Sunday, February 7th, 2010

MAC Angel Lipstick
MAC Angel Lipstick

The Spring Season: MAC Angel Lipstick

MAC Angel Lipstick ($14.00) is a softened, pale rosy pink that’s not quite “milky pink,” but it comes close. It has a very creamy look with a light, glossy sheen but no shimmer or frostiness whatsoever. It gives lips a semi-sheer to semi-opaque coverage, but those with more pigmented lips may find their lips still look quite red underneath this pink. On my lips, it’s a pretty pink that enhances my natural lip color and doesn’t look too pale.  The lipstick is vanilla scented and comes in classic black packaging and a fairly affordable price tag of just $14.

Is this the right pink lipstick for you? Would you wear it?

The Spring Season is a series of posts featuring my favorite soft beige, coral, and pink lipsticks and lipglosses — all perfect for the first blossom of spring — that runs through March 2010.

See photos and swatches…

MAC Angel Lipstick
MAC Angel Lipstick

MAC Angel Lipstick
MAC Angel Lipstick

MAC Angel Lipstick
MAC Angel Lipstick

MAC Angel Lipstick
MAC Angel Lipstick

MAC Angel Lipstick
MAC Angel Lipstick

MAC Angel Lipstick
MAC Angel Lipstick

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76 thoughts on “The Spring Season: MAC Angel Lipstick

  1. cloudburst

    I think I’ll have to pick this one up!

  2. Sherry

    Angel is in my top 10! One of my absolute faves :)

  3. Jenn

    I’ve been waiting for this one to pop in The Spring Season, lol. 😛

  4. Love this color! It’s my go to pale pink slightly cool lip.

  5. Sixx

    My first MAC lipstick ever and still one of my faves. I wonder how this lipstick got labeled as a “frost” ‘cos it’s not frosty at all like their other frost lipsticks.

  6. Alice

    a frost that does not have a frost finish LOL

  7. Love this! I wear Angel almost every day. I extra love it because it’s my name, too :)

  8. azita

    this is such a pretty pink lipstick! i might have to pick it up in addition to the other lipsticks and lipglosses from the spring color forcast this week.

  9. Sheryl

    This looks gorgeous!

  10. Angel is really pretty but Bombshell is my all-time absolute favorite of the softer pink lipsticks from MAC. Love it, love it, love it! :)

  11. rashmi

    the color is looking so preety on u … this one is fav of kim kardashian paired with nars turkish delight but i wonder its looking more beautiful on u …IMO
    its one of my fav pinks … nudes i must say pls tell me what lip gloss would u prefer with this one ???

    u know christine i have started liking light pinks and corals only because of u … earlier infact my hubby didnt liked those colors on me but the ones u suggested me have worked really well…

    i bought these colors ( angel, bombshel , nymphette,lychee luxe, sweetie, naked , lustering ) after reading from here and m so happy with the results…
    i have vegas volt can u tell me what other permanent coral color is good or any new coral would u suggest ??

    • Hey Rashmi!

      I like it with Nymphette and Luminary! (But I love Luminary with everything!)

      I don’t love MAC’s permanent corals… they’re just not great. CB96 has a nice color, but it’s so frosty. See Sheer is OK, but it’s pretty bright (like a pinker Vegas Volt). You might want to check out the new coral lipsticks from Spring Colour Forecast! Those are fun :)

  12. This is a must for me and will be going into my collectionthis week.

  13. Sarah M

    This is one of my favourite lipsticks of all time! :-)

  14. MAC addict

    This is the lipstick that kim kardashian wears.

  15. Mimi

    This is sooo pretty. It’s also one of kim kardashian’s faves, for those who like her makeup, like I do. :)
    She wears it with Nars Turkish Delight lipgloss.

  16. brie

    on the Mac website it says the ” angel” lipstick is frosted? looks great on you though

  17. I really love this colour!
    And I think it has a great coverage on your lips.
    But unfortunately my lips are verry pigmented.

  18. LuckyHet

    This was my first Mac lipstick. I love it!

  19. Lana

    i have angel lipstick, but when i put it on lips directly it sometimes comes out cakey and not smooth on my lips even if i put vaseline 10 minutes prior applying. What do you do to make your application so smooth?? Thanks! :)

  20. amy

    Pretty and it is permanent, so I can pick it up anytime. :)

  21. MissTiss

    I have this, but feel I can’t pull it off so I never wear it. Since we have the same coloring, maybe I should check it out again…

  22. Nicole

    This lipstick looks so pale on me. Unfortunately it’s one of those lipsticks I can’t wear on it’s own. It swatches really pretty on my hand, but once it’s on my lips I look scary! Hahah.

  23. Anitacska

    Ooh, very pretty! :)

  24. shontay

    I just bought this one. I had to get used to the no shimmer/sheen thing but it’s really pretty.

  25. Jackie

    Love it , very natural pinky color , I got it from Back2MAC

  26. Ryan

    Amazing color. This was actualy my very first mac lipstick and is probably responsable for me getting into mac. But this is not a frost at all. Actualy for about a year I thought I owned no mac frosts… This I realized this was O=

  27. Diana

    one of kim kardashians favorites!

  28. Mariana

    Angel look slightly purple on me :(
    Could you recommend a colour close to Angel but with less purple/mauve undertones so it would look just pink :) ?

  29. Kathryn

    I wear Angel everyday! I love it!!!!!

  30. Jenny

    This is the MAC lipstick I’ve been dying to buy for a long time. Thanks for posing this, this just reassured me that I really need this lipstick lol.

  31. Lia

    Christine, how would you compare this to mac creme cup? i hope that’s coming up for the spring season!

  32. Diana

    Thats a really nice soft pink

  33. Lee

    Angel is my fave lipstick after creme d’nude/myth.

    I can rock it with a bold look, or if i’m going for a cute “natural” look then this is always my go to.

  34. Em

    Oh how I wanted this color to work on me but as you said, those with pigmented lips will not get the true pink. On me it turned a little to bright. Probably a true barbie pink on me while I wanted it to be how it appears on your lips. =( Still on the hunt for a perfect pinky nude. Any suggestions?

  35. Haley

    I have this lipstick!! It’s so cute I love it :)

  36. Vanessa

    Oh , i have this lipstick , but I don’t wear it because it looks too pale on my lips since my lips are pigmented . Do you have any suggestions ? Thanks Christine ! <3

  37. Ana Cristina

    Angel looks great on you Christine. Angel and Creme Cup are my 2 go to cool light pinks. I love angel with Turkish Delight and smokey eyes.

  38. diana

    i loe this lipstick i already have creme cup and i was just wondering what the differences between them are Christine??

  39. Casey

    I just bought this lipstick tonight at my local mac counter! It was sold out online and I couldn’t wait to buy it…lol. My lips are pretty pigmented so it doesn’t look as light on me but it still looks amazing!

  40. Lorraine

    how does this compare to st germain and lollipop loving?

  41. Italia

    hey Christine, would you recommend angel or lazy day from to the beach to someone with nc40 skin? or what soft pink would you recommend?

  42. how can i have this angel lipstick.!finally i have found it.!

  43. I ordered this lipstick because I read Kim Kardashian loves this color. I would definitely exfoliate your lips before applying, you can see any flaws. I feel like this color washes me out and I feel the need to apply a lipgloss over it with more color

  44. would you recommend this for an NC35 skintone? or what other pink colour could you recommend?

  45. Vanessa

    Christine, do you think it’s similar to MAC To the beach lazy day lipstick? Because now i wriley wanna that lipstick, but it’s sold out everywhere, so i’m search’ing the similar one.

  46. Becca

    This was my first MAC lipstick :) I love it. And, unlike most people, I actually love that it’s a frost. I don’t know why but wearing pink frosts in the winter is really cute I think :)

  47. brattinella

    comparison with bombshell please… thanks :)

  48. i love this lipstick!
    but i dont know what pink shade match me!
    can you help? i have brown eyes, brown hair, medium skin tone,
    thanks a lot
    btw i love youu swatches at all!

  49. dianaelisacp

    i love this lipstick!<3
    but i dont know what pink shade match me!
    can you help? i have brown eyes, brown hair, medium skin tone,
    thanks a lot
    btw i love youu swatches at all!

  50. sorry! my ipad is crazy! LOL¡

  51. Nancy

    How and what do you use to apply your lipsticks with? It looks so flawless & do you do anything prior to prep the lip for lipstick application?

  52. sheylae

    is this good for everyday im young yolo

  53. SophiaK

    I have this one! I was so excited to get it…I’m disappointed because it does not look so good on me… :(