Monday, June 28th, 2010 Launches The Dupe List!

In the next week or so, we’ll be launching the official Foundation Matrix in its entirety (as it has gone through numerous versions, revisions, etc., we have been working on a master copy since we first announced it). Now that that project has proved to be such a valueable resource, we want to work on The Dupe List!

I invite the beauty community to help us help everyone by creating a comprehensive list of product dupes. The goal here is to create a reference where people can find dupes for discontinued/limited edition products, more affordable alternatives, or simply keep from buying the same shade unknowingly.ย  Thank you in advance for your contributions!

Please Contribute!

We’ve created an easy to use form to help us keep The Dupe List clean and updated regularly: here. Input the dupes you’ve found one by one, and it will automatically show up on The Dupe List!ย  (It may take several minutes before it shows up publicly, but not to worry!)

You can view The Dupe List here.

P.S. — I put in all the product type categories I could think of, but if I missed one (I am sure I did!), just let me know in the comments, and I’ll add it ASAP. There is also an “Other” category available in the meantime!

Discussion and debate are highly encouraged, and we expect community members to participate respectfully. When asking a question, please check the FAQ section (above) for information about purchasing, price, dupes, and the like. If you have general feedback or need technical support, please contact us.

Comments that include advertisements, self-promotion, insults, etc. may be in violation of our comment policy and subject to deletion. Please see our comment policy for more information.

161 thoughts on “ The Dupe List

  1. This is a great idea, the foundation matrix was a first stop for me when looking to find out the mac shades in other foundation to help people out, so this seems a great idea!

  2. This sounds like a realy fun thing!

  3. This is such a good idea! I already have my little dupe list of MAC lipsticks next to me, and typing them in! LOL

  4. fiaspice

    Really great Idea!

  5. LH

    Great idea I’m excited to see it when its all put together.

  6. Nikki

    Awesome, Awesome, Awesome idea! Just submitted one dupe and have many more.

  7. Great idea! Contributed already! :)

  8. Wonderful!!
    So please…someone add MAC eyeshadow Birds and Berries (or Strike a pose) dupes…I need to know :)

  9. Kayra

    Just posted a few, non-MAC ones ๐Ÿ˜€ I am no good at MAC but I’ll try with others ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. This should be fun!

  11. Megan

    This is such a good idea! I noticed, though, that there is no mascara category, so I had to put my dupe in the ‘other’ category.

    • Already added it :)

      Whenever I see “Other,” or else if you mention it here, I will add that category in! (Assuming I recognize the product, but I should, lol!)

  12. Brynn

    Hey Christine,

    Great idea!

    A suggestion: when someone selects “other” an empty field should appear so people can write what the “other” is. I wanted to say a product was a “lip stain” but just chose other because it wasn’t listed.

    If I come up with more dupes, I’ll definitely add them!

    • Hey Brynn,

      Based on the Google form editor, I didn’t see a way to get that going (’cause that’s what I’d like to have) – though if anyone knows how, just let me know!

      Added lip stain!

  13. nazih

    This is an awesome idea!

  14. daphne

    Christine, this is great! I’ll make some additions when I get home to check my stash. Quick question – is it possible to make the form sortable? I’d love to be able to sort by product type, for example…but I’m not sure if that’s only possible in a file that I can edit.

    • Hey Daphne,

      I’m sorting it periodically on the master list – we’re still trying to figure out optimal functionality via Google spreadsheets overall – but I am sorting it by brand, then name, and product type at the moment.

      • daphne

        Gotcha – that’s what I figured, that only the master file can be sorted. If it’s possible to make it dynamic, that would be awesome, but even if not it’s a brilliant resource :)

        • When it’s more complete, we’ll probably take out of spreadsheet form and make it more web compatible and all that, but since we’re in major data-collecting mode, Google makes it SO SO easy with their forms. But we are definitely trying to brainstorm what’s the best way to publish it when it’s more comprehensive.

  15. BAP

    Maybe you could post exactly what a “dupe” is. I’ve never heard the term before and although I think I’ve figured it out, an explanation would be helpful.

    • Hey BAP,

      A dupe is a duplicate shade. For example, when one brand’s eyeshadow is very, very similar to another brand’s eyeshadow – then one is a dupe (or vice versa). Usually people ask for “dupes” for limited edition or discontinued products that they can’t get any more (e.g. “What’s a dupe for MAC Marine life? It sold out before I could get one!”) or if they’d like something more affordable (e.g. “What’s a drugstore dupe for Guerlain Rouge G?”).

  16. Lauren

    Best Thing Ever.

    If only I wasn’t blocked from it at work. :(

  17. Elysia

    I’m so exited about this list! I can’t wait to find some cheap dupes to some of MUFE brighter shades!

  18. michelle

    legen – wait for it – dary!

  19. kasiaj85

    That is one awsome idea! :)
    I wish there was the possibility to post comparison swatches as well. That’s a hell lot of work but maybe in the future? :) I’ll look into my stuff as soon as I get home and try to find some dupes as well :)

  20. Looks like you’re already on it, with the other category. There’s nothing for Brow fillers. I popped one I know of in there, is there a way to add a spot in the form to define differences, if its listed as not a 100% dupe? Like to say “This is a dupe, with a little more red” where there may be more than one shade that work as dupes? If there’s not a spot to describe the product once you’ve clicked “other” there probably isn’t a way to do that, but it would be nice. Or even checkboxes where you could check general ways its similar, or different. like, under different, maybe have the subcategories “different finish, brighter, less pigmented, darker, lighter” That type of thing. Its mostly just a mildly OCD idea, wanting to make it easy to compare different dupes when there ARE more than one option….

    Either way, this is an AWESOME project! I love it!

    • Hey!

      Just added those descriptors… let’s see how well it works :)

      • Seems to have worked. Now I kind of wish I could edit my previous entries to reflect that! It looks AWESOME though! Thanks for looking into that so fast!

        • If you want to just type it here, I’d be happy to add it for you :)

          • Sweet! I’m trying to remember exactly which I added, I know I tried adding dupes for some MAC brow products.

            For MAC Browning powder filler, I suggested Maybelline Define a Lash, in Dark Blond. That is actually a mechanical pencil. So its the same color, but a different form. That is ALSO an almost exact dupe for MAC Lingering brow pencil(Lingering is just SLIGHTLY less waxy, maybe a TOUCH more pigmented). Another almost dupe for Lingering is Maybelline Define-a-lash in Light Brown. Light Brown is just SLIGHTLY more auburn/reddish toned than Dark Blond, and Lingering. Its a very natural red though, not the horrifically artificial one, so depending on your skin tone, it may still be a nice dupe, and its not as waxy as the Dark Blond pencil.

            Now I need to go dig through my collection for more dupes! I think those were the ones that bothered me, that I kind of wanted to make sure the options were clear for….

  21. This is SO awesome. This will help everyone so much -great idea Christine!

  22. kfm

    What an excellent idea. I have some contributions I can make for sure. Mostly things that I accidentally bought thinking they were sooooooo different from anything else I had…

  23. Jen

    A column with the prices of each item would be helpful!
    Great Idea!

  24. Excellent project!!

    I posted a dupe for MAC Young Punk eyeshadow. And i’m sure i’ll be adding more later ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. Jenn

    This is AWESOME! :-) Thanks for starting this Christine!

  26. Victoria

    Am I the only person who can’t see the physical dupe list? I don’t actually see a matrix..

  27. I am very technology challenged and was having trouble viewing the list without adding anything. Is it impossible or just me?

  28. Just posted a dupe for YSL faux cils mascara :)
    am sure theres more.

  29. YADIRA


  30. Kara

    I’m not sure if you have these already…. but here’s a few that i know of.

    Bare Escentuals Cupcake Glimpse: Milani Illusion

    Bare Escentuals Queen Tiffany: Milani Java Bean

    Bare Escentuals Socialite glimmer: Milani Clover

    Benefit Lemon-aid: Jane Dream Cream

    Bobbi Brown Pale Pink: Clinique Pillowtalk Smudgesicle

    Cargo Nepal: Milani Flare

    Clinique Bronze Satin Shadow: Covergirl Tapestry Taupe

    Clinique Golden Lynx: Covergirl Glazed Ginger

    Clinique Silver Lining (pink): Jane It’s A Girl, ULTA Love

    Clinique Strawberry Fudge (pink): Milani Illusion

    Dior GoldFusion: MAC Gorgeous Gold, L’oreal Enlightened Emerald

    Garden Botanika “Bronze” shadow: Jane Sungloss

    Lancome Un Taxi Mauve: Prestige UVA

    Lancome Riot: Jane Deeply Green

    Lancome Contrast: MAC Nocturnelle

    Lancome Golden Sun: Covergirl Burnished Gold

    Laura Mercier Cognac: Milani Spice

    Laura Mercier Whiskey: Prestige Sandalwood

    Lorac Serenity: NYX Sahara Ultrapearl

    L’Oreal HIP Saucy: Milani Sun Goddess/Milani Desert Sun, Prestige Melba, Milani Java Bean

    MAC Shadesticks: NYX Eyeshadow Wands

    MAC Amber Lights: Milani Sun Goddess, Milani Desert Sun, Prestige Melba, L’Oreal HIP Saucy

    MAC Aquadisiac: Jane Millionare

    MAC Atlas: ULTA Silk

    MAC Bamboo: Wild and Crazy Wild Guava

    MAC Banshee: Milani Spice

    MAC Beautiful Iris: ULTA Iris

    MAC Black Tied: Covergirl Shimmering Onyx, Milani Storm, Jane Clubbing

    MAC Blue Noir: Prestige in Ink

    MAC Brill: Wild & Crazy Bahama Water

    MAC Brule: Milani Almondine

    MAC Camel: Revlon Pro Bamboo

    MAC Coco: NYX Beanie

    MAC Cork: M Professinals Soft Brown Eyeshadow, Covergirl Swiss Chocolate

    MAC Cornflower: Physician’s Formula Virtual Eyes Loose Shadow in Eye-Tech

    MAC Coquette: Almay Khaki Eye Gel

    MAC Creme de Violet: ULTA Iris

    MAC Crystal: L’Oreal Beauty Queen On-the-Loose

    MAC D’Bohemia: Wild and Crazy Crazy on You, ULTA Knit

    MAC Dazzleray Pigment: NYC Loose Sparkle Eye Dust in Champagne

    MAC Dark Soul pigment: Jane clubbing

    MAC Deep Truth: Loreal On the Loose in Night Fever

    MAC Dementhe: Milani Clover

    MAC Electra: Jane Hi Ho Silver

    MAC Electric Eel: Milani Atlantis

    MAC Embark: Jane Brownie Points, Flirt! Coconutty

    MAC Guacamole: Milani Limbo Lime

    MAC Goldmine: Prestige Golden Retriever

    MAC Gorgeous Gold: L’oreal’s Enlightened Emerald Duo, Dior GoldFusion

    MAC Glare: Prestige Golden Sun, ULTA Silk

    MAC Hepcat: Prestige Blossom

    MAC Humid: Milani Clover, WnW Sensual Sage

    MAC Hypnotique: Prestige Saturn

    MAC Jest: Milani Peachy Peach, Maybelline Pink Sands, ULTA Bermuda Sand

    MAC Jewel Blue: Jane Eye Zing in Surfer Girl

    MAC Juxt: Prestige Wasabi, Milani Garden Mist, Jane Rain Forest, ULTA Mist, Jane Sage

    MAC Kicky Blue: L’Oreal Holographic Blue

    MAC Leisure Time: L’Oreal OTL in Flash Light

    MAC Little Madame: Milani Illusion

    MAC Lucky Green: Wild and Crazy Marquis

    MAC Medowland: L’Oreal Wear Infinite in Glistening Sea

    MAC Melody: Jane Millionare

    MAC Metamorph: Rimmel Hope

    MAC Midnight Blue: Jane Blue Jeans, Prestige Horizon

    MAC Mulch: Milani Java Bean, L’oreal HIP in Saucy

    MAC Naked Lunch: Wet n’ Wild Fine Wink

    MAC Nocturnelle: Milani Shock, Lancome Contrast

    MAC Nylon: Milani Classic Beige, TooFaced Glamazon

    MAC Paradisco: Flirt! Feeling Hot

    MAC Parfait Amour: Milani Enchantment

    MAC Parrot: ULTA Deep Sea, L’oreal HIP in Showy

    MAC Perverted Pearl: Milani Silver Bullet

    MAC Pink Freeze: Prestige Ballet, Milani Taffy, Cover Girl Pink Chiffon

    MAC Pink Source: Milani Taffy

    MAC Pink Venus: Milani Taffy

    MAC Quarry: Prestige Sandalwood

    MAC Rose: Prestige in Flushed

    MAC Rose Pro: Jame Prom Queen

    MAC Sable: Milani Java Bean

    MAC Satin Taupe: Maybelline Silken Taupe, Rimmel Strength, ULTA Twilight

    MAC Shale: Milani Icy Plum

    MAC Shimmermoss: ULTA Luna

    MAC Silver: Milani in Mercury

    MAC Sketch: Milani Marooned

    MAC Shadowy Lady: Milani Marooned

    MAC Shroom: Jordana Beige, Jane Magic Mushroom, Wet ‘n Wild Flirt Shimmer Stick

    MAC Soba: ULTA Toast

    MAC Sprout: Prestige Wasabi, Milani Garden Mist

    MAC Steamy: Milani Clover, ULTA Luna

    MAC Sumptuous Olive: Milani Antique Gold, ULTA Golden Olive

    MAC Sushi Flower: Prestige in Love

    MAC Swish: Prestige Love

    MAC Tilt: YSL Duo ???

    MAC Trax: Prestige Flushed, Flirt! Glamourazzi, Milani Desire

    MAC Unreally Blue: Milani Blue Jeans

    MAC Vanilla: Philosophy Serenity, Wild and Crazy Mist Over Me 3110, Milani Snow Frost

    MAC Vapor: Prestige Chilly

    MAC Vellum: M Professionals Opalescent White, Wild and Crazy Lily Song, Milani Moonlight, Max Factor Spotlight Sparkle

    MAC Vex: Max Factor Mint Matinee

    MAC Wedge: M Professionals Taupe

    MAC Woodwinked: Milani Golden Bronze

    NARS Ashes to Ashes: Maybelline Silken Taupe

    NARS Night Fairy: Prestige Uva, Hard Candy Star

    NARS Tibet: Ben Nye Pearl Shine eyeshadow

    Philosophy Prosperity: Urban Decay Floormat

    Shu ME 945: Caboodles Smooth

    Shu ME945: Majolica Majorca SV821

    Shu P Brown 76: Flirt Oh Please!

    Stila Barefoot Contessa: Prestige Spark, Jane Magic Mushroom

    Stila Go Lightly: Milani Golden Bronze

    Stila Grace: Ulta Plum Smoke

    Stila Heath: Prestige Sandalwood

    Stila Holly Golightly: Milani Golden Bronze, Jane Magical Mushroom

    Stila Jezebel: Garden Botanika “Mimosa”

    Stila Kitten: Wet n Wild Fine Wink, CoverGirl Champagne Eye Enhansers shadow, Sally Girl Silver Lining, ULTA Bermuda Sand

    Stila Pigalle: ULTA Chianti

    Stila Ray: Milani Sun Goddess, Milani Desert Sun, Prestige Melba

    Stila Sun: Prestige Champagne

    Stila Twig: Milani Spice

    Tarte Real McCoy: mark. minx

    Trucco C-Note: Milani Clover

    Too Faced Fantasy Island Duo (Blue): ULTA Luna

    ULTA Love: Jane It’s A Girl

    Urban Decay Acid Rain: Prestige Wasabi, Milani Garden Mist

    Urban Decay Asphyxia: MAC Parfait Amour, Milani Enchantment

    Urban Decay Chains: Milani Antique Gold

    Urban Decay Face Case: Fira Face Case, Wet Seal Face Case

    ย Urban Decay Green Goddess: ULTA Mist

    Urban Decay Grifter: Prestige Uva

    Urban Decay Hotpants: Prestige Love

    Urban Decay Lounge: Physician’s Formula Down To Earth

    Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy: Milani Sheer Sand, Sephora Old Rose; Cover Girl Bedazzled Biscotti

    Urban Decay Midnight Cowgirl: Prestige in Glisten

    Urban Decay Mildew: Prestige Iguana

    Urban Decay Oilslick: Covergirl Shimmering Onyx, Milani Storm, Jane Clubbing, Presige Ink

    Urban Decay Polyester Bride: Prestige in Glisten

    Urban Decay Roach: Max Factor Sable

    Urban Decay Roadstripe: Milani Moonlight

    Urban Decay Rust: Prestige in Melba

    Urban Decay Shattered: Naturistics in Azure

    Urban Decay X: Ulta Sunlight, Ulta Sunburst, MAC in Jest

    Aveda Matte Huckleberry Lipstick: Bonne Bell Autumn Rose

    Aveda lipstick in Tupelo: Elke lipstick in Java

    Aveda lipstick in Sheer Ambrosia: Bonne Bell Grapevine Whine lip gloss, Bonne Bell Lip-Lix in Grapevine Whine, Bonne Bell Cin-a-Money, Prestige Sheer Grape lipstick, Clinique lipstick in Black Violet

    Aveda lipstick in Tupelo: Elke lipstick in Java

    Avon Triple Benefit Lipstick in Rosetone: Estee Lauder All-Day Lipstick in Rose Sapphire

    Bath & Body Works Tutti Dolci: Bonne Bell Lip Frosting

    Benefit Benetint: L’Oreal Pinch of Color in Blushing, Sonia Kashuk Lip & Cheek Tint in Sheer Bliss

    Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss in Brown: Jane Lipstick in Bareberry, or Bye Bye Brown, Rimmel Lip Vinyl in Mmmmm

    Bobbi Brown Beige Gold lipstick: L’Oreal Hip Honey lipstick

    Bobbi Brown Blackberry lipstick: Revlon SuperLustrous in Blackberry

    Bobbi Brown Garnet Shimmer lipstick: MAC O lipstick

    Bobbi Brown Pinkberry Stain lipstick: Prestige Berry Stain

    Bobbi Brown Nude lipstick: Revlon Pro Neutrality Cream

    Bobbi Brown Raisin lipstick: L’Oreal Colour Supreme lipstick in Real Raisin

    Bobbi Brown Redwood: Revlon Pro Burnished Cream

    Bobbi Brown Ruby Shimmer: Jane Lig Huggers in Cinnamon Stick

    Bobbi Brown Fudge lipgloss: Revlon Pro Molasses lipgloss

    Bobbi Brown Nude lipgloss: Garden Botanika Conch gloss

    Bobbi Brown Petal lip gloss: Bonne Bell Cotton Candy Lip Lites, NYC Brush on in Beautiful

    Bourjois Beige Noir: Chanel Beige De Chanel

    Clinique Air Kiss Glosswear: Jane Mirage Lip Dips pot lipstick, Almay 1 Coat lipgloss in Blush

    Cargo Congo Lipstick: L’Oreal Wine and Dine Lipstick

    Chanel Beige De Chanel lipstick: Bourjois Beige Noir lipstick

    Chanel Copacabana lipstick: MAC Creme de la Femme lipstick, Rimmel Asia, Milani Pink Chiffon

    Chanel Berries lipstick: Jane Best of Berries lipstick

    Chanel Black Red lipstick: DCA #115 lipstick

    Chanel Gold lipstick: Cosmetic Factory 24 Karat lipstick

    Chanel Metallic Vamp lipstick: L’Oreal Mica, Cosmetic Factory Metallique

    Chanel Midnight lipstick: Cosmetic Factory 12 a.m. lipstick

    Chanel Rouge Noir lipstick: Wet ‘n’ Wild Blackest Red lipstick

    Chanel Vamp Lipstick: Wet ‘n’ Wild Blackest Red lipstick

    Chanel Aqualumiere lipstick in #31 Waikiki: Prestige lipstick in Rio

    Chanel Glossimer in Black Tie: Milani Desire

    Chanel Glossimer in Blizzard: MAC Lipglass in Lust, Wet ‘N’ Wild Lipgloss in Bronzeberry

    Chanel Glossimer in Electric: MAC Lipglass in Lychee Luxe, Prestige Vinylwear in Merengue

    Chanel Glossimer in Erotic: MAC Lipglass in Pink Poodle

    Chanel Glossimer in Giggle: Bonne Bell Lip d’Votion in Sweet Mocha, Neutragena Chic gloss

    Chanel Glossimer in Glaze: Prestige Vinylwear Lipgloss in Glaze

    Chanel Glossimer in Sirop: Lancome Juicy Tubes in Coral Rush, MAC Lipglass in Lychee Luxe

    Chanel Glossimer in Spark: MAC Lipstick in O, Prestige Lip Gloss in Spark, Shisedio Lip Gloss in Ruby Lustre, MAC Lipglass in V-Red, Smashbox Sassy

    Chanel Glossimer in Twinkle: Prestige Lip Gloss in Alloy, Smashbox Lip Gloss in Smashing Candid, Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds Liquid in Liquid Gold, Caboodles in Smile

    Chanel Lip Liner in Nude: Wet ‘n Wild #666, Max Factor liner in Nude

    Christian Dior Jazzy Brown lipstick: St. Tropez lipstick in Buttered rum, Lancome Raisinette or Matte Raisin

    Christian Dior Rose Souffle lipstick: L’Oreal Colour Riche Tendre Mauve lipstick

    Christian Dior Lick: Milani Luminous blush applied to lips and topped off with Revlon Super Lustrous lipgloss in Cherry Frost

    Christian Dior Taffy: Milani Luminous blush applied to lips and topped off with Revlon Super Lustrous lipgloss in Cherry Frost

    Chanel Glossimer in Volage: MAC Lipglass in Lychee Luxe, or Prrr

    Chanel Nude Liner: Max Factor liner in Nude, Wet n’ Wild #666

    Clinique Black Honey Lipstick: Maybelline Wet Shine Lipstick in Drippin’ Honey, Rimmel Lipstick in Revolution, Bonne Bell Grapevine Whine lip gloss, Bonne Bell Lip-Lix in Grapevine Whine, Bonne Bell Cin-a-Money, Prestige Sheer Grape lipstick, Aveda lipstick in Sheer Ambrosia

    Clinique Cocoplum lipgloss: Maybelline Berry Spacey lip polish

    Clinique Honey Bee Glosswear: Jane Save the Earth Lip Dips pot lipstick

    Clinique Lipstick in Waterviolet: Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds in Mauvey Rock

    Clinique Lipstick in Pink Beach: Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds in Pink Diamonds

    Clinique Double Fudge lipstick: Lord & Berry Sheer Mocha lipstick

    Clinique Heather Plum lipstick: Almay Serene lipstick

    Clinique Nude Ice lipstick: Jane Megabites lipstick in Pineapple Delight

    Clinique Sweet Honey lipstick: Jane Rosy Outlook lipstick

    Clinique Berry Buff lipstick: Cover Girl Coco Blush lipstick

    Clinique Buff lipstick: Bonne Bell Lip Gear in Citrus City, L’Oreal Tawny lipstick

    Clinique Lipstick in Black Violet: Bonne Bell Grapevine Whine lip gloss, Bonne Bell Lip-Lix in Grapevine Whine, Bonne Bell Cin-a-Money, Prestige Sheer Grape lipstick

    Clinique Tenderheart Lipstick: Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds in Pink Topaz, Natural Glow Wood Hyacinth lipstick, Covergirl Spice it Up lipstick, Jane flipstick #3 in Solar Flare, Elizabeth Arden Breathless

    Elizabeth Arden Breathless lipstick: Natural Glow Wood Hyacinth lipstick, Covergirl Spice it Up lipstick, Jane flipstick #3 in Solar Flare

    Elke Tribal: Stila Ina

    Estee Lauder All Day Lipstick in Rose Sapphire: Avon Triple Benefit Lipstick in Rosetone

    Estee Lauder Baby Shimmer lipstick: DCA #113 lipstick

    Estee Lauder Bare Buff lipstick: Maybelline Nude lipstick

    Estee Lauder Double Matte lipstick: Cover Girl Self Renewing lipstick in Toasted Almond

    Estee Lauder Innocence lipstick: The Cosmetic Factory’s Naive lipstick

    Estee Lauder Sheer Blackberry Lipblush: Origins Bite Your Lips in Raspberry lipstick

    Estee Lauder Sheere Bronze Lipblush: Origins Bite Your Lips in Brownberry lipstick

    Estee Lauder Sheer Ruby Lipblush: Origins Bite Your Lips in Strawberry lipstick

    Estee Lauder Natural lip gloss: Body Shop 01 lipgloss

    Garden botanika Apple Blossom: Prestige beigy pink

    Garden Botanika lipstick in CatTail: L’Oreal Colour Endure lipstick in Hot Fudge

    Garden Botanika Saffron: Nat Robbins Rosewood

    Garden Botanika Lipcrayon in Sassafras: Prestige Sorbet lipstick, MAC Lame

    Garden Botanika lipstick in Mahogany Necessities MacDaddy lipstick

    Garden Botanika Walnut lip pencil: Origins Clovebud Sheer Stick

    Guerlain Jacinthe: Stila Carver

    Hard Candy Pussy Cat lipstick: Maybelline Pink Perle lipstick, Jane Night Shift lipstick, Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in Bold Berry

    Jane’s Night Shift: Revlon Super Lustrous Bold Berry

    Kiehl’s Lip Gloss in Honey: Un-petrolium lip gloss in Honey Hive

    Lancome Beige Marilyn lip brio gloss: L’Oreal Rouge Pulp in Exposed

    Lancome Juicy Tube in Bonfire: L’Oreal Colour Juice in Melonade

    Lancome Juicy Tubes in Chai Freeze: NYC Liquid Lipstick Pen in Kerry

    Lancome Juicy Tube in Dreamsicle: Prestige Vinylwear in Mica

    Lancome Juicy Tube in Miracle: Jane MegaBites Glossy Gloss in Paper Doll; Revlon Skinlights Glosslights in Rose Quartz; Wet ‘n Wild MegaFlavors Lip Gloss in Cherries Jubilee; Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds Liquid in Fairy Romantic

    Lancome Juicy Tubes in Simmer: L’oreal Colour Juice in Strawberry Smoothie or Butterscotch Drop Colour Juice

    Lancome Raisinette lipstick: St. Tropez lipstick in Buttered rum, Christian Dior Jazzy Brown

    Lancome Marshmallow lipstick: Revlon Lip Glide in Patent Leather Pink

    Lancome Exotique lipstick: L’Oreal Brown Sugar lipstick

    Lancome Lilas Metallique Lipstick: Wet ‘n’ Wild 548A lipstick

    Lancome Matte Raisin: Christian Dior Jazzy Brown

    Lancome Platinum lipstick: Jane Go Platinum lipstick

    Lancome Stargloss in Starlight: Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment in Diamond

    Lancome Violine lipstick: Lord & Berry Intense Plum lipstick, Victoria’s Secret lipstick in Black Plum, Revlon Violet Extreme lipstick Ethnique lipstick in #528

    Laura Mercier Very Bitten lipstick: Jane Flipstick in Jammin’

    Laura Mercier Lip Gloss in Blush Glace: Chanel Glossimer in Giggle

    LORAC Ashley lipstick: Bath & Body Works lipstick in Canyon

    MAC Lip Lacquer in Acrylicka: Maybelline Lip Polish in Mauvie Star

    MAC Lip Lacquer in Varneesh: Lancome Juicy Tubes in Simmer

    MAC Love Nectar lusterglass: Milani Coral Shimmer lipgloss

    MAC lip liner in Girlfriend: Prestige lip liner in Baby

    MAC Lip Liner in Mahogany: Prestige Auburn

    MAC Oak: Rimmel Femme Fatale

    MAC Lip Pencil in Plum: Prestige Lip Pencil in Deep Plum, Revlon Colorstay Plum

    MAC Lip Pencil in Spice: Cover Girl CG Smoothers Lip Liner in Cinnamon Slick, Wet ‘n Wild #712 or #666; Avon – Glimmersticks Lip Liner in Glimmer Simply Spice; Annabelle Lip Pencil in Spice, Prestige Sand, Estee Lauder Spice

    MAC Lip liner Stripdown: Rimmel Femme Fatale

    MAC Lip Pencil in Test Pattern: Sephora Lip Pencil 114

    MAC Lipliner Whirl: Rimmel Darling Nude

    MAC Lipstick in Midimauve: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Smokey Rose

    MAC Lipstick in O: Chanel Glossimer in Spark, Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Copperglow Berry, Jordana Bahama Bronze, Bobbi Brown Garnet Shimmer

    MAC Blonde on Blonde: Wet ‘n Wild 770A Gold Rush

    MAC Bubbles lipstick: Wet ‘n’ Wild #516A lipstick

    MAC Bunny Pink lipstick: MAC Bombshell, MAC Cortly

    MAC Carnal lipstick: L’Oreal Wine and Dine lipstick

    MAC Cherish lipstick: M Professionals Nameless lipstick

    MAC Creme de la Femme lipstick: Rimmel Asia, Milani Pink Chiffon, Chanel Copacabana

    MAC Cyber lipstick: Manic Panic lipstick in Black Witch

    MAC Dainty Cake lipstick: NYC Firefly #306b

    MAC DEl Rio lipstick: Cosmetic Factory Brazil lipstick, Necessities lipstick in LeeAnn

    MAC Delish lipstick: Wet ‘n’ Wild Ice Cream lipstick

    MAC Desire lipstick: Professional Makeup Company lipstick in Venom

    MAC Diva lipstick: Jane lipstick in Really Raisin

    MAC Film Noir lipstick: L’Oreal Colour Endure lipstick in Hot Fudge, Garden Botanika’s CatTail

    MAC Flavour lipstick: Maybelline Nude Pink lipstick

    MAC Florien lipstick: Elke Classic Mauve lipstick

    MAC Freeze lipstick: Cosmetic Factory Chilly lipstick

    MAC Frenzy lipstick: Revlon Bamboo Bronze lipstick

    MAC Frou lipstick: Bonne Bell Vanilla Volts lipstick

    MAC Grid lipstick: Bonne Bell LipGear in Traffic Jam

    MAC Haku lipstick: Wet ‘n’ Wild #546-A lipstick

    MAC Haze lipstick: M Professionals lipstick in Wild Thing

    MAC High Tea lipstick: Rimmel Airy Fairy, Milani Sheer Lipstick in Amaterro

    MAC Hyper lipstick: Revlon Granite lipstick

    MAC Lame lipstick: Prestige Sorbet lipstick

    MAC Lust lipstick: Maybelline Great Wear lipstick in Silver Lilac, Revlon Virtual Violet lipstick

    MAC Media lipstick: M Professionals Indulgendence lipstick

    MAC Modum lipstick: Almay Malt lipstick

    MAC O Lipstick: Jordana Bahama Bronze; Revlon Mulled Cider; Prestige Fudge Brownie Aromatherapy Lipgloss; Wet ‘n Wild #769, Lancome Amber Spice

    MAC Odyssey lipstick: Bonne Bell LipGear in Berry Bash

    MAC Paramount lipstick: Necessities MacDaddy lipstick, Garden Botanika’s Mahogany

    MAC Pervette lipstick: Jane HipLips in Pink Slip

    MAC Prism lipstick: Garden Botanika Rose Sage lipstick

    MAC Retro lipstick: Jane Lipstick in Browned Down Red

    MAC Rockocco lipstick: Milani Candy Apple lipstick

    MAC Rubine lipstick: Cosmetic Factory Ruby Red lipstick

    MAC Russian Red lipstick: Sonia Kashuk lipstick in Geisha or Prestige Lipstick in Fatal Red

    MAC Sequin lipstick: Almay Sequin one coat lipstick

    MAC Spirit lipstick: Cosmetic Factory Angel lipstick

    MAC Strawberry Blonde: Victoria’s Secret Love Bite

    MAC Strength lipstick: Avon Brilliant Moisture Lipstick in Tiger’s Eye ย 

    MAC Touch lipstick: Jane Browned Down Red lipstick, The Body Shop Vanilla lipstick

    MAC Twig lipstick: Avon Twig lipstick, Prestige VIP lipstick, Jane LipHuggers in Kind Of Carob;
    Neutrogena Lipstick in Rose Suede

    MAC Underworld: Neutrogena in South Beach

    MAC Viva Glam II lipstick: Jane Flipstick in Roseland, Maybelline Great Wear Lipstick in Flesh

    MAC Wuss lipstick: Avon Spice lipstick, Wet ‘n’ Wild #547A lipstick

    MAC XS lipstick: Cosmetic Factory Extra lipstick, Wet ‘n’ Wild #506A lipstick

    MAC Lipglass in C-thru: Milani Secret #12 gloss, Prestige Vinylwear lipgloss in Liquid

    MAC Clear Lipglass: Wet ‘n Wild Glassy Gloss in Clear; Bonne Bell Enticemint (clear); Rimmel Lip Vinyl in Clear; NYC Kiss Gloss; Caboodles Fruitopian Glosses

    MAC Lipglass in Chai: Bonne Bell Lip Lites in Cappuccino

    MAC Lipglass in Dreamy: Wet ‘n Wild Precious Metals Lip Gloss in Sugar Plum

    MAC Lipglass in Explicit: Bonne Bell Lip Lites in Shoutin’ Sugar

    MAC Lipglass in Freezefrost: Wet ‘n Wild in Shimmy Shimmer; Urban Decay Lip Gunk in Litter

    MAC Lipglass in Fancy That: Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds Liquid in Marquise Peach

    MAC Impish Lipglass: Rimmel Vinyl Lip in Eastend Snob

    MAC Lovechild lipglass: Rimmel Snog

    MAC Lipglass in Lust: Bonne Bell Lip Lites in Cappuccino, or Mocha Mousse, Chanel Glossimer in Giggle, Neutrogena Lip Gloss in Chic, Prestige Vinylwear in Cha Cha, Jane Mirage Lip Dips pot lipstick, Almay 1 Coat lipgloss in Blush, L’Oreal ColuorJuice in Passionfruit Squeeze

    MAC Lipglass in Lychee Luxe: Chanel Glossimer in Sirop, or Volage, Neutrogena Lip Gloss in First Blush, NYC in Sungold Pink

    MAC Lipglass in Nico: Maybelline Lip Polish in Purple Passion, L’Oreal Glass Shines in Luminous Lilac & Lilac Crystal

    MAC Lipglass in Nymphette: Rimmel Lip Gloss in Airy Fairy

    MAC Lipglass in Oh Baby: Neutrogena Lip Gloss in Glimmer, Rimmel Vinyl Lip in Cosmic, Milani Serendipity gloss, Revlon Lip Glace in Lounge Lizard, L’Oreal Glass Shine in Bronze Radiance

    MAC Lipglass in Oyster Girl: Caboodles Lip Dee-lish in Deelux, Neutrogena Lip Gloss in Tickled, NYC Lipstick #548A

    MAC Lipglass in Pink Clash: Bonne Bell Lip Lites in Berry ‘Nilla Creme

    MAC Lipglass in Pop Mode: Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds Liquid in Jewels ‘n Berries

    MAC Lipglass in Prrr: Chanel Glossimer in Volage, L’Oreal Colour Juice in Mai Tai, Almay One Coat Lipstick in Petal; Rimmel Lip Vinyl in Essential; Rimmel Lip Vinyl in East End Snob; Wet ‘n Wild Liquid Lipstick in Rose Gold

    MAC Lipglass in Russian Red: NYC Kiss Gloss in Cherry, Prestige Vinylwear in Sleek

    MAC Lipglass in Revealing: Bonne Bell Lip Lites in Cappuccino

    MAC Lipglass in Song and Dance: Prestige Vinylwear in Mica

    MAC Lipglass in Underage: Wet ‘N’ Wild Glassy Gloss in Sugar Glaze

    MAC Lipglass in V-Red: Prestige lip liner in Baby

    MAC VGV lipglass: Neutragena Dreamy lipgloss or Salley Hansen Diamon Lip Treatment in Royal Romance

    MAC Lustreglass in Flusterose: Stila IT Gloss in Smashing

    MAC Lustreglass in Star Nova: Sonia Kashuk Sexy lipgloss

    MAC Viva Glam Lipstick in Viva Glam V: Neutrogena Moisture Shine Gloss in Dreamy, Milani Sher Lipstick in Pink Chiffon, Neutrogena Moistureshine Tinted Lip Balm in Clean #20

    Manic Panic Tramp lipstick: Lip Savvy lipstick in Black Orchid, Max Factor Lipsilk #10, Max Factor Lasting Color lipstick in UV Fusion

    MAC Plum Liner: Revlon Colorstay Plum liner

    MAC Spice Liner: Wet nโ€™ Wild #666 or #712 Liner

    Manic Panic ‘Tramp': Lip Savvy ‘Black Orchid’

    NARS Bilitis: Neutrogena Moisture Shine in Daring

    NARS Lip Lacquer in Chelsea Girls: Hard Candy Lip Gloss in Fresh

    NARS Dolce Vita lipstick: Revlon Mauve So Moist moistureshine lipstick (more pink, more shiny)

    Nars Orgasm lipgloss = NYC Sungold l/g, Mary Kate and Ashley Truly lipgloss

    Nars Pillow Talk lipgloss: Rimmel Vinyl Lip Star in Be A Star

    OPI How to Jamaica Million lipstick: Wet ‘n’ Wild Arctic lipstick

    Origins Liquid Lip Color in Caramel Candy: Rimmel Lip Vinyl in Eastend Snob

    Origins Bite Your Lips in Brownberry: Estee Lauder Lipblush in Sheer Bronze

    Origins Bite Your Lips in Strawberry: Estee Lauder Lipblush in Sheer Ruby

    Origins Bite Your Lips in Raspberry: Estee Lauder Lipblush in Sheer blackberry

    Origins Clovebud Sheer Stick: Garden Botanika Walnut lip pencil

    Origins Malt Stick: Maybelline Lip Express in Coffee Run

    Origins Shimmer Stick in Ginger Ale: Lord & Berry Glaze Lipstique

    Prescriptives Blackberry Suede lipstick: Revlon SuperLustrous Blackberry

    Prescriptives Chocolate Kiss: Origins Clovebud sheer stick

    Prescriptives Grape Stain Lipstick: Bonne Bell Grapevine Whine lip gloss, Bonne Bell Lip-Lix in Grapevine Whine, Bonne Bell Cin-a-Money, Prestige Sheer Grape lipstick

    Prescriptives Mystery lipstick: Almay Anti-Chap lipcolor in Softly

    Prescriptives Glossy Fudge lip gloss: Prestige Aromatherapy lipgloss in Fudge Brownie

    Prescriptives Plain Truth lipgloss: Prestige Fizz lipgloss

    Revlon Glossing lipstick: Wet ‘n’ Wild lipstick in 541 Nouvelle

    Revlon Super Lustrous Bold Berry: Jane’s Night Shift

    Rimmel Risque: Rimmel Eastend Snob

    Scott Barnes Flossy Glossy in Meow: Neutrogena Groove Moistureshine

    Smashbox Smashing Nude lipstick: Elke Oasis lipstick

    Stila Apricot lip glaze: Prestige Fuzzy Navel Jet Stream Gloss

    Stila Berry lip glaze: Bonne Bell Lip d’Votion Shimmers in Raspberry Crush

    Stila Blackberry lip glaze: Bonne Bell Lip d’Votions in Berry True; NYC Brush On Lip Gloss in Luscious, NYC Liquid Lipstick in Laura

    Stila Fruit Punch Lip Glaze: Prestige Jetstreams in Strawberry Daiquiri

    Stila Lip Glaze in Grapefruit: Lancome Juicy Tubes Miracle

    Stila Lip Glaze in Orange: Prestige Jetstreams in Mango Margarita

    Stila Lip Glaze in Peach: Prestige Jetstreams in Fuzzy Navel

    Stila Lip Glaze in Strawberry: NYC Brush On Lip Gloss in Adorable

    Stila Lip Glaze in Vanilla: Maybelline Gloss Twist in Mocha Twister

    Stila Lip Glaze in Watermelon: Bonne Bell Lip d’Votions in Fresh Melon

    Stila Andi Lipstick: MAC Hyper, Revlon Granite

    Stila Carver lipstick: Guerlain Jacinthe lipstick

    Stila Helen lipstick: Prestige Nuts lipstick

    Stila Ina: Elke Tribal

    Stila Jane lipstick: Maybelline Wear ‘n Go Lipstick in Go Mimosa, Wet ‘n Wild Lipstick in #764, Rimmel Birthday Suit lipstick (#121, Lasting Finish Lipstick)

    Stila Joan lipstick: Neutrogena Lipstick in Coffee Cream

    Stila Luce Lipstick: Cover Girl Raisin Glaze lipstick, Revlon Deep Nude lipstick, Jane Browned Down Red lipstick, Nat Robbins Brandywine lipstick

    Stila Natalie lipstick: Cover Girl Lipslicks in Edgy

    Stila Piaf lipstick: Clinique Black Lily lipstick

    Stila Robin lipstick: Naturistics Mechanical lipliner in Nude,

    Stila Lip Glaze in Grapefruit: Lancome Juicy Tubes in Miracle

    Stila Andi lipstick: Revlon Granite lipstick

    Stila Ina lipstick: Elke Tribal lipstick

    Stila Jane lipstick: Rimmel birthday suit lipstick (#121, Lasting Finish Lipstick)

    Stila Taupe Shine lip gloss: Avon Taupe Glimmer Metallic Lipgloss

    Stila Rose Shine lip gloss: Avon Metallic Glistening Rose lipgloss

    Stila Sport Clear Color in Bare Red: Sonia Kashuk Lip Sheer in Love

    Three Custom Color Specialists Cool Salmon: Max Factor’s Silksticks #50

    Three Custom Color Specialists Cool Brown: Nat Robbins “Coffee”

    Three Custom Color Specialists Cool Brown: Max Factor’s Sepia

    Urban Decay Gash lipstick: Revlon Street Wear All Over Pencil in Blood

    Urban Decay Lip Gunk in Litter: Wet ‘N’ Wild in Shimmy Shimmer; MAC Lipglass in Freezefrost

    C-Thru Lipglass – Milani Secret

    Shroom or Nylon Shadow – WnW Cream

    Oh Baby Lipglass – Milani Serendipity

    Viva Glam V or Lust – Milani Taboo

    Vanilla Pigment – L’Oreal Delicate Lace e/s single

    Black Tied – Milani Storm

    Amber lights – Milani Flare or NYX Golden

    Parfait Amour – Milani Shock or Enchantment

    Mothbrown – NYX Root Beer

    Petticoat – PF Baked Blush in Baked Berry

    Gel l/sย – NYC Cashmere

    Viva Glam V – NYC Mauve Gold

    Oyster Girl Lipglass – Bonne Bell Lip Lites in Vanilla Swirl

    French Gray – Iced Mocha

    Malt – WnW Naked

    Well-Dressed blush – L’Orealย Babyย Blossomย 

    Amberlights – Milani Sun Goddess

    Sumptuous Olive – Milani Antique Gold

    Love Nectar l/g – Milani Coral Shimmer

    Nymphette l/g – Milani Summer Baby

    Hug Me – L’Oreal Chestnut Moisture Extreme l/s

    ย WnW 501B l/s, dupe for MAC Strawberry Blonde

    Blue-Brown Pigment – L’Oreal HIP Intrepid

    • That’s a great list! Do you know how close these are, though? I’d really love to make The Dupe List speak a little more on how close the dupe is so people have a good idea :)

      • kara

        Hi christine the dupe I posted are 80-100 percent close
        I use to work for sephora and mac and now I work as a beauty consultant in manhattan. A lot of young women especially ask me how to go about in a budget when it comes to beauty…and specializing with different make up in the past I know first hand of some really great products out there that are just as great as high end products. Hope they help you out

    • Having to scroll down so far made me smile, haha!
      So generous, thank you!

    • Paloma

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one with lists ๐Ÿ˜›

      I tried doing inventory on all of my burnt movies a while back, and the only thing that caused me to give up on it was that my computer did an update the night I was almost finished and it erased all my work…..I also make lists (in Alphabetical Order…) of fave movies, shows, music, actors….lol

  31. Haley

    If anyone has a dupe for MAC Lavender whip, Fashion Mews, or Blooming Lovely please put it in for me! Thanks!

    • kara

      Brucci L/S in Blooming Lilacs the pay off is amazing. Hope it helps

      • Haley

        Kara: do you know any places that sell Brucci?
        and thanks potatisbruden! i would like something more subtle than Lime Crime’s but i’ll check out Make Up Store.

    • I haven’t tried this one but try Lime Crime lipstick in D’Lilac.
      Make Up Store also has a lilac lip gloss that isn’t that glossy I think but it’s sticky I dunno what it’s called..
      Please note that I haven’t got Lavender Whip

  32. Monica

    is this your real job?
    this is what you spent your time on?
    and you even want more to people to believe this are the real things that matter in life and spent their time on?
    this is why US is so fucked up and fucks the rest of the world, I do like makeup and excites me but it’s not something essential.

    • Hi Monica,

      I’m not sure how The Dupe List says anything about what matters in life or not… It is only meant to be a resource for those who would find it useful.

      • pinkgirl

        I think this is a lovely idea. I love make-up. I’ve been through a tough time recently and I know that sometimes putting on my lipstick makes things … easier, somehow. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank-you to Christine for everything you do. xx.

      • Lindsey

        I do not understand why you would go to a website just to bash its creator. Christine has obviously worked very hard on this website and has many followers for a reason. Her looks inspires us to try something different and her reviews are no different then a book review. She is reviewing a product for a potential consumer of said product. I follow her website closely for all these reasons, I trust her opinion as do many other individuals. If you do not agree with what is said, why try to hurt the person who has worked so hard to create this? This to me shows a serious lack of maturity. Christine I love your website and everything you have done here. I go to you before I buy any product (that isn’t MAC lol). Thank you for your DUPE list too, I have one to add. MAC Stars ‘n Rockets = Sephora’s i love the 80’s.
        Thanks again!

    • It’s really not necessary to bash something you don’t find useful like many do; it’s all choice and opinion. You have yours and I have mine, but you need to understand that having a job doesn’t mean we have to shut everything else out of our lives!
      I’m 18 years old and a student in medical school, that doesn’t mean that I’m constantly looking for make-up. I have hobbies, as well. Painting, dance and make-up can be one as well.
      On another note, the US has absolutely nothing to do with it. The US is viewed negatively for different reasons.
      Honestly, learn to speak or don’t at all.

    • Paloma

      Wow. Cynical much? I’m someone who collects makeup on rare occasions, rarely wears it (especially during the summer time) yet I still find Christine’s page to be a very informative one that I frequent at least a couple of times a week…Wouldn’t you like to see what other people think about a product before buying it? And when a lipstick you love and adore has gone out of the making, wouldn’t you like to find something similar? Sheesh, some people take stuff way too seriously. Lighten up, folks!

    • Haley

      Monica; you should probably spend time doing ‘real things that matter’, instead of wasting your time here …

      • Monica has a point. I was just about to cure cancer, but got distracted by the Dupe List!

        Don’t assume that just because we love make up, that it somehow means we don’t do “worthwhile” things in our lives.

        We love you Christine! Thanks for doing this.

    • Roxanne

      Please go do whatever *you* feel is essential for making your life matter and leave the rest of us to be happily “brainwashed” by Christine and her fabulous blog, visited by makeup lovers worldwide. Thanks.

  33. Sarah

    Yayy! I asked you for a dupe blog in one of your question sessions :) Thanks so much, this will definately be easier than the list on the Long hair care forum. Gracias :)

  34. sillylilacs

    Oh wow, this is great! I’ll definitely put some up! I have a ginormous dupe list in excel on my computer, but I’m in the middle of reformatting my lappy, but as soon as that’s done, I’ll be adding to the list!

    This is going to be so cool! *girly squeal*

  35. kara

    I don’t understand I typed up a long list of actual real dupes on here? Did u delete it? That took a while ya know

  36. DJ

    Thank you for this! Very valuable indeed.

  37. Erica

    This is awesome! My suggestion would be to add a column for price- that way we can easily tell if the dupe is also a bargain!

  38. This is fantastic! I’ve sent in a few contributions.

  39. Nessa

    this LIST is awesome!


  41. Jakara

    This is a really good idea. I tried to view the list but could not. I clicked where it said you can view the dupe list here but it did not work.

  42. Zoe

    so excited for this! i just entered 1 dupe :)

  43. sabrina

    this is great! my wallet thanks you!

  44. Kristen

    This is a great resource! Thank you so much!

  45. Paloma

    I really hope that most people think of the poor folks when they are listing dupes….cuz I sure as hell ain’t paying 20+ for a lip product, no matter what the brand is.

  46. Melissa

    This is brilliant! I love this idea! It’ll cut down on accidental dupes when I’m in the store (and drawn to a color I love that apparently looks exactly like 4 other shades I already have).

  47. AWESOME idea ๐Ÿ˜€ I could enter MAC Peppermint Patti and IsaDora Vintage Mint but since I don’t have Peppermint Patti I’m not sure…
    Someone enter it? ๐Ÿ˜€

  48. candydespaghetti

    that’s amazing! extremely useful! loving it!
    thx a lot C~

  49. rashmi

    great post christine sorry m not a pro like you …
    i would have added something but m so blank
    sorry again sweetie but m waiting for the list and store it
    love you for this amazing idea

  50. peachgirl

    Can we change/add to this list? I opened it up and saw a bunch where I’d like to change the rating, add a comment etc. Also this % similarity; is this colour only? Maybe there should be another similarity rating for texture? (IMO that’s what makes certain products stand out)

    • You can’t change anything, but you can certainly add to it! I will take everything together, and say ten people suggest the same dupe, but some say it’s 100%, some say it’s 70%, some say it’s 80%, then I’ll try to average it out. If only one says 100%, but five say 70%, then I’ll make the final version just 70%. Does that make sense?

      One of the issues with the Foundation Matrix was having everyone be able to edit – it allowed SO much great feedback and inputs, but it took me about 60 hours to format and work through everything, particularly because I ended up taking 35 different versions of the spreadsheet – there were issues with entire rows, columns, and sheet being deleted, people’s contributions being erased, etc.

      So if you have a difference in opinion, just add it :)

      The similarity is overall – at the end of the day, are we close?

  51. Sally

    Christine, I know you get some negativity running this site, but I just want to say thank you for keeping it up. People may not always appreciate what you do, but I think I speak for most of us when I say your site is wonderful – as are you!
    P.S. This idea is awesome! It’ll be handy to have so many dupes in one place :]

  52. What an amazing idea! This is so, so useful!

  53. Hanna

    I can’t see the the dupe list or the link isn’t working for me. Can someone link it please?

  54. Amy

    Thank you so much! This is fabulous! :)

  55. Rachel

    This is awesome!!!

  56. Wow. This is REALLY impressive! Thank you for pulling all of this together!

  57. sharon

    this is a great idea!

  58. Petra

    Great idea, Christine! I’m sure many of us will find it useful!

  59. Frieda

    Hi Christine! What a great idea, I love the foundation matrix. I know it’s not necessarily makeup per se but I would like to see a makeup brush category added. Then it would be so easy for people to see if there are cheaper or better alternatives to specific brushes.

    P.S. I added some dupes to the list ๐Ÿ˜€

  60. Mia

    this is just amazing. great blog and amazing ideas!

  61. Lili

    Great idea! I have two questions:
    1) Can we put dupes which are in palettes such as palettes from hong kong (ie: coastal scents)?
    2)If the color, shade etc. are exactly the same but if the ES is a bit more powdery in texture, should we put 100% or less?


    • Hey Lili,

      1.) Sure, of course – just do your best to indicate what row/column, lol! I know it’s not as straight forward since those colors don’t have names, but that is fine.
      2.) Go 90 or 95% – just indicate “More powdery” as a difference.

  62. Shonie

    Please Please find a dupe for Mac X Rocks Blush!!!! Even if the dupe is high end, I NEED a color close to this one.

  63. Katie

    MAC Humid = NYX Hunter Green :)

  64. inaya

    ah. much love christine. it’s a great idea. but i can’t seem to view it for some reason. is NYX luminous blush really comparable to NARS Orgasm? I’ll just contribute by saying Monistat anti-chafing relief is a GREAT inexpensive, drugstore primer alternative(for the face)

  65. Joelle

    I love love love this!! What an awesome idea!
    Already contributed and hope to help out more as soon as I can get to my stash ๐Ÿ˜‰

  66. PJ

    this is by far the most brilliant use of open source EVER! thank you, thank you, thank you. i am going to comb through my stash tonight to find some good dupes to add.

  67. krystin

    need a dupe for one of those old bonne belle flippy/slide lipsticks. the color was almond glaze. i have been looking for a dupe for over 10 years any one here that old?? haha please help

  68. lisa

    Wonderfull idea!

  69. Sara

    thank you thank you thaaaankkk you for this!
    you. are. AMAZING.

    i am seriously so excited going through this list!

  70. Fari

    this is so amazing.

  71. lkvy

    Very cool! Thanks heaps!

  72. Suzanne

    This is amazing! Who can’t relate to having a favorite product or color discontinued, or being short on funds and out a favorite high end product. This covers it. I am wondering if anyone knows of a close dupe for Chanel Metallic Vamp Nail Polish?

  73. Wow Christine! That’s an amazing list you have!! I have been making lots of Dupe Tutorials lately and I just finished one tonight, a tribute to you! I am doing your Mac To The Beach Look with all dupes! I will send to you tomorrow. I have started adding to the list but will do more tomorrow! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with the world! I am inspired by you!


  74. maya pastori

    e/s mac prepped for glamour – mac satin taupe

  75. nazih

    I’m going crazy trying to find a dupe for Brave New Bronze!

  76. Li Ming

    Awesome, awesome idea. I can’t wait to see the list…although I don’t know if I will be able to contribute as much. Sorry! Don’t mean to…leech?

  77. Debster

    Supercool thanks! Tough question – I used to LOVE the OLD Garden Botanika lipsticks back when they had stores and have never been able to find shades that I like as well … would love to find “dupes” of some of those but this list is a few years too late for that. Any ideas would be appreciated.

  78. Angela

    Does anyone have some dupe recommendations (any brand) for “midnight cowboy” and/or “midnight cowboy rides again” eyeshadows WITHOUT glitter? the colors are great, but i really don’t like glitter. please help if you can!

  79. Phoebe

    I noticed that Mac Double shot lipstick is not on the list.It was a limited edition and I was wandering whether anyone knew of a similar colour.I loved that colour.I am UK based and have been unsuccessful at finding even a dupe….

  80. Sally

    Wow! Such a great idea! ๐Ÿ˜€
    This isn’t a contribution but instead a request if anyone has any info…
    Trucco’s Gypsy Rose lipgloss
    Thanks in advance to anyone with an answer (and, well, to anyone who has contributed in any way, actually).

    • prairielily

      It’s been a really long time so I don’t know if you’ll see this, but I found a dupe for this today:

      Apply one layer of Too Faced lipstick in Celebrity Meltdown, and then add a layer of Nars lip gloss in Orgasm on top. I put Gypsy Rose on one side of my mouth and Celebrity Meltdown/Orgasm on the other, and I couldn’t tell a difference.

      • prairielily

        And yes, I did still have some Gypsy Rose left. I’ve been hoarding it for the last six years. (Don’t judge me!)

  81. Chi

    Do you know any dupe(s) for MAC lipstick in Marrakech?
    The color is kind of similar to Bliss gloss in Red Rum(the color also discontinued)
    Im currently using Mac lipstick in Chilli as a dupe, but the color doesnt look right…
    please help(;_;)

  82. Raquel

    Great job with the dupe list Christina! Congrats!

    Any of you girls can help me trying to find a dupe for
    Estee lauder Futurist Age-Resisting Makeup? I’ve been trying
    To find a dupe for a long time now :( please help!

  83. Jessica

    I’m looking for dupes for MAC lip liners in Cherry and Redd. ย Does anyone know of any?