Monday, September 15th, 2008

For our next giveaway in our Summer of Fun Giveaways, even the wee ones can get in on the fun with BABY BEAUTY…

  • Belli Baby Pamper Me
  • Belli Baby Nourish Me
  • Belli Baby Calm Me
  • Belli Baby Protect Me

This prize package is worth $100.00! To enter to win, leave a comment telling me what your favorite part about pregnancy is/was, and make sure to use an accurate e-mail address (this is how we contact you if you win!) by September 16th, 9PM PST. Remember, there are ways to increase your chances to win, so make sure you find out how (and read additional rules). Today’s prize package is for babies, so if you do not have or plan to have one shortly, please do not enter!

Good luck!

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29 thoughts on “Temptalia’s Summer of Fun #030: Baby Beauty

  1. Heather

    The best thing about pregnancy is being pampered by my hubby!! :)

  2. DaniMae

    OMG What a cool prize!

    For me, the best thing about being pregnant was how beautiful it made me feel. It’s crazy that at the largest I’ve ever been, and how sick I got, I still felt so beautiful. Carrying a child is amazing! It opened my mind and my heart, and I am looking forward to being a second time mommy, and hopefully more times after that!

  3. Shefali

    The best thing about being pregnant was the great skin, hair, and nails that I had! For once, I had normal hair and truly beautiful, glowing skin. I miss that and am looking forward to my next pregnancy for those things…and the new baby!

  4. Brooke

    the best thing about pregnancy is feeling the baby kick around AND seeing him (or her!) bouncing around on the sonogram machine lol I’m pregnant AGAIN and can’t wait for those moments to start back up!

  5. The best thing about my two pregnancies was the LOVE that I felt for my babies even before I saw their faces. Nothing can compare, I think, to a Mother’s love for her child. From the minute I found out, I loved them so very much and knew that I’d never be the same. They changed me literally from the inside out and made me feel so beautiful every time I look at their faces.

  6. gracieo

    The best part of being pregnant is the fact that you can eat absolutely ANYTHING …guilt free!! lol

    • kat

      isn’t this the time when you should be most concerned about eating healthy because your baby is prone to picking up what you eat like excess mercury?

      Also, if you gain too much it must be near impossible to lose after the stress of having a baby….?

  7. deesha

    The best part about my pregnancy was feeling my son kick, and the fact that everyone spoiled me.

  8. Emma Matthew

    The best thing about the pregnancy with my now two year old daughter was experiencing everything for the first time. Its an amazing experience and to go through it all is incredible.
    I am currently pregnant again and due in January and this time is so different. I am not so scared or worried, I am a lot more confident in myself as a woman.
    But the best thing i would have to say is the little kicks that come from within and the birth, not labor (ouch!)but giving birth is an amazing experience i wish everyone could go through.

  9. Elizabeth M.

    I loved how shiny and healthy my hair looked during pregnancy!

  10. Chelsey

    hi christine….

    The best thing I loved about being pregnant was getting to be pampered, laying in bed and knowing that there was a living human being growing inside me….oh the joys but it last only nine months, now my son is 20months old and all over the place

  11. elizabeth lee

    the best thing about being pregnant is being able to eat everything you want!!
    i love food, and it is even better when you can eat it and not gain weight!

  12. bunny

    I’ve never been pregnant, but I’d love to win this for my sister who’s giving birth soon!

  13. Maggie

    I had a horrid pregnancy! I was on bedrest for four months, on lots of medications, spent many many sleepless nights in the hospital…yet, despite all that it was one of the best times of my life. It’s such a privlege to be apart of the miracle that is bringing a new life into the world. I celebrated every kick and movement. Our bodies are truly amazing! My son was born healthy and is the most wonderful blessing….such a bright little light in a world that can seem so dim at times.

  14. My daughter is only six months old, so I still have vivid memories about pregnancy. I was very lucky because I was fine all through the 9 months, I even went to work until the 8th month, because I felt strong and full of energy. The best part of the pregnancy was when my new life as a mom started, that is the labour and the birth of my baby girl. I perfectly remember the strong strong strong pains but when it was all finished and I could keep the baby in my arms, well, I think that was the happiest moment in my whole life.

  15. mj

    This is an awesome giveaway! My favorite part of pregnancy is right now: I started my 3rd trimester today, and feel great! Just can’t wait till my little girl arrives!

  16. gracieo

    christine …do grannys to be count??? lol
    thats what i get for not reading the whole article :o/

  17. Nina

    My favorite part of pregnancy is when it was over!!!

  18. Janis

    The things I liked about being pregnant were the trips to the ultrasound and seeing my baby change every time like from a teeny tiny gestational sac to a full blown baby with 10 fingers and 10 toes…Oh and finding out the sex of my baby which turned out to be a boy!

  19. Kimberly

    I loved how my hair grew, the fastest it’s ever grown! I loved knowing there was a tiny human being inside me that I helped to create.

  20. karlenma

    for me, the best (and the most emotional) part of my pregnancy was seeing my baby’s cute round face sucking in amniotic fluids during an ultasound. i couldn’t help but cry with the feeling of sheer joy that she was indeed healthy inside my tummy. and having great hair and skin and cleavage during that time made me feel truly sexy despite the big round belly. :)

  21. Theresa

    The best part of both my pregnancy was after the first trimester was over. There were many things that I loved about being pregant. Physical appearance wise – The thick, luscious jet black and shiny locks, the radiant and glowing skin, the slightly swollen and plumper lips and the erm, new size of my boobies. Emotionally, both hubs and me were happy and thankful that all the pre-natal checks went well and I loved the pre-natal exercise classes that I had enrolled into. Lastly, the head, neck and feet massages that hubs would religiously give me were all something that I look forward to each night. And he used to croon to our baby with his guitar with all the lullabies and it was so funny coz sometimes he forgets the words and comes up with the weirdest lyrics.

    Just writing these make me wanna have another baby.

  22. Luv J

    The best part of my pregnancy? The thrill of anticipation! I felt this inexplicable happiness.. I rarely did my hair and put any makeup on.. yet I felt so perfect. My beauty emanated from the baby I was carrying and it was the greatest feeling ever! I ever thought I’d find dust bunnies in my train case! :)

  23. Luv J

    The best part of my pregnancy? The thrill of anticipation! I felt this inexplicable happiness.. I rarely did my hair and put any makeup on.. yet I felt so perfect. My beauty emanated from the baby I was carrying and it was the greatest feeling ever! I never thought I’d find dust bunnies in my train case! :)

  24. Neena

    The best thing about being pregnant was that I had a good reason to gain weight and no one could make fun of me. I could eat as much as I wanted. I’ve always been sort of insecure about my body so this gave me a chance to be a total cow and still get compliments. I couldn’t always eat what I wanted to thanks to the morning (and afternoon and night) sickness, but when I found something both she and I could agree upon… YUMMY! Now she’s the love of my life and her opinion about how I look is the only one that matters and she could definately care less at only 4 months old!!!

  25. Kella

    I’d love to win this to give as a gift to a loved one. Best part of pregnancy – the love, the excitement, being spoiled and feeling beautiful!

  26. Nil

    The best thing about being pregnant was the bond and the connection you have with your baby. The movements, the kicking. EVERYTHING. LABOUR is BEAUTIFUL. There’s no such thing as pain when it comes to labour. Not when you get given the most perfect gift in the world. Done it two years in a row and would do it again in a heartbeat ! :)