Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

MAC Cherish Lipstick
MAC Cherish Lipstick

The Spring Season: MAC Cherish Lipstick

MAC Cherish Lipstick ($14.00) is a rich, creamy beige nude. It has an incredibly smooth and creamy feel with a light glossy sheen. I love it, because it’s well-pigmented and gives me nearly full coverage on my lips. Cherish is one of my go-to nude lipsticks for whenever I wear a really dramatic, smoky eye. It works well to complement the look without competing with it or washing it out.  Like all MAC lipsticks, it’s vanilla-scented (but not too sweet or cloying–one of the best lipstick scents of all-time, in my humble opinion!), comes in a black bullet, and lasts a good four hours or so on me.

Is this the right nude lipstick for you? Would you wear it?

The Spring Season is a series of posts featuring my favorite soft beige, coral, and pink lipsticks and lipglosses — all perfect for the first blossom of spring — that runs through March 2010.

See photos and swatches…

MAC Cherish Lipstick

MAC Cherish Lipstick

MAC Cherish Lipstick

MAC Cherish Lipstick

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84 thoughts on “The Spring Season: MAC Cherish Lipstick

  1. One of my fave shades too! It’s such a great nude to any time.

  2. grace

    It looks fantastic! I wonder if it will work on my skintone :/

  3. amy

    I haven’t noticed this one yet and I definitely will pick it up eventually.

  4. Erin

    I’ve wanted to try this nude for a while! Maybe I’ll try it out on my next B2M journey. :] It looks beautiful on you, Christine!

  5. Nat

    do you think cherish will look good on an NC43/NC44 skin tone?

  6. Wow, I don’t know how I don’t know about Cherish! Actually, I do. I think sometimes I’m so focused on the LE stuff that I miss gems like this one.

    I’m forever searching for a perfect nude and I think you may have just shown it to me. Thanks!

  7. daphne

    Huh! Looks like a pretty good substitute for Brave New Bronze on the sad day that I run out of that lippie…would you say that’s accurate, Christine? I mean, same finish and everything too. I sure like this one a lot.

  8. Marina

    its my first comment!!

    I looooooove Cherish. It was my first MAC lipstick!

  9. Kerry

    hey christine :) im just wondering.. how does this compare to myth? or creme d’nude? x

  10. I own this lipstick adn enjoy it, on occasion.

    A note for pale/rosy girls though, or girls with highly pink pigmented lips. Swatch it before you fall in love.

    I’m NC 15, and a lot of time I have to put rosy glosses over it because it just goes on so dark and BROWN on me. I actually have to work a bit ot get it to look even remotely natural.

    Awesome shade though!

  11. Janella


    Do you think this shade would look ok on an NC45?

  12. Ryan

    Hey I was woundering if cherish is anything like treasured from baroque boudoir collection? I missed out on it (to expensive!) and im looking for a dupe. Any suggestions?

  13. Sarah M

    I love this lipstick. One of my staple colours! :-)

  14. Joanne

    I discovered this lipstick when I was on a hunt for a dupe of “Brave New Bronze” from the Style Warriors collection. I love it!

  15. Andrea

    I bought Cherish completely by chance and I love it! Since I have pigmented lips it’s great to have a different wash of colour.

  16. Andrea

    Hmmm does this look like 2n lipglass? I can’t tell

  17. Trisha Mae!

    Ah! One of my HG nudes for my NC42 skin. Gorgeous on you as always, Christine.♥

  18. Rocio

    Hey Christine do you think this color is very close to Peachstock from MAC, if so do u think is worth having both lipsticks or sticking to one is great enough? thank you.

  19. DarlaS

    Loove this color! Are you wearing a lip liner with it! If so, which one?

  20. I just added this to my “wishlist”! I have just recently got into lipstick, as I use to only use lip gloss. But I have fallen in love. I just got MAC Myth and I LOVE IT!

  21. DoDe

    *runs out to get cherish…immediately*

  22. I went to this shade after High Tea failed to show up on my lips. I now wear it almost everyday, even as a base to mute out some of my crazy colours!

  23. JEN

    wow that’s a really nice shade! it kind of reminds me of “warm me up” lipstick by mac when it came out with the warm and cozy collection.

  24. jackie

    you should do review on MAC CREME DE NUDE

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Jackie! I already have all of the lipsticks/glosses for the Spring Season picked out at this point and I am over budget… in the sense that I have more picks than days!

  25. It looks so pretty on you! I don’t know if it’d work on me though because of my ungodly paleness, lol. How would you say it compares to Hue? Or Brave New Bronze?

    • Browner than Hue, more opaque, creamier. About the same lightness of BNB, but it doesn’t have any of the pink of BNB. BNB is probably closer to Cosmo or Fabby.

  26. Carrie

    This is a shade I’ve been wanting to get for a while. I love nudes and soft pinks, and MAC lipsticks are fantastic.

  27. Janis

    I love this color. I have fair skin and Cherish and Honey Love are my favorite nude.

  28. Brenda

    I’m in the 20 range (NW/NC 20) and Cherish as well as Jubilee looks quite dark on me. It’s more brown and I have fairly pigmented lips so its even darker.

  29. Nhu

    i’m a NC37, would it be a nice nude for my skin?

  30. LuckyHet

    I absolutely love this color. Fafinettex3 on you tube recommended this to me and she was right it looks great on NC40 skin!

  31. Diana

    This color is beautiful. I’ve been looking for a nude Mac lipstick and I think this might be it. I tried to like creme de nude and myth but they just don’t work for me IMO….they look really dry on me (and I take really good care of my lips) This one looks so buttery. I’m an NC30 do you think it will work for me?

  32. mkdallas

    This looks fabulous and while I like Cherish on myself, it certainly is a different color on me. I’m fair (NW25) and it looks quite a bit darker. Half And Half & Up-Note are probably the most perfect nudes for my complexion and pigmented lips. This color is really beautiful on you, Christine!

  33. babicsek

    Christine do you have Creme d’Nude from MAC? I so would like to see a swatch of it:D

  34. Candice

    Will this color work well with darker complexions?

  35. Sasha B

    what’s the finish?

  36. Victoria

    I’m trying to decide if I should get Freckletone or Cherish, which do you like better? I’m about the same coloring as you

  37. ooh, this looks like a gorgeous pink nude on you. Another one added to my ever growing shopping list 😉 I am in love with pinky nude colors that sometimes I think I should really check out other parts of the color spectrum though.

  38. Serene

    Hey Christine, I was just wondering if you can do comparison between the cherish lipstick and the brave new bronze? I heard those two are similar, and I’ve always been looking for dupes for brave new bronze, since its LE.. please and thanks =)

  39. Verojo

    Soooo planning on buying this on my next shopping trip to Mac. Thanks for the tips and swatches.

  40. i love this colour but my lips are naturally quite dark – yet im NW15 colour. so when i wear this – it looks more brown, from the darkness of my lip. I live in Perth – been chasing Creme d’ nude for about a year now – it’s been sold out ALL year round. Will you be swatching Creme d’ nude?

    • I don’t think so… I think it was sold out when I went to gather up different nudes from MAC. I’m also totally overbooked with entries for the Spring Season (I think I still have 75 more to go…) :(

  41. Cherish is my first Mac lipstick. I wanted a nude and I had heard that most people choose Myth, but I thought it was too pale for me. I like the color and it does last for a while, but my lips dry out easily and I feel that Cherish is a bit drying. It looks great on you though!

  42. Julia

    It’s absolutely gorgeous, but it might be a little too…opaque? for me.

  43. Jess

    your so lucky that lip products last so long on you! on me they tend to last 2 hours or less =/
    Great color…i havent noticed it before glad you shared this,looks lovely!

  44. Hilana

    A Beautiful nude. Especially on a darker skin. :)

  45. Hilana

    Oh, I just read Dolce Aria’s note. I also knew this shade would not suit me because of my skin colouring.
    Christine, what would you recommend for a blonde pale person with more pinkish undertones?

  46. Yleana

    omg! ok i have this lipstick but mine looks way darker than in your pictures! (ino there is a difference btw pics and real life) but the difference is huge…. there is only one cherish rite? ( mine is satin finish)

  47. Rocio

    how would u compare this lipstick to Peachstock by MAC? are they alike? is it worth having both?
    thank you

  48. Ani_BEE

    That shade looks perfect for your skin tone. 😉

  49. sundaze

    Cheris is my go to nude. Love, love, love it!

  50. Azura

    My fav nude lip color all the time! this is the exact dupe for MAC limited edition brave new bronze (style warrior collection). I received a lot of compliment every time i wore this lipstick. Sometime when i buought lunch a lady asked me what u’re wearing on ur lips?it look very natural n pretty too…i said, go to mac and ask for cherish!

  51. Sam W

    How different is this from Cosmo?

  52. MirandaRae

    I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy mac came out with a shade like this. Im a big fan of Clinique’s “perfect beige” but it was discontinued a long time ago and Ive coveted my little tube of it for years. I picked up this shade on Saturday and it was like xmas. It was so exciting for me to find a beige again that is just right and doesn’t have any sparkle to it.

  53. Rachel

    To all you NC30-NC35 ladies:

    COP THIS!!! Best nude shade out there for you young, light-skinned ladies, like myself. My lips are pretty pigmented and this gives me the nicest nude colour on my lips. If you feel this is too peachy for you, go for Blankety, which is exactly the same but more of a pinky-colour. Perfect for NWs. Hope this helped!


  54. Chrystynar

    My cherish looks sooo much browner in the tube i got today, I’m an NC37 and it’s not nude at all. Is it just the flash in your photos that make it brighter? x

  55. Cameron G.

    Hey Christine! This is my first comment, but I’m an avid reader of Temptalia. Your reviews have helped me so much when it comes to beauty purchases! I must admit, I’m a bit of an amateur when it comes to makeup. I’ve never worn a MAC foundation, so I don’t exactly know what my shade would be, but it is very close to NC35, maybe slightly lighter. Would you recommend Cherish or Yash for a warmer nude lip? I understand that Yash is almost identical to this, but more matte and browner. Thanks for any help in advance!