Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

For July, I want to see you rock PINK!

The Challenge | Rock some pink! Figure out where you are in your comfort zone, and then take it to the next level…

  • “Pinks are pretty to look at, but I’d never wear them!” | Your Challenge: Wear it in the comfort of your own home.
  • “I’ve tried it, but I couldn’t wear it out” | Your Challenge: Wear it to the grocery store! Round up some pals (or get the man in your life) to take you somewhere hip and trendy.
  • “There is this one pink…” | Your Challenge: Incorporate your favorite pink with other similar colors that you haven’t yet tried.
  • “I rock pinks all the time!” | Your Challenge: Encourage others that wearing pink can be fun and perfect for summer–not as if you’d spent the day crying!

Are you ready for Temptalia’s Pink Eyes Challenge? If you take the challenge, I encourage you to submit the results in picture form to [email protected], as well as all testimonials and written results are happily taken — just include your comment on this post! If you’re a little wary of your photos being on the blog, think about posting them on the forum, where only members can view your photos.

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64 thoughts on “Temptalia’s Pink Eyes Challenge

  1. Sounf Of Vision

    Pssst, typo: July

    Oh I’m ok with pinks…:)

  2. FINALLY!!!!! i’m all over this one :) once i get my makeup unpacked (blasphemy, i know), i’ll be sending in about 30 entries LOL

  3. Mae

    YESH! The one that I really awesomely can pull off and KNOW how to do well!

  4. Sanayhs

    Dude, you talk above about how you’ve included a number of blue looks as examples, and the different kinds of blue. If you’re going to C&P, you might make sure you update appropriately. 😛

  5. Jaime

    I’m always afraid that wearing pink shadows will bring out any red in my eyes (bloodshot, red-rimmed, etc.) since I have allergies. I tend to wear more blue-based purples instead, to counter-act that. Is there any way to wear pinks without bringing out the red in my eyes?

    • Calico

      I have the SAME question! im super excited about this cos i want to try wear pinks, but i always look like a witch.
      Christine – I love that there is a new colour every month! Thanks! :)

    • You can always wear pinks while wearing blues, too! It doesn’t have to be ALL pink, y’know? You can also try cool pinks instead of warm pinks.

  6. Yay! Pinks! Now this is MY challenge. Not only is pink my favorite color in general, but it’s also one of my favorites to wear eye shadow-wise.

  7. Cassie

    YES! Move over girls, this is sooo my challenge! LOL. My makeup collection is probably 75% of yours Christine but it is FILLED with pink, my fav! I’m excited for this one!

  8. Haydee

    I missed red lips and blue eyes but I will give this a try.

  9. Ooo I am rocking pink right now! I’ll take a picture when I go home!

  10. Ariana

    Stoked! Today I actually am rocking a pink, white, & blue eye for my company’s 4th of July lunch BBQ. Maybe I’ll send in pictures!

  11. Hey Cristine,



  12. hmmm… I might try this too~!

  13. kim

    i’m scared of pinks because they always make me look like i have some weird eye disease going on. i think it’s because of my skintone

  14. HeavenLeiBlu

    Haha, just bought Da Bling yesterday! How timely!

  15. Zsofi

    LOVE LOVE LOVE challenges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    now i start to think of what look i will send in….
    i already have some ideas :-))))))

  16. Hillary

    hmmm. i might do this.
    I have a bunch of pinks but NEVER wear them.
    All the pretty yellows and greens take over….I keep saying i need to wear my pinks, esp. when i go and buy more that havnt even been touched 😛

  17. Michelle

    I love pinks but I am still searching for the right ones from M.A.C. Tancentric from color forums looks so perfect but I don’t think I want to get the whole palette. Any suggestions on mac’s best pinks besides Da Bling, Seedy Pearl, Jest, Sushi Flower, Naked Lunch?

    • Liz

      I LOVE Expensive Pink, it looks awesome in a brown/pink eye (paired w/ Woodwinked, Bronze or Honey Lust).

    • Calico

      Expensive pink is SO beautiful! I like swish too, and there is a matte one (shucks, i cant remember the name now, but its a light pink) 😕

    • Sadly, MAC doesn’t have a ton of great pinks in the permanent line… Da Bling is one of my favorites. Pink Freeze is better for a cooler pink, though the pay off is just okay.

  18. M1st4eva

    Awww. And here I am wearing blue eyeshadow, today. I should get with the times. 😉

  19. Vivien

    Pink is scarier than blue to me, I never look good in pinks!!

  20. Calico

    Can fair girls look good in pinks? The rim of my eyes is quite red, and i worry i look ill… I have purchased pink, but i always look sickly. cant wait to see some fotds. Bronze women look stunning in pink – or any colour for that matter!! :)

  21. Vanessa

    I totally rocked a pink eye yesterday! No pictures though :(

  22. Monica

    I recently got a few pink eyeshadows to try them.. I’ll have to try a look and send a pic. also.. maybe I’ll get ideas from the winners.

  23. cool, i’m doing this!! sadly i missed the blue challenge which had a lot of hot looks.

  24. Cheryl

    Hi Christine!

    I gave this a whirl: Rose Fresco p/p on lid, Nice Vice p/p in crease, Constructivist p/p in outer crease, Nanogold on inner lid & brow. Line & smudge with Mystery (on upper and lower lids), Nanogold along lower lid over the Mystery. I’m fair with salt & pepper hair, so the Constructivist kept the whole thing from looking ‘rabbity’. Thanks for the challenge – I probably wouldn’t have experimented otherwise! :>D

  25. Hey Christine! I emailed you a picture of my entry to the challenge…I hope it’s okay!

    This may sound sort of strange but I don’t own any pink eyeshadows so I took some N.Y.C. lipstick and lined my bottom lashline with it. It didn’t turn out half bad!

    Looking forward to the next “challenge,”
    -Miss Fred

  26. I submitted my entry today. I had a lot of fun trying to use all my pinks! :)