Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Temptalia Swatch Gallery – Beta Release

Late last night, we officially launched a beta of our swatch gallery!  The idea around the gallery is inspired by something I’ve personally longed for:  a way to easily find dupes for you!  Some kind of archive or catalog that I can easily reference and look through for comparable colors when new releases come out.

With that in mind, the gallery actually allows you to drag and move the photos around, so you can make your own side-by-side comparisons.  If you’re interested in more photos of the product or want to see the review, simply click on the image and you’ll be taken to the original post the image appeared in.

Right now, we only have swatches for comparison of nail polishes, but we will steadily be adding additional product categories, such as lips, eyes, and cheeks.  There are still a couple of features and things to add, too.  I hope this will help you as much as I know it will help me!


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68 thoughts on “Temptalia Swatch Gallery – Beta Release

  1. Vivian

    Very cool!

    I have no idea how to add pictures to the search I made (randomly picked “Chanel” and “pink”), but the search itself worked really well.

  2. Ash

    This is so great! You do amazing work on this site and I’m sure programming and making this gallery must have taken so. many. hours. Thank you for the work you do :-)

  3. Natalie

    Oh my gosh!! This is BRILLIANT!! Thank you! Your hard work is really so appreciated!

  4. chi

    omg u r amazing!!!!!

  5. Kinga

    Fantastic!!! Thanks Christine :)

  6. Lisa

    This is awesome! Thanks for all your hard work :)

  7. melina

    wow!!! loooooove it!!!!

  8. Shilpa

    this is such a fantastic idea. it will be so useful!

  9. LH

    LOVE this concept/feature thank you so much

  10. Genius idea! Can’t wait for eyeshadows to go up!

  11. lustrebonbon

    What an insanely cool idea. cant wait for the whole kit and caboodle!

  12. Brilliant idea! I was just reading up on dupes and when I came back here found this so I think it will be really really helpful 😀

  13. that’s great!!!!!!

  14. Jullia

    you’re amazing =) you really do care about your readers, huh ?

  15. ericka

    Love this idea!!

  16. marta

    i love this! thank you so much!!

  17. KelsieRose

    This is awesome Christine!

  18. Amy

    Incredible! Absolutely wonderful! You and Shaun the tech guy have the most amazing website!

  19. Christine, this is awesome!!! This is such an amazing idea… It will definitely hlp when trying to choose the perfect color! Just another great reason to visit Temptalia. :)

  20. Saira

    Looks like a fantastic resource, Christine! Great work. I love how you are able to drag and move the photos around to make side-by-side comparisons – very useful.

  21. Jilliterate

    Wow, what a great idea! Thanks for everything you offer with this site — you do some great work.

  22. Jen


  23. kim

    very nice functionality, christine. well done and a great way to see all of your swatches in one place. looking forward to the eyeshadow gallery!

  24. Shalimar

    Just wanted to say thank you for the work you are putting into your website.

  25. Elaine

    I am new here and I totally agree that this is a brilliant idea! I’ve always hoped that there’ll be a place with a collection of lipstick swatches!! I’m really looking forward to it ^_^

  26. Belle

    This is fantastic! Thank you so much for putting so much work into this website.

  27. Ashley Sarah

    This is such a great idea and perfect for nail swatches! I love it; it’s amazing! I am only assuming your man coded this since he’s done thing in the past but whoever did it did a great job! Amazing idea Christine and I’m glad to see them coming to life and working so well! I’d love to see more categories like lipgloss and what not in the future!

  28. OMG! you’re a GENIUS!

  29. SA

    This is totally awesome. Your dedication to this site is amazing!!

  30. Chelle

    This is AMAZING.

  31. Kaycie

    What a great idea! I’m loving it. Thank you temptalia! =)

  32. Joanne

    What a great idea! Thanks!!

  33. Nikelle

    Drops to knees….bows.

  34. Sass


  35. What a phenomenal idea!

  36. Kathryn

    Okay, officially my favorite beauty blogger.

  37. baby in a corner

    This is an amazing idea! I often open two tabs of temptalia to compare swatches! Thanks for making it easier!

  38. Anna

    BRILLIANT. You rock girl.

  39. Pariah

    I LOVE this idea! I imagine it’s going to take a long time with lots of hardwork, but it;s really appreciated!

  40. WOOOOW! Great idea! :)

  41. fiaspice

    Awsome! You always come up with great new feature for your site. Really helpfull!

  42. Cindy

    OMG, you’re the best!

  43. Rebecca

    I love this idea! And it’s really nice to have the click and drag feature. Tell Shaun he did a great job. :)
    Just out of curiosity, is “finish” going to be a future sorter? I’ve been really into duochrome everything and would love to be able to sort like that.

  44. Joanne

    That’s amazing. So looking forward to playing with this new feature!

  45. Dianna

    Christine – thanks so much!! That’s a brilliant idea – a collage with the color theme for nails, such a quick reference!

    Mine are China Glaze Peace on Earth and Zoya Gemma! TDF!!

  46. blkrox

    All I can say is WOW. Your work is amazing Christine, thank you!

  47. Ana G.

    Great!! You are always improving :-) Thanks!!!

  48. absolutely awesome! tons of thanks for the work put in! :)

  49. snm

    perfect idea! I am looking forward to seeing the other categories.I love “swatch only” blog posts-without reviews or such-and since this is the one place which has the truly greatest pictures,featuring a swatch gallery is a great thing(among many others:))

  50. Mandy

    Absolutely fantastic idea! Way to go girl!

  51. Becca

    omg this is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Emma

    SO HAPPY you did this brilliant! x

  53. Ally_D

    Thank you Temptalia team for this functionality – it really sets you apart and is a credit to all the hours you devote to the site

  54. Niki

    This is the greatest idea EVER. Just last week I was trying toggle multiple windows to compare your swatches, because your lighting is always consistent and you swatch everything. Now I can compare colors side by side, without windows everywhere.

    Thank You!!!

  55. NatalieK

    Wow, Christine….you always go above and beyond! This sounds amazing! This is the sort of thing I’ve always kind of wanted for beauty blogs but had never really thought about until now. Your dupe list is already mad helpful even if I have to open several tabs, but now that everything will be consolidated is fantastic. I can see this feature being the single most useful thing on your website aside from swatches/reviews. Bravo!

  56. hannah

    This is incredible! So much work, so thank you!

  57. Bernice

    Awesome! Thanks for all the hard work 😀 <3

  58. meme

    I am sooooo excited! This is great! I tested it using Firefox, worked well in search & moving around just my pick of nail polish – reds. Now a link to the page is needed at the top of your pages with the rest of the links. Meanwhile I will put it to my bookmarks so I can find it again. I will use this a ton. Thanks so much!

  59. San

    PHENOMENAL !!!!:) Now we can compare colors visually instead of imagining it from your descriptions…very good idea.Thank you so much Christine and everyone else who worked for it.Hope lipsticks are up next.:)

  60. Deb


    Thanks for all your hard work, Christine, appreciate it so much :)

  61. That is amamzing Christine it really helps when someone like me doesn’t want to spend loads of money on nail polish but still wants the high-end colours! Fantastic x

  62. Michelle

    Wow, Christine! This is great! Just yesterday morning I was searching, pulling up images of different shades of polish, and resizing everything to see them side by side. This is so much easier and better. Thanks for all your hard work. You’re the best!

  63. Awesome, Christine!

  64. Just had to echo everyone else – this is absolutely amazing. I can’t even imagine how much work this all was. Thank you for doing it!

  65. Very cool! I think this would be so useful!

  66. romana

    thank you!