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Cream blushes can be made to look very natural. I love how blendable they are. Plus, they can be used as a base for powder blushes!

I prefer powder to cream because the cream formulation tends to morph on my skin to another color. Also, I don’t have dry skin, but that area of my face really tends to absorb the cream shadow and then I have to reapply. Of course the answer to this problem, and my favorite form of blush, is the Chanel JC. I own one (Imprevu) and want to purchase Plum Attraction for fall, but after seeing how gorgeous it looks on your cheeks, I’m going to have to wait and swatch and see. I’m NW20.

So, I guess powder wins over cream for me!

I’m also NW20 and although I don’t use cream blushes that often, they are very blendable so even a dark color could be toned down a lot or be made to look subtle.

I’m all about the cream blush right now. I have very oily skin and my powder blush will not last unless it is layered over cream blush.

The best I’ve tried is Lancome’s Color Design blush. It has a delicious cream-to-powder formula that I love love love. šŸ™‚

I also like the MUFE HD Blush, while they are not as easily blendable as Lancome’s, they are very long lasting as well.

please try it!! it is so wonderful to work with! plus really natural looking when you blend well.

i am so happy that i have gotten into cream blushes. maybe start out with NYC blushable creme stick. i have plaza pink and wild berry. they blend like a dream and are really cheap!!

Try Maybelline Dream Mousse blush. It’s cheap, light as air, blendable and does not break me out. If you decide you don’t like a cream blush then it would be an inexpensive experiment. I tried it & now want to try more colors! šŸ™‚

Can I say that I love everything about cream blushes? I think they’re more natural and easy to blend. Also my cheeks tend to be a little on the dry side, and with cream blushes I don’t have any problem.

well laura mercier is a very good cream blush maker. creamy and easy to blend….. i also like nyx cream blush. these are extremely creamy….i actually made a huge dent because i did not know how creamy it was going to be….Mac cream blushes are also very good…. bobbi brown are harder but still creamy and easy to blend also. I believe all of them have a similar amount of product.

If I buy cream blushes, it’s only MAC’s blushcremes. I don’t really have a problem cream blushes, but I just don’t prefer them — even though I have dry skin! I own Ladyblush and I like it fine, I just don’t reach for it often. I don’t like applying it with fingers, I actually use my 168, but maybe a 188 is better. With Ladyblush in particular, I use Blush of Youth (beauty powder from A Rose Romance) on top, to keep it in place and I really like the combination of the two.

Once in a blue, blue moon, I’ll use a touch of cream blush. Yes, Lancome makes a good one, but for anyone like me, who has bigger pores, I always feel as if cream blush just emphasizes the daylights out of them. I feel like one must have very good skin to wear cream blush. Certainly, not oily skin types.

NARS makes the best cream blushes (well, they make the best blushes in general!)… I really like Penny Lane as a base and then layer a powder blush over top!

I’n an NW15 and usually followed the rule: powder over powder / cream over cream. But lately, I’ve been applying my cream blush before applying my mineral powder makeup. I’ll just lightly swirl over the cream blush with the mineral powder and it creates a really pretty “glow from within” look that is natural and fresh for summer. Nars The Multiple is my favorite in either Orgasm, Portofino or Maui.

I love how seamless and natural cream blushes can look, especially with my dry skin, but I HATE how the creamier formulas that come in compacts (MAC blushcremes, NYX cream blushes) seem to attract dust and whatever other gross stuff is in the air like magnets. It grosses me out to no end when I see a little particle of *something* in there, which inevitably happens, even though I always use a clean brush and keep a really clean house! Consquently, as much as I love how they look, I rarely buy or use cream blushes. MUFE’s HD blushes are the exception, the delivery mechanism is soooo much better (although the pump usually dispenses too much product).

I love cream blushes! I am NW15 and love Tarte cheek stains in True Love and Flushed, NARS cream blush in Penny Lane, and MUFE HD blush 5 Nip Slip. To apply, I like using my fingers or a Beauty Blender sponge.

I never wear anything but cream blush! Two awesome ones at opposite ends of the price spectrum are “Tenne” by Le Metier de Beaute ($28-worth the money because the color is so beautiful/unusual) and “South Street Seashell”, an NYC cream blush stick that was all of $5 and does a terrific job for a daily product.

As a person who has to leave the house with full coverage foundation, it’s a bit of a hassle blending the blush into my foundation. It might make my foundation muddy, the coverage go away, etc. And if I were to set it with powder prior, it would go on cakey! Yeah, cream blushes are for people with nicer skin I suppose.

Same here! Since I need alot of coverage on my cheeks it looks awful if i rub in a cream blush over all that foundation and concealer :/ The only cream blushes I can use are the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouges, applied with a brush.

I have dry skin and love cream blushes! But, just like powder blush, cream formulas can very significantly in texture, blendability, and overall quality. My advice would be to splurge a bit and get one of good quality. My newest loves are the cream blushes by Le Metier de Beaute and by Edward Bess. Bobby Brown also makes some lovely ones. I dab a MAC small stippling brush very lightly on the surface of the cream and then dab the color very lightly on my cheeks. I use my finger to lightly blend it out. This gives a very natural look. For a more dramatic look, I’ll wipe the excess cream blush off the stippling brush and use the brush to sculpt and blend.

Although all the various companies say the cream can also be used on lips, I haven’t found a formula yet that actually worked as a lip color.

i love layering a powder blush on top of a cream blush, it really gives a nice glow and makes the colour of the powder brush alot nicer

I have come to love cream blush after using the MUFE HD cream blushes. A little bit goes a long way, they blend very nicely, whether I’ve put on full foundation and concealer or just tinted moisturizer, and my face always looks fresh, never dry. I’m so happy to see all the comments with suggestions of other great cream blushes to try!

I LOVE cream blushes. I think they’re great as a base for powder blushes, but they also give the effect of gorgeous, naturally radiant skin by themselves. One of my favorites is actually Peach Satin by Maybelline.

i had a love and hate relationship with cream blushes….i had a lot from the nyx and clinique but couldnt work on it properly, so it got at the bottom of my drawer..until recently, when a MA from MAC showed to me how he used it and since then i love cream blushes!!!!! use as a base, it makes powder blush last longer and use on its own, it just gives you a nice glow..i like NYX cream blush and clinique…i need to try other brands.

hi christine!
i think cream blushes are GREAT because they look natural and you don’t waste a lot of product with them.

however, they aren’t so great because if you have acne or acne scars, using cream blushes tend to be difficult because rubbing it in or putting it on and blending afterwards often causes the concealer/foundation to come off!

I like cream blushes more than powder blushes but some can be very greasy. My favs are NARS cream blushes and MUFE HD cream blushes. I like how it give me a satiny look. I usually don’t set my foundation with powder so apply cream blush on my liquid foundation makes my look so dewy and healthy.

I love Becca’s Lip and Cheek Cremes. Best product ever! It has sort of a gel-like consistency, and it’s super easy to blend and gives you the nicest sheen on the cheekbones! And it lasts FOREVER.

I have dry skin, so I need to apply cream blush with a foundation brush sprayed with rose water. Otherwise I have to apply SO much moisturizer to my cheeks that it makes my hair greasy when it touches my face!

The MAC cream blushes are the worst I’ve ever tried. The texture is just…wrong. It’s not very creamy, and it goes on SO splotchy no matter how you apply it. Definitely not for drier skin types!

I’d love to own a peach cream blush. The only cream I own at this point is a really cool pink that’s better for winter (Becca Lip & Cheek Creme in Rosebud). I’m about NW20 when I don’t tan, and I’m almost a NW25 when I’ve got a bit of a tan.

I’ve been wearing a lot of cream blush for the very first time. I’m really liking it, especially for summer. I’ve given up wearing foundation in this heat and cream blush looks fabulous on naked skin. It blends in quickly and gives a natural flushed glow. With a wash of shadow some mascara and a bright lipgloss, you’re good to go in 5-10 minutes!

Ive recently picked up NYX’s rouge cream blushes in boho chic and glow and i LOVE them! they are my first try at cream blushes but i am really liking them. They help give a nice flush to my face and last a lot longer than powder blushes šŸ™‚

I love how easily blendable they are and how you can apply them with your fingers. I hate how they quickly they fade. I’ve really only tried one, Estee Lauder’s Creamy Cheek Color in Honey Shimmer, wich is very pretty.

I love the texture and look of cream blushes but i hate their staying power.Most cream blushes don’t hold up for a long amount of time.All in all I love them more than hate them.

I’ve never tried one! The only blush product that I have used besides powder blush is a cheek stain, Posietint by benefit. I want to try Ladyblush by MAC and maybe Penny Layne by NARS.

I only started liking cream blushes after I got my 131. I had owned only one cream blush and couldn’t find the proper brush to use with it so now I’m in love with them. I like how they go on and how easy they are to blend and I sometimes I use a powder blush over it because it helps my blush to last longer. Definitely need to use a duo fibre or synthetic brush to pick the color up or you will make a mess of your blush in the pan. Gross.

I only have MAC Cremeblend blush in Florida which is more of a cream-to-powder finish on me (might have something to do with my dry skin). Definitely interested in cream blushes still (MUFE & NARS especially).

They don’t seem that bad besides that fact that hair and other particles will get stuck in there if you don’t watch it and you have to wash your hands if you use your fingers (b4 and after).

I just don’t seem to reach for them because it seems more of a hassle than powder blush. I have to clean my brush every time (hands don’t work for me) whereas with powder you can use 7 different shades of blush and it won’t turn a different colour!

I haven’t tried any cream blushes. I just purchase Maybelline mousse bronzer and I ordered smashbox double exposure in irresistable. I can’t wait to try it. It is a cream blush and a lipgloss. I was just thinking yesterday that I have to try some cream blushes. This is right on time.

Love creme blushes, especially in the warmer months! They just look really natural and fresh looking, and leave a dewy finish to the cheeks. In the winter months, I usually layer a powder blush over a creme blush product.

I’ve really been loving the NYC blushable creme sticks. They’re dirt cheap, but work amazingly well for the price! They are so creamy and easy to blend, and incredibly pigmented.

I’ve never used cream blush because I don’t know how to use it! When do you put it on? After liquid foundation but after powder? My face make-up is usually applied in this order: primer->liquid foundation-> MUFE HD powder-> MAC powder blush in gingerly. When do I add the cream?

Tried several different makes. Never works for me. I have oily skin, so they kinda disappear into my skin and does not add to anything for me. I really wanted to love it, but my skin does not agree.

I am an NC20 and I have recently re-discovered cream blushes. I tried them about 10 years ago and I hated them. Just like foundation the formulas have improved so much since then. There are so many different cream blushes on the market now it was just the matter of finding the perfect formula and colors for my skin.

Cream Blushes are the perhaps the best thing I’ve discovered this year – it is definitely much more natural and when used with a cream color base such as MAC’s Hush as a highlighter – I see an instant lift in my face, an innate glow that I can’t create from even the best of powder products.

I have quite rosy cheeks, not to call them plain red…
I rarely use blusher and if I use it, I only use it to tone the red on my cheeks down. But if I do, I prefer cream blushers to powder blushers. They are easy to control, easy to blend and they last longer then most powder blushers. I’m still trying to find my HG, haven’t found it yet. I’m a NW20 at MAC and I have absolutely no clue what to look for…

I’ve got a similar problem; my daughter says I have that “natural glow, lit from within” look just with foundation and so a cream blushes would have to either tone down or enhance what nature gives me. I am going to look at NARS however for fall. I’m NW20 and it’s not an easy coloring to find the right blush for, even though it oughta be!

Lately I have been getting into cream blushes, and I mean to use them as bases for my powder blush. I can’t tell how it works so far because any makeup seems to melt off anyway, but I’ll keeping trying more and getting more in my collection!

I don’t really like cream blushes – I’m an NC15 with average skin and I have real trouble applying them. No matter if I use a brush or my fingers, the patting/rubbing will cause my skin to redden just that tiny bit so I never know if I got the right amount of product. It is removing – reapplying all the time and I do not have the nerve for that. This is why I prefer powder blushes, they can be applied so gently that I know if I got the amount right right away.

I love them and I use it every time I wear makeup. I love NYX Cream Blush in Glow and Tarte Cheek Stain in Tipsy. I apply with a stippling brush and I often set it with translucent powder or powder blush for extra staying power.

I’ve always stayed away from cream blushes as they seemed tricky to apply…either too bright in the pan/too sticky when swatched etc. But that all changed with MAC lillyland + u’r application video tutorial…now MAC Joi de Vivre is my fav creme blush…just a tiny dab gives me such a gorgeous natural colour flush that lasts all day long.

I love cream blusher! Looks so natural and dewy! One good one is from Japanese brand called canmake. They have it in 7 colours, shades of pink, coral and orange and the texture feels like mouse, very airy! Me likey!

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