Tell us what you love and hate about...

Tom Ford

Of course the rant is how expensive products can be! The other is accessibility–it’s hard to find Tom Ford in person unless you live in a larger metro. I really have loved a lot of the formulas I have tried, though I’m not a big fan of the regular eyeshadow quads.

-- Christine

Tell us what you love and hate about...


I love their Ready formula for blush/eyeshadows, and even though they’re technically different brands, I like a lot of their Buxom lip products. I really didn’t like their most recent pencil eyeliner formula – that was a rough one.

-- Christine

Rant & Rave: L’Oreal

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my answer: Sometimes they seem really pricey compared to other brands at the drugstore, so I really try to wait for some sort of sale before buying anything. I think they have some really strong formulas in their eye and nail products. I wish their lip products had a better scent.

Rant & Rave: YSL

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my answer: I’ve noticed them repeating in seasonal collections by taking a permanent eyeshadow palette and putting a new cover on it, and I have found it difficult to 100% tell online and only discover it when I open it in person. I like a lot of YSL’s products, but there are some misses–primarily anything that’s powder and supposed to be intensely pigmented.

Rant & Rave: Sephora

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my answer: I love how it can be a total one-stop shop, as they have a lot of brands available, and I like that their online selection is large and frequently updated. Their stores overwhelm me every time, but I go very, very infrequently (like once a year or less). Their reward tiers/system could use a ton of improvement. I think they’ve created a pretty good house range of products, too, and they have also backed some good brands.