shu uemura Face Architect Remodeling Cream Foundation and Brightening Cleansing Oil for Fall 2008!

On top of INSTINCT and the Viktor & Rolf eyelashes, shu uemura is putting out Face Architect Remodeling Cream Foundation and Brightening Cleansing Oil this Fall.

face architect remodeling cream foundation w/SPF 10 ($39.00)

As part of the growing FACE ARCHITECT franchise, shu uemura introduces the latest in foundation – face architect remodeling cream foundation ($45), a new creamy formula that is ideal for adding subtle highlights and accents to the face. Face Architect, Mr. Uemura’s philosophy towards face makeup, used the face as a canvas to apply makeup that will enhance natural beauty. From studying the bone structure and variations of skin thickness, to observing the individual differences in women, this detailed observation is known as “structuralizing” the face. By observing, it will become clear which parts of the face need more or less foundation to sculpt and refine natural beauty.

Remodeling Effect: Flex-fit formula allows foundation to sit naturally as a second layer of skin, which allows for buildable coverage. Cover-fit particles provide for precise and transparent coverage.
Ultimate Comfort: The skincare-like formula contains nearly 20% depsea water and volatile oil, which allows foundation to spread comfortably on skin.
Anti-Aging Treatment: UVA/UVB SPF protection and Jasmine extract is added for an anti-oxidant benefit.
Semi-Matte Finish: Semi-matte texture with natural sheen creates a sophisticated, chic look.

Jason Hoffman, shu uemura Principal Makeup Artist says, “Apply the face architect remodeling cream foundation with the NEW shu uemura Foundation Brush in Natural 18. This exclusive brush created with only the best selected soft goat hair was created to apply foundation smoothly and evenly with a higher coverage effect. Ultra-fine, un-cut hair tips allow smoother application in comparison to synthetic brushes, and higher coverage compared to sponge applicators. Natural 18 also allows freedom in sculpting foundation dimensionally, so you can achieve a professional level makeup finish.”

Available: September 2008

Get the details on the new Brightening Cleansing Oil!

brightening cleansing oil ($75.00 for 450ml, $35 for 150ml)

Dark spots, dull skin and skin inflammation are all side affects from being exposed to the sun. The goal was to create a product that was gentle enough not to further upset skin’s natural balance, and to ensure that skin is purified daily. Skin looks brightened and dullness seems to vanish.

PRUNE EXTRACT: rich in nutritive compounds such as polyphenols, beta-carotene, vitamins A, B, C, E and minerals such as iron, potassium and calcium. Prune extract has anti-inflammatory properties and helps improve the rough scale of the skin surface.
SAKURA LEAF EXTRACT: known for its anti-oxidant, anti-bacteria and soothing properties.
DEPSEA WATER: provide superior hydration to skin.

Available: October 2008