Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

MAC Hue Lipstick
MAC Hue Lipstick

The Spring Season: MAC Hue Lipstick

MAC Hue Lipstick ($14.00) is a soft, played down pinky-nude with a creamy finish and subtle sheen. It’s semi-opaque; it gives my lips a decent amount of coverage, but it will definitely look a little pinker on more pigmented lips. Hue is really one of those classic MAC shades; you either love it or hate it, but it’s just one of those shades you gotta swatch at least once in your lifetime. I never thought Hue would work on me, but surprisingly, it can. I love it with really dramatic, smoked out looks layered with a sheer gloss like Nymphette.

Is this the perfect pinky nude for you? Would you wear it?

The Spring Season is a series of posts featuring my favorite soft beige, coral, and pink lipsticks and lipglosses — all perfect for the first blossom of spring — that runs through March 2010.

See photos and swatches…

MAC Hue Lipstick

MAC Hue Lipstick

MAC Hue Lipstick

MAC Hue Lipstick

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55 thoughts on “The Spring Season: MAC Hue Lipstick

  1. Shirry T

    look gorgeous!

  2. I really love this color, It is a lot more wearable than myth imo and I think it looks good on most people. :)

  3. Lauren

    My all-time favorite MAC Nude lipstick! Perfect shade to mute out my peachy/red lips and give me the nude, sexy pout.

  4. rashmi

    the colour is looking gorgeous in tube i think pinks made me look pale
    but still wanna try this one
    hey christine are u going to include bombshell and angel in this one
    really looking forward for whole series
    loved the scarlet season as well and keep browsing those pages
    u know i love redsssss and waiting for some sale at nordstrom for chanel dragon and phoenix …. hahahaah greedy gal

  5. KIKI

    i adore hue, it’s the first MAC lipstick i bought. my lips are really dry (no matter what i do!) so i tend to lean towards glazes and lustres and hue works wonders for me. but it doesn’t show up on my lips like it does on you Christine. Maybe it’s because i have more pigmented lips?

  6. Kelsey

    I wear Hue every single day, over Pink Fish TLC. Of course, I sort of sheer it out, it helps with my overly pigmented lips.

  7. Hue is my HG nude lipstick. Everything else makes me look kind of dead, so I like the pinkish undertones in it (I’m NW15-20). I wear C-thru lipglass over it or Ample Pink Plumpglass and it is perfect for me!

  8. ilona

    hue is my absolute favorite lipstick!!!

  9. I don’t really do nudes, but Hue looks great on you!

  10. Janella

    This colour is nice but you really have to make sure you have NO chapped lips before application!

  11. DoDe

    Nice color. I really like the spring season series

  12. daphne

    It’s so weird how different in looks in the tube versus swatched and on lips. I don’t like the nudes that are sort of “concealer lips” colored (e.g. Myth, Fleshpot) but a pinker one like this, I could see working. Nymphette is a great pairing, and I bet Enchantress would be too…

  13. Lorna

    i love hue; it is one of my favorites.

  14. Shah'ada

    Not sure if this would be a perfect for me – I’ve honestly never even tried a nude! I’d be willing to try it especially now that I’ve been getting into more dramatic eyes. The Buxom glosses I’ve used forever don’t seem to be cutting it as well anymore!

    PS. I love your site . . . thank you!

  15. LiLi

    Hue is a staple for me. Since it’s not full coverage, it doesn’t give you concealer lips the first swipe. It definitely works to tone down my pigmented lips a touch. Plus, affordable!!

  16. Vness_12

    I love this lipstick. I have it and tend to wear it with warmer looks like golds and browns. Sometimes I layer it with a soft brown lustreglass (the name escapes me) and it makes it warm and creamy. I LOVE this color!

  17. Darrien

    This was the first MAC lipstick I ever bought. I think I have owned three or four of these because I wear it almost everyday.

  18. I hardly ever do nudes, but this one is my favorite! For the most part, I just don’t think nudes look very good on me. too much brown, or orange, looks awful, but my skins already pale and pink, and my lips pigmented, so its easy to just look…too pink….

  19. Anitacska

    Looks pretty in the tube, but not on the lips. I won’t be buying this one for sure.

  20. Alyssa

    Love it! Have it!

  21. Sara

    This is one of my personal staples – I have a hard time finding a good nude because I’m very fair. I layer it up with Underage Lip Glass.

  22. I’m really sick of a nude lip, but I’m feeling this shade for some reason. Maybe because it’s a bit pink rather than the typical peach or beige. I’m not a big MAC fan so I’ve never swatched it, but it looks 80s (in a good way!).

  23. liana

    Oh one of my favs! I love Hue, i pair it with boy bait cremesheen glass, so pretty with a smoky eye.

  24. Brenda

    definitely one of my favourites. I think this may have been the 2nd MAC lipstick I ever bought (first was Skew). As someone else mentioned, I tend to go for the glazes and lustres because my lips are ALWAYS dry even when I slather on the vaseline at bedtime. I should really stop chewing on them.. LOL

  25. I have wanted this lipstick forever! I just can’t bring myself to shell out for it because it’s so rare that I wear lipstick even though this would be an excellent everyday shade for me.

  26. StyleByEmma

    I love Hue! It is my favorite MAC nude lip. My lips are very pigmented, so I love Hue to tone them down paired with bright or smoked out eyes. :) I also like that it’s a Glaze. It is light enough of a finish that you can easily layer gloss or other product on top of it, but it’s quite natural on it’s own too w/o looking cakey– how Myth sometimes can if your lips are a bit dry.

    Great for the office, nights out, anytime pretty much!

  27. marisa

    this is my HG lipstick–period. i wear it during the day for work and it looks very conservative, and then i can wear it at night with darker eyes. it doesnt really come off as a nude on me–more pinkish, really. i have other nudes i would be more inclined to wear if i was looking for nude. but this is just my absolute favorite lipstick for ANY occasion. just enough color so i look put together, but not too much that i cant wear it when i am in a conservative environment.

  28. I love Hue! It was one of my first MAC purchases, and I keep re-purchasing it. I’m on my 4th tube… I even wore it today :)

  29. That’s so weird! In your pics and swatches (especially the tube pic) it looks pink! Mine looks 100% nude to me. It matches my skintone, so this is my go to nude lip.

    I own both this as Fleshpot, but I always end up using Hue, because it’s smoother, creamier, and sheerer, so it’s not as corpse-looking as Fleshpot.

  30. amy

    I would like to see this with a full look and see how it works. It it is a pretty colour, but it looks a bit “powdery,” to me.

  31. Sasha B

    hue lipstick + underage lipglass = my lips ahora :)

  32. Kianna

    Heey Christine ! What skin tones do you think Hue will work on ? Thaanks . (:

  33. Femke

    I was actually thinking about picking it up tomorrow, it was either this or blankety

  34. ak

    I won’t be buying this although it’s a Glaze as it’s far too light for me. I learned my lesson when I stupidly bought Creme D’Nude.

  35. Ms. Tiffanie

    I love Hue! I use Nars Turkish Delight on top…

  36. Ms. Tiffanie

    I love hue! I pair it with nars turkish delight

  37. I so want to try this. Am loving the spring season!! Also loved the scarlet one!!
    I saw a really pretty pale pink nudey lipstick at MAC last week, it kinda had lovely shimmers in it? any ideas? maybe pretty please?

    Also loving angel lipstick 😀

  38. Jenna P

    I love how this looks! I don’t have a mac store anywhere near my town. The closest is 5 hours away. Are there an drugstore dupes you can recommend for this color?

  39. I have medium pigmented lips, and i want a nude-y lip with slight pink undertones.

    How’s the coverage of this lipstick? Do you really have to build it up for the color to really show?

  40. Julia

    I bought this one without trying first ( I was in a hurry) and am totally sorry I did. I am naturally fair skinned with blue undertones though I do have a tan and this color looks HORRIBLE. It makes me look like a corpse. Definitely not rebuying.

  41. Kim

    Hey Christine!

    I have very red lips.. do you think hue will show on my lips? :)

  42. would this look good with fair to medium skin?????????????

  43. Abby

    I don’t know why this looks so opaque on your lips, because when I tried it on at the Mac counter, it looked SO PATCHY on me. I’m fair and my lips aren’t that pigmented, but it just ended up looking like a patchy gloss on me. It sucks, because the color is so pretty and would be a PERFECT nude for me. Creme d’ Nude washes me out and this is just pink enough for me. :(

  44. natball

    maybeline’s color sensation “porcelain”