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i love black clothes,too,and have many many of them 🙂
i also like to mix sporty black trousers with elegant black tops,i love mixing styles 🙂
old with new,cheap with expensive,and so on…

usually i will pick out what i am going to wear and i choose my makeup based on that style.
like if i wear a solid black shirt i wear brighter colors.
and if i wear something light and flowy i will go with lighter colors (usually i will use a bronze and white-ish eyeshadow and a blush like blushbaby)
but if i wear something very dramatic then i try to keep my makeup completely natural.

sometimes i only wear solid black clothes to be able to pull off a very complicated eye makeup or curled hair 🙂
black clothes go well with blonde hair i guess…

I choose my clothes first, then depending on the colors of my clothes and mood and the weather. Then I will choose my make up style and colors 🙂

i used to match the colors (e.g. blue shirt, blue eyeliner) but now that i learnt to apply make up, i use whatever color, as long as it’s not dramatically different from what i’m wearing.

More often than not, I will put my face on before I pick my clothes out. While I’m sitting there beautifying, I’ll think about what I should wear so I’ll have something in mind by the time I’m done doing my face!

sometimes i do like this too,but when i am ready with my makeup i realise.that i have nothing new hip or trendy in my wardrobe,that i would like to wear….
so i end up with my long black trousers and turquise sweater,that i love so much 🙂
plus my old gold-black bag,i really need to get a new one,it is practically in pieces,but i love it so much… 🙂

i usually pick my clothes first. but when i discover a new look – it goes the other way around. like a bought a purple top and wanted to wear it yesterday, but then i wanted to tried out a pink and grey eye and so i chose a pink and grey outfit. hahaha

Lilly Pulitzer dresses = pink makeup
Cache outfits = golden / bronze pallette
Harley outfits = black eyeliner, red lipstick, neutral
All other outfits get bought AFTER makeup, like once I got the new Cool Heat collection I got a navy tank top to match, a teal top to match… I carried the E/S around Macy’s to make sure they were the same. I am OCD. LOL

I decide on clothes first, then I usually do a complimentary color on my eyes (i.e. blue shirt, copper eyes) or I’ll totally match up to my shirt if I am feeling matchy-matchy. if I am wearing black white or taupe, I usually do a bright look to perk up my face 🙂

I usually chose my outfit first. But I have been known to buy shirts or other pieces of clothing just because they match an eyeshadow I already have lol.

I go either way. Sometimes I have an idea of what makeup look to do, so I pick clothes that will match it. Or, I pick out an outfit, and then match that.

I never gave that a thought actually! One advantage of mostly (okay ONLY -who am I kidding?) wearing neutrals is never having to match anything. I also mostly have black, white, navy, beige and red clothes (one could call them neutral, too hehe). Everything I own somehow matches – is that practical and classic or just sad???

I choose what I have to wear first as well, but the way I choose how to do my make up is by using the colors that my clothes would look like it wouldn’t match.

For example there’s a my shirt is all blue but there’s a little pink or red in it. My make up would probably be red or pink just because of that subtle detail.

sometimes i chose what imma wear fist or if not the other way around…..i normally sometimes match my eyeshadow color with my clothes….but heard on America’s next top model your not suppose to…..i was like…awww oh well! haha!

Well… I never match them, that’s for sure. Nothing against who like to do it, but it makes me feel a little like a showgirl, hahahaha! I usually pick clothes first, and create a look that is the same style – not color, but overall feel. For eg, if I’m wearing a cute light dress and sandals, I’ll go for golden eyeshadow and some peach or rose lipgloss. If I’m going to work, matte skin, neutral colors on the eyes and a discreet shade of coral lipstick is the usual choice. For a more special occasion, eyeliner and bolder eyeshadows in colors that don’t clash with my outfit and/or shiny lips!

Thats not hard to match them, using contrast color or color has similar tone. and I wear dark color during the weekdays. so I am free to use light and bright color for my makeup. I will like to ensure my makeup color match the color of my scarf or shirt.

Clothing first, generally – like, if I’m going to wear an orange top, I’ll do orange eye makeup. But if I’m not sure what I’m going to wear, or only have a vague idea in mind, I’ll do more neutral colors.

WEATHER FIRST then clothes and makeup. I live in Singapore so it can get really really humid sometimes. No point wearing any makeup when you’re just going to sweat it all off.. ):

Haha…I probably should think about this more in the mornings…I usually do my make-up first because clothes are boring to me and I am way too excited to do my make-up in the morning to worry about what boring clothes I’m going to wear. The only thing I ever really consider is trying not to match my make-up to my clothing, I think that is really dated and cheesy. I also try not to wear crazy patterns and colors on my clothes if my eye-make up is really loud. I probably should start wearing more black though because I am a hairdresser and if I do that, I can wear my make up as loud as I want everyday.

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