Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

Survey Says

Fill in the survey below with your answers, and then share your answers with us in the comments section! :-)

  • Your skin tone/coloring:
  • Your favorite red lipstick?
  • Your favorite blue eyeliner?
  • Your favorite highlighter?

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58 thoughts on “Survey Says… July 4th, 2012

  1. DiamondTiara

    Your skin tone/coloring: NW15, very pink-y and cool! I’m Ivory in Dior’s offerings, Porcelain in Bobbi Brown’s, and usually the very lightest or second to lightest shades in Chanel’s crazy systems.
    Your favorite red lipstick? Dior Rouge in Favori Red and Hourglass Femme Rouge in Icon
    Your favorite blue eyeliner? I don’t own any blues; purples, however, are another story entirely! 😀
    Your favorite highlighter? Dior Amber Diamond and Benefit High Beam

  2. Skintone/Coloring: NC42/ Tanned with yellow undertones.
    Fave red lipstick?: MAC Charred Red & Revlon Mulled Wine.
    Fave blue eyeliner?:MAC Blooz & L’oreal HIP Cream in Midnight Blue.
    Fave highlighter?: MAC Gold Deposit MSF & NARS Albatross.

  3. Mariella

    Skin tone/colouring: Fair, cool toned
    Favourite red lipstick: discontinued would be Estee Lauder Datenut Red (you don’t want to know how many years ago THAT was); favourite now, either MAC Dubonnet or Clarins Redwood
    Favourite blue eyeliner: actually it’s a shadow – MAC’s Birds&Berries, used as a liner
    Favourite highlighter: it has to be TheBalm’s Mary Lou Manizer (that even beats out Guerlain’s Cruel Gardenia, THAT is how great it is in my books!)

  4. Rebecca

    Your skin tone/coloring: Medium tan, Mac NW35 (though I think I run more towards neutral)Your favorite red lipstick?: I only have MAC Ladybug. I like that it’s sheerer and a little more orange, it makes it more wearable!Your favorite blue eyeliner?: UD Binge for sure! Although the little nano pencil from Sephora, an aqua blue, is nice too. And affordable!Your favorite highlighter?: I don’t really use highlighters- I haven’t mastered how to apply them. 😛 If anyone has tips or recommendations for highlighters that don’t emphasize pores or make you look like a disco ball, let me know!

    • Veronica

      If you don’t want your pores emphasized, you should go for low shimmer, non-metallic formulas.  Shiseido makes some nice, subtle highlighters, as does St. Tropez.
      With highlighters, I generally hit the high points of my face.  When I want a gentler look, I’ll only hit the top of my cheekbones and the bridge of my nose.  When I want the full effect, I’ll do the cheek bones, nose bridge, middle forehead, tip of the chin, and a tiny bit dabbed in the center indent above my upper lip.  If you have trouble with the cheekbones, I’d recommend using a powder – then use a blush brush, scrunch it so that the bristles are in a relatively flat line, then dip it lightly into the highlighter, smile, and dab it along the top of my cheek bones. 
      Liquids can be a little trickier since they can smear, so I usually suggest building up to the shimmer level you’re comfortable – take the absolute minimum and pull a line along your upper cheekbone with your finger, then gently blend it in (don’t let it spread too much width-wise).  You can also use an angled brush, pour some out on the back of your hand, and then gently press it on similar to the powder.

    • Whenever I feel I have too much highlighter on (or blush) I go back over it with my foundation brush to blend it in. It makes it a bit more “natural” and tends to knock some of the high shimmer/sparkle/glitter off too.

  5. xamyx

    Skin tone/coloring: Very light, true neutral.

    Red Lipstick: Maybelline Red Revival.

    Blue Eyeliner: None; I don’t wear blue eyeliner.

    Favorite Highlighter: NARS Nico for everyday, Albatross for evening.

  6. paneradfisk

    Your skin tone/coloring: NC10
    Your favorite red lipstick? Russian Red by MAC
    Your favorite blue eyeliner? Blue Peep Fluidline by MAC
    Your favorite highlighter? Lightscapade Mineralize Skinfinish by MAC

  7. Fitrah

    Kat Von D Adora
    MAC Hi-Def Cyan Chromagraphic Pencil
    Laura Mercier Peach Mosiac Shimmer Bloc

  8. StephanieT

    Skin tone: nc15, MUFE 110
    Favorite red: guerlain kisskiss insolence de rouge
    Favorite blue liner: Mac hi def cyan
    Favorite highlighter: guerlain meteorites cruel gardenia

  9. InkedAngel78

    Your skin tone/coloring: light, with neutral undertones
    Your favorite red lipstick? MAC Ruby Woo, MAC Cockney and Rimmel Berry Queen
    Your favorite blue eyeliner? I never, ever wear blue eyeliner…
    Your favorite highlighter? I love Benefit Coralista as a highlighter

  10. Dominique33

    Skintone : medium/fair
    Favourite lipstick : maybe Fire down below from NARS but there are many red lipsticks I love !
    Favourite blue eyeliner : I never wear eyeliners ( allergies )
    Favourite Highlighter : probably High beam from Benefit, I also worship M.A.C liquid powder

  11. favorite red lipstick…all of them from Dolce and Gabanna.
    favorite blue eyeliner…something from Christian Dior many moons ago…I like the blue eyeliner “Princess” Diana used to wear when she was alive of course.

  12. Elle

    Skin tone/Coloring: Porcelain – Favorite Red Lipstick: Cle De Peau Extra Rich Lipstick (R1) – Favorite Blue Eyeliner: Bourjois Regard Effet Metallise (Bleu Clinquant) – Favorite Highlighter: NARS Copacabana Illuminator

  13. Miss J

    Skin tone/coloring: Light-Medium Yellow/Golden/Olive
    Favorite red lipstick: MAC Lady Danger
    Favorite blue eyeliner: MAC Royal Wink
    Favorite highlighter: Ummm…you’re talking to a highlighter addict! I can’t pick just one! Dior Amber Diamond for glow and Benefit Well Rested for brightening are probably my top picks.

  14. skintone-deep; red lipstick-MAC viva glam 1;favorite blue liner-NYX liquid liner in extreme blue; highlighter-NARS albatross or MAC cheeky bronze

  15. Cat G

    Your skin tone/coloring: Fair, yellow undertones
    Your favorite red lipstick? NYX Chic Red Round Lipstick
    Your favorite blue eyeliner? UD 24/7 Eyeliner in Binge
    Your favorite highlighter? Benefit Hollywood Glo (discontinued unfortunately)

  16. rebeldiamonds

    Your skin tone/coloring: NC15 (Fair).
    Your favorite red lipstick? I have so many red lipsticks, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I just don’t suit them so I don’t ever wear them any more!
    Your favorite blue eyeliner? I don’t currently have one, but I am on the hunt for a good one.
    Your favorite highlighter? MAC Lightscapade or Porcelain Pink Mineralize Skinfinish.

  17. Skintone/coloring: Light
    Favorite Red Lipstick: NARS Dragon Girl
    Favorite Blue Eyeliner: bareMinerals ‘Round the Clock Waterproof Liner in Noon
    Favorite Highlighter: Benefit High Beam

  18. Marian57

    Your skin tone/coloring:fair/warm
     Your favorite red lipstick? Besame Red Hot Red
    Your favorite blue eyeliner? MAC Navy Stain Powerpoint
    Your favorite highlighter? MAC Pearl Cream Color Base

  19. Your skin tone/coloring: Porcelain/ very fair
    Your favorite red lipstick? EEK! That’s like asking me what type of kitten I think is the cutest! Chanel Dragon is classic, Rouge d’Armani 608 is more restrained and elegant, and I love really dark reds too. One that I really like was a limited one from Estee Lauder last year called Bitten Fig. Really pretty deep but wearable rose red.
    Your favorite blue eyeliner? Probably Mac Siahi fluidline. I love brighter ones like Stila’s sparkle liner in Curacao, but it’s hard to make them work on me.
    Your favorite highlighter? Mac Lightscapade (although the one I have is from the original launch- I don’t know how the new ones compare) and Edward Bess South of France (although that’s a sort of blush and highlighter combined). I also really like Nars’ Nico as a daytime-friendly highlighter- so many of them are too shimmery for daytime wear!

  20. stfuTaryn

    skin tone/coloring: light-medium olive
    favorite red lipstick: NYC Sheer Red
    favorite blue eyeliner: Milani Liquif’eye in Aqua
    favorite highlighter: Boots No7 Illuminating Lotion

  21. Turq101

    Your skin tone/coloring: Light-Medium
    Your favorite red lipstick? I don’t have a fave Red lipstick
    Your favorite blue eyeliner?   I have one in blue it is Covergirl
    Your favorite highlighter? Benefit High Beam

  22. Emma

    Skin tone: olive, NC30 at the moment, NC20/25ish in the wintertime
    favorite red lipstick: MAC Russian Red
    favorite blue eyeliner: I don’t wear blue eyeliner. I just think blue liners/shadows/mascaras don’t suit me at all.
    favorite highlighter: Haven’t found it yet. But I have to admit that I haven’t even tried that many. I tend to not use Highlighters as I have pretty high cheek bones already and I feel like a discoball when I have shimmer all over my face.

  23. Your skin tone/coloring: light, warm undertones
    Your favorite red lipstick? MAC Dubonnet. 
    Your favorite blue eyeliner? UD 24/7 Liquid Eyeliner in Sabbath
    Your favorite highlighter? Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks in Apricot or Nectar or Bronze, depending on my look

  24. hwendy

    Your skin tone/coloring: tan yellow/olive undertone; almost black eyes + hair 
    Your favorite red lipstick? I collect red lipsticks but I don’t wear them very often. but if I just choose by colour, my favorite is NARS Terre de Feu 
    Your favorite blue eyeliner? i haven’t tried that many blue liners.
    Your favorite highlighter? NARS Albatross

  25. Veronica

    Your skin tone/coloring:  Fair with cool, pink undertones.
    Your favorite red lipstick?  It changes depending on my mood, but right now it’s NYX Chic Red that’s seen the most action lately.
    Favorite blue eyeliner:  Tarina Tarantino’s Cute Robot
    Your favorite highlighter:  NARS Albatross

  26. Kafka

    Skin tone/coloring: Light to Medium Olive  (NARS Punjab or MUFE 127)
    Favorite red lipstick: I’m a red addict, so it’s hard to choose! It’s a tie probably between NARS Scarlet Empress & NARS Vesuvio.  No, it’s probably NARS Vesuvio. Scarlet Empress makes me feel sexier and edgier, but Vesuvio is my go-to red and always makes me feel chic, elegant, perfectly finished, and in control (if that makes any sense).
    Favorite blue eyeliner: I don’t use true blue eyeliner, but if you consider turquoise as a shade of blue, then UD 24/7 in Radium. I use that quite a bit.
    Favorite highlighter: Hands down, NARS’ Copacabana. I’m absolutely in love with it and find it hard to go a day without using it.

    • Miss J

       @Kafka It makes sense! 😛 MAC Lady Danger is my “I’m a bad bitch, HBIC, red!” LOL. I’m still looking for my sex kitten red, which would be something ruby red, glossy, and sparkling. My classic, chic, confident reds are semi-deep, blood reds like NARS Fire Down Below and Illamasqua Box.

  27. Your Skin tone/ Coloring: Fair with neutral undertones
    Your favorite red lipstick?: So many! But I think NARS Joyous Red is the most flattering and easy to wear red lipstick I own. I like NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Amsterdam for a brighter, retro red lip. 
    Your favorite Blue Eyeliner?: NARS eyeshadow in Outremer used wet. 
    Your favorite highligter?: Smashbox Artificial Light Luminizing Lotion in Flash. The mixture of gold and pink pearl is really flattering, the pearl is very fine and doesn’t look too frosty, and the light texture works well over and under powder. 

  28. My favorite red lipstick is Russian Red. I don’t even think I own a blue liner (except a NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil) because I have green/gold eyes and I never wear blue makeup. And currently I really like Benefit’s Highbeam for a highlighter, but I’ve been meaning to try a MAC MSF sometime soon!

  29. beachgal

    Skin Tone – light
    Fav Red Lipstick – hands down it’s Fever by Tarte Lipsurgance
    Fav Blue eyeliner – right now it’s Binge 24/7 by Urban Decay
    Fav Highlighter – Laura Geller Baked Supersize (slit pan) highlighter.

  30. blueraccoon

    skin ton/coloring – fair with cool tones
    favorite red lipstick – guerlain garconne, hands down.
    favorite blue eyeliner – I don’t own one of these *g* 
    favorite highlighter – current fave is dior skin shimmer in rose diamond, but that’s liable to change.

  31. Lori Peters

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  32. Kastehelmi

    Skin tone/coloring: “cafe au lait” neutral-toned
    Favorite Red Lipstick: Milani Gloss Pencil in Hot Flash/Old Hollywood rich lipstick by Bobbi Brown/Salma Hayek Nuance in Paprika/Shiseido R514….I love almost all of my reds!
    Favorite Blue Eyeliner: Sue Devitt Eye Intensifier pencil in Victoria Falls (deeper navy blue) is alright, but I would love to try a more jewel-toned blue. If I am going for colorful eyeliner I use green and own 4 or 5 green eyeliners.
    Favorite Highlighter: Don’t use them often but I have a little Clinique Gold dust highlighter that really flatters.

  33. Ana

    Your skin tone/coloring: medium with warm undertones
    Your favorite red lipstick? Revlon colorbust Lipstick in True Red and Coral
    Your favorite blue eyeliner? The teal shadow in the wnw palette “blue had me at hello” wet.
    Your favorite highlighter? MAC Ricepaper e/s (yes I use it as a face highlighter)

  34. Bruna

    Your skin tone/coloring: MAC C3, so i’d say medium-light
    Your favorite red lipstick? Box, by Illamasqua
    Your favorite blue eyeliner? Don ‘t wear blueon my eyes
    Your favorite highlighter? NARS Copacabana

  35. MFAcct

    Your skin tone/coloring: Mac nc30 (light with yellow undertones)
    Your favorite red lipstick? Mac Ruby Woo
    Your favorite blue eyeliner? Urban Decay shadow pencil in Clash
    Your favorite highlighter? Benefit High Beam

  36. sshine0923

    skin tone/coloring- medium with olive undertones (NC37-40)
    favorite red lipstick – Chanel Dragon, MAC Dubonnet, Rimmel Bourdeaux, NYC sheer red (I love reds)
    favorite blue eyeliner – love the NYX and Prestige eyeliners. Recently purchased Revlon Venetian Blue (matte eyeshadow), and I’ve been using it as an eyeliner and absolutely adore it. It’s this gorgeous primary blue color.
    favorite highlighter-Dior Amber Diamond, Mary LouManizer (theBalm), MAC Whisper of Gilt

  37. ninaeaster

    skin tone/coloring-fair nc20
    favorite red lipstick-i don’t really wear red lipstick, but I want to try Macs Russian Red.
    Favorite blue eyeliner-Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner-electric
    Favorite highlighter-Nars orgasm illuminator

  38. skintone – Porcelain (NARS Siberia or Illamasqua Skin Base in 2)
    red lipstick – While not technically a lipstick, I love Fyrinnae lip lustre in Sweetest Poison. For years when I wore red I’d do MAC Cherry lip pencil with Boundless gloss or Russian Red gloss.
    blue eyeliner – Too Faced Perfect Eyes Perfect Peacock (teal blue)
    highlighter – tarte illuminator in Champagne

  39. dzehnie

    Skin tone: Medium dark (nc45)

    red lipstick: max factor ruby Tuesday, Mac red, ruby woo, Mac so chaud

    Fave blue eyeliner: none :d

    Fave highlighter: theBalm Mary loumanizer, mememe shimmer stack in bronze

  40. t_zwiggy

    Your skin tone/coloring: Light-medium (NW20-25)
    Your favorite red lipstick? None, I HATE red lips!!!
    Your favorite blue eyeliner? I rarely wear blue on my eyes (unfortunately not a great color on me), but Urban Decay Binge is really pretty.
    Your favorite highlighter? Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder in Candlelight!

  41. Your skin tone/coloring:
    …dark…in MAC Pro Longwear NW50

    Your favorite red lipstick?
    …Wet n Wild Cherry Picking

    Your favorite blue eyeliner?
    …Stila Kajal in Sapphire

    Your favorite highlighter?
    …MAC Mineralized Skinfinish in Perfect Topping

  42. lrgillin

    Skin Tone/Coloring – light/medium, with yellow undertones
    Red Lipstick – theBalm, MiaMoore; and I love a good orange/coral, and lately I’ve been doing Revlon’s, Sin
    Blue Eyeliner – Urban Decay’s Ink for Eyes in Binge
    Highlighter – theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer

  43. mhaynes96

    Your skin tone/coloring:  medium with yellow undertones
    Your favorite red lipstick?  Milani Lip Flash in Hot Flash
    Your favorite blue eyeliner? L’oreal HIP Chrome in Blue Spark ( I think it’s discontinued)
    Your favorite highlighter? Miani Illuminating Face Powder in Amber Nectar

  44. -Your skin tone/coloring:
    I’m a light-medium with neutral-warm undertones. My overall coloring is almost identical to yours, except I do have black-brown eyes.
    -Your favorite red lipstick?The now discontinued Guerlain KissKiss Lipstick in 120 Rouge Infini, which is a deep neutral red with slight blue undertones. I have a feeling it might be similar to Rouge G in Gala or MAC Russian Red, though.-Your favorite blue eyeliner?Hmm, I don’t really wear blue eyeliner, but if I have to choose perhaps a blurple like Guerlain Pucci Terra Azurra Kajal or a blue-teal like Tarina Tarantino Spark of Envy.-Your favorite highlighter?
    Guerlain Ombre Eclat eyeshadow in 100 Sable Blanc or Essence eyeshadow in Mythic Lemon. The former is pretty close to NARS Albatross I think, while the latter has a sheen that is much more yellow-toned.

  45. kiwikeely

    skin tone/coloring: asian, medium beige with strong yellow undertones
    favorite red lipstick: MAC russian redf
    avorite blue eyeliner: urban decay ransom (okay its purple…)
    favorite highlighter: benefit moon beam

  46. skin tone/colouring – very pale with pink tones
    favorite red lipstick – dior zinnia red
    favorite blue eyeliner – mac undercurrent
    favorite highlighter – mac lightscapade

  47. Skintone: Fair neutral
    Red Lipstick: Chanel Dragon
    Blue Eyeliner: Mac Undercurrent
    Highlighter:  Hmm….I don’t think I have one.

  48. alison p

    skintone/coloring: very light, neutral-leaning-cool (my best matches are MAC matchmaster 1.0, MUFE 115, lancome teint idole 24hr in Ivoire 110 C). blue-grey eyes, naturally an ashy dirty blonde, but I dye it red!
    favorite red lipstick: MAC port red (LOVE) or russian red!
    favorite blue eyeliner: for a navy, I have an avon one i like (i can’t remember which kind – glimmerstick? shimmerstick? the color is night sky or something like that?) – for a bright blue, I love MAC artistic license. I also love UD binge…
    favorite highligher: MAC petticoat or porcelain pink or blonde (lightest two stripes)

  49. Your skin tone/coloring: fair with pink undertones
    Your favorite red lipstick?: hmm…NARS Afghan Red, probably!
    Your favorite blue eyeliner?: don’t have one, since I don’t use blue eyeliner!
    Your favorite highlighter?: Probably UD’s Sin, or NARS Copacabana when applied with a light hand.

  50. letoya_mcclay

    Your skin tone/coloring: deep dark with neutral undertones
    Your favorite red lipstick?: NYX Snow White or NARS Mascate
    Your favorite blue eyeliner?: MAC Blooz or Petrol Blue
    Your favorite highlighter?: MAC Glorify and LORAC Baked Tantalizer

  51. ashtraygirl6

    Your skin tone/coloring: light, neutral ( mac nc 20 mixed with nw 20)
    Your favorite red lipstick? Inglot 814 a yellow based bam-in-your-face-red
    Your favorite blue eyeliner? I don’t do blue 😉
    Your favorite highlighter? benefit moon or highbeam

  52. pinkfaith

    Your skin tone/coloring: fair, cool
    Your favorite red lipstick: Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in “Dragon Girl”
    Your favorite blue eyeliner: Bare Escentuals Eyecolor in “Denim ” (which I believe is discontinued AND is a powder but on top of a liner works perfect)
    Your favorite highlighter: LORAC Perfectly Lit Luminizing Powder in “Luminous”

  53. Mbs0825

    1. Mac Russian Red
    2. Nyx Eye pencils
    3. Mac Soft&Gentle & The Balm MaryLouManizer