Monday, May 25th, 2009

Benefit’s CORALista ($28.00) is fast becoming a cult favorite amongst the beauty crowd. It’s 0.42 oz. of a lightly warmed up coral-pink powder blush that works well to give you a soft, summery flush. It’s housed in cute packaging (exactly what I’d expect from Benefit!) and includes a miniaturized brush that fits inside. The brush is so-so, as most included brushes are, and I much prefer to use a traditional blush brush with this product. But it is nice to have something that can be toted with it, too.

What’s really fantastic about this shade of blush is it goes on extremely natural–you get a soft, glowy sheen with just a touch of coral color. It’ll instantly brighten up your complexion, and it is such a great product for summer when less is definitely more. There is a bit of a flora fragrance that’ll sneak out of the box each time you open it, so if you’re sensitive to fragrance, that might be a reason to check it ou before you purchase.

CORALista isn’t too warm, so it is great for a range of skintones–not just warmer toned faces. Since it can be built up in intensity, you don’t have to worry about overdoing it from the get go. There’s no chunky glitter or large shimmer particles, but there is a soft sheen/fine shimmer in it. (It’s what gives you the “glow.”)

If you’ve found NARS blushes to run too shimmery, you might find Benefit CORALista more up your alley. If you’re a bit hesitant because of the price tag, NARS’ blushes are $25 for only 0.16 oz. and MAC’s blushes are $18.00 for 0.21 oz., which makes Benefit cheaper by the ounce. CORALista is one of those easy-to-wear, everyday colors, so it is also a practical purchase you’ll use forever.

See the inside & get swatches!

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68 thoughts on “Summer Beach Bag Essentials: Benefit CORALista

  1. jess

    This looks pretty, but I hate Benefit packaging.

  2. Oh, it’s gorgeous!

  3. Yaya

    Where on your face is good to use it? Cheekbones?

  4. it’s a beautifull colour!<3

  5. Summer B.

    i hate the benefit packaging too :(
    but it does look beautiful!
    I wish you could get it in circle-packaging…even though I *know*
    it’s hip to be square..i just disagree 😉 haha

  6. margot

    I also find the packaging … yuckie LOL but I also find NARS blushes to be too much on the shimmery side haha

    this colour is just … yummy. I want it now ^^

  7. Im not a fan of the Benefit packaging either, but that color looks pretty.

  8. Gia

    I have it!
    It’s really awesome!!!!!
    It’s the best blush I’ve ever tried!
    I really love Benefit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Sam

    I like this one OK, but it isn’t coral enough on me. I’m very fair and I found it too pink. I like MAC’s Melba for a peachy-coral-apricot look.

  10. I just got this last week and I LOVE it. It is a great colour for spring and summer.

  11. Kaylabelaa

    This is gorgeous! It is going on my list of things to buy next ;D

  12. Christy

    Lovely! I like this, but I don’t like the packaging either. I’d probably attempt to depot it & put it in a palette if I got it.

  13. For once, I would love to buy something from this line that is very complimentary to my darker complexioned beauties.

  14. Mikki

    I’m a sucker for blushes and I need to get this one!

  15. neeshie

    I love Coralista but hate the packaging too.
    I depotted my Coralista and Dallas and put them in the bottom deck of a Trish double decker palette. The pans are quite thick, so if you’re going to do the same, make sure whatever you put it in will hold the thickness!

  16. cmferrets

    pretty colors, looks like nars orgasm, but i didnt realize it was 28.00 for it . YIKES! even though i know your gettting more .

  17. lisa

    I am loving that color!

  18. Coffee

    Sigh…wish this would work for darker skin.

  19. Chelsea

    I bought this a few months ago. It’s awesome! And it smells good!

  20. Beautiful color! :) and I like the packaging lol

  21. Filipa

    I have it for a few months now and it is without a doubt my favorite blush ever and i love my mac ones 😉 But Coralista is by far the prettyest. I think that benefit makes some of the best blushes and on most of the products it is as good or better than mac. The price does not seduces me thou ;))but for the best quality i think it worth the saving!

  22. B

    How does this compare to Benefit’s Georgia?

  23. Al

    I want to try this, but I think I might get Fleur Power blush by MAC instead. It’s supposed to be a coral-pink color with zero shimmer. It looks gorgeous :) I wonder how it compares to Coralista..

  24. charlieee

    i have this and i love it! :)

  25. Jennifer

    I have this and love this :)!! my next favourite by Benefit is their Dallas blush!

  26. Erin

    I definitely need to get this. I have Benefit Georgia and love it!!! I use it all the time and it is lasting forever, so the $28 is well worth it.

  27. Diana

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Benefit packaging and all their products, I had to add this to my benefit collection! It’s my favourite from their powders!!

  28. Celeste

    so does this come with a decent brush? im on a tight budget and just starting out so i have 0 brushes. i wish i could afford a nice brush or two but was happy when you said the new UD cream liners come with a decent one. so will this one work or will it require a new one? it looks pretty square but the blush is so beautiful . . .

    • Diana

      It comes with an okay brush, personally I find it a bit too harsh and does not blend the blush as well… I got a really cool brush from ebay, the Smashbox #19, and you don’t need to be worried about the fakes like you do with MAC!

    • The brush is so-so. It’s just OK, and it will get the job done. I find it a little rough, but it’ll do in a pinch.

  29. I just bought CORALista at sephora just now ! Showed up nicely on my nc20 skin. love the packaging and the colour is gorgeous ! My first box-o blush for benefit. But i dare say its the most gorgeous colour among all, next would be sugar bomb. ^^

  30. I LOVE benefit’s packaging!!! it’s one of the things that draws me to their line and makes me wanna buy them so much!!!! thing is im like an nc35/43 so i dunno if the colour would show up on my cheeks >< ive tested it out on my hand, but i dunno, something inside says 'just. buy. it. so. pretty!!!!' lol

  31. Chelsea Forma

    They have this colour at Shoppers Drug Mart right down the road from my house so I’m going to save up some money for this.

  32. Maggie

    Am I the only one who likes this packaging? I think it’s so cute! I absolutely love the smell, whenever I open the box I can’t help but smell it a little bit! It’s also an absolutely gorgeous color, I love it!