Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

MAC Freckletone Lipstick
MAC Freckletone Lipstick

The Spring Season: MAC Freckletone Lipstick

MAC Freckletone Lipstick ($14.00) is a semi-sheer luster-finish peachy nude. It’s definitely a nude kind of lip color, but it has a surprising amount of warmth, because of the peachy undertones. Even though it’s distinctly peach, it isn’t orange, which is something that can often be present in more peach-based nudes. Being of the lustre variety, Freckletone has a glossy finish and a very smooth, moisturizing feel, though not hydrating. Unlike a lot of lustres I’ve encountered over the years, Freckletone is surprisingly pigmented. Of course, one or two layers won’t get you opaque coverage, but you are able to build up to a fairly opaque result. (I have a freckle on my bottom lip, and it makes measuring a color’s pigmentation really easy — if I can’t see it, it’s full coverage.)

Is this peachy nude the one for you? Would you wear it?

The Spring Season is a series of posts featuring my favorite soft beige, coral, and pink lipsticks and lipglosses — all perfect for the first blossom of spring — that runs through March 2010.

See photos and swatches…

MAC Freckletone Lipstick
MAC Freckletone Lipstick

MAC Freckletone Lipstick
MAC Freckletone Lipstick

MAC Freckletone Lipstick
MAC Freckletone Lipstick

MAC Freckletone Lipstick
MAC Freckletone Lipstick

MAC Freckletone Lipstick
MAC Freckletone Lipstick

MAC Freckletone Lipstick
MAC Freckletone Lipstick

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112 thoughts on “The Spring Season: MAC Freckletone Lipstick

  1. aradhana

    this is a great lipstick! one of my fave nudes…it goes well with smokey eyes…

  2. Crystal

    I really like this shade!! It looks like a pretty nude, most nudes that I see are too brown or dark. This looks so lovely!!

  3. Ooh definitely want this! It doesn’t look TOO nude. Perfect!

  4. I love the color. I’ve finished all my nude lip colors and I really want to try some new product. Too bad that MAC is not available in my country, but I will try to keep this in mind and buy it next time I will travel outside the country. :)

  5. Kriza

    I love nude lipsticks. My favourite is MAC Creme d’nude, but I’ll try this! :) It’s beautiful!!!

  6. Roxanne

    Perfect nude lip for Christine? Check! I looooove it!

  7. amy

    this is such a cute colour. I keep on looking at it and picking it up at the counters/store because it keeps on catching my eye but I have yet to buy it. Maybe it is a sign that I should buy it now! Though I have lots of colours like these, I love tones like these and can’t get enough of it!

  8. Emma

    Is this a permanent shade or limited edition?

  9. Kerry

    ooh this looks lovely :) might have to buy this lol

  10. Holly

    Any chance you could do a face of the day or just a full-face picture with this on? As usual I’m struggling to imagine it in context. Thanks xx

  11. cloudburst

    I love it! Gonna have to pick this one up next time.

  12. Jenni

    I have a question: for the lip series (this and the scarlet one a few weeks ago), are they new lip products? or are they a compilation of products from any time/collection?

    • In the Scarlet Season, I tried to mostly permanent products (whether they’ve been existing for years or if they’re newly created, but permanent), but I did have some limited edition shades in it. Since the Scarlet Season was my first, I have a better handle on how exactly I want the Spring Season to go, so I’m really concentrating on permanent products and trying to leave limited edition shades out of it. I may include one or two, later on down the road, if they’re just fan-freaking-tastic, but I’m hoping not to. :) They don’t have to be new for spring, though.

      Part of the beauty of these “seasons” is seeing products that often are overlooked in lieu of new shades or collections – and plus, since the shades are permanent, there’s no need to fret if you fall in love!

  13. Shay

    I absolutely love this color.. i am olive skinned with warm tones.. so this is my HG nude color.. cant wear creme d nude.. hence this is the color of my choice

  14. yajaira

    anybody know a good dupe for this, i dont live near a mac

  15. Amy

    Ooooh I usually use Creme d’ Nude or Siss but this looks pretty! I’ve been wanting to try a peach lip/cheek combo so I’ll definitely try this out.

  16. Victoria

    Oh my… I’ve been lemming this l/s for a while, now i NEED it!!!

    • Victoria

      By the way, what is your skintone, for reference?

      • I’m NC25/30 in MAC! :)

        • Kim

          This was my first MAC lippie and it is my HG nude for my nc42 skintone probably because as you said it is pretty warm with a bit of peachiness which prevents the “I just ate concealer” look many other nudes (I’m looking at you blankety) give me! I love using either lust or love nectar ontop of it, sometime even a bit of lollypop loving for a bit more dimension.. great review of one of my all times favs as usual Christine!

  17. Melissa

    Wow! That looks amazing on you.

  18. Skyler

    This is stunning! Why don’t I own this?! Gah.

  19. babicsek

    I’m really looking forward these post,cause I’m on the hunt for a great nude lipstick:D

    Thanks Christine:)

  20. It’s a gorgeous tone! I’m sure it’d be gorgeous with a black smokey. I have never seen this lipstick at my usual MAC corner, though. They really have few things. :(

    Do you think it’d go well with a fair skin with pink undertones (white, transparent and pinky)?

  21. Christine shen

    I have this lippy, but it doesn’t come out like it is on your lips. My lips is much more pigmented compare to yours, even if I layer it, it still not opaque. =(

  22. karen

    This is lovely!

  23. I adore this color!!! I’ve added to my wishlist on my blog πŸ˜€

  24. India

    This is one of my favorite lipsticks from MAC. I love this color. Its the perfect peachy nude! I wear it all year long. With or without gloss on top.

  25. Cherie

    mmmmmmmmm yum!!!! hello and welcome to my collection Freckletone! :)

  26. I love this lipstick! I bought it originally with the emanuel ungaro collection when I was first getting into makeup and I really hated it because I have discoloration around my mouth sometimes and it’s really unflattering with the lipstick! I’m glad I gave it another chance because it’s really become one of my preferred nudes :)

  27. Sylvie

    Freckletone looks great on you. This is a staple for my NC50/NW45 skintone. Love this!

  28. Ooh. This is my kind of nude! Not too dark or too light!

  29. J

    Ahhh I’ve been meaning to pick this up.

  30. Christine, you are such an enabler. I went out and bought this along with the Lancome today. Love the peachiness!

  31. this nudey shade is so suitable for everyday wear. OK i’m definitely getting this. anymore nudey shade before i bag it home?

    • Oh, there are plenty coming up – I have about 135 colors to go through and test/review for the Spring Season, from pinks to corals to nudes :) You might want to wait!

  32. ST

    This is absolutely gorgeous. I would have never thought about it, as seen from the swatch on MAC’s website. Maybe I could get this with my B2M.

  33. Adriana

    I Hope u can post looks with this lipstick!! Is so gorgeous… i NEED to check it T O M O R R O W … it looks GREAT!

  34. Az

    Gorgeous. Can’t believe I’ve seen Freckletone for many times but never paid attention. Like you said we always keep an eye on l/s from new collection & never get a chance to appreciate the greatness of the perm. line XD

  35. This was my very first MAC l/s I ever bought, and I still love it up to this day! It’s such a wearable nude for those with medium skin tones. This shade is rarely ever mentioned or featured in other blogs or YT makeup channels, and I’m glad you’ve shared it with us :)

  36. I was thisclose to buying freckltone but went with shygirl instead. which is really pretty too and would def fall under the springseaon category…you chould check it out….(plus it looks amazing if you put new spirit lipglass over it)

  37. A.J.

    This is my favorite MAC lipstick. I pair it with fulfilled plushglass and cork liner. It is hot nude lip combo!!

  38. Adriana

    Thankyou, now… i found my perfect and always wanted NUDE LIPSTICK! is amazing, it goes soooo good with my skin tone

  39. abby

    Its funny i never paid attention to this lipstick before. Even when it came out with the ungaro collection i think it was? But it is a nice nude colour, better than creme d nude for my skintone anyways, thank you for the swatches Christine! gotta get this one now lol

  40. Alexis

    This is actually one of the first MAC lipsticks I bought myself years ago, and I still have it! Luckily I find that MAC lipsticks don’t go bad for a very long time, so I can still wear it. I really like it, either alone or especially when I want to mask the pigmentation on my lips to apply pink over it.

  41. Gao

    This def. is super pretty on you! I was gonna try it but idk,
    Ill see when I hit the store! :]

  42. lazeny

    the color is really pretty, unfortunately there are no MAC near my area. are there any shu uemura dupes for this you can recommend? closest I found is BG942..

  43. civa

    this is my favorite nude from MAC in the permanent line.
    Myth is too drying and concealer looking for me and Creme de Nude is too pale for me as well.
    I have pigmented rosy lips for reference.

  44. Camila

    I have it, but in me it doesn’t look so beautiful. Maybe because it’s lustre. It would be gorgeous in satin. Do you know another peach lipstick more pigmented? I was thinking about Cherish.

  45. My favorite MAC lipstick ever. Still is low key, but doesn’t make me look washed out or dead. The best!

  46. K

    Oh, this is SO pretty! I always knew this was a nice lipstick (never owned it – just from what I saw online) and now I feel I have to have it even more. It just makes you look so healthy and fresh!

    Are you buying brand new lipsticks (as observed from your original product shots) to do your Spring Season reviews?

    • Hi K!

      The MAC ones I’ve bought, a lot of the other brand ones are sent via the brand — I usually approach a lot of my favorite brands and ask if they’re interested in sending over shades they’d think would work for the series, then I try ’em out, pick my favorites, and include those. Of course, “favorites” is loose, since I end up falling in love with a lot of them! (This approach also helps me include a good range of brands, shades, AND price!)

      When possible, though, I like to photograph new, just ’cause used lipstick looks kind of “ew!” close-up, LOL.

  47. Joanna

    I was so close to buying this at the CCO last weekend and at the last minute I put it back and got Marquise’d which turned out to be really good dupe for Shy Girl( a lipstick I already have a full tube of). Darn it hopefully Freckletone is still there. Thanks for this swatch Christine.

  48. Ásta

    With which lip pencil did you line your lips with? :)

  49. Meesh

    What a beautiful color! How does it compare to shy girl because I’m debating which to get between these two . . . but if they’re completely different I’ll just have to buy both! D:

  50. Kianna

    Heey Christine , I have this lipstick and it’s too peachy on my lips . Anything you suggest ? Thanks . [:

  51. I’ve been debating on this for months! But it’s being upgraded to my “Will Get” List.. along with some lipsticks for their new “Spring Colour Forecast” lipsticks.. (the pink ones.) Great swatches.. thanks again. =)

  52. Rachael

    This color looked so lovely on your lips I tried it on at my local MAC counter. Boy did it look horrible on me haha I think I’m too pale to pull it off

  53. jaspreet

    great nude color

  54. mel

    Hi! i love your site. i use it mostly for lipstick swatches. how many times do you normally swipe the lipstick on your lips in the pictures?

  55. kelly

    definately picking one of these up

  56. Mary

    I’ve bee eyeing this color for a while now but I’m quite pale (NW20/25) have a pink undertone and I’m not sure if it’d look good on me. Would you recommend this for someone with a pink undertone?

  57. zara

    was this limited edition?

  58. Ella

    Looks great on you! I want to go get this one for a while now, i’m a sucker for peachy nudes. I read that it has a pretty glossy finish, which i don’t really prefer. You know an alternative that isn’t as sheen as this one?

  59. KassCee

    This is a beautiful nude color. I like the warmth without the orange color. This is definitely the shade I see on Kim Kardashian frequently when she’s not wearing MAC angle. She seems to keep this color of lipstick hush hush. I was reading that Rimmel London in Crush is a pretty good dupe for $5.