Friday, March 6th, 2009

Column 1: Antiqued, Cranberry, Limo;
Column 2: Coppering, Expensive Pink, Til Daybreak;
Column 3: Post-Haste, Passionate, Living Pink

Phew, here are close-ups of the eyeshadow palettes labeled :) I have some MAC holiday palettes, premade quads, and one self-made quad to accompany all of these eyeshadows, in case some of you were like, “How does she not own Carbon?!” My self-made quad is Carbon, Casablanca, Ricepaper, and Vex.

Column 1: Post-Haste, Passionate, Living Pink;
Column 2: Pink Papillon, Da Bling, Up-do;
Column 3: Orange, Firespot, Fab & Flashy

Column 1: Evening Aura, Juiced, Goldmine;
Column 2: Flip, Going Bananas, Dreammaker;
Column 3: Rose Blanc, Gorgeous Gold, Rye

Column 1: Rose Blanc, Gorgeous Gold, Rye;
Column 2: Rye, Tendermetal, Summer Neutral;
Column 3: Henna, Glare, Warming Trend

Column 1: Patina, Sable Wrap, Greensmoke;
Column 2: Femme-Noir, Flourishing, Scarab;
Column 3: Mink & Sable, Velvet Moss, Humid

Column 1: Mink & Sable, Velvet Moss, Humid;
Column 2: Lucky Green, Overgrown, Eyepopping;
Column 3: Juxt, Wondergrass, Bio Green

Column 1: Aquavert, Metamorph, Bottle Green;
Column 2: Shimmermoss, Newly Minted, Melody;
Column 3: Gulf Stream, A Bluer Blue, Talent Pool

Column 1: Gulf Stream, A Bluer Blue, Cool Heat;
Column 2: Stormwatch, Talent Pool, Parrot;
Column 3: Freshwater, Blue Flame, Deep Truth

Column 1: Electric Eel, Moon’s Reflection, Blue Storm;
Column 2: Atlantic Blue, Climate Blue, Deep Shade;
Column 3: Cinders, Thunder, Parfait Amour

Column 1: Cinders, Thunder, Parfait Amour;
Column 2: Top Knot, Fig. 1, Beautiful Iris;
Column 3; Lotusland, Seedy Pearl, Digit

Column 1: Stars ‘n Rockets, Romping, Beauty Marked;
Column 2: Pearl of the Earth, Thunder, Wintersky;
Column 3: Neutral Pink, Smut, Satin Taupe

Column 1: Neutral Pink, Smut, Satin Taupe,
Column 2: Magnetic Fields, Embark, 100 Strokes;
Column 3: A Little Folie, Beautyburst, Glamour Check!

Column 1: Bold & Brazen, Valet, Texture;
Column 2: French Cuff, Arena, Say Yeah;
Column 3: Motif, Bronze, Cork

Column 1: Motif, Bronze, Cork;
Column 2: Woodwinked, Elite, Romp;
Column 3: Taupe Note, Ochre Style, Soba

Column 1: Jasmine, Nanogold, Daisychain;
Column 2: White Tie, Rite of Spring, Blurr;
Column 3: Pen ‘n Pink, Hush, Grain

Column 1: Pen ‘n Pink, Hush, Grain;
Column 2: Malt, Bisque, Performance;
Column 3: Modest Tone, Femme-fi, Femme-fi

Column 1: Shroom, Blanc Type, Crystal;
Column 2: Vellum, Pincurl, Clue;
Column 3: Copperplate, Smoke & Diamonds, Charred

Column 1: Copperplate, Smoke & Diamonds, Charred;
Column 2: Knight, Silver Ring, Cumulus;
Column 3: Electra, Mont Black, Cloudburst

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72 thoughts on “Temptalia’s Collection: Eyeshadow Palettes – Close Up 2009

  1. Sarah

    wow. im SUPER jealous :)

  2. Stephanie

    this is a great collection…i’m cathing up to you!

  3. christy golightly

    Hey Christine,
    Wow! One day with any luck my collection will look this.
    I do have a question though, I have been looking online for a true hot pink e/s with shimmer but so far nothing doing. Do you think ‘passionate’ might fit the bill or is there something else out there I missed? Thank you so much for all the work you put into this site, it is amazing!

    • Passionate is bright pink, but it’s not really hot pink. Passionate also is matte, so there’s no shimmer. I think MUFE makes a pretty good hot pink though!

  4. christy golightly

    *like this lol

  5. brenda

    Some of your eyeshadows from LE collections look unused (ie. beautyburst)

    • Most of them are used, though some I use less than others. I think I have about 8-9 new pans I bought but never got around to using yet, though.

  6. great collection….:)

  7. Rachael

    YES! This is what I’ve been waiting for lol. I love love love your collection! So jealous!

  8. Faiza

    OOOOOh,even more jealous than before!

  9. sprut

    this is so helpful…I’m going to come back to this when I want to buy new shadows because I have a hard time trusting the colors on mac’s website. I just like seeing them in an actual palette or pot prior to purchasing. thanks!

  10. Looks like you had some boo-boos when depotting :-( I hate that! Which method do you use? I use an iron and some parchment paper and rarely have any problems.

    Nice collection! You’re catching up to me…but you have way more LE colors – like the square shaped ones! :-) Thanks for sharing!!

    • LOL, it’s actually clumsiness. I constantly nick and gouge my pans just taking them out of the palettes or holding them. I am not very graceful while depotting. I’d say maybe 1 of 30 will have any chip or oops from the actual depotting process… all the rest, well, that’s me.

      I use the oven method :)

  11. S.

    Do you travel with these Christine? If not pull out the top part of the pallete that way you can fit about 30 e/s :)

    • Yes, I travel with them sometimes. I actually don’t like the way they look with 30. I like how they’re all evenly separated with the matte black between them, LOL.

      • S.

        You know what I completely understand. At first I didnt like when I took off the cover but now I am use to it :)I do keep my quads in tip shape. Also I have a very bad habit, I take a q-tip spray it with alcohol and I have to clean the excess from the eye shadow- like on the edges. I have a little traveling bottle from target that I put alcohol and I have to wipe my palletes as well. I clean my palettes like a crazy person lol.

        • LOL! Very nice. It drives me nuts with all the dust sometimes, but alas, I am far too lazy to clean it up 😛 So kudos to you for cleaning them up!

  12. cloudburst

    I didn’t at first realize that you were repeating some of the columns, so I was thinking “wow she owns a lot of ryes!”. LOL. I’m jealous you have Melody!

  13. Sara

    this made me sad, mostly because you have 2 velvet mosses and i just shattered mine today ;_; i am so devastateddd

  14. My-Linh

    Wow, I am silly…it took me about half way through to realize the color names were for columns and not rows (even though it said column). No wonder why I thought some of the names didn’t really match the colors :)

  15. mars

    thanks for making me think about depotting my holiday palettes into my pro palettes. i’ve depotted everything else but still have those separate because I didn’t realize they would fit. Now I can do a little rearranging and put those in as well. I love having my shadows in palettes so that they are easier to organize.

    • Yep, they definitely fit! :) I should depot the ones from last year or two, but we’ll see. They’re not as easy to depot as regular eyeshadows, so I always put them off, LOL. If I don’t have them in my palettes, I rarely use ’em, so that’s why I depot everything!

  16. charlieee

    oohhh awesome eyeshadow collection! 😀

  17. Saira

    This is so cool :o) ! I love seeing all the different eyeshadows. It’s also really helpful for when I am thinking of getting a new shade and want to check out different Mac colours!

  18. Eva

    Wow…just wow.

  19. lala

    i’m in love!! <33

  20. Dawn

    HA! I noticed your Newly Minted is chipped in the SAME spot mine is…what’s up with that!?

    Nice Haul.

  21. Christine,

    MAC should really pay you a fee for doing this service for all of us ladies!! Their website would be sooo much better if it had product colors labeled like this!!

  22. evangelia

    I’m sooooo wishing that I had Passionate and Eyepopping!

    Pretty work, Christine!

  23. Melissa

    This is so great …. thanks !!!! Awesome pics… get a real idea of the colors… thanks so much!!! :)

  24. Lexi

    The dip in your Stars ‘n Rockets looks exactly like the one in mine. I don’t’ know why but I find that extremely amusing.

  25. crystal

    woooaoww! I love to see the “bottom”!
    I just realize that the “squares” taken from holiday can fit in the palette!Thanks for showing us!
    I got trip palettes, there’s no way of fitting those rectangles into the little holes :(

  26. Rachael

    Hey Christine, I love the look of the color Limo. How close is it to cranberry…and if it’s not close, is there a good dupe you can recommend for it? Thanks!

  27. love

    Wait… Correct me I’m wrong, does MAC make a 9 pallette? I thought it was 3, 8, and 15 or 16. I think I have the largest pallete, LOL.
    Great collection Christine!!

  28. kat

    awwww I love them! Beautiful!

  29. ayat

    I just love your e/s collection Christine!!! It’s just so beautiful!

  30. Mikki

    My wishlisht gets bigger and bigger, thanks Christine! lol

    I want Antique!

  31. charmed

    woowww woowww woowww…….. i am getting jealous really…
    adopt me 😀

  32. kimbo

    It would be great if you could tell the other shadows in your 15 palettes for those of us that need ideas on organizing our shadows.

    Thanks for the pix and ideas!

  33. Mia

    oh…my…god… XD

  34. chetali

    one word : WOW !!!