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i’ll redo the part i don’t like or if i’m going to school then i’ll leave it the way it is. I don’t really care for school but when I work (in cosmetics) if it looks kinda bad i’ll change it.

Well when its for work its usually the same type of look, neutral and I have kinda mastered it. But if its sumthing I dont like I’ll just leave it. However when going out with friends I’ll redo whatver I dont like. It funny cause if I dont like the look I will not be in a happy mood.

Well it really depends on how much time i have! If i have the time i will take it off and re-do, but if not i will just try to modify/fix whatever i don’t like or looks bad.

I agree SnicerDoodle!

If my eyes are all wrong or I am not feelin’ the lip I’ll try to add on/take off here & there!

It depends. If I’ve overdone my foundation, I’ll just dilute it by applying some moisturiser and gently patting it off, and finish with loose powder. Or if my mascara’s horrible, I’ll comb the nonsense out of it, and it really is horrible. And I suppose everything else works if you are good at smudging it. Sheesh, I hate it when I don’t like my makeup.

ha me too! i’ve been known to really make a mess of things when attempting to ‘tone down’ too much eye shadow..helloooo, muddyness!

I’ll usually just blend over with a highlighter until any harsh lines disappear… if it’s not the look I was attempting, oh well!
I never really try anything I haven’t done before if I’ve got anywhere pressing to be, though- so I don’t usually have that problem.

I’m very embarrassed to say this, but sometimes when I get really frustrated with my make up it take a liner and scribble all over my face LMAO In a way, it forces me to wipe it all off and start over and teach myself a better technique.

if it doesn’t work, i take it off and go for a different color combination and technique and try again but if that doesn’t work again i just go with a neutral color and that’s it.

It depends on what’s wrong with it and how much time I have. The other day I started a yellow and orange look and it didn’t take much for me to decide that I wasn’t happy so I cleaned the eye I’d started and picked different colors. I want to go back and try again when I have more time. If I’m pretty far into an eye look, I’ll try to just blend and cover up whatever it is that I don’t like.

For other stuff (lips, cheeks, face) I usually just blend, add another color or some loose powder over the top (cheeks) until I’m happy. Then I make a mental note of what I did that didn’t work out and try not to do it again :oP

I’ll just leave eyes the way they are, eh whatever. If I don’t like the lip combo, it’s easy enough to wipe it off and start over. That happens a lot too 🙁

It depends. If I don’t have time to fix it bc I’m always late for EVERYTHING, then I just leave my house pissed off and get home as fast as possible and wash it off. lol If I can afford to be later, then I’ll wash off the area I don’t like and re-do it. It’s usually just an area of my foundation that isn’t sitting well. It doesn’t happen often.

if it’s foundation, I’ll wash it off & start over, even if I don’t have time to do my eyes. It only takes a sec to put on mascara. I would rather have great skin than eyes. If it’s eyes- it depends on time. If I have time, I’ll qtip off what I don’t like and try something else. If I don’t have time, qtip & leave it alone.

Eyes? Cover it up. With another eyeshadow. There are so many eyeshadows that look beautiful on their own (and right now I’m lusting after Deep Truth). I’m waiting to try a few shadows on their own from the Kat Von D palette… (the Beethoven one!)

Most of the time i just redo the part that needs fixing, but sometimes it depends how bad the mistake is, sometimes I start all over again. I think the worst to fix is smeared mascara, I’ve used some mascara’s that smeared top & bottom, so frustrating!

if my eyeshadow looks bad, i usually add more colors till it looks okay .
i wont re do it cuz it takes too long, ill just adjust it

i redo the whole thing because i’m a perfectionist and i feel alive when things are just the way i like it 🙂 so its worth it.

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