Friday, July 11th, 2008

I told you I made one purchase at Barneys, right? Well, that’s the gloss I purchased. You look at it and go, “Sure, that’s pretty, so what?”

Well, see how it looks on the lips…

Cle de Peau Lip Gloss #2 grabbed me by first swatch.

The bottom right swatch is Cle de Peau Lip Gloss #2. It has this interesting duochrome shimmer of greenish-gold with a peachy-pink gloss base. Quite irresistible, if you think about what I tend to be drawn to. Of all the things I quickly swatched at the store, this one drew me in like a moth to a flame. I felt like I just had to have something to show for my experience, and I figured, “Go for it!” since I was tempted by it from the get-go.

So is it worth $50? No, it’s not, but it’s hard to say that any gloss is “worth” $50.

Am I happy with it? Yes, I am. It is a non-sticky gloss that gives me a soft peck of color and lots of shimmer and sheen (which I love). It stays on very well — ate spaghetti and it didn’t even budget (um, wow!) and lasts hours. Some might say the lasting power is what makes it “worth” the price tag, though. I find it wears well, fades after several hours without drying or leaving a ring of gloss around your lips.

Why this color? There were surely lovely pinks and deeper, more opaque glosses, but at the same time, I wanted something easy to wear, that I could grab and go. I wanted a color that wasn’t like what I already had (and I have plenty of bright pinks and fuchsia lipglosses!). I am sure there is an existing dupe (perhaps NARS Orgasm gloss?), though. I am happy enough with it, and I wear it for errands and the like.

What do you think? Good color, bad color? Tons of dupes for it? What was your priciest beauty purchase?

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108 thoughts on “The $50 Lip Gloss — Was it worth it?

  1. shangrila

    i like it! i like the hint of gold in it! shoot, if i had $50 for a lipgloss, id buy it too. hee hee

  2. Kimberly

    I like the gloss. It’s a really pretty shade. I’ve never purchased anything over the top. However, I did take a makeup class with Chantecaille, and they gave me their Biodynamic Lifting Cream, and it costs $295!

    • Hi Kimberly,

      Isn’t it? I definitely wouldn’t have purchased it under normal circumstances, but being on vacation and going on “special reporting” for Temptalia totally enabled me.

      But nice score! Did you like the cream?

  3. shayla8181

    It’s beautiful!

  4. Kristy

    I think its gorgeous!

  5. Ariele

    Definitely a very gorgeous, versatile shade. I think you made a great decision to get this one :)

    • Hi Ariele,

      Right? I’m glad that’s the one that stuck out and struck me over the head, y’know? I’m usually drawn to bright reds and pinks–which I then rarely wear!

  6. melissa

    Sigh, it’s the color I have been looking for all my life…LOL
    I love it, I just can’t have it..LOL

    • Hi Melissa,

      AWW!! Save up for it? Or else, I do think you might want to try out NARS’ Orgasm lipgloss, because a lot of people seem drawn to this Cle de Peau gloss because it resembles NARS’ Orgasm blush.

  7. Firebabe

    If i was rich I would have gotten it wow its very pretty

  8. Brooke

    I think it’s pretty, but it looks like Lollipop Lovin!

  9. Trace

    Wow, that IS pricey.. but that shade is gorgeous! It’s interesting, can’t say I’ve seen anything that’s an exact dupe, but I’m sure plenty come close. It seems like the shimmer is pretty densely packed in there which makes it look that much more brilliant. :) It is a lot of money for a gloss, but hey, you could have lost that money gambling or something.. at least you have something pretty and sparkly to show for it! lol =P

    • Hi Trace,

      I want to say you could easily find a dupe if you went a-swatchin’ throughout a department store. I just don’t want to, LOL. Okay, I will when I’m running low!

  10. lala

    If I had it..I’d get it too lol.

  11. kobri

    Looks identical to Stila It Gloss in Courageous (from Breast Cancer 3 pack) atleast in the pics.

  12. JackA.

    That’s extremely pricey, and even though it’s gorgeous, I think you could’ve made a similar color yourself for cheaper.

    Rosy coral, clear pink, or duo rose gloss + rose gold pigment mayhaps?

    • Hi JackA.,

      I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a similar dupe available. I did pick up Rosy Coral in Vegas, actually, but it doesn’t resemble this whatsoever. But maybe Duo Rose and Rose Gold together – I think it might be more pigmented than this gloss, color could be close!

  13. gio

    wow, that’s very expensive but that shade is gorgeous!

  14. I think it’s beautiful but I’m pretty sure for me it wouldn’t be worth the $50. But, hey, I understand…sometimes ya just gotta splurge on yourself! :)

    • Hi Pretty N Pink,

      It’s hard for me to think that any gloss is worth that price! I think I would say my Mari-sheeno lipstick is worth $50, but it is my HG lipstick color.

  15. i think it’s gorgeous! and if it can withstand spaghetti, then that’s some tough lipgloss!

  16. Ashley H

    That’s the most expensive gloss I’ve ever seen ! haha it is gorgeous, but it does remind me a lot of NARS orgasm gloss.

  17. Kelly

    *drools* I might have to buy it for myself as a reward at some point. It’s so gorgeous!!!!

  18. Very pretty! Looks like worth the money :)

  19. MissVizzy

    Its a very pretty lipgloss I must admit. I feel that if you have that extra money to splurge on a lipgloss, then get it! lol. The most expensive beauty product I got was a Chanel blush and the most expensive lipgloss I have I believe is from Yves Saint Laurent…I’m not sure if Chanel glossimers are more expensive but I only have one of each and I only use them on special occasions, haha! Every since those purchases (last year) I have yet to spend that much money on one makeup item. That was enough for me, lol.

    • Hi MissVizzy,

      I agree, if you have the money and it’ll bring a smile to your face – make it your pleasure. I cringe at Chanel prices, so beyond this gloss, I don’t see myself indulging too often, LOL.

  20. Emma

    I think it’s absolutely stunning and totally worth it, we all need to spoil ourselves once in a while and you undoubtedly deserve it!

  21. Ashley

    I also think it’s pretty, over the top pretty? Not really!!
    I don’t mind the price tag though, but to be honest it is not a unique shade at all. Your description of the staying power is impressive, I would love to see how it looks with a full face on.

  22. DevilishDoll

    It’s very pretty, but I found my perfect glosses for a lot cheaper. Cult Fave, Ms Fizz and Totally It.

  23. Amy

    It sure is pretty! I don’t know if it’s worth $50 since there’s probably a much cheaper dupe somewhere out there, but if I had money to spend on it I’d probably pick one up!

    • Hi Amy,

      I know what you mean – I’m tempted to go dupe hunting, because I do like the color! And I don’t want to pay $50 when I run out!

  24. Jennifer

    It’s a gorgeous gloss, but I have a hard time justifying $50 on any single beauty product – Bobbi Brown palettes tend to be the most expensive single item that I’ll buy.

    • Hi Jennifer,

      I agree it can be hard to justify purchases, especially if they’re not really in your budget or it’s not something you’re comfortable with!

  25. Stephanie D

    OOOh, that is a great choice!

  26. Millie

    it is a pretty gloss! went to barney’s in san francisco today and the cosmetics section is indeed quite different from other stores. i bought a chantecaille foundation but i’ll check out cle de peau next time.

    can you show a whole FOTD using this gloss?

  27. Kirsten Campbell

    I love it!! also, you have nice lips 😉

  28. Kate

    It looks beautiful on you, Christine…I’s loves it!

  29. Kirsten

    Its gorgeous, and kind of reminds me of Nymphette lipglass..maybe lighter though

  30. Annie

    for that price- it would be gorgeous even if it was neon green!! lol.. love it!!

  31. Miss QQ

    Wow! It is way expensive but very nice. Kind of looks like Lollipop Loving, except that LL has more of a green shimmer and this gloss looks smoother. I went to test this gloss out after reading this. I can’t bear to buy it LOL. I can buy almost 4 MAC glosses with the money.

  32. Tasha

    i think maybe it looks similar to nymphette? it looks like that on me

    • Hi Tasha,

      Oh, it’s great Nymphette looks like that on you :)

      I’m going to have to swatch them side by side sometime. Nymphette never looked like that on me!

  33. RuBie

    that colour is soooooooo pretty!! makes me want it now, but imo it does looks quite similar to the NARS orgasm l/g, so maybe i won’t pay $50 to get that. well, it’s hard to find cle de peau stuff here in Oz anyway, if it’s possible at all.

    do you know how the texture is compared to the NARS orgasm l/g?

    • Hi RuBie,

      It is so loveyl! It may be better to just get the NARS gloss. :) I will have to compare sometime. I don’t own any NARS glosses (*gasp*), so I couldn’t tell you.

  34. lisa

    It is pretty but i would not have paid $50 for it. More than likely i would have tried to find a cheaper dupe version of it.

  35. Jan

    Hi Christine! I’ve been away so have not been checking out here! This lipgloss is so pretty, love the effect it has on your lips! Something different, something MAC lipglosses cannot do I think! $50 is quite pricy, but the wear-time/effect is fantastic, so let’s just close an eye, enjoy it and forget about the price!

    • Hi Jan,

      Nice to see you back :) Thank you so much! Ah, yes, I think from time to time we can splurge and not let ourselves feel guilty over it!

  36. A great color, love it.If I will become rich I’ll buy it, LOL

  37. Pquanda

    It actually reminds me a lot of major minor lipglass

  38. shayna

    reminds me of mac’s melon pigment

  39. Vee

    I have to say, I am IN LOVE with that colour!

  40. Nell

    Great color!
    Don´t fret the splurge, you´ve earned it with your good performance in the oral argument!

  41. Calico

    Really beautiful colours in it! Can you compare it to mac long wear in durashell? This colour you have is lovely though! :)

  42. Jenn

    I have the cle de peau concealer which I can’t live without and it was $70.00, something is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. This concealer is so great for me I’d buy it even if it was $200.

    • Hi Jenn,

      That’s great! I do agree that if you can find room in your budget for an item that just WORKS for you, it can be totally worth it!

  43. Sash

    Sure, it’s really nice, but NO!
    It’s not worth it unless your dad is Bill Gates!
    Well, is he?

    LOL. If you’re happy, then I’m happy!

  44. My priciest beauty splurge was the NARS Orgasm Laguna duo/set — the one with the Orgasm lipgloss included. It was quite a jump for me (around $60 bucks) but it was SUCH a great investment!

    • Hi Mandy,

      Great to hear that you’re lovin’ the set, though!! I think I might have to stop off at Sephora today, just so I can see this Orgasm gloss!

  45. It’s cute! I love the gold shimmers. Perfect for summer!

  46. Very pretty – I love Cle De Peau but boy it is pricey. I think i bought one in the Uk for £35 so its pretty steep. I don’t think I would spend it again unless I had endless streams of money, or it was a knockout shade, which I think your peachy-gold is!

    • Hi Rowena,

      I agree, it’s lovely, but pricey. NARS Orgasm is a very acceptable dupe (just not as pigmented), but half the price, so I’ll probably go that route in the future, unless I suddenly become a millionaire!

  47. Amanda

    Nars lip gloss costs $50 in Australia, so it’s not that outrageous for us unfortunately. =(

  48. Brittany

    OMG! I wanttt! how in the world can i convince my parents to buy me this $50 gloss! I love it!

  49. Rachael

    I went out today and bought this, it is a stunning color and I love it on my lips, although it doesn’t look quite as pigmented on mine as it does on yours. As for the price, no its not really worth it, but I felt like splurging. I also swatched a bunch of the Lancome La Laque Fever glosses and they are almost identicle to cle de peau glosses and a bit cheaper!

  50. Pat

    wow that’s very pretty. shade of color I usually go for. That one is hard to pass on. I think I would definitely buy that if I’m not broke at the moment. I never heard of that brand before though as I don’t really wear make up but I own lots of lip glosses:P is it limited edition gloss?

    • Nope, it’s part of Cle de Peau’s permanent line! You could try MAC Melon pigment mixed with clear gloss for a cheaper version, though it’s not *quite* the same it is similar. :)

  51. nmnikki

    wow, it sure is nice but DEF not worth $50!! just think how many MAC glosses or lippies ya coulda bought with that….