Saturday, December 7th, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

If you stopped buying makeup today, what would you run out of first? Last?
Temptalia's AnswerI would run out of skincare or foundation first–I don’t have many moisturizers with SPF in them, so I could see that being a crisis. I think I have enough eyeshadow to last me at least ten lifetimes. :)

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83 thoughts on “If you stopped buying makeup today, what would you run out of first?

  1. Definitely my liquid liners! I have about 10 at the moment but I use them everyday so thats gonna run out the first!
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  2. Sarah

    If I stopped today, I would run out of BB cream and face wash.. I don’t really like the heavy coverage with foundation, so I love my BB creams.

  3. Carrie

    Probably mascara, as I normally only do my eyes!

  4. Amber

    Concealer. It takes a lot to cover my dark circles properly!

  5. xamyx

    Mascara; it’s the one product which I adhere to expiration dates. Also, any product with SPF. As a result, I keep a minimal amount of each at any given time.

  6. most likely mascara, just opened up a new tube but they usually start drying up in about three months anyways!

  7. C

    My MUFE aqua liner or Jouer moisture tint, since they get every day use.

  8. definitely, concealer!

  9. Lizzi

    Powder foundation. I only ever own one of those at a time, to keep adjusting to whatever my skin needs at that time of the year.

  10. Courtney K

    Same. I would run out of facial moisturizer and foundation.

  11. Quinctia

    Maybe setting powder? I have a few different foundations/bases in various states of use. Either powder or foundation, though, definitely.

  12. Kurls

    I would run out of moisturizer with SPF too.

  13. Definitely my brow products! I have one pencil and one wax that I repurchase every time, but I don’t find it nescessairy to get back-ups.

  14. Miss J

    Probably one of my skincare items (if that counts) or mascara. As for color cosmetics, I got more than I know what to do with in this lifetime, lol. Oh, and I hoard false lashes, not enough for a lifetime…but certainly enough to get me through a number of months, lol.

  15. Elisa

    Foundation, primer and concealer for sure. After that it’d probably be eyeliner and blush.

  16. zainab

    Foundation or mascara. I have enough eyeshadows, lipsticks and blushes to probably last decades. And things like primers and finishing powders take a while to get through.

  17. Chandra

    I would have to say my mascara first and after that my foundation

  18. I’d run out of mascara first – I only have one at the moment! Last would be red lip colours.

  19. I think I would definitely run out of concealer/correctors and eyebrow pencils first or maybe foundation primer.. Foundation, Blush, Eyeshadow, Lipstick.. yeah, not running out of those anytime soon.

  20. Kate

    Mascara, I think I have enough of everything else to last me a lifetime! Oh and moisturiser.


    That being said, If skincare counts, then definitely lip balm, sunscreen, and moisturizer would be the first to go. If only make-up counts, then probably concealer, foundation, mascara, and black eyeliners (pencil+liquid); since I generally only have one open at a time. Lipcolor would come next, because I’m undoubtedly an addict. >_>

  22. Run out of black kohl :) yeahhh , although i have so many but this is the first thing comes to my mind 😀
    and if you ask a particular product then
    REVLON LOLLIPOP Lip butter and MAC Cherry Lip Pencil
    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee these two sooo much 😀 i would probably run out of these
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  23. Veronica

    Skin products, probably moisturizer with SPF. For makeup, probably concealer and/or mascara. I forego foundation often enough that I can wipe out a tube of concealer in about 2-3 months. At any given point, I usually have at least six or seven concealers scattered around the house and still manage to use at least two of them up within a six month period. 😛

  24. Jo

    Definitely face moisturiser, I only have one at a time to make me finish them! And probably UD Primer Potion and face primer. My weaknesses are more for lipstick and eyeshadow >.<

  25. Probably primer – both face and eye shadow – since I use those every day and have 2 or 3 of each but not as many as I have variety of everything else. Having said that, with regard to colour products I’d probably run out of Tarte Natural Beauty Blush and Guerlain Les Fumes quad shadows before other products.

  26. Ellen

    Awesome question! Definitely NOT eyeshadow or lipstick, or even blush. I tend to get lots of different types of skincare because I’m fickle, so I’d probably be okay there for a bit. But foundation – I wear only one kind (lingerie de peau)!

    • Isn’t it wonderful – the LdeP foundation? Though I have to admit that, of late, I’ve developed a real partiality for the Shiseido Sheer and Perfect foundation.

  27. Emi

    Definitely skincare, if that counts. I’d probably run out of mascara next – I try to keep as few around / open as possible, since they need to be replaced fairly frequently. Then it would just be a matter of whether / when things went bad!
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  28. Skincare and concealer are probably the two things that I buy the most often (by often, I mean every few months). Also, I would definitely run out of my Nubar Diamont, the topcoat I use for my nails.

  29. Clara

    Mascara! It’s been 2 ys I purchased a Mascara, because I can live from samples I get as gwp. I only have like 3 left.

    • Hah I do the same thing! Sephora often has mascara as samples or 100 point perks, so I haven’t bought mascara in a while, but sometimes you come across total duds. It’s a good way to branch out to different kinds of mascara!

  30. Leslie

    I am with you! Foundation (LG Balance n Brighten & BE Matte) followed by mascara. I have enough eyeshadow, blush and lipstick to last the rest of my life and several other lives as well LOL!

  31. Definitely eyeliner, falsies (and glue), brow pencil and concealer. I don’t typically wear much makeup on a daily basis. Just my brows and falsies. I almost listed lipstick but I have enough lipsticks to keep me covered for a lifetime lmao
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  32. I would first run out of foundation. Barring this, I would run out of blotting powder. I have tons of many other makeup products.

  33. Jaimee

    Mascara, definitely mascara.

  34. Aelita

    1 skincare, esp micellar cleansers, followed by serums eye cream and lip balm
    2 in terms of makeup-mascara, eyebrow pencils, cream blush, foundation, under eye concealer
    3 eyeshadows, I don’t have mush, cos for me its not that much fun shopping for an eyeshadow, lipsticks however….. no comments I have enough to supply an army of drag queens with them:)))))

  35. Karen

    I would run out of my eyebrow pencil, which I have, but I’ve been using eyeshadow instead. Then I would run out of foundation as I only have one. But I have enough eyeshadow to last forever.

  36. Skin care definitely, and body lotion. As far as cosmetics I have no idea. Wait, eyeshadow primer and mascara. Those would be the things I’d run out of first. But eye shadows, blushes, highlighters, bronzers, eyeliners, lip products (assuming nothing would ever go bad) I’d be set for life!

    1) eyeshadow primer
    2) Mascara
    4) Face Powder
    3) Concealer/Foundation
    4) Face Primer

    Basically the base products.

  37. livnzoe

    I guess I would run out of mascara and powder first.

  38. Face primer, then mascara.

  39. Probably mascara! I switch it up often (I get the heebie jeebies & throw out mascara after 3 months no matter what) & have only used sample mascaras like the 100 point perks from Sephora for a while which are smaller anyway. I have recently purchased a YSL mascara from the Sephora VIB sale though to open after I get thru a Buxom mascara sample (which are always awesome!).

  40. Christina San

    omg…. I don’t know!! This is a great question. Made me realize that I really have a ton of makeup. lol.

  41. Valentine

    I am a nature hoarder so this kind of question kind of freak me out XD well since I like to stock up, I won’t run out of anything in short term, if we only talk about makeup! Otherwise it’s skincare. If have to say one make up item, it’s mascara!

  42. beck

    *Dermalogica Agesmart Primer w/SPF(I think that is
    what it’s called, awesome stuff)

    * Hourglass primer

    *Too faced shadow insurance& UDPP

    *skincare with SPF including eye SPF


    *LM tinted moisturizer

    *Aveda mineral powder (its pressed forgot the name it is

  43. I’d probably run out of my contour colour (which I use more as a bronzer to warm up my face and reduce ashiness than create precise contours), because I have my perfect contour and I don’t feel the need to experiment with it. I have a large blush and highlighter collection – so those would be the ones I’d probably never run out of.
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  44. Probably either foundation or my mascaras as my benefit they’re real does tend to dry out quite quickly!

  45. Nicole

    I would run out of cleansing balm in about 1 month time. I have enough toner and face cream to last at least 6 month.

    From the makeup I would run out of tinted moisturizer first, but I can replace that with liquid foundation. Mascara would be the next run our product, because I only use one and exchange it consequently every quarter.

  46. jess

    I would run out of skincare. I don’t have a ton of skincare, usually only one moisturizer, one toner and one cleanser, etc. I have a million choices for eye shadow, lipstick and even a few foundations.

  47. Face primer or day cream- I’m running low on both as it is.
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  48. Vanda

    Foundation and skincare, for sure.

  49. Nina

    Powder, for sure. Mine is almost empty and I have oily skin so I need it. :)

  50. Susan Dowman Nevling

    Mascara for sure. Only a three month shelf life when opened.

  51. Clio

    I’d run out of foundation or concealor first. I have bags and bags of lipstick and eyeshadow, so I’m prepared for any apocalypse on those fronts!

  52. kay

    Definitely foundation. Only cause I am currently running low. Gosh it would be sad if I had to stop buying makeup. :)

  53. Melissa F

    I would run out of mascara because I buy a lot and I go through them fast.

  54. If you count skincare as makeup, then it would be moisturizer. If not, then face primer. I have enough eyeshadow to last me three lifetimes (at least).

  55. Chelsea

    My cleanser! I’m using Hada Labo Tokyo hydrating facial cleanser, and it’s about half gone. I’d also run out of mascara first, I don’t have too many of those lying around.

    The last thing I’d ever run out of is eyeshadow, and I don’t have nearly as many eyeshadows as most junkies seem to!

  56. patsyann

    I would run out of concealer for the under eye area as I only have one and I use it every day. I will never run out of blush, eyeshadow or eyeliner…impossible!!

  57. Meredith

    Foundation and concealer. Then eyeshadow, then lipstick, then blush and last would be lip gloss. I have so many they’ll go rotten before I can use them but they’re so pretty to look at that I still get enjoyment out of them.

  58. Shelley

    Mascara. After that it’s a toss up between eyeshadow primer, concealor, foundation, and brow products. I’ll never run out eyeshadow, blush, or lip stuff.

  59. I would probably run out of BB Cream and foundation first…or maybe concealer. I have enough lip and eye makeup to last a lifetime :)
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  60. StrangeOne

    Bronzer. I’ve reached the pan in mine.

  61. Anastasia Brow Wiz, for sure. And then I would probably cry.

  62. Face wash/cleanser as I use it twice a day, every day, even though I have half a dozen different ones at the moment that’ll last 6 months.
    Not going to run out of any makeup for years but eyeliner and tinted lip balm is what I use the most.
    And, have enough moisturizers, serums and exfoliators for another year or two, having just got into it a year ago, I am trying all kinds and have gotten quite carried away :)

  63. jessica billman

    primer, foundation and powder :) they are my everyday must haves coz i have a lot of redness due to me being allergic to everything lol

  64. doroffee

    Concealer. I only have 1 and a half left, and I run out of concealer the most quickly. Then come powder, foundation and bronzer (I’m not a huge bronzer junkie to have several in my collection). Oh and nail polish top coat.

  65. my LUNA tinted lip balm!
    it’s made in Egypt, not sure if it’s available worldwide.

  66. Moisturizer. Make up remover isn’t makeup, but if it counts it’s at the top of my list… since I have about 2 uses left.

  67. julieta

    Concealer and Powder, since i use those every single day (unless i literally don’t leave the house)
    Foundation usually lasts me a long time, because i like to have 2 of them and i only use them on the weekends.
    Oh and clear brow gel, i run out of that stuff like crazy!

  68. I wouldn’t run out of anything, for quite a while!
    The first to go, though, would probably be under-foundation primer.
    Next would be mascara (since I replace it every three months anyhow), pressed powder, eyeshadow primer, lipgloss, and eyeliner.
    Lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow, probably never, even though the women in my family are typically very long-lived.

  69. Michele

    Moisturizer, foundation (as far as my favorite one – I have others I don’t like so much I could use when I run out and do occasionally) and mascara.

    Eye shadow could last several life times for me also (pretty palettes call my name :0)

  70. Astrild

    Sunscreen (including my bb creams). Secondly, concealer.

  71. Jan

    Black liquid eyeliner or mascara. It would be a race.

  72. Geneva

    Concealer and then mascara.

    • Geneva

      Eyeshadow would be the last thing I would run out of, I think I could go years and years with the eyeshadow I have. I’ve even given away a LOT of eyeshadow.

  73. zFashionizta

    Moisturizer, sunblock & primer

  74. Either BB cream or concealer. I’m not sure if I could run out of anything else in my lifetime.