Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What was the last beauty lesson you learned? Share it with us!

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34 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What was the last beauty lesson you learned?

  1. Cee

    Kevyn Aucoin said this in one of his books. When you put a colour on yourwater line,… close your eyes very hard directly afterwards, then the colour goes a bit more into the roots of your eyelashes. I personally really like his advise.

  2. Cat

    Putting light reflective e/s by your tearducts make your eyes pop.

  3. Tanya from Oz

    To eliminate puffiness under the eyes to the best of your ability, wrap an ice cube in a face wipe or makeup pad and dab for about 5 mins. The coldness from the ice will slow the blood flow in that area, and therefore the puffiness will slowly vanish from lack of circulation.

    Then, apply the eye cream of your preference, and pat in using your ringfinger (as this applies the least pressure to the delicate skin).

    Apply a creamy concealer to the whole eye area, to conceal any redness, veins, or dark circles. When applying concealer always look up, so it does not nestle into the fine lines that are right under the lashes.

    Credit goes to a great youtuber!! (i’ve forgotten what her name is….)

  4. 1. Tight-lining my eyes
    2. Contouring & highlighting my cheeks

  5. Misting your face in the heat of the summer really helps set it and keeps you refreshed!

    I just did my first full makeup tutorial! Thanks for the inspiration! =)

  6. Kalie

    How to contour my cheeks and face! I learned it from my MA at the beginning of summer and have been addicted to do it. 😀

    this is a good youtube video on it:

  7. Kakes

    I just learned about press on eye shadow. I know its like cheating but its been kinda cool to prep, press, and go!

  8. SmittenKitten

    I learned that purple is not for me…sad but true!

  9. Ashley

    I finally learned how to properly do a smokey eye ! and any kind of crease color(s). I didn’t know about all of the different brushes you should have or what the techniques were.

  10. Tightlining was the coolest thing I learn in the past year. And believe it of not Bronzer. I was always scared of it. It warms my Olive skin nicely.

  11. Tekoa

    Carmindi from What Not to Wear says to apply concealer after foundation. Hmmm!

  12. I’ve never been into using a toner and always thought of it as unnecessary but I learned that using a toner really helps to get off the residues of makeup and cleansers when it is swept over the skin with a cotton pad. The gunk that’s left on the cotton pad! I’ve used a toner everyday ever since.

  13. Teresa

    MA taught me this over the weekend. I just learned to use a bit of red lipstick to cover up dark eye circles as a base, then apply your concealer and setting powder. Obviously not something to do everyday but for really special days where you have the time. I was surprised that it worked. I have to try it myself and see if I can do it on my own.

  14. cloudburst

    That a pink based concealer works well to cover dark circles even if you’re yellow toned.