Thursday, August 20th, 2009

MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection — In the Gallery Eyeshadow Quad

As envisioned by Richard Phillips, three eyeshadow quads were developed for the upcoming MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection. This post will focus on In the Gallery Eyeshadow Quad!

Private Viewing Eyeshadow Quad ($36.00)

  • Lightfall is an extremely sheer, satiny pale pink with lavender. If you have anything beyond a pale skin tone, this color is going to take work to show up. I couldn’t use a brush or a finger to swatch–I had to use a sponge-tip applicator and really dig into the color and layer it over five times to get the color to show up as it does in the swatch below. I was not pleased to say the least! Over a base, I imagine a little less work would be necessary, but that’s true for every color.
  • Look at the Eyes is a shimmery silvery-puprle with light silver-pink shimmer. It has a frost finish, but it doesn’t appear overly frosty. This reminded me a bit of Beautiful Iris eyeshadow.
  • In the Gallery is a matte eggplant-purple–reminded me a bit of Fig. 1 eyeshadow, though it’s not ultra pigmented and can be a bit chalky when applying.
  • Private Viewing is a plummy, red-brown. It is also matte, like In the Gallery, but it doesn’t feel as chalky. It could be smoother–more like Matte2s, IMO. This felt like a more purple Sketch eyeshadow to me.

This is a true purple quad–every color is tinted with it. I like the way the colors match each other, and I think you can get several different color combinations out of this quad. I’ve always been a fan of MAC’s quad packaging, because you get the ease and slimness of palettes, but you can see through the lid, too, which is always nice if you’re guilty of owning a few too many quads like myself! It’s not the most original set of shades, but they work well together. Because the two matte eyeshadows do have some drag, and Lightfall requires far too many layers to show up, I wouldn’t put this on my must-have list.

  • Product: 6/10
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 7/10
  • Packaging: 9/10

Recommendation: If you’re all about purple eyeshadows, you should certainly check this quad out, since it is ALL about purples! Just make sure you have a good eyeshadow base if you become an owner of one of these, because the shadows don’t work so well without one.

Availability: (August 20th), MAC stores

See up-close photos and swatches


Look at the Eyes

In the Gallery

Private Viewing

Lightfall, Look at the Eyes, In the Gallery, Private Viewing

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65 thoughts on “MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection — In the Gallery Eyeshadow Quad

  1. BrownEyes

    Im not really impressed. Skipping this 1. Thx

  2. shontay

    This was actually my least favorite of the quads. I love purple, but these did nothing for me. Photo realism is the hotness and Notoriety was pretty, but I have several neutrals. Glad you like it, though, Christine :).

    • Yeah, it seems to be the butt quad of the collection, LOL! I didn’t like it, to clarify, though. It had subpar pay off on the colors, the mattes were a bit chalky as well.

  3. Wilcoa

    Thankfully this wasn’t on my must list for the collection.. I think the only shadow that I really like out of this set though is Look at the Eyes, but swatched the color doesn’t look as nice as it did in the pan

  4. MC

    I really, really wanted to love this– but I just can’t make myself! The other two seem to be getting pretty good reviews by others, though, so hopefully…

  5. Jenn

    I was so sad that it wasn’t more pigmented since I love purple. Notoriety ended up winning me over.

  6. TrulyNicole

    pass for pretty much the whole collection.
    mac, you don’t impress me much.
    christmas mini sets info asap please [;

  7. As much as I like purple, I don’t think I can handle 4 shades in one quad.

  8. Nicole

    i love the colors.. I want this one and the green do u have that one as well..


    the colour payoff of this purple quad is not worth it n the colours seem I may get the green Photo realism quad and instead off the neutral quad (Notoriety quad)invest in the new too faced neutral quad think its better value 4 money

  10. Diabla

    I’m not a quad purchaser…. There is always at least one or two color I don’t like and I refuse to buy a quad just for one color. So I skip them…

  11. I don’t think I’ll be getting anything from this collection, nothing appeals to me. This quad looks really naff to be honest.

  12. Nicole15

    Definitely going to pass on the purple quad. I have purple eyeshadows coming out the kazoo. :) I am intrigued by the greenish/bluish/greyish quad – Photorealism I think. Seems like they could be unique colors. We shall see. The 3rd quad, the one with the coppers & neutrals just seems very dupeable to me but maybe I will be surprised. Thank god I don’t love everything! Phew…

  13. sprut6

    I actually really like it and I usually always avoid the quads.

  14. I love purple… but this quad looks so chalky and grey. I know that’s supposed to be really in this Fall, but I can’t help but prefer the jewel-purples.

  15. claudia

    This one is pretty, but I found it quite dupable, so I’ll pass !!
    Pls swatch the single eyeshadows whenever you can 😉

    BTW, CHristine, today I used my liquid foundation (Revlon ColorStay) using the 187 brush following the tips you gave on the vid tutorial … it looked perfect ! Thanks you so much !!!!

  16. hi

    everyone says there are dupes for these,

    but WHAT?? thanks!!

  17. Michelle

    I love purples and lavendars — but I have so many similar colours to these — plus, I am definately getting the puple eye palette that will be out with the holiday collection. So, I will probably pass on this quad.
    Lightfall kinda reminds me of Yogurt which I already have, and like you said, Look at the Eyes is similar to Beautiful Iris. This quad would be great for people new to MAC, though!

  18. hi

    also if you list the FINISHES of the individual eyeshadows that would be great!

  19. stephanie

    i love purple, but not sure if i need a whole quad full. the colors are nice though

  20. Dominique

    purple is my favorite color, but this quad is really boring.

  21. Steff

    I love purples, for example, Trax and Creme de Violet, but Mac could have done a much better job on this quad, and the green one too.

  22. cloudburst

    I like the shades, but they seem kind of chalky. I will have to check it out in person.

  23. DW

    Just wanted to say that I bought this at the launch party and I am quite pleased that I did. I am not a huge matte person at all, but I have green eyes and these shadows are perfect for making my green eyes pop. The darker matte purple is amazing, and the pink purple matte is too! The frosty light purple’s pay off is not 100% satisfaction, but it’s a REALLY pretty color. I am not that offended by lightfall either. It’s okay actually ,showed up when I swatched it.

  24. ThunderBird

    I like only Lightfall and Look at the Eyes colours. Can anybody help me with MAC or Illamasqua dupe for these? 😉 Thanks!

  25. ines

    i have a question…so im just wondering that you could remove these e/s pans and not ruin this quad palette?

    • Christy

      Pre-made quads eyeshadow pans can’t be removed from the palette without damage. You can buy the quad palettes empty though from a MAC store (or online or Ebay), but not the counter.

      This palette just doesn’t do much for me now that I’ve looked at previews…pass!

      • ines

        thank you for the answer!
        i know i can buy it separately, but i wanted to fill the bigger palette.
        thank you once more. :]

      • mars

        I actually find these to be the easiest to depot. Just pop off the plastic surrounding the eyeshadows. Pour some alcohol in the middle to loosen up the glue and then use a knife to lift them up. The plastic part can then be popped back in place to use for other shadows. I always save my empty quads as a holding area for shadows until I get enough to fill a 15 palette.

    • You can, though the bottom may look a bit scraped up, but the quad itself would still be functional. You have to pop the plastic quad insert out, and the pans will be glued to the quad itself.

  26. I like purple a lot, and these shades are just delicious. For me it’s great to have 4 shades of purple in the same quad.

  27. VJNS

    These are so reminscent of the early 70’s when innocent, soft and natural was the look. Could work again as a day look, I suppose.

  28. KEJE


  29. Luda

    looking at the promo pictures this was the only quad i wanted yo get but once i saw them in person it was my least favorite i ended up getting photo realism instead

  30. WOW! I sure do want that quad since I love purples! A good base for this is Girl Friendly paint pot to make the colors show up more.

  31. doesnt seem very brown girl friendly….

  32. Janelle

    Not gonna lie, this quad looks HORRIBLE 😐

  33. charlieee

    this quad doesn’t interest me at all. but i went to mac website and saw one face chart using this quad and thought the look was gorgeous!

  34. Danielle

    check out scandalous beauty at youtube, she does a look with this quad ,and its awesome, totally won me over.

  35. Ally

    This is the only quad I didnt get. Im almost tempted to because I LOVE look at the eyes. Thats a gorgeous purple.

  36. Nadia

    I love purples but i’m not impressed with this quad. I’m actually very disappointed :( The swatches doesn’t catch my eye. I do have a lot of purples so i’m sure i already have dubes for this one. I’m glad my Visa can take a rest.

  37. mahalia

    I love this quad. I am nw43/45 and it looks amazing on me. I’ve gt brown eyes

  38. Princess Cha

    I sooooo totally LOOOOOOVE this purple quad!

  39. I am so glad I found this site! I am just at my wits ends and indecisive on what to do so any advice will help. I purchased this palette because one of the MAC artists was wearing it (she was african american) and it looked gorgeous! I also bought Sugar shock (star flash)the She told me how to apply it first using Painterly paint pot. I should have tried it at the store but took her word that it works for everyone (I’m an NC42). Excited, I went home and tried it…to my despair and disappointment they hardly showed up and did look chalky on me (including the Sugar shot which was flaky). I feel terrible returning it since they just throw it away but I will hardly use it. I bought them at a freestanding MAC store and am hoping to return it at a MAC counter at Nordstroms. Is this the only way or is there a better base that I can use for a better color payoff??? Thanks for reading this novel!

    • You’re going to need to return it to a freestanding store, unfortunately :( IMO, I’d return it – I think it’s pretty awful. Otherwise, you could use a light base or a purple base and just PACK the colors on. :/

  40. Thanks for the advice Christine. :) As much as I tried to like it, I just ended up returning it. It was pretty awful. Next time, Im definitely going to try them out at the store!

  41. TT

    I really like the palette, I think it depends on individual taste and what kind of look your trying to achieve. Colors came out alright on me and I didn’t even have a base on. One of my best purchases by MAC since the Hello Kitty collection. *Meow*