Temptalia’s Summer Temptations for July

Summer always makes me want to shop. I think it might be because I’ve lived my life perpetually as a student thus far, so summer means time to goof off, have as much fun as I can, and generally enjoy the heat and sun. Granted, I’m in summer school, but it’s beginning to wind down, leaving me with an insatiable desire to get my shop on. These twelve products are my current summer temptations.ย What are your summer temptations?

First row…

  • Fitflops ($49.99) are flip flops designed to help you tone and exercise your thighs, calves, and glutes. There’s something in the design of the shoe that allows for all this to occur. I’m not sure how I feel about shelling out that much for a pair of flip flops (you’re looking at the gal who goes Old Navy-style for $5 flip flops!), but I’m intrigued–and interested enough. I actually think I spotted a pair on a woman when I was at Starbucks the other day. I was SO close to asking her what she thought. I think I’m going to try to see if I can track these down at a B&M, because I’m not sure how cute these would be on my monster-sized feet.
  • bliss an ounce of prevention pm ($48.00) is a night cream that’s ideal for those who haven’t experienced too many signs of aging (or are just beginning to–which is so me, sigh!). I spotted some rather unsettling wrinkles around my eyes, and I am on a quest to banish them from existence… Well, at least prevent them from deepening.
  • Clinique Lip/Eye SPF 30 Sun Block ($16.50) is a sunscreen stick designed for lips, eyes, nose, ears, etc. I like that you can easily carry this around in your purse/beach bag for ultimate protection, so I’m interested in trying this some time.
  • Clinique Almost Powder Makeup SPF 15 ($22.50) is actually a product I have, but I’m running low on. It’s a very silky, super fine-milled foundation compact. ย I’m not usually a fan of pressed foundations (I’m usually a liquid girl), but this goes on incredibly natural and feels great. ย Sometimes I tote this around in my purse for touch-ups or if I need some coverage, but not a lot.

Second row…

  • MD Skincare EZ4U 4-In-1 Facial Treatment ($35.00) is skincare, pocket-sized. I spotted these while virtual window shopping, and I thought they would be awesome for travel. You get an awesome regimen that won’t take up a lot of space in your bags. Plus, it’s not a bad idea to have a couple of these stashed in your purse, work drawer, or overnight bag. No excuses not to tend to your skin! (And hey, save 10% with code MDSKINCARE2008 today only!)
  • Chanel Illuminating Powder ($65.00) looks like this lovely pressed powder that will be a nice way to do a minimal-face during the summer. You know me, I’m all about beauty deals and steals, so the Beauty Exclusives for Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale hiconas me all in knots. And it’s hard to resist Chanel exclusives, if only for their beauty.
  • MAC Colour Forms Warm Lips Palette ($22.50) is calling to me. Those corals? Well, we all know my love affair with coral lipsticks and glosses! I’m just not a lip palette girl, though, so I don’t know if I’ll cave (especially with everything else I want this summer!).
  • shu uemura Depsea Water Set ($40.00) is not usually something that would catch my eye. I just don’t buy into all these infused water sprays. However, I do like how they feel in terms of a cool mist/spray. I suppose I could go el-cheapo and pick up an empty spray bottle and fill it with water, but it doesn’t look nearly as glamorous as these! At least the set is worth $65! Can anyone extoll the virtues of these types of products?(MAC’s Charged Waters are similar, fyi.)

Third row…

  • Bliss fatgirlslim Super-Sized Firming Cream ($65.00) has always fascinated me, with my thunder-sized thighs. I’ve just wondered whether this works, how well it works, and if I could see some results! Anyone else have experience with this? Surely some of you have given it a shot!
  • Prescriptives’ Custom Blending Services have always had my attention.icon I desperately want to get custom blended foundation, concealer, and tinted moisturizer. But unfortunately, while totally worth it (I am sure, and I have heard!), each custom blend service is not exactly cheap. I believe it ranges around $30-60 for foundation (depending what you want). Ahh… but maybe…
  • Ojon Tawaka “The Ball” 10 oz ($65.00) is just something I happened to cruise by. It made me go, what? I just recently received a dry shampoo by Ojon, which I’m going to try soon, but otherwise, I haven’t had much experience with Ojon products. ย “The Ball” that buffs and scrubs skin? It just looks… fun.
  • GoSMILE Go All Out Starter Kit ($99.00) makes my teeth smile. Okay, not really, because I haven’t been able to bring myself to shell out for this. I’ve previously whitened my teeth using Crest White Strips, which worked decently. I recently received some whitening products by Rembrandt, so I’m hoping those will give me LOTS to smile over (I think I just may try the 2-hour kit today if I remember!). What’s your favorite teeth whitening solution?