Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Survey Says

Fill in the survey below with your answers, and then share your answers with us in the comments section! :-)

  • Weirdest makeup product?
  • Product you own but never use?
  • What’s your oddest beauty habit?

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97 thoughts on “Survey Says… March 30th, 2011

  1. 1.) Lid glue for monolid girls
    2.) Gloss…I’m a lipstick girl!
    3.) Put olive oil on my lashes to make them grow stronger (it works!)

  2. lacey

    my weirdest beauty product is a homemade vinegar and aspirin toner. it smells a little funny, but the scent fades quickly, and it makes my skin awesomely smooth!

    i own a fair number of lipsticks, but i never wear it! probably about 1-2x a year!

    my oddest beauty habit.. i spose using vinegar on my face is a little weird, but i think that’s about as extreme as i get!

  3. Courtney

    Weirdest makeup product: Probably my strange lipstick/gloss colors like dark green and turquoise

    Product I never use: MAC Peacocky. I just…don’t know when to wear it.

    Oddest beauty habit: If I break a nail and don’t have a file, I’ll scratch it against a rough surface to smooth it out. Unpainted mortar from bricks and cinderblocks is the best.

  4. Weirdest makeup product? none
    Product you own but never use? MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow from Style Black Collection :(
    What’s your oddest beauty habit? Never apply the mascara less than three coats :)

  5. Monika-Luiza

    Weirdest makeup product? these strange press-on eyeshadows
    Product you own but never use? lipliner, makes me look old and dries out my lips no matter what l/s or gloss I pair with it
    What’s your oddest beauty habit? ppl comment on the way I put my mascara on, I do my left eye the same way I do the right, which means that I do a very strange twist with my right arm and hand. => the tip of the mascara wand has ALWAYS to point to the inner corner of my eye.

  6. Sandra

    A product I own but never use is Dior Amber Diamond. I just really prefer cream highlighters and cream products over powder in general.

  7. Weirdest makeup product? The Monistat chafing gel people use as a makeup primer. I mean, if it works you should go for it, but its still funny!

    Product you own but never use- Bronzer. I’m really pale and it just looks like a muddy orange mess

    What’s your oddest beauty habit? I like to peel my nail polish off. It is really satisfying when it comes off in one piece. Sometimes I apply my nail polish thicker than I need to just so I have an easier time peeling it off. Bad, I know.

    • Ally

      Haha, I do this too!!

    • lacey

      hahaha, me too! my polish never lasts more than a day or two! LOOOVE to peel it off!

    • Karlie Tipton

      I do that too! My car has all these little paint flecks all over so it looks like someone threw confetti and didn’t clean it up very well.

      • Nicole

        me too! the inside pockets of all the car doors are filled with nailpolish peelings! Butter London polishes always peel very well…

        • Adrianne

          I agree! After a several days the Butter London polishes peel nicely. My office floor has little flecks all over.

    • Monika-Luiza

      I’m guilty of that too, thou I don’t apply my plish thicker but with a coat of basecoat, 1-2 coats of polish and a topcoat it’S always thick enough 😀

    • Kay

      omg i peel my nail polish any time i see a sign of it chipping just a little lol

  8. Weirdest makeup product? I don’t really have one.
    Product you own but never use? Bronzers. I’m too pale, they look funny on me, and most of my lip products. I’m kind of just a chapstick person, the only lipstick I ever use is Stila’s Sarah.
    What’s your oddest beauty habit? Using baking soda for everything? I mix it with vinegar for a mask, mix it with my shampoo when my hair has a lot of product build up, and I’ll sometimes mix it with my exfoliater. Also, if I don’t have a nail file, I’ll rub my nails on anything textured, like thick canvas.

  9. Vita

    Weirded product: Knox gelatin/milk homemade nose strips. Havent bought Biore strips since I discovered that little recipe.

    Product I own but never use: Dior foundation. Cost a pretty penny but just doesnt look good on me! Its the right color for half the day then it oxidizes to too dark.

    Oddest beauty habit: Apple cider vinegar rinse for my hair once a month. It gets all the build up out of product and what not.

  10. MIssDeeCanada

    Weirdest makeup product? – I never bought this but spray on nylons lol.

    Product you own but never use? – Oh there are many, lipgloss (love/hate relationship), bronzer, liquid foundation.

    What’s your oddest beauty habit? Sealing in my eyebrows with benefit she-lacque after filling them in!

    • Tiffany

      I use shelaq everyday and its the only thing that has kept my eyebrows on since mine are like a line. Overplucking at a young age.

  11. ak

    Weirdest makeup product: Illamasqua Disciple lipstick I suppose would be my strangest but at least I DO wear it and use it especially recently! LOL

    Product I never use: A whole bunch of things and I have some lipstick backups that are still unopened! One of them is MAC Purple Haze eyeshadow. On me at the time it looked sort of ‘Eh…’ on! LOL

    Oddest beauty habit: I use orange eyeshadow, MAC Saffron, as blush, and yeah the way I apply eyeshadow is or used to be pretty weird I suppose. There may be other weird ways knowing me…I dunno… :)

    • Hannah

      haha I do that too, MAC paparazz-she is one of my favourite ‘blushes’ at the moment 😉

  12. Kelly

    Weirdest makeup product? I also use the The Monistat Anti-chafing gel as a primer.
    Product you own but never use? Lash curler
    What’s your oddest beauty habit? It’s pretty gross. I use scotch tape to remove any dry or flaky skin from my face.

  13. * Weirdest makeup product?
    Those mascaras with the lights and stuff. Oh, and the ones that revolve. Basically, if it’s a mascara that needs a battery, I think it’s weird.

    * Product you own but never use?
    I own this one frosty blue eyeshadow. So not my color.

    * What’s your oddest beauty habit?
    Can’t think of anything. xP

  14. Weirdest makeup product? Upper eyelid tape and glue. I don’t own it, but I think it’s pretty unique.
    Product you own but never use? Um..I’d say I own too many red lipsticks. I want to wear them but I’m just not that brave, so I only do occasionally.
    What’s your oddest beauty habit? If I chip a nail I absolutely have to re-do my manicure asap because it drives me nuts.

  15. Charity

    Weirdest: Not really makeup but I use spray perfume instead of deodorant sometimes. It stings for a second, but it’s works really well (the alcohol in it kills bacteria – so no smell).
    Never Use: My lipliner – I only own one and we have too much of a love/hate relationship.
    Oddest Habit: I rub Albolene Cream all over my face, let it sit for about 5 minutes and then rake it off with a clean tongue scraper! I read to do this on a blog. It works, your skin is really clean afterwards. It makes your face a little greasy though, so don’t do it right before you want to apply makeup. Wash your face aftewards too.

  16. Amanda

    Weirdest makeup product? Can’t think of any
    Product you own but never use? MAC’s Viva Glam Cyndi. It was only after I bought it that I realised I don’t like myself in red lipsticks. They make me look older than I am.
    What’s your oddest beauty habit? If my nails chip, even if just a little, I take it all off and reapply as soon as I can

  17. Kris

    * Weirdest makeup product: Press-on eyeshadows and
    * Product you own but never use: until recently, foundation (I used tinted moisturiser almost exclusively), liquid eyeliner (I put it on once in a blue moon)
    * What’s your oddest beauty habit: I use my whole palms to massage my moisturiser into my skin.

  18. Amber

    Weirdest product: hemorrhoid cream for puffy eyes.
    Bronzer – i have a few but only use them to do others m/u.
    weirdest habit – i have sebaceous filaments around my nose ALL THE TIME and use tweezers to pull them out. so gross.

  19. sandhya

    i have question.what is the best method for removing upper lip hair other than laser.Are there any creams for that.i tried a lot but it makes my skin please suggest me

    • Sally Hanson makes a good cream for that. It comes in single-use “pods” that you break open and smooth over the hair you want removed and let it sit for a few minutes then remove. It’s quick & easy and non-irritating.

    • Hannah

      best stuff ever. me and my mom both use it. I highly reccommend it. It takes no time at all and leaves you smooth for a while!

    • Leily

      You should try threading.It is the best way for hair removal. It feels your skin soft for a long period of time. Much longer than waxing, and it is better on skin.

  20. Marieke

    Weirdest makeup product? Can’t think of any..
    Product you own but never use? A cream bronzer. Sticky stuff!
    What’s your oddest beauty habit? I shave my face although I don’t have a mustache or beard. It exfoliates! And I apply mascara before all the other make up…

  21. 1.) none
    2.) I have this glitter by NYX Cosmetics, no matter what i try it never works out
    3.) Putting mayo in my hair when the smell makes me gag :( but its so soft after!

  22. Jo

    Weirded product: Normal to everyone here, but my friends think eyelid primer is weird!

    Product I own but never use: Bronzer

    Oddest beauty habit: Using my right hand to apply mascara on my right eye and then using my left hand on my left eye >.<

    • Hannah

      I thought I was the only one who applied this way!!! I see everyone use their right for both but to me it seems weird. I’ve just taught myself to use my left :)

    • Kath

      Me too. It’s less awkward than reaching around my face and bending my right wrist all the way in.

    • Farida

      Same here. I use my right hand for right eye makeup and left hand for left eye.

  23. Lindy

    Weirdest product-none
    Product I own but never use-Blush and foundation-I have rosacea, so blush is not needed, I look like I am always wearing blush. Foundation- my complexion is great other than my hint of rosacea which is where I would apply blush, so it is unnecessary.
    Oddest beauty habit-i use my left hand to apply my left eye make-up and my right hand to apply my right eye make-up. I get mad at my nose when I use the opposite hand because it always gets in my way!

    • paola

      I don’t have rosacea but I have kerastosis which looks kind of similar. I thought same as you but the redness solutions products from clinique

    • paola

      I don’t have rosacea but I have kerastosis which looks kind of similar. I thought same as you but the redness solutions products from clinique are amazing! you should really try them, specially the foundation it does wonders for me…. also about the blushes I like to neutralize my face with the redness solutions foundation and then wear a peachy blush much more yellow toned rather than pink, such as margin, gingerly or warm soul by Mac.
      I like being pink but not allthe time, specially on very hot or very cold days, so wearing foundation and blush is a good solution for those days.

  24. Emily

    Weirdest makeup product? I’m Asian…but I actually agree with the lid glue remark. lol
    Product you own but never use? Lip gloss. I don’t wear it more than 3-4 times a year – but I keep BUYING them.
    What’s your oddest beauty habit? I put Nivea lip balm on the tips of my lashes before mascara half the times… It prevents clumping at the ends and removal (when you wear waterproof) is so much easier. Weird!

  25. Weirdest makeup product: Scotch Tape
    Product I never use: MAC Victorious mascara
    Oddest beauty habit: Put on foundation like lotion…pour it in my hands, rub my hands together and rub in like lotion…it’s fast and natural looking!

  26. Nathalie

    hottiedots, these fake stick-on beauty marks

    generic black lipstick I got for Halloween

    after I apply Rosebud Salve to my lips, I always rub the excess on my cuticles.

  27. Lisa

    Don’t have any weird products.
    I use it all LOL
    I always do my hair first then apply my makeup.

  28. stephanie

    1 – i agree with the mascaras that rotate and the fake eyelashes with the strings attached to them!
    2 – viva glam gaga! the first one. i love it but i have to really figure out a way to make it work for me.
    3 – i don’t think i have any yet :-(

  29. Weirdest Makeup Product – Blue lipstick.. I just don’t get why people would ever buy that.
    Product You Own But Never Use – Red lipstick, I love wearing it, but its too much maintenance.
    Oddest Beauty Habit – Brushing my eye brows with a toothbrush (not the one i use on my teeth though.. gross!)

    • emily

      I once caught my sister brushing her eye brows with my toothbrush! Come to find out shed been doing it for a while GAG! We’re all grown up now but I still hide my toothbrush if she’s coming for the night lol

  30. Abby

    Weirdest product: Dermalogica Climate Control– when I first opened it, I thought it was a miniature bar of deodorant.

    Own but never use: Lip liner. Pretty much just gloss and go!

    Weirdest beauty habit: when I finish clipping my nails, I usually scratch them against my jeans to smooth them out instead of filing.

  31. Megan

    * Weirdest makeup product? Milk of magnesia for matte face
    * Product you own but never use? An eyeshadow trio from l’oreal and a face powder from ponds
    * What’s your oddest beauty habit? Apply only one or two coats of mascara and change my nail color as soon as it starts to chip and clip them off … if they’re too long

  32. Meg

    Weirdest makeup product? — Definitely the lid glue/tape… a close second is the battery-powered mascara wand. I also don’t really understand why anyone needs a separate mascara for their lower lashes.
    Product you own but never use? — I (almost) never use lip liner. I always break them and they feel so dry. I don’t use bronzer much, either. Not sure why, usually I’m just in too big of a hurry.
    What’s your oddest beauty habit? — I used to pour baby oil all over my legs after shaving them in the shower. After you rinse it off, your legs feel incredibly soft. Haven’t done it in awhile, though.

  33. alisha

    1. I dont have one but my husband thinks dry shampoo is the weirdest thing ever. LOL.
    2. Mineralize and loose eye shadows/pigments. Time consuming and messy, just a pain in the butt.
    3. Once in a while I put witch hazel on my scalp then wash it out. I also have used old lip gloss when dying hair so it doesn’t stain skin.

  34. Lizzi

    I only have an answer to the last one. When I’m doing makeup in the morning or doing the nighttime beauty regime, I have to sit in the sink to do it. Whether I’m at home, the boyfriends or in a hotel, I need to sit on the counter with my feet in the sink.

  35. Violet

    Strangest make-up product: press-on eyeshadow strips. How hard is it to pick up a brush and colour your eyelid?

    Product I own by never use: Those Stila travel kits. I bought a few because they were cute and seemed like a good deal, but the quality just isn’t what I would expect from a high-end brand.

    Oddest beauty habit: I use food sometimes like avocado, or mushed strawberries and pineapple as a face mask. The avocado moisturizes, the strawberries face your face glow and help with pimples, and the pineapple enzyme exfoliate.

  36. Catherine

    Weirdest makeup product? The l’Oreal foundation you are supposed to apply with a roller. Don’t get it. Here, when people say you put your makeup with a roller, its not considered as a compliment!
    Product you own but never use? Liquid foundation. Don’t like how it feels on my skin.
    What’s your oddest beauty habit?I always do my face makeup, brush my teeth (to let my face product set) and then do my eye makeup, go put my clothes on and finally, i do my lipstick. I don’t even think about it, it became almost natural

  37. Telma

    1.) Lid glue for monolid girls
    2.) eyebrow pencils…call me cray
    3.) i guess vaselin, i use it everytime i feel dry or anything it works for me :)

  38. Marian

    Weirdest makeup product? The foundation that came with a little paint roller.
    Product you own but never use? Primer
    What’s your oddest beauty habit? I can’t think of any

  39. Pariah

    Weirdest makeup product? i don’t really have anything weird, although if you ask my husband he would say that make up in general is weird, so that would make my whole stash weird

    Product you own but never use? I have a lot, but a big one would a my Kat Von D adora palette. I bought it in december and have never used it, I probably never will either. one of the shadows was broken when I got it and that ruined it for me.

    What’s your oddest beauty habit? it’s probably not that weird, but I do make up in a pretty interesting order. eye primer, e/s, face primer, liner on water line and upper lash line, face makeup, brows, liner on lower lash line, mascara. I wait to do my lips until after i drop my son off at daycare so he doesn’t get covered in lip prints.

  40. 1ºthese cheap 24h lipstick from 80’s
    2ºlip plumper gloss Victoria’s secret
    3ºdrink much water, gelatin, and use baby johson oil in body skin, make my skin soft and very good for wax, never ingrown hair

  41. Desiree

    1. Not weird here but my friends and family find it bizarre that I use olive oil as a makeup remover…
    2. Nars exhibit A blush…it’s red…idk how one even goes about wearing it…
    3. If I put in a lip product that is in any kind of jar or tub…like carmex…I always rub the excess on the back of my left hand :0)

  42. Valerie

    1. i think lower lash mascara is just ridculous…
    2. bare minerals warmth.
    3. my biore strip obsession probably…i do them several times a week.

    • Adrienne

      Haha I know! What am going to do with the warmth. I don’t even use bare minerals anymore. That stuff is crazy pigmented

    • Marisol

      I totally do the biore strip thing..i’m obsessed with cleaning my pores and that warmth is so pigmented…for some reason it seems like they give you more warmth than the actual foundation.

  43. Weirdest Makeup Product: Lip balm in a lotion-like pump packaging

    Product you own but never use: Lipstick: I am more of a balm and gloss person.

    What’s your oddest Beauty habit?: I use Vaseline as a face moisturizer. People might say that it is bad for your skin but it works for me..

  44. Miss Silver

    Weirdest: Can’t think of any that I have, but I’ve seen the lid glues and rotating mascara wands; waste of cash!
    Own but never use: Heap loads of blue eyeshadow.
    Weirdest habit: Two of everything; I stockpile even when things are abundant at the shops. OCD thing.

  45. Andy

    * Weirdest makeup product? I think face primer is really weird because of that distinct texture it has!
    * Product you own but never use? Blush (I look too red, so I use only bronzer) and lipstick (I’ve always liked lip gloss better).
    * What’s your oddest beauty habit? This is kind of gross, but if I don’t have floss around and have something in my teeth I use my hair to floss.

    • Adrianne

      interesting! I’ll have to try that. Much more eco-friendly than using my business cards!

    • Marianthi

      omg I do that since I was a kid!!! Don’t you just hate it when some hair breaks and stays? One of the reasons I wear my hair short…

  46. Rah

    1. Milk of Magnesia- Apply, let dry, then rinse for oil-free skin all day!

    2. Most of my stash- I’m a creature of habit. I’m going to go with OCC Rx lip tar.

    3. Even if I wear “no makeup”, I have to fill in my brows.

  47. Weirdest makeup product? These press-on eyeshadow pads.

    Product you own but never use? Liquid foundation. I prefer powder or MSFN for daily use. Only pull out the liquid foundation for stage performances.

    What’s your oddest beauty habit? I have to apply a shiny top coat over my manicure, even if it’s one I intend to only wear for one day. I love the super-shiny look and feel “un-done” if I don’t apply it.

  48. Lauryn

    Weirdest makeup product? Prescriptives “MotorEyes” Mascara. I got it from a Estee Warehouse sale.. I used it once, it feels weird and doesn’t do much.

    Product you own but never use? MAC Pro Longwear foundation. I have it, brand new in box, and have yet to use it. Along with a ton of e/s’s from past collections.. I have yet to open/use my Venomous Villains stuff.

    What’s your oddest beauty habit: I hate callouses.. I have a cuticle nipper that i use to get rid of them. Gross, i know…

  49. Polly

    1. weirdest – 3M tape that usually used to attach gauze or bandage, to develop single eyelid -> double eyelid

    2. never used product – None. At least I tried them just for fun and took some photos using them.
    Oh! There was a Lancome toner I was allergic to, but I didn’t buy it – my sister gave it to me.

    3. oddest habit – I always use contact lens cleanser (3in1 multi-purpose solution) to clean my eyes and all over face after using baby oil to remove makeup.
    I feel it clean and safe for eyes… for me, it works well as makeup & baby oil remover. I wear contact lens so this is how it called ‘multi-purpose’.

  50. Marisol

    Weirdest makeup product-i really can’t think of anything that is too weird…if i compared my makeup routine with my friends they’d probably think it was all weird because of the face primers and eye primers..
    product you own but never use- red lipsticks. I am very extreme with my makeup but it only goes as far as my eyeshadows. I’ll wear “night” looks in the day time but i can’t get myself to wear red lipstick. I wish i could!
    Oddest beauty habit- I have put mayo and olive oil in my hair to make it shiny…that’s kinda weird.

  51. Hannah

    Weirdest makeup product? It’s not that the product is weird but rather the texture..ELF’s cream blush. It’s seriously the weirdest blush I’ve ever owned, although I do really like it.
    Product you own but never use? NYX jumbo lip pencils. The idea sounds fabulous, but it feathers like crazy. It’s more annoying than anything.
    What’s your oddest beauty habit? I’m semi-obsessed with guy smelling shower gels and deoderant. I just feel like it gets me so much cleaner than stuff that smells like flowers and powder..yuck.

  52. Vania

    Weirdest product – those press on eyeshadows
    Product I never use – lipliner. I own three but I feel like hey dry my lips and I dont really see the point in them. If my lipstick wears off quicker, I’ll reapply it more often. Simple 😛
    Oddest habit – humm probably the fact that I switch nailpolish on my nails every day…

  53. Adrianne

    1)The vibrating mascaras. I have the sense of humor of a 14 year old boy. I couldn’t use it without giggling!
    2)Stila shimmer powder & MAC Loose Shimmer Powder. I have oily skin so I shouldn’t put shimmer all over my face. I’m like a Raccoon – attracted to shiny objects!!
    3)I use triple anti-biotic ointment on pimples. (kills germs and heals- works best on cysts!) I rub lemons on my hands after eating tacos at a Mexican restaurant so I don’t smell like chicken. Sometimes I use the excess shampoo in my hands as body wash, and use the remaining conditioner in my hands as shaving lotion. Oh, and I have a Man’s razor – hubby and I split the CostCo pack!

  54. Harleigh

    1.) Weirdest Makeup Product? Definitely those vibrating mascaras. Is it really that much of a challenge to wiggle the wand for 2 seconds?

    2.)Product you never use? Liquid luminizer. Having an oily skin type, I usually wear a matte foundation paired with a powder highlighter. It gives me that glow without making my skin slippery and greasy.

    3.) Whats an oddest beauty habit? Can’t say that my habits are really bizarre, but I do constantly have to apply lip balm, which means I have to carry around moist wipes with me so I can remove gloss/lipstick.

    • Lara

      1) Weirdest Makeup Product: Mascara that isn’t waterproof! I know it seems normal, but who wants mascara that will streak makeup even if you get something in your eye, or you cry, or something. It’s a waste of money if it just comes off and makes a mess with everyththing. That, and press on eye shadow stickers, they’re weird. Really, really weird.

      2) Product you own, but never use: Revlon colorstay Foundation, I heard so many fantastic things, I just don’t like the way it blends, and goes on. Feels cakey to me.

      3) What’s the oddest beauty habit? I don’t like the feel and look of how caked on my face looks with foundation, so I put tap foundation onto my hand, and put my moisturizer (equal amounts of each) and rub together, and apply to make my own tinted moisturizer. It saves me buying one, and it gives a lot more coverage than one from a store, and it makes my skin protected from the sun (SPF in moisturizer). Also, I never use a brush, always just my hand. Brushes just don’t work like my magic fingers do to work in the makeup. :)

  55. Jasmine

    Weirdest makeup product:vibrating mascara.
    Product you own but never use:Mac Magically Cool Liquid Powder.i just think it feels kinda weird.
    What’s your oddest beauty habit:i peel of my nail polish.

  56. Niki

    Weirdest makeup product? I melt down lipsticks (I use the NYX Round lipsticks) to use as cream blushes.

    Product you own but never use? Shiny Mama Glitter All in Pink Champagne, I received this fee with purchase when my order was not filled and delivered in a timely fashion.

    What’s your oddest beauty habit? I use castor oil on my eyelashes to keep this lush and healthy since I prefer waterproof mascara and on my eyebrow to grow the hair when I over pluck/thread them.