Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Spring to Summer Makeup: Pretty in Purple

I ended up layering two eyeshadows in this look, because I felt like Da Bling was really just too pink/dark for the look — I put Digit on top of it to lighten it, and I liked it, but I think you could omit Da Bling and just use Digit instead.  I also had to physically restrain myself from applying a bright fuchsia lipgloss on top of the lip combination, because that’s what I always do.  I’m not sold on the lip combo with this look, but I do like it alone at least.

P.S. — NARS Eyeshadow Base review coming tomorrow… I swear!

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying Smudgeproof as your eyeshadow base all over the eye area with the 249. Using the 239, apply Da Bling eyeshadow on the inner third of the lid and pull upwards along the inner crease, then overlay with Digit eyeshadow. Lightly blend Stars ‘n Rockets eyeshadow on the middle of the lid with the 239. Next, apply Psychedelic Sister eyeshadow into the crease with the 226, lightly blending onto the outer lid. Blend Digit eyeshadow with the crease shade and highlight the brow bone. Bring everything together by applying Ransom eyeliner on the lower lash line. Finish by sweeping lashes with Pro Lash mascara.

For cheeks, apply Nymph blush on the apples of the cheeks and sweep upwards towards the temple with the 116.

For lips, apply Funbathing lipstick first, and then layer Splashing lipglass for a complementing lip.

Check out more photos!

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110 thoughts on “Spring to Summer Makeup: Pretty in Purple

  1. cass

    Splashing over funbathing looks gorgeous!

  2. Jula

    Stunning. I wish I had the expertise to pull this look off!

  3. Margot

    Okay, first of all, your skin looks flawless ! It looks even more amazingly beautiful than usual !
    I like the look although I can’t pull off pink eyeshadow with my blue eyes, makes me look like I just cried. The blush is lovely too.

    • Thank you so much!!

      Just keep working with — seriously, the first time I wore pink eyeshadow, my mom asked if the sky had fallen!

  4. AmyR

    Omigosh! These colors look gorgeous on you Christine!!

  5. SiaM

    Yes!!! I just can’t get enough purples throughout the year, today I was thinking on what nail polish color I should wear and I really wanted to wear a summery color, I mean I love corals and golds (and all the other colors) too but it was so difficult I ended choosing some options and all were different tones of purple!!!! I guess I also needed my purple color today =)

  6. Wilcoa

    Beautiful look! Loving the purple in the crease, a really wearable looking color.

  7. Nice combination of purples! And purples are my favorites! Especially like the dash of UD 24/7 Purple liner on the lower lash line.

  8. Michelle

    loving this look! can’t wait to try it!

  9. Rae

    Lovely! I’m glad you didn’t add that fuchsia gloss, because this combination is *stunning*! Honestly, it’s so perfect that it’s a little ridiculous. 😛

    • It TOTALLY matches my shirt, too. Like beyond matchy-matchy, which may have been why I was like, “HMM… I WANT…. NO… MUST RESIST!!!”

      But thank you!! :) I definitely thought it was a gorg combo!

  10. nicci

    pretty! Fun Bathing looks a lot darker on me :-( I wish it came out like yours in the picture…

  11. Kim L

    love these colors and they look great on you – the lips coordinate perfectly!

  12. Ali

    When you do a look, do you usually wash it off and wear something else, or do you just leave it on for the rest of the day?

    • Hey Ali,

      It really depends on when I do it. A lot of times I procrastinate and don’t end up doing a look until late in the day (even though I start my day at 7am going, “I will have my makeup on by 10!”), so I don’t really wear it anywhere. If I wear upper lash liner, I have to remove it pretty quickly or else my eyes get *really* swollen and itchy, so I don’t wear those looks out for sure.

      If I do something in the AM, then I definitely wear it all day. I’m not sure if you’re just wondering if I’d wear it out or not, ’cause I would pretty much wear any of the looks I post here out – except maybe a few of the super, super intense ones (e.g. the Lady Gaga “Bad Romance” look) unless I had an occasion.

  13. Steph B

    This is gorgeous. I do a much tamer purple eye with Digit and Poison Pen and wish I had the courage to wear bolder looks like this.

    You may have just sold me on that lip combo. I’d been looking forward to MAC to the Beach because the colors sounded great and the packaging is right up my alley but nothing seemed to work for me. This softer version of Fun Bathing may be just the thing.

  14. Melissa (divinem)

    Wow, gorgeous on you! Will definitely give this a try. Thanks!

  15. cady

    i love the eyes! so pretty. and the lips look great, though not your usual bright-punch-of-color combo! :)

  16. Wow, I absolutely love this look! It’s so fun and girly. My favorite part is the purple liner on the bottom.

    I LOOOVE the high quality pictures on your blog, I just love looking at post after post, picture after picture :).

  17. Adriana

    This is just gorgeous! I love purples so I can’t wait to try this look. :)

  18. starr

    I love this look! i love purple eyeshadows it really makes your eyes pop! ill definitely have to try this

  19. Jessica

    what MAC eyeshadow is similar to UD Pshychedelic Sister? Very Violet, Plum Dressing?

  20. bxboricua

    Love it! Da Bling & Digit are such pretty colors and I’ve never heard of them before :)

  21. Jolene

    love the lip combo!!

    still not sure if i need Splashing or not 😡

  22. What a pretty look! Love it!

  23. FlyingBuffalo

    Love the eyes!

  24. Oh dude, no! I’m LOVING this lip combo!! It makes me want to go get both products! (If I had any money) It looks fantastic!

  25. Gabrielle

    This is one of my favorite looks of your recent looks, it’s so beautiful! I’m all about purple. :)

  26. Mai

    loving this look.super pretty.

  27. Sara

    this looks very pretty as always Christine!
    but im kinda confused, you used digit as a higlight?

  28. CeeBee

    Lip combo = Gorgeous! I am definitely seriously considering getting Funbathing when it comes out here…

    I think this would look beautiful with Designer Purple or Almost Noir pearlglide on the the lower lash line too.


  29. many

    Christine, please do more green expecially with the new Make Up Forever Emerald aqua cream :)

  30. Nadine

    I really like this lip combo! I’m glad you went against your norm!

  31. Anna

    AHHH I HEART THIS LOOK. Pink and purple are my favorite colors, this is gorgeous!

  32. Sari

    I love the effect that that lipglass gives Funbathing !

  33. Andrea

    This is soo pretty Christine 😉

  34. Jennifer

    This look just calls my name LOL! My fav colors! I must get Digit! I am getting my makeup done on Saturday so I will buy it then. You look great with this! I hope it looks as great on my blue eyes as it does on brown;)

  35. Tonni

    Love this! So gorgeous.
    Q: Would you/Have you ever considered doing YouTube tutorial videos for your looks? (Sorry if you’ve been asked this before!)

  36. Really gorgeous look! I think the lips work really well with the eyes, and I’ve noticed too how well they match your top, lol.

  37. You’re so pretty Christine :)

  38. Dawn

    I absolutely love purples, and that lip combo is just beautiful – think I need to get hold of Splashing and try this myself

  39. Josi

    wooow :) i really love these colors :)

  40. Hilana

    Love it. Especially the lips. Berry nice!! :)

  41. chibu74

    this is soooooooo gorg….i love purple looks…again LOVE the lip combo you are wearing

  42. Sylvia

    Very gorgeous! I really want to buy all the MAC eyeshadows you use, but I then I have to eat only bread and water for the rest of the month. 😉 xoxoxo

  43. Wow, that’s amazingly beautiful!

  44. Charlotte

    That lip combo is TDF- I literally gasped when I scrolled down!

  45. kpenn09

    I actually really love this lip combo on you! This whole look is really flattering.

  46. rashmi

    looking really pretty sweetie ….
    i have da bling will surelly try with UD’s purple e/s in vol II
    other then that i dont have any purples…
    what colors would u highly recomm. if i wanna have few purples…light medium and dark family ????

    n lips are rocking as always …. i only only only TRUELLY love
    ur lips application n the way u carry …
    have seen few blogs but always disappointed…
    love temptalia n u …
    i always regret when i miss any post …

  47. Ketrina

    So beautiful, love the awesome colors. Blends very well

  48. Steph

    Christine, i have to disagree, your lip combo looks great !

  49. Amy

    Hmm, do you ever get tired of hearing how gorgeous your photos are? Oh well, you’ll hear it again. Beautiful look – definitely one of my favorites on you. Maybe I’ll try matching my eyeshadow to my clothes, too…

  50. Alison

    Ooooh! Love the lip colors!

  51. Cecilie

    gorgeous, can you do a tutorial please? :)

  52. vikaki

    beautifulllllllll looks christine!!i especially love this one and the first!:)

  53. vikaki

    such a beautiful look!!!!!!you look soo sweet!!
    i liked more this and the second look!but all were lovely!
    p.s..i know it’s not the place to ask you,but i am searching alllllll day in your page..i remember in some swatches that there was a dupe for the thrills lipstick from the mac to the beach collection….but i can’t remember which!can you help me??:D