Giorgio Armani Face Fabric Wins Me Over

Giogrio Armani Face Fabric ($45.00) is the latest from GA when it comes to foundations. It is my first time trying any Giorgio product, let alone one of their foundations (which are pretty highly touted!). Face Fabric is described as “second skin nude makeup.” It’s actually an accurate description of how the foundation feels. The easiest way to describe the texture and feel of this foundation is to call it a tinted primer. It has much of the same texture as a silicone-based primer does (like Smashbox Photofinish), but this is clearly tinted to act like a foundation.

Giorgio Armani says it has “#D Micro-fil” technology, which is supposed to bring “lightness and fluiditiy” to your makeup. I don’t exactly know what that really means, but I will agree that this is a very natural-looking foundation that blends easily and seamlessly into the skin’s natural planes. It has a little bit of a “glow” to it; just makes the skin look very healthy. The coverage on this is more than a tinted moisturizer, but it definitely won’t cover the two-week-to-recover-zit or anything. I find I opt for this foundation on better skin days, but if it’s a break out week, I have to get something with more coverage. I personally have several foundations on hand, because I like different ones on different occasions.

For those curious, Face Fabric does have SPF12, which is pretty minimal coverage, but you can always increase your SPF coverage through a moisturizer or separate sunscreen beforehand. And for the price-conscious, yes, the foundation is pricey, and you don’t get a whole lot (1.35 fl. oz.), but the good news is you really need a pea size or less for an application.

I recommend this for anybody who doesn’t already use a primer, or someone who wants a lightweight, minimal coverage foundation with primer benefits. The foundation’s ability not to settle into fine lines and the nuances of the face makes it a great option for those who have battled with the frustration of some other foundations, too.