Thursday, February 18th, 2010

MAC Fleshpot Lipstick

The Spring Season: MAC Fleshpot Lipstick

MAC Fleshpot Lipstick ($14.00) is an ultra fleshy nude satin-finish shade. It’s incredibly creamy and quite pigmented–but it’s a tough nude to pull off, just because it’s so pale, so fleshy. For some, Fleshpot just gives you “concealer lips” rather than the sexpot nude lip look they’re hunting for. This is a shade I’d recommend trying on before you buy, if at all possible. It is a really great shade to layer under an intense lipgloss for a more muted versio of it, and it can also work well to mute your natural lip color, too. The finish and pay off is excellent, though!

Is this the perfect nude for you? Would you wear it?

The Spring Season is a series of posts featuring my favorite soft beige, coral, and pink lipsticks and lipglosses — all perfect for the first blossom of spring — that runs through March 2010.

See photos and swatchesโ€ฆ

MAC Fleshpot Lipstick

MAC Fleshpot Lipstick

MAC Fleshpot Lipstick
MAC Fleshpot Lipstick

MAC Fleshpot Lipstick

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54 thoughts on “The Spring Season: MAC Fleshpot Lipstick

  1. Sarah M

    Love this lipstick. Kind of pale for my NC40/42 skin but it’s a staple in my kit.

    • ak

      Wow. Really? With your skintone I would have thought you’d do better with the Siss lipstick, not Fleshpot. And Siss is even too light for me especially without any pencil. But I’ve always though the ‘concealer lips’ look was hot because I love the way it’s used in magazines and sometimes I like the way it looks on the runway.

      Which is why I bought two Empowered lipsticks because the color of this is my ‘concealer lips’ because it’s darker than Siss.

  2. Victoria Maria

    I LOVE FLESHPOT….it is my prrr fect nude lip – just couldn’t live without it. Combine it with a coral lipgloss….yyyiiihaarrr

  3. diana

    Christine i am looking for a great nude but i am nc40 will this lipstick look good on me or not??

  4. Shah'ada

    Wow – nude. I like it though!!

  5. claudia

    I’ll get it eventually, although I’m unsure it would look good one ! I find it prettier than myth, it’s more pinky, isn’t it ?

  6. Brian Kelly

    This and Myth are my two favorites and I’ll put it on even if I’m bored. Creme d’Nude was a sheer disappointment as a nude lipstick to me though. The best thing about nudes, they’re genderless. Most of the people I work on love Fleshpot and Myth and are always the first two they take interest in wearing.

  7. Casey

    I just bought this from the MAC & MILK Collection and I LOVE it! I’m sure its not the best color on me but I’m wearing it anyways!! =)

  8. It’s a beautiful color, I know it makes you look pale if you have a white skin like me but I would definitely wear this with a smoky eye makeup :)

  9. Tiffany

    Fleshpot is great if you mix it with a clear gloss it really tones it down.

  10. Odbery

    Wow, that is an intense nude… What skintone do you think would be most likely to pull it off? Pale, dark, or somewhere inbetween?

  11. evangelia

    loooooooove. do you have pics of you wearing myth and creme d’nude too?

  12. Rocio

    this color looks so pretty on you.
    how would u compare this lipstick to Myth? is it worth having both?

  13. Carrie

    Beautiful color, definitely great for layering under a Lipglass or Dazzleglass.

  14. Anitacska

    Oh yuck, no! To me lipsticks should be colourful and not make me look like I’m dead. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • ak

      But the dead look is hot. I have a fixation now on lip colors that are too blue based or gray based for my coloring which is so warm. I guess because I’m curoius about lip colors that I’mnot ‘supposed’ to wear. Although I’m also curious about coral lipstick these days too…

  15. I think this looks really good on you! I worry about how it looks on me though. I got all the lipsticks in the Heatherette collex, and they’re all really hard to wear on their own! (except Lollypop Loving, everyone likes that one!) But they look GREAT with other lipsticks and glosses mixed with them! And sometimes when I do wear them alone, for me, it really works to put down a good layer of Lip Conditioner first. Since Fleshpot (and Melrose Mood and Hollywood Nights) tend to be a tad dry.

  16. I love this! I actually prefer it over Myth.

  17. mkdallas

    Sadly, I’m not feelin’ the love.

  18. Sarah

    This is a staple in my kit but lord I hate this color, but I hate that ultra nude/concealor lip trend, blech.

  19. Jess

    I have this lipstick from the heatherette collection but can just never figure out how to wear it. What gloss would you suggest layering over it to make it a bit more wearable, while still keeping it nude?

  20. Nudes are fine, but red is where it’s at!

  21. Nic

    I plan to get this eventually. Since I’m so pale, most nude lipsticks aren’t light enough to actually look nude on me. Plus I have pretty pigmented lips, and Fleshpot looks quite opaque. :)

  22. Marcela

    Now that is a nude lipstick…LOL It reminds me of Creme d’Nude, which to me is the best nude lipstick ever created by MAC, but this one seems to have more of a light pink undertone to it. I will definitely try it when my Creme d’Nude runs out. =-)

  23. kenneth alan

    this screams richie nickel

  24. Jennifer

    Yay! I’m so glad you featured my all time favorite lipstick. Ever. I’ve been using this color for almost 10 years now. It looks beautiful layered over a lined and filled lip. I use MUFE’s Aqualip liner in 3C and blend. Then a sheer pink gloss on top and Voila!

  25. nicci

    I think this one might wash me out…I like nudes but this too nude for me.

  26. NFRIBEIRO720


  27. Shanel

    is this only available online b/c of the milk collab?

  28. I don’t think it will sit well with my NC 40 skintone and pigmented lips so I’ll pass.

  29. amy

    It is a nice nude but I think it may look too ashen against my skin.

  30. Leonie

    I’m not feeling it. Looks too much like putting concealer on your lips tbh…

  31. Lindsay

    This kind of reminds me of the mac lip erase (which I am dying to have btw)! I love how you can apply any lip liner and create your own color. I think I am going to have to get this! Christine, your lips always look fabulous! What do you use to keep them moisturized? My lips have been so dry this winter. Nothing is helping. Also, do you apply your lipsticks with a lip brush or straight from the tube itself? Seriously, EVERYTHING looks great on you!!!!!! I love all of the looks you present!

  32. Luisafer

    that’s not for me at all, don’t like it, makes me look sick, no lip color, sorry…

  33. I’ve always wanted to try this and Myth!

  34. traca

    nw45…with the right liner and gloss, and blended REALLLLLLY WELLL. I love it.

  35. ms.mad

    i have myth and love it, but i would like something with a little more color. is fleshpot a little more pigmented? i’m medium dark/ dark mineralize skinfinish tone.

  36. ModeCrazyMakeUpOn

    Hi! Could you please tell me which of Fleshpot and Myth have the better formula? I heard that Myth can be very drying, and as I’m wondering which one to buy (with the lipglass C-thru) I could use some help. Thanks a lot!

  37. Lorraine

    hi christine! how does this compare to hue and gosh’s darling? i have both and have trouble wearing those colours -you think it’s worth trying this one?

  38. Red tail

    Christine,dear,tell me,please,when I can buy this
    charm lipstick?=)

  39. Christine, is Fleshpot now permanent? I just bought it from MAC online but it’s not part of a collection as far as I know. I checked to see if they were allowing us ‘civilians’ to buy Pro products again for a limited time but they’re not. I just see that you can buy Fleshpot.

    • As far as I know, it’s permanent at PRO but the best would be to ask a MAC artist, because information about permanent/discontinued usually goes there but not through PR.

  40. juliyaa

    i bought this in the fall collection 2011. I really like this color, better than myth ๐Ÿ˜›