Friday, December 9th, 2011

Tarte Blissful Amazonian Clay Blush
Tarte Blissful Amazonian Clay Blush

Tarte Blissful Amazonian Clay Blus ($25.00 for 0.20 oz.) is described as a “warm peach,” but it’s more like an intense coral-pink on me! It’s more pink than coral, but it’s not truly pink. The brightness and strength of the pink will make it a wearable coral even on cooler complexions. The hue reminded me of Smashbox Blushing/Peony, which is a touch pinker and is a cream. It’s also similar to theBalm Frat Boy. Make Up For Ever #6 is a bit lighter, less pink.

Tarte says that these have a twelve-hour wear time, which I haven’t yet experienced, but some of the darker shades tend to do better than the lighter ones. For instance, Blissful wore for eight hours well, and though it was faded, I could still detect some on after ten hours. I like that the blush is really silky soft in texture, which makes it easy to blend, but it is also soft enough that a brush easily dislodges the powder so you can easily get too much product on your brush with some of the more intense shades like Blissful. I’d recommend a stippling brush or tapping off the excess if you prefer a light look.

The Glossover



Better wear than the previous two shades I've reviewed, but it doesn't quite meet the twelve-hour claim, so wear is still where this product falls short! The pigmentation is plentiful, and the texture is silky soft, though it almost gets powdery.











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Tarte Blissful Amazonian Clay Blush
Tarte Blissful Amazonian Clay Blush

Tarte Blissful Amazonian Clay Blush
Tarte Blissful Amazonian Clay Blush

Tarte Blissful Amazonian Clay Blush
Tarte Blissful Amazonian Clay Blush

Tarte Blissful Amazonian Clay Blush
Tarte Blissful Amazonian Clay Blush

Tarte Blissful Amazonian Clay Blush
Tarte Blissful Amazonian Clay Blush

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Tarte, $25.

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The hue reminded me of Smashbox Blushing/Peony, which is a touch pinker and is a cream. It's also similar to theBalm Frat Boy. Make Up For Ever #6 is a bit lighter, less pink.

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61 thoughts on “Tarte Blissful Amazonian Clay Blush Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. It looks lovely on you

  2. Maria

    I’ve been using this since last June and really love it. Its true that it doesnt quite pass the 12-hr test but for 8-10 hrs at the office its fine. I like that its silky, goes on easily and really provides a nice level of pigmentation without making me look like I have a sunburn!

  3. Ali

    I’ll definitely be picking that one up this spring/summer! :)

  4. Marieke

    I love this color! And it looks absolutely gorgeous on you.

  5. jen

    Wow I need that color, so pretty! I just bought tarte’s natural beauty with my sephora Xmas gift card mailer and adore how pink and pretty it looks but it is incredibly pigmented as well so i am STRUGGLING with appplication. I need to find an inexpensive brush asap. Do u have any recommendations in the $10- $15 range? Sinister Kashuk maybe?

  6. oksana

    such a amazing color, looks good on you.

  7. Even though this is bright, I can see this working on my tanned skin. Yay!

  8. Ester

    That looks very pretty on you, Christine!

  9. emily

    Oh this is GORGEOUS. Want want want. But, I already own both Frat Boy and MUFE #6 Quickie so it’s probably something I don’t really need . . . I guess I’m just very attracted to this color!

  10. This blush is amazing on you!

  11. Angie

    I have this! and I totally love it :)

  12. Katie

    Not planning to purchase, but pretty blush color, nonetheless. And I have to comment on your eyes, skin, everything! You look so glow-y and healthy. Please share what you’re using?

  13. Nikki

    I loooooooooooooooooooove this!!! I’ve never bought a tarte blush before, maybe this one will be my first ^_^
    I’m vvery fair but i love bright colors like this! !

  14. Kris

    This one turned orange on me….. Ironically even more than tippy did. I have nw20 skin.

  15. Wow, what a neat coral pink! It looks almost neon, but seems to just shy away from that… At any rate, it’s gorgeous on you!

  16. Abbi

    I own tipsy and amused and LOVE them, is blissful different enough to be worth buying cause I can’t tell online? …Also I can’t wait until Tarte or Sephora get exposed back in stock because your review on it sold me!!

  17. Breanna

    I always check out the Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes when I’m in Sephora because I love Exposed, but this shade has never caught my eye. It’s quite funny because I love it in your swatch/on you, Christine! I will definitely pay closer attention to this color next time I’m out! (:

  18. Hey Christine, do you think MAC 168 would pick up too much in one go or not? I’m eyeing Blissful and Exposed (though God knows when Exposed will once again become available… probably after the Friends and Family sale), but having to invest in a stippling brush at the same time is a bit intimidating. Thanks for your reply!

  19. kayla

    would this colour look flattering on someone with a very fair, neutral complexion? i wear their smooth operator tinted moisturiser in agent 02 if that helps. love this colour to death, i just don’t want it to look tacky on me.

  20. This looks really pretty.. I’ve only used Exposed. This does peak my interest though :)

  21. Casi

    This is my absolute favorite color from Tarte. However I have also noticed that 12 hours is not what I get out of their powder blushes either. That is until I paired it with the same shade (Blissful) in Tarte’s Check Stain stick. Using the stick first & blending it out with a good bronzer brush & then adding the powder over the top. That combo last all day & well into the night on me!

  22. Princessflttrby

    This colo looks amazing on you! Funny how products look different and act differently on each person. These Tarte blushes last all day on me, 16 hrs. They’re still there when I take it off, my Clarisonic brush turns pink/coral depending upon the color I used. The lightest shades fade a bit at the 10-12 hr mark, but I’m cool with that :) This shade in particular, Blissful, was horrid on me, which was disappointing because I love love love the stain in this shade. It was very orange on me (I have a very strange skin tone English Italian heritage, its like pale pinky olive, strange) Anyway, love the Tarte blushes & love seeing your reviews, swatches & smiling face. I love your site :)

  23. divinem (Melissa)

    Way too bright for my taste. I’ll pass on this. Thanks, Christine.

  24. Alexis

    I have this product and purchased it in April. I absolutely love it! My skin color is ‘medium,’ you could say, and I use this blush almost everyday. I love how gentle it is.

  25. Cindy

    This is the first Tarte Amazonian Clay blush I’ve purchased, and I wore it almost every day this past spring/summer. It lasted forever on me and I loved how pigmented it was. I have very oily skin, and not only did it help keep shine at bay, but I would swear that it made the pores on my cheeks smaller. I know it doesn’t make that claim, but it was the only thing in my routine that changed.

  26. Becky

    That colour is GORGEOUS on you! o.o

  27. Audrey

    I was wondering if it could be a dupe of MAC’s bite of an apple blush? It looks so beautiful!

  28. JEN

    I agree Christine! These don’t wear long AT ALL! I think I get like 4 hours and my skin is DRY! It’s weird to hear all this hype about how good these are. But they are really overpriced, over glorified blushes. NYX has long wearing blushes and more than 1/2 the cost of this one. But everyone is different and should expect different results. Just not for me.

  29. Cait

    That is a pretty colour on you, almost the same I’d say to stila custom colour blush on me. I love tartes blush (I have tipsy in both stick and powder form) and that stuff is amazing; I do agree though that it does not last 12 hours and to be perfectly honest, the Stila does that without even boasting it in the description.

  30. Stephanie

    Hi, I really want to get one of these blushes in either Blissful or Exposed and but i don’t know which one will look good on me. Right now, I’m leaning towards Blissful but i just want your opinion. I’m a C40 in MAC if that helps. Thank you! I really appreciate it.

  31. Kimryan8

    Hi Christine – Congrats on your engagement! How exciting!!!

    I wanted to share my experience for one of the tarte blushes. I scored the Natural Beauty shade on Christmas and it gives the perfect cold pink cheeks look (since its been too warm in Chicago to get that) this color provides the perfect pink for that. I put it on over Benefit Hello Flawless face powder that I use for foundation.

    This blush really lasts all day. It lasted all the way through Christmas festivities and even through an hour-long hot tub session! I am amazed! I have oily skin and this stuff rocks.

  32. Joan Andruszkewicz

    Christine, I just saw four new Tarte amazonian clay blush shades on the Sephora website. They’re not in yet, but will be available soon. Two of the shades, Adored and Glisten, are from collections either on Sephora’s website or QVC. The other two, Buff and Frisky, I believe are brand new shades. Buff looks like it’s name and Frisky looks like a coral shade. Can’t really depend on those swatches, though. Will you be posting and reviewing these shades?

  33. grace

    Christine: how does this compare to nyx menage a trois? Or perhaps korres orange? If you had to choose one out of the 3, which one would you choose and why? Thanks for reviewing!

  34. Joan

    I have Blissful and Tipsy and they both go on pinker than they look in the case. Blissful looks more peach in the pan and Tipsy looks more orangey. The way it’s showing up in your photos doesn’t look the same as it does “in person”. The way it’s showing up is a shade that I wish Tarte would come out with in a matte finish….kind of like Frisky, but lighter and in a matte not a shimmer.

  35. army_wife_in_alaska

    I am so loving the color. Will probably get it when my card recovers from the Hey Sailor Collection. lol.