Friday, June 12th, 2009

Newest storage solution!

I’m always on the hunt for a new and improved storage solution for my makeup, and it seems like it is a never-ending quest. Keeping everything in my TV-stand-turned-vanity worked when I didn’t have to keep it in a closet, but for the past year, that’s where it has been. It makes using anything from it a pain in the butt, so stuff often goes unused instead. My bathroom was also starting to look like a Sephora threw up in it, LOL.  (You can see my previous storage solutions here, too, to see the different stages!)

Inspired by Pursebuzz’s 20-Drawer Rolling Cart, I found myself getting two of the 10-Drawer Rolling Carts. The all-black drawer look suited me better, and unfortunately they don’t come in a set of 20, so two it was.

Just a heads up, these drawers do not really fit lipsticks or lipglosses standing up. They’re 2.75″ high, and the only lipsticks that I could fit were MAC — and they had to be on the top drawer only, because there’s a little extra room (heighth-wise) on the top drawer. Trust me, I tried, too. I had visions of all these lipsticks in one drawer dancing in my head, but no luck in realizing that dream. I found that these carts are sturdy enough for my purposes, though they’re not robust or ultra durable. The drawers do have a tendency to slip off their tracks when pulled in and out hurriedly, but it’s not a big deal to pop it back on. They’re small and compact, which makes them perfect for the space I’m in currently. (The second bathroom contains the majority of my stash–and nobody showers in it, so there’s no heat/steam issues.)

I used Shallow Drawers from The Container Store for inside the drawers, as well as black liner (to prevent shifting). Each drawer measures approximately 13.5″ long and 9.5″ wide. The shallow drawers are a pretty good fit, and you can use different sizes to suit what make up you might have. I still have a lot of my skincare and body products elsewhere, plus some stuff scattered in bathroom drawers. Overall, though, I ended up with only four empty drawers. I have just enough room to grow, hopefully!

See inside

Brushes are kept on the counter-top

Drawers of skincare/acne-care/mascaras – you can see detailed photos here!

Palettes in a bathroom drawer (more secure!) — see detailed photos of my palettes here and close-ups here.

On top of the carts: MAC lipglasses; Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, Guerlain, YSL lipsticks

On top of the carts: New/recent MAC products

Drawer #1: MAC lipsticks

Drawer #2: Liquid liners, mascaras, eye liners, lip liners, gel eye liners

Drawer #3: MAC lip stuff — prolongwears, slimshines/mattenes, square lipglosses, dazzleglasses


Drawer #4: Benefit

Drawer #5: Chanel (plus La Mer foundation)

Drawer #6: Dior

Drawer #7: Givenchy, Rock & Republic, & YSL

Drawer #8: Guerlain

Drawer #9: MAC powders/MSFs

Drawer #10: MAC Blushes

Drawer #11: MAC Pigments

Drawer #12: MAC pigments, glitters, samples, beauty powders, palettes

Drawer #13: High-end lipglosses/lipsticks

Drawer #14: High-end makeup (left), NARS (middle), Urban Decay (right)

Drawer #15: Clinique (left), high-end makeup (right)

Drawer #16: False lashes

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159 thoughts on “Storage Solutions: Temptalia’s Beauty Stash 2009

  1. OMG I LOVE IT!!! I’m gonna look at this till I get off of work LOL


  2. wow ! i am SO jealous ! I need that much makeup lol !
    i just have 7 teeny weeny drawers, its like 50cm high !!!

  3. annie

    OMG thats insane… must be worth a million bucks..*jealous* WOW

  4. OMG.. that is just.. amazing.

    Uber stash! Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  5. OMG! this is just GREAT!
    Drawer #5: Chanel (plus La Mer foundation)
    this one I loved the most!
    thank you for photos;)

  6. Grace

    I love your organization. the dazzleglasses and pigments are my favorite drawers 😛

  7. TJ

    Ok. I’m going to show my husband this when he gets home from work. He complains about my product, skincare and brushes. BTW. I love the storage. Your collection is admirable :)

  8. OMG!!! If you were a Specktra member, you would get a lot of comments about your makeup storage!! This is the best one that I’ve seen!!!!

  9. OMG, you do have a huge stash.

    Love your ideas.

    How do you cycle through everything?

  10. Marissa

    Oh. My. God! lol. I am speechless. Amazing!

  11. glamrockstar

    WOW!! JUST WOW!!! WOW………..WOW!!!!

  12. OMG you HAVE to do a ‘favorites’ post for each m/u category…you have so much stuff!

  13. sonjiya

    holy heaven!
    lol i’m so jealous of your collection, nice storage idea! i hope it makes everyday makeup easier :)

  14. Lily


  15. Faiza

    Wow, I only wish I could have that much makeup. Its never gonna happen though! :(

  16. Marie

    WOW, you just made me feel a whole lot better about my stash. I thought I had a lot but its nothing compared to what you have. How long do you normally keep your makeup before deciding to toss it?

  17. Neelia476

    WOW! (Drooling O_O) A girl’s dream, lots and lots of makeup! How do you decide what to wear?! Would love to spwnd a day in your room!

  18. Tricia

    HOLY MACARONI. That is one incredible collection. *jealous rage looming* LOL. I don’t even have enough makeup to worry about a storage solution! -_-‘

  19. Millie

    I like the drawers. Everytime I visit your site (which is everyday), I have to look at these pics for inspiration or just simply to brighten my day! :)

    How do you like La Mer foundation and the Clinique Even Better foundation? Am interested in trying them.

    • Awww!! So glad you enjoy the site :)

      I haven’t yet tried the La Mer foundation – the first shade I tried was too dark, so I had to get a different one!

      The Clinique foundation is too dark for me right now :(

  20. Heather

    OMG you got the new Dior fall collection already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Sandra

    hi christine,
    where did you get the desktop frosted drawers, and where did you get the acrylic drawer organizers?

  22. Ohhhh I love your collection! I have the exact same 10-drawer rolling cart. 😀

  23. Leven

    Can i come over and play? lmao


  24. Aubree

    I’d love to play in your stash, Christine! O_O

  25. Letitia

    I feel like that commercial when the girl is walking her friends through her house, just to get to that awesome closet and they all start screaming!

    I had to take a deep breath!!!

  26. Balqis

    Its like a theme park fer makeup addicts!!!

  27. Thank you for sharing.
    I love your website!

  28. Amber

    Wow. What a collection. How many years have you been collecting? Also, my friend is selling all of her MAC MSFs… you have any recommendations of ones that you like from your collection?

    • Five years at least now! :)

      Gosh, there are SO many MSFs. You’d probably like ones like Pleasureflush, Petticoat, Stereo Rose, Gold Deposit, and So Ceylon.

  29. OH SWEET JESUS!!! can i get an amen!!!! Christine….u saved me hahaha kidding, but seriously, man…wow…i wud love to just wheel that cart on over here! :)

  30. OMG I hate you!!! And I mean that in the nicest way… lol

    Seriously, I think the last time I saw that much makeup I was at Sephora… How do you even find what you are looking for to get ready in the morning?! So many options! I’d never leave the mirror…

  31. Ruth

    OMG I’m so envious !!!!!!!!

  32. this is beyond amazing. i don’t think you’d ever need to wear a same thing twice!

  33. Maeve

    Christine! Holy crap! How do you afford all the, girl?

  34. katz

    omg its like $50,000 worth of make up.. breathless..

  35. Erin

    Holy mother of Jesus…do you have that collection insured?!

  36. Court

    Two questions:
    1) How long did it take for you to collect all that?

    2) Can I come over and play?!

    It’s like heaven in 16 drawers…

  37. ali

    omg i love the blue guerlain gloss in drawer 8… please please pleaaase do a swatch/review on it! it looks so gorgeous! (can you tell i absolutely adore blue glosses?)

  38. apfelwinter

    It’s a really incredible collection. Which make me curious, how long do you keep products? I mean, do you care about the expiry period, and if you do, how long is safe to use make-up products usually, in your opinion?

    • I just keep things until they smell bad or change in texture. I use [recyclable] disposable lip wands for my lipglosses to prolong their lifespan, too.

  39. wow so many makeups!!! i’m so jealous!!!!

  40. Mikki

    OMG Christine I can’t handle it lol!!

  41. I love your storage ideas. I also have a LOT of make up (as you know) – although not quite as many Mac products as you! -, but mine is all over the place (as you know), unfortunately I don’t have space for something like this in my bedroom or bathroom. :( Also for me it’s better scattered as this way my husband doesn’t quite realise how much make up I actually have. 😉

  42. dani

    OH MY GOSH! i LOVE LOVE LOVE your collection! absolutely gorgeous!

  43. OH wow I am so unbelieveably jealous

  44. Laura

    Amazing collection Christine. I am so jealous.

  45. i looove the benefit drawer! please swatch those cream shadows, pretty please!

  46. Xtine!!! I think I went to heaven!! I love the first organizer …powpowbaby on yt has the rainbow..I’ve been dying to get for a pretty long time!! lol

  47. liz

    i must say that this has inspired me. i dont have near as much as you, but i would like to find a set of drawers i can stick on my desk and organize with. i have a traincase but the shelves are so small, drawers will make it easier. great idea!

  48. Lindsay

    what shade is that gorgeous peachy beige rock & republic lip gloss?

  49. Anna

    this drives me crazy!

  50. Trish

    Gosh, I discard anything longer than 6 months old, why risk the product drying out or losing its pigment.Thats what my top dresser is for. :) Have a nice day

    • Most makeup has a longer shelf life than 6 months, actually! I wouldn’t be so worried about products drying out or losing pigmentation — not enough to toss it before I could confirm!

  51. inuchan

    Woot Chrisine, that’s a pretty nice collection! :)))))))))) Believe it or not, all those pretty colors made my Monday morning a great one!


  52. *bowing with tears* I am not worthy! I am not worthy!
    *Looking to restart heart* – THE TORTURE! Pigments! PIGMENTS!
    Ahhhh the TORTURE!

    Christine, how, when, can you adopt me? PUT me in your WILL PLEASE! Ms. Santa I have been good this year.

    Where can you find the MSF Petticoat? Or Old Gold Pigment? Please ohh WISE ONE! I have been searching forever. Please HELP! *Looking up to the heavens* THE LIP GLASSES! Ahhhh THANK YOU GOD! MY Caribbean heart can’t take it. I must know where I can find Ms. Fig Dazzleglass!

    • LOL!

      You can try CCOs, calling MAC’s Gone But Not Forgotten line, or eBay for MSF. Old Gold pigment should be in freestanding/PRO stores!

  53. opps – it’s really MJ but I am really an ANGEL! Really.

  54. Enraptured, I am! What an awesome stash. Where did you get those spheres for the brush jars?

  55. W

    I am very very jealous:D

  56. Jenelle

    Wow, I’ve seen collections before but I have to say I am most impressesd by yours!! Hopefully one day I will get there, I just started collecting Feb. of this year.

  57. Oh wow that is one very impressive collection – I am so so jealous and impressed :)

  58. Crystal

    what collection is the blue and white mac blush containers from??

  59. priscilla

    i was just about to buy this on qvc but i still not sure yet…but to bad that they don’t make the black one in a set of 20 right.So where did you buy this one im trying to see if i can find it cheaper

  60. priscilla

    i was just about to buy this on qvc last week-it sucks that there isn’t a set of 20 in black-but im trying to see if i can find it even a lil cheaper or buy it at costco if they have it in black…where did you get yours

  61. Tattoo Girl

    WOW!! and I thought I had alot of pigments. I made my husband look at your collection so he would stop complaining about mine!!

  62. alice

    WoW!! It’s so amazing!! Wondering how many items in total are there? 500 i guess? In the country I live, if I have such things in my room, I must put it in a safe place (i.e with lock)..sometimes maid can take one into her pocket! :-) Bet yours is safe

  63. Carla

    Hi Christine, I went to the Container Store and bought a bunch of the shallow drawers but I could not find the size that you have your MSFs & powders in. Can you tell me what size those are please?

    I love the way you organized your collection and I want to thank you for sharing. The drawers that I am using now are getting cracked from the weight of the product so these shallow drawers are perfect as you can’t put too much in them.

    • Those are the deep drawers – they’re just the same as the shallow ones (and should be in the same spot), just taller! Your store might have been out of stock, that’s all I can think of, but they’re definitely all in the same area.

      Thanks :)

  64. L.B

    OMG !!!! This rocks!!!

  65. Reena

    Wow!!! This is the best thing ever. Your collection is definitely the best I’ve seen on youtube…thanks sooo much for sharing =)

  66. Brenda

    Did you purchase all of the regular size items (thinking of the dior, guerlain and Nars items like the compacts and shadows) or do you get given more free stuff now because of your website? And what do your YSL lipglosses smell like? I’m asking because i HATE the way mine smells….

    And thank you for sharing! Now i don’t feel so bad for mine!

    • My collection is the result of 5 years of collecting, so I’ve still purchased the majority of the items you see here. I would say I still purchase 80% of my makeup.

      I think it’s a sweet scent? I’m not 100% sure, but I like it, lol.

  67. This is soooo impressive. Christine, I am waiting for MAC to create a pallate for midsize pans like the mineral eyeshadows duos and the new mineral eyeshadow quads. In the meantime, do you have any suggestions???

    • I doubt they’ll be doing so, just because none of the mineralize eyeshadows are available by themselves (and they’re quite fragile so it’s hard to depot) :(

  68. Criselda

    OMGGGGGG Your collection is AMAZING!! I am only a begginer…but such a makeup junkie at heart…I don’t have any collected yet, this is so insiprational!! How lovely :) You should show it on you tube! I WOULD sooo watch that :)

  69. gosh…this is surreal…how do you remember what you have? do you forget what you have and end up buying something similar? I’m so amazed….lol

  70. Chrissy

    My boyfriend would die if he knew I was aspiring to have a collection as huge as yours lol

    Thanks for posting this! If you’ve updated your makeup organization, please make an updated post.

  71. Kim L

    Finally someone who has more makeup than I do. I have 6 drawers for the open stuff (little white pullouts about 3 inches high per drawer) and a 3 drawers in my chest of drawers (narrow chest of drawers).
    Plus I just threw out a garbage pale full of makeup

  72. Christine, just wondering — when you’re storing your MAC lipsticks — how do you actually remember which colours are which ? Do you categorise them by shades or by alphabetical order or .. ? I know some people like to pot their lipsticks just for convenience of being able to see the colour (which is why I like the packaging for Shu Uemura lipsticks — display of Japanese design where they think about usability !) but I’m just going through some ideas about how to store all my MAC lipsticks (not as many as you by the way — VERY impressive collection) !

  73. Monica

    that is my DREAM. i am 14