Monday, April 29th, 2013

MAC Temperature Rising Collection

MAC Temperature Rising launches online in North America on May 16th, and then will launch in-stores on May 23rd. I’m working on getting all the photos ready, testing the products, and writing reviews as I wrap up testing. For now, enjoy these sneak peek swatches! :) I would very much appreciate it if you could hold any questions until I’ve had a chance to write the reviews! Thank you!

See more photos & swatches!

MAC Temperature Rising Collection

MAC Temperature Rising Collection

MAC Temperature Rising Collection

MAC Temperature Rising Collection

MAC Temperature Rising Collection

MAC Temperature Rising Collection

MAC Temperature Rising Collection

MAC Altered Beige Lipstick

MAC Caliente Lipstick

MAC Feel My Pulse Lipstick

MAC Sheer Seduction Lipstick

MAC Liquid Passion Lipglass

MAC Rhythm Lipglass

MAC Soft Serenade Lipglass

MAC Underdressed Lipglass

MAC Romantico Eyeshadow

MAC Bare My Soul Eyeshadow

MAC Friendly Eyeshadow

MAC When in Rio Eyeshadow

MAC Performance Art Eyeshadow

MAC Temperature Rising Eyeshadow

MAC Swelter Eyeshadow

MAC Beautymarked Eyeshadow

MAC Copper Strip Powerchrome Eye Pencil

MAC Life’s Luxury Powerchrome Eye Pencil

MAC Polished Jet Powerchrome Eye Pencil

MAC Rich Glance Powerchrome Eye Pencil

MAC Hot Nights Blush

MAC Ripe for Love Blush

MAC Refined Golden Bronzing Powder

MAC Soft Sand Bronzing Powder

MAC Nude on Board Pro Longwear Bronzing Powder

MAC Sun Dipped Pro Longwear Bronzing Powder

MAC Golden Elixir Strobe Liquid

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92 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: MAC Temperature Rising Collection Photos & Swatches

  1. That Ripe for Love blush is so gorgeous!!

  2. Rachel

    Can’t wait to see your reviews and shade comparisons! I was wondering how many dupes there are for a few items…

  3. Gina

    Ahhh the eyeshadow palettes actually look so nice! And that coral blush is gorgeous! I’m so excited for this now πŸ˜€

  4. Michelle

    Is that “When in Rio” eyeshadow actually Club e/s? Looks like it.

  5. Marina

    Ahhhhh so excited!!!! The blushes and quads look gorgeous as do the sparkly lipglasses!! Can’t wait for your reviews!!!!

  6. Hi Christine, I’m definitely feeling the warmth from the Temperature Rising collection! Can’t wait to see your reviews, especially for the eyeshadows!

  7. Deb

    Oooh! Gorgeous! Thanks for the preview!

  8. Pamela

    I am loving so much here! Can’t wait for your reviews!

  9. Wow love what I see!so excited!!(:

  10. Lisa J

    Uh oh… I want most of it! I love the packaging, too.

  11. Sarah

    The only thing I want so far is Sun Dipped and Life’s Luxury Powerchrome Eye Pencil. If Swelter and Beautymarked were separate eyeshadows I would definitely go for them. Ripe For Love is nice too but I feel like I’ve seen the color elsewhere.

  12. maloree

    i CANNOT wait. ahh love so many items, will be hard to choose which i will buy

  13. Aryn

    Only ONE thing in this collection peeks my interest !!! Can’t say I’ll GET it but Ripe for Love (Blush) is Nice

  14. Shalini

    The Powerchrome Eyepencils are my favourite based on the swatches, though in the photos they look like chubby pencils (I hate chubby pencils). Can’t wait to see the reviews!

  15. Amanda

    limited edition packaging drives me nuts! i really just want everything to match. LOL

  16. Yazmin

    Those blushes are definitely on my list! Thanks for the sneak peak!

  17. thanks for the swatches, now Temperature Rising Eyeshadow Quad is out of my mind. But Caliente seems interesting… and so is the When in Rio shadow. Must. look. away!

    • Isobel

      same products I’m into :) I’ll probably get Caliente, though getting a quad just to get when in rio seems a bet silly for me so i’ll probably skip it :)

      • FiaSpice

        Yeah I’m not gonna buy a quad full of color similar to what I have already. I just saw some dupes posted I might only get Caliente.

  18. sigh, was so excited for these from the promo photots but very disappointed that When in Rio just looks like a dupe for Club. I thought it would be a true teal. The colors from the other quad look more interesting, but judging from the swatches it seems like it took a lot of effort to build up the color. I’ll have to wait for the reviews, but I suspect a dud. Rip for Love is stunning, but I feel like it’s similar to NARS Gilda, Chanel Frivole, or tarte Magic.

  19. Sami

    Ah I really hope this collection is good quality! Everything looks beautiful but I’m definitely trying to not get too excited until I find out if the products are as good as they look. Loving the look of Ripe for Love and Feel my Pulse though!

  20. Elyse

    Got my eye on Ripe for Love! Just the kind of shade I love. But I’m definitely waiting for a review, because I love that shade enough that I miiiiight have some dupes already. We’ll see!

  21. A

    i work for mac and tried all of these items on already. you guys will be so pleased!!!

  22. Veronica

    Wow, my temperature is rising looking at this! I want so many things… Love MAC summer collections!

  23. Nita

    I’m loving the bronze packaging!!! Super excited for the glosses and beige lipstick!!

  24. The first 4 eyeshadows look really interesting, which I assume are from the same quad. The second four look sheer and poor quality. But honestly, who gives a crap about MAC quads??? It’s the LIP products which are calling me!

  25. Frizzy locks

    I am loving your new website look!!

  26. I’m so glad that the swatches cut down on my list a little bit. The site looks so cool, btw!! Way easier to navigate on my mobile device.

  27. Marisa

    I’m pretty excited about this collection, but the real surprise is the new site design! I’m loving it!


    I was wondering how long does it take you normally to test, photograph and review a collection of this size? Maybe this is an industry secret. I was just curious. You always do such a beautiful job.

  29. furandlace

    The reply function doesn’t work for me with this new site. I seem to only be able to type a new comment. I tried both on my iPad and MacBook. I use safari.

  30. MJ

    I see a few failures here based on swatches… looking forward to the reviews!

  31. The quad with the browns and teal look fabulous. If you were to recommend ONLY 5 MAC eyeshadows that everyone should have, what would they be?

  32. Brittany

    This new layout is AWESOME. It’s so contemporary and sleek. Seriously great job all around.

  33. That first quad actually looks pretty good! How unfortunate that it’s rare enough to be noted…

  34. I like swelter, really pretty colour. :)

  35. coco

    these swatches make me want both quads….strobe fluid….coral blush :O

  36. While I don’t purchase from MAC, I will say, this is a pretty stunning selection

  37. The blushes and eyeshadows look incredible! Looking forward to your reviews, Christine. =)

  38. Great collection, i’m drooling for blush :)

  39. Vivian tran

    Love it ! Great collection mac!

  40. Paddychat

    Great shades, even if the lipsticks seem difficult to wear for fair skin…
    “When in Rio” is beautiful !

  41. stacey

    Ha Ha, if you just look at the shadow and liner swatches, I thought it was from Urban joke.

  42. kat

    I am loving those blushes, Altered Beige lipstick and the Polished Jet Powerchrome eye pencil YES PLEASE!! cant wait for your review!

  43. Veronica

    This collection is one big YAWN for me, but I’m not a fan of summer collections precisely because so many of the colors are unflattering on me. It looks like a better LE collections from them, though, which is nice to see.

    Also, I like the new site design. :) Much kinder to my laptop’s small screen.

  44. Maggie

    Hot Nights is WOW…and I swore I had enough blushes, but I’ve actually been wanting a shade like that recently. And all of those lipsticks….gorg. I have WAYYY too many pink lippies but that one is really nice, and so are the others. Packaging is lovely. I want one of those shadow sticks too, but not sure which one. Will pass on the palettes.

  45. Mariella

    Polished Jet liner and the Hot Nights blush will be mine! I love the one e/s quad too – the one with the Club twin in it – in fact, I love it so much that I already have identical shadows for all the colours so I’ll probably pass on that one but it is nice to see that the quality does seem to be there.

  46. Marta

    I live in London, and this collection is already available. Some of the items are already sold out:(

  47. Cynthia

    I think I’m gonna spend my entire paycheck on this collection… I live almost everything!

  48. Madii

    Nothing. Just… Nothing!

  49. Madii

    Is this the official Summer collection like the Sail one last year? If so, I’m so disappointed.

  50. Surabhi

    I got my Ripe for Love blush in the post today…so thrilled! Temptalia is my favourite site for the super high quality of swatches and great reviews. Great work Christine! So look so lovely and most lip colours look fab on you.

  51. Both of the blushes look great! And I’m intrigued by the eye pencils. I just wish the lipsticks were nicer colors. But maybe they are cute on.

  52. Jenna

    Boo to the price of the quads…didn’t they used to be $36….Thank you for posting this – it is very helpful!! :)

  53. Lou

    how does feel my pulse compare to strong woman and heroine?

  54. Liz

    MAC Feel My Pulse Lipstick and Hot Night Blush is Love! I’m super excited for the reviews! By the way, LOVE your new site!

  55. I love the packaging!! Definitely looking forward to the lipsticks!

  56. Chartavia

    OMG…This collection looks fab! Especially the quads and lippies! Woo hoo!

  57. beck

    I shold skip this collection, I don’t see any must haves. I usually get both blushes from a collection,
    but I all ready have ripe peach and prom princess & other pink blushes which are sorta close.
    I might try sundipped bronzer, I just dont see anything I gotta have.

  58. Maddi

    I want everything! anyone know when/if this is coming to the uk??

  59. Katy

    hi Christine, are you not going to review the nail polishes that come with this collection? thanks x

  60. Lisa Gualtieri

    Is this going to be MAC’s “big summer collection”?

  61. Bella

    Not sure if this was mentioned before but are we allowed to B2M for this collection?

  62. I want the Underdressed Lipglass

  63. Valeria

    I really love this collection!!! When is it come to south America, Chile?

  64. Katie

    Which bronzing powder would look best on very pale skin?

  65. Leslie-Marie

    I ordered all of my stuff from the collection at 2AM EST (no lie). It was all up under the individual categories!! So excited! I got Sun Dipped Pro bronzer, Copper Strip & Polished Jet Powerchromes and Golden Elixir Strobe Liquid. Go get ’em, ladies!