get compliments all the time. Then again I am a light skin girl with really voluptuous lips and I like to mute them so this serves that purpose.

  47. Diana

    oh honey no… that needs something over it. alone it reminds me of ganguros.

  48. Rose

    Love this color! I should wear it more often when I go out –which I tend to do smokey eyes most of the time for the occasion.

  49. Annie Siegel

    uhh i HATE this lipstick! i look dead when I wear it!

  50. I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT MYTH!!!!!!!!! I’m completely obsessed with it…. I always wear a smokey eye and MYTH lips… I usually layer it with either Honeylove or Hug Me amd some NARS Striptease lip gloss…. OMG I LOVE MYTH it srslt changed my life!!!!!!!!

  51. Milessa

    Don’t like it at all. Looks even worse on me as I’m darker. I refuse to buy it no matter how many times it has been recommended to me.

  52. sara

    I looooove myth! It’s the only lipstick I’ve repurchased! Just about 4 times! I usually do layer it with a nice peach or pinkier gloss but I do wear it on its own with alot of lipbalm underneath and slightly blended. not just swiped over. I’m not the palest girl either. lol NC30

  53. Sweeda88

    I want to get this lipstick simply to conceal the rich pigment in my lips. That way, when I put a color OVER it, it won’t look so intense!

  54. Lena

    I love this lipstick! The only nude I’ve ever found that’s light enough for my porcelain skin.

  55. Katie

    What would be a good nude for me? I’m NW25.

  56. Michelle

    I LOOOVE Myth! It will always be my favorite nude…it’s one of those colors that doesn’t look good on most people. Luckily, it does on me :)I’m not really sure why it looks horrible on most people…but I love it and it is a great color.

  57. Im in love with this lipstick, and its sister Creme D Nude

  58. Amanda Enn

    Thank goodness for you, Christine! Without your help, I would have bought this and probably hated it. xD