Thursday, May 6th, 2010

The Hit List

What’s the Worst Hair Dye…?

What brand/product wins this category? Any particular reason it wins?

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56 thoughts on “The Hit List: Worst Hair Dye

  1. Mariela

    Nice n easy -perfect 10…even though it says “permanent” it’s far from it. lasts about 10 washes…

    • Naomi

      soo true, i dyed my hair dark brown and it was faded after 2 and gone by anout 10 washed.

  2. Anything you buy in a grocery store? LOL 😉 Which is funny because the last time I dyed my hair I bought it at a grocery store! Ha!

  3. Kate

    Feria Bright Black, so pretty but it fades worse than a vegetable based dye.

    • AnGeLwInGz

      Do you mean Starry Night? I used that once and it turned my hair green. Black Leather is a good one if you like Feria. It’s softer and lasts for years.

      • Caryn

        Oh man, I tried Starry Night once when i was in high school, turned my hair like a dark blue as opposed to black! It was awful lol

    • joan

      I use that dye all the time, but i dont get any fading on it.

  4. jennifer

    Revlon Colorsilk… my hair just laughs at it.

  5. Laura

    Without a doubt its Garnier 100% Blue black. Its GORGEOUS for abour 2 days, then all the blue washes out and its this horrible flat dull black that then washes out about a week later. Total crap. a great lasting black is L’oreal Hydrience

    • starr

      I totally agree it was the blue black i tried. after washing i could barely see the blue and with a few washes poof there went the black too

  6. Brielle

    Probably Clairol Nice ‘n’ Easy…..gave my friend bright orange, brassy streaks in her hair! So much for wanting some accent colors in her hair!

    • I disagree. I use Clairol Nice ‘n’ Easy (semi-permanent, medium golden brown) and it looks really natural, and had loads of complements on my hair. Also, my hair is in way better quality than it was when I was having highlights done. So cheap as well, it’s always on offer. Beats spending £100 at the hairdressers every 8 weeks, I’m telling you! :)

      • K7P*

        Same here, it’s worked really well for me. I guess it depends on the person’s hair and how much you use?

    • Obviously your friend tried to die her hair with a bleach and tried to do highlights, right? You never do highlights at home unless you are a professional.

  7. Roxanne

    Personally, I detest L’Oreal’s Natural Match. Dark brown turns blue black, and medium brown doesn’t do a damn thing! I like the majority of Preference, but a couple shades are completely weird. I chose a medium brown that was darker than my current colour AND my roots and it lightened my hair and my roots?! Also once I bought a clairol dye and didn’t end up using it because even though the colouring agents were labelled the same, the mixtures came out two COMPLETELY different colours.

    I’m working on getting my hair back to it’s natural colour currently. Just got it dyed at a salon a month ago, and my roots are blending so I’m happy :)

    • Brigitte

      L’Oreal….never touching that box again! I almost cried when i took my towel off my hair…medium brown turned blond-ish orange, and i had ash brown natural hair.

  8. starr

    i would definitely have to say garnier when i dyed my hair it bled every shower stained my towels after every shower. the color faded within a week, did not deliver the promised color and im pretty sure it tests on animals 😛

  9. Caitlin!

    Manic Panic, usually lasts about a week, and the color “Hot Hot Pink” fades to an icky orange-peach shade. Not worth it.

    However, their bleach kit is fantastic.

    • AnGeLwInGz

      Manic Panic is not supposed to stay true to color for more than a week (unless you don’t wash your hair LOL). It’s a drag because the colors are so gorgeous but it really has to be a weekly routine to keep up with it. That’s why I don’t use it anymore.

      • Elizabeth

        I love manic panic. I only wash my hair 3 times a week. & I mix half color & half conditioner to keep the color bright. :)

      • kabuki

        find a salon that uses pravana vivids if you want lasting PERMANENT bright colors. i’m currently violet and it holds up extremely well even after several washes – brands like manic panic arent meant to last.

        im floored by how well prevana violet holds – it does bleed a lot with every wash and transfers a lot – def a high maintenance color. but worth it if you want intense permanent hair color.

        • Kalee

          i used a hot pink color by pravana on my friend and it looked awesome! it lasted for a long time too! (and hot pinks usually fade quick!) the only problem is it stains skin like crazy!!!! but will fade off in a few days

  10. Loreal’s new 10 minute Creme Excellence. I has half way through my hair when I realized I didn’t have enough color! This has never happened with any brand before with my hair length! I was disappointed but at least I only had to wait ten minutes to wash it out

  11. Celai

    Definitely the Revlon Colorsilk! :( It just makes my hair dry. It looks as if it was exposed to the sun everyday.

  12. Rae

    HENNA!!! I used the Lush kind and it washed out after a week (plus it was super messy to apply)! And then when I tried to lighten it 6 months later my hair turned GREEN! No joke. I learned the hard way that you can NOT dye your hair (both box colors and at the salon) until all the henna grows out of your hair. I mean, ALL of it. Just a warning…

    • K7P*

      So much for trying that stuff! LOL

    • Alia

      I alternate between Lush henna, permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes, and I’ve never had them interact badly with one another, even when I had my hair lightened. It’s weird how henna does different things for different people. For me, henna is the HG of hair care – it makes my dry, damaged hair super shiny and soft.

  13. Paulina

    who cares what the “worst” of anything is. let’s focus on what’s the BEST out there! :-)

    • SusyLovesMac

      I agree, I’m STILL looking for a good dye :( Revlon Color Silk sucks! But for some odd reason I keep using it..lmao!

  14. Radhika

    Definitely Garnier… My hair was so coarse, dry and brittle after I dyed it. Plus the color didn’t even last!

  15. Kerri

    I’ve had the worst luck with loreal feria. I’ve tried to color my hair red on 2 occasions and once it turned purple and the other time it was pink. When I tried to go for brown it turned out orange. Never again will I buy anything loreal.

    • Feria was too drippy of a formula for me, and I gave up on L’Oreal, too. Am now a satisfied “Clairol girl.

  16. Carissa

    ANY box hair color. Go to a professional!

    • Are you a hairdresser then? 😉

    • Alicia

      Disagree! I’ve been boxin’ it for years. I always get compliments on my hair color. The few times I’ve had it professionally done (by all different people) it always turned out horrible.

    • Not true, people can never tell the difference between me having it professionally done vs. when I do it myself from a boxed haircolor. You just have to know what color to choose and what you’re doing. BTW… my hairdresser told me there is really no difference between the product you buy in the drugstore and the hair coloring they get in bulk from the beauty supply stores. Afterall, my beauty supply store sells L’Oreal & Clairol hair coloring…. it’s just not in a neat little box, it’s sold ala carte.

  17. Feria Hair dye— just way too harsh and damaging for hair!

  18. Jenna

    Nice N Easy Perfect 10. It faded incredibly fast.

  19. Laudry

    I’m with Paulina: Which hair dyes work BEST? I’m always looking. I’m naturally medium-to-dark warm blonde & dye to lighten a little & get an ashier shade, at least that’s the idea.
    Perfect 10 had virtually no effect.
    Excellence Lightest Ash Blonde worked pretty well, but took forever!
    Then I tried Preference in the same color – & got light BROWN hair.
    Feria Iridescent Bliss was PERFECT – stunningly gorgeous – but they discontinued it.
    Now I use Dream Blonde (Glistening Magnolia). I’m an ashier, lighter blonde, but it leaves my hair dry (& takes so long).

    I’d love to hear which coloring really works (including lighter colors)! Has anyone tried the new Frederick Fekkai dye kits?

  20. JD

    I have medium to light blonde hair with almost white highlights (naturally) and for whatever reason decided to dye it. I had dyed my hair a really dark brown at the salon when I was in high school but now that I’m a starving university student I definitely can’t afford it now. I used loreal blondissimes in 01 to go even lighter, but it was too warm…so I went to 02 and it was decent. However, I used feria’s ash blonde to go slightly darker and cooler about 3 weeks ago. My hair was a horrible greyish green for the first 2 weeks. Luckily it sucks and has no lasting power at all so my hair is already back to my nomal colour. I’m actually pretty happy i don’t have any roots showing! But yeah, feria is the worst.

  21. I’m pretty sure it was made by L’Oreal but I dyed my hair this blue/black and I think it was called “Indigo” from their “noir” (they also has “rouges”) line. I can’t find any links just to make sure but the colour was awesome at first and then when it faded….that’s when the horror happens. Your hair will turn a nasty army green shade. Not pretty :(

  22. Kalee

    any box color

  23. Roxy

    I would agree with the Nice n Easy Perfect 10 as well as the Revlon Colorsilk…ugh horrible! Both left my hair dry (and i deep conditioned after using them). When i can afford to go to the profesionals (which is not often as i have ALOT of thick long hair) i go. When i can’t i go to my local Sally’s :)

  24. Lauryn

    Nice & Easy with that colorblend technology.. BLECH! Holy crap I’ll never use this again. It wasn’t only the color that was flat and lame, but it made my hair GREASY as hell! I couldn’t get it OUT. I ended up using DAWN dish detergent! No choice! WOW! I’ll never use THAT color again!

  25. lorraine

    I used Feria Bright Black permanant hair color…The worst hair color ever it cause my hair to turn BRIGHT ORANGE and very BRITTLE…I have a very short hair cut so I’m unable to cut the damage out….but the worst is the the hai color has cause me to have scabs all over my scalp with yellow pusing…HELP…I used T-GEL shampoo and bacatracin on my scalp… scalp is ash dry they need to remove this product from the market….this has been a diaster…

    • Carmen

      sorry to hear you had such horrible problems with that. It sounds like maybe you were allergic to something in it. I use Revlon color silk and no problems, but I have noallergies that I know of. it works great for me and covering my gray roots.
      Good luck!

    • Trasia

      I used loreal feria about two or three years ago. i ended up in hospital. I advise you all to please not use loreal hair dye. I use other dyes now e.g. Garnier nutrisse. Loreal is dangerous and contains benzine a carcinogen. Do your reasearch.

  26. Felis

    That “Jazzing” crap you can get at Sally Beauty. Oh my god is that stuff useless.

  27. Eleanor

    natural instincts blows, it doesn’t change your hair one bit.

  28. Taylor Dixon


  29. Latifa

    Koleston. i have really really dark brown hair and i just wanted to lighten it up a bit so i bought koleston dark blonde and was so excited and nervous to see the finished product and literally nothing happened! talk about buzz kill

  30. Emily

    I used it once, to liven up my already black hair and dye my roots. I followed all instructions, and it still did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. LITERALLY. A person who didn’t know I had just dyed my hair would have thought I hadn’t dyed my hair in months. I still had HORRIBLE brown roots as soon as I washed it out. I will NEVER buy another garnier product again.