Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

MAC Huggable Lipcolours
MAC Huggable Lipcolours

You can find photos and swatches for each of the shades here! :) MAC released 21 colors between the new formula and their recent color collection, so it will take me a few days (at least!) to go through and test each one. Particularly with a new formula, I like to really test through several, potentially retesting a few, and all that jazz before writing an overview of the formula.  To see the official launch information, please see this post.

Here are direct links to each…

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34 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: MAC Huggable Lipcolours Photos & Swatches

  1. The shades are looking marvelous <3

  2. Another new collection of lipsticks!! Collecting lipsticks is like collecting pokemon cards. Must have them all! LOL

  3. Augh! Sheer, balmy, hydrating lipsticks are my kryptonite!

    It’s probably good that MAC is so expensive here, otherwise I’d probably buy the whole set…the colour selection is so lovely and fresh!

  4. Ruca

    This is going to be one of those frustrating promotions for me. They look lovely, and the formulation sounds great. I feel suspicious that I may prefer these over Sheen Supreme lipsticks, and I really like the color range so far. But limited edition? Much like Kissable Colours, it’s just another great product they drop on us as an LE, then take it away before most of us can afford to really get a nice collection going. I know I won’t be able to afford even half of them before they sell out, especially right after the holidays. I wish they would stop adding so much to the PLW collection, and consider adding some of the more innovative products to the permanent range. I’m still waiting for the Kissable Colours to be repromoted so I can get a second or third one. I really love those, but only have one. :(

    • me too!! i love my kissable colours, and i loved the dare to wear sparkle glosses and superglasses. I was so happy when they finally made sheen supremes part of the permanent range i love shiny glosses. these lipsticks look so amazing i want all of them and with this and the magnetique nude idk how many i can actually get but probably only three of these ugh!!!

  5. Jaclyn

    These look like Maybelline’s Color Whispers or Revlon’s Lip Butters. They also look patchy on the swatches. I’ll be skipping this lipstick collection.

  6. I am so excited to try these out! I’m really liking Rich Marron. I love a good moisturizing lipstick. Eagerly awaiting your reviews, Christine!
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  7. Maggie

    Christine–you are sooo wonderful and awesome for being on top of it. Looking forward very much to hearing about your take on these.

  8. Is it just my random thought or this line have a similar packaging to UD Revolution Lipsticks? I mean, look at the tip of the bullet, and the metal packaging? 😀

    • I noticed that too! The Revolution lipsticks were such a hit that I’m hardly surprised. It’s like how the “MAC Style” of lipstick bullet and packaging is basically an industry standard at this point,

    • Ruca

      Not sure since I have not seen the caps. My first impression is that they look like gray versions of the Sheen Supreme or even PLW lipsticks, which have a similar design. If the caps are smooth, I’m sticking to that theory. The UD lipsticks are very unique in the cap designs, and probably look nothing these this when either is shut. Still, based on the gunmetal color, I can see how some would draw a comparison.

  9. I’m really interested to find out how these wear, how they feel on the lips, how long they last and basically if they apply nicely and look good. Can’t wait to read your reviews, Christine, because if you say they’re good, I’ll be out the door to get one or two at least.

  10. This is the exact kind of finish I like in a lip product! Unfortunately most of these light and luminous looking shades tend to wear off really fast, so I’m curious to see if these are any better.

  11. MichelleChefNYC

    After seeing the promo image and the description of the new formula I was actually really excited for this collection, but based on MAC’s recent track record I was cautiously optimistic… Based on the swatches these look pretty and very cushiony on the lips, but some of them look a little patchy, like getting a smooth coverage was hard… hmmm, can’t wait to read your full review once you have put these to the test!

  12. Dana

    Ok I’m not big on MAC but these I feel like I’m going to love and feeling little annoyed that they r LE even though I haven’t tried them lol

  13. the packaging looks like Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks

  14. Hate that these are limited edition!!! Makes me not want to buy anything, even though I see some that would be sooooo perfect with my coloring!

  15. Big surprise, cherry glaze is the only one that calls to me. I’m a red lipstick addict. Doesn’t matter the opacity, I go weak in the knees for them.

  16. Oh no. More temptations. 😆

    I’m attracted to Commotion, Fashion Force, Touche, and What a Feeling the most. Do you think it’s worth getting the 4, in terms of how dupe-able they are? :/
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  17. Oh, man, I want ALL of these!

  18. Pami

    Commotion looks really pretty, reminds me of Revlon’s Lollipop Lip Butter.

  19. Genesis

    How they compare to the l’oreal rich balm they sound the same

  20. Melissa

    Any idea which three are posted in the Ad? I love love love them!
    Thanks for all you do :)

    • Sorry, I don’t know what they are officially!

    • I strongly suspect those colors are Cherry Glaze, Commotion, and What a Feeling! but I could be mistaken. I’m rather brave with my guessing, so you never know…

      MAC does fidget about with the colors when they do those promo photos, and the lipsticks look very different under various lighting. I have noticed Commotion looks vampy in the tube, but only a “deep” plum on the lips (even on pasty-face me), and What a Feeling! looks super pale on Christine, but more mid-tone blue-pink on me. I swear, it darkened up after I wore it for 3 hours, but that could be my imagination. I think Love Beam, Commotion, Red Necessity, and Feeling Amorous? are the best colors in the lot, but it’s all a matter of preference.

      I love these things. I wish I could afford the last 6, or that they would just make these permanent!

  21. Chloe

    hot tahiti my mac is super similar to rusty – more cool toned but very similar