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MAC Eyeshadow x 15/Warm Neutral Palette
MAC Eyeshadow x 15/Warm Neutral Palette

Here’s the other new palette that was released from MAC for spring: MAC Eyeshadow x 15/Warm Neutral Palette. It’s a warm-toned, neutral-themed palette and retails for $100. It’s permanent and is available online and at MAC stores (and PRO stores) as of January 9th.  It will be available internationally March 2014.  It’s going to take me a few days to test all 15 eyeshadows for wear, so for now, here are swatches.  Please hold questions until I’ve had a chance to write up the review – thank you in advance!

See more photos & swatches!

MAC Eyeshadow x 15/Warm Neutral Palette
MAC Eyeshadow x 15/Warm Neutral Palette

MAC Eyeshadow x 15/Warm Neutral Palette
MAC Eyeshadow x 15/Warm Neutral Palette

MAC Hey Eyeshadow
MAC Hey Eyeshadow

MAC Warm Breeze Eyeshadow
MAC Warm Breeze Eyeshadow

MAC Gingersnap Eyeshadow
MAC Gingersnap Eyeshadow

MAC Dark Brew Eyeshadow
MAC Dark Brew Eyeshadow

MAC Dance in the Dark Eyeshadow
MAC Dance in the Dark Eyeshadow

MAC Brule Eyeshadow
MAC Brule Eyeshadow

MAC Vanilla Extract Eyeshadow
MAC Vanilla Extract Eyeshadow

MAC Honey Lust Eyeshadow
MAC Honey Lust Eyeshadow

MAC Amber Lights Eyeshadow
MAC Amber Lights Eyeshadow

MAC Saddle Eyeshadow
MAC Saddle Eyeshadow

MAC Lemon Tart Eyeshadow
MAC Lemon Tart Eyeshadow

MAC Creative Copper Eyeshadow
MAC Creative Copper Eyeshadow

MAC Butterfudge Eyeshadow
MAC Butterfudge Eyeshadow

MAC Divine Decadence Eyeshadow
MAC Divine Decadence Eyeshadow

MAC Unwind Eyeshadow
MAC Unwind Eyeshadow

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49 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: MAC Eyeshadow x15 Warm Neutral Palette Photos & Swatches

  1. Laura_Lou

    Looks gorgeous!

  2. Lauren

    Looks gorgeous but really expensive for what it is. The Urban Decay Naked palette has 12 full sized shadows for $52. The Lorac Pro Palette has smaller shadows but includes 16 shades for $50. I can’t see paying double for MAC.

  3. Lucilene

    Awesome! But really expensive… I can’t imagine the price in Brazil!

    • Marlene

      This one is going to easily cost R$ 400+. I’d say it can EASILY go up to R$ 600, even above that price if they’re greedy. Obscene prices, just unacceptable.

  4. I really like Creative Copper, Gingersnap, and Unwind. I hope MAC releases them as single eyeshadows in the future. :)

    • That would be ideal. There’s a lot in this palette I can pass on, but gingersnap, lemon tart, and vanilla extract are making it a struggle.

      • Georgiana

        I agree; the shades in this palette are a lot nicer (and seem to be a lot nicer in quality, too) than in the ‘cool’ 15 palette, but $100 is still quite a commitment! Especially since I own a couple of those shades, which is just annoying – why wouldn’t MAC put in all new shades? Or at least make it so the eye shadows can be swapped out! Why on Earth would they glue them in?!

        • Camille

          Well seeing as how an empty palette and an insert together are $10 (weren’t they like $16 at one time?), and the pans alone are also $10, I’d say this is a steal if you don’t already own these shades. If you were to buy your own palette and fill it up, it would run you $160 plus tax.
          The nice thing about this palette is that if you don’t like a shade, you can easily swap it with someone who does and you don’t lose anything! I actually like the convenience of this palette, whereas with others you’re pretty much stuck with what you get. The Naked palettes for example contain a few duds, some shades have crazy fall out, the uneven mix of warm and cool don’t suit everyone and most annoyingly, Urban Decay made it a thing to repeat shades, and then they didn’t even make the palettes significantly different enough for anyone to really justify having all four, but a lot of people still do (nearly $200 in total). I think $100 for a 15 pan palette seems like a lot because we’re so used to seeing palettes in the $30-$50 range. But when you consider the aforementioned convenience of this palette and the fact that MAC never has sales other than offering discounts to MUAs and to people at trade shows, this is really a pretty sweet deal!

  5. I like this one better than the first one. I can already see the eye looks I’d create with this in my head… :-)

  6. Gingersnap looks amazing. Really expensive still though :(
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  7. If it cost less I’d be all over it. It’s calling to me, as do all warm neutrals, but the practical part of my brain is beating the other part with a stick to keep it at bay.

  8. This one looks really pretty… I wonder how much they will mark it up here in Mexico? MAC is so expensive here!

  9. CatG

    I’ve said this before but I think it’s far too expensive to be in competition with other great neutral palettes :/ That said, the swatches are pretty and I always will love Amber Lights!

    • Am I the only ine who owns a 15x custom palette by Mac. It fist me close to 3 times the price to out it together. The price is an absolute breeze. I’m getting it. Seeing that I don’t have any neutrals besides Amber lights. I don’t mind a back up. It’s perfect for blue eyes. In fact this palette is.

      • Melissa

        I feel like we’re the only ones who like the price! I also have a 15 palette. This price is almost pro discount pricing for what you’re getting! Sure it’s not Naked palette pricing, but I like the look and weighty feel of a Mac palette much more than the Naked palettes. I only wish I could use it like a regular palette and swap out some colors! Maybe I’ll “depot” this and throw it into a regular Mac palette with some magnets!

  10. This one looks better than the cool one to me, but still, very expensive.
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  11. Ericka

    Do these shadows come out like the other MAC customizing palettes? Can you change out the shadows like with the other pro palettes?

  12. This looks like a great palette, but it’s definitely expensive considering it’s not that unique.

  13. Chelsea

    Swatches for this palette are much nicer than the other, but (thankfully, for my wallet) the shades are far too warm, Honey Lust onwards just wouldn’t work for me at all!

  14. Many shades look too coppery and orangey to me. And there are already 4 Naked palettes out there :/
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  15. Liz

    Wow. Really nice. The key question is if the palette is the size of the ones you buy at the pro store & if the shadows are the same size as well. If those answers are yes, this is an amazingly good deal. Each shadow is $10 x 15 plus the cost of the palette itself I believe is $25, so means you are getting $175 value for $100. But depends on size if it’s a great deal or not. I love warm colors. Already have Saddle, and always wanted Amber Lights, plus others look great.

    • jPee

      They are the same size as the regular propalettes.. So if someone is looking to start a kit this is an amazing choice.. At an amazing price..!!

  16. Since it would cost $160 to buy this individually, I guess $100 isn’t a bad deal. I love Hey and Vanilla Extract, but I doubt I would buy it since I am betting a lot of the colors I have now will be similar. Can’t wait to see your take!

  17. xamyx

    I could probably make 10 of these shadows work, so it may be worth checking out… Still, I wish there were a bit more variation in the shade selection.

  18. I’m not much for the warm shadows (or the price, can’t imagine what it will be here in Middle Earth), so this is not really the palette for me, but if someone has the cash and wants to start a MAC shadow collection, this might be something for them!
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  19. Vanessa Jagger

    Looks way pretty :)

    Individual eyeshadows are $36 in Australia – ridiculously expensive. I’d say this
    Palette will be $200 or so (US dollar is only a tiny bit stronger than ours so yeah, we’re
    Ripped off big time :((

    Loving the darker shades :)

  20. Jennifer

    A lot of these are too yellow/orange/red for me.. I feel like these palettes is MAC trying to get in the game of the neutral palette like Urban Decay….

    I like warm tones , but I don’t really find these neutral. Sure, they aren’t a wild color, but I think some of those really orangey red etc tones wouldn’t suit many… The cool tone one is a bit better but not by much. eh

  21. ZG

    YES!!! LOVE IT

  22. Love all the colors in this palette…great for us brown eye gals. I’d snatch this up if the pans were replaceable.

  23. I really hate the price tag on this palette. It’s so pretty! I could live without most of these shades though so I guess I could grab the pans of the ones available and then search for dupes lol. I just have to have Saddle now!!
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  24. thats superrrrr awesome palette :) it is looking super awesome i mean :) 100 $ hmmmmmmmmmmmm
    eagerly waiting for your reviews dear
    Rashmi Recently Posted: The prettiest flush with BECCA Songbird Blush !

  25. stacey

    At one point when UD Naked 1 was out of stock for a long time, I bought shroom, honey lust and satin taupe. Honey lust is just glued. I cannot get color. It is like the oil from my skin ruin the powder.
    Whatever reason MAC is doing this, there are people who enter the makeup world each year. So even if many people own MAC products, there is always young blood who may not have MAC or Urban Decay in her arsenal.

  26. Pamela

    I was willing to buy it because I was expecting my Pro discount to save me $30 bucks. But a MAC artist said that the pro discount is not valid on this. Son of a…snitch!

  27. I love the gold , copper and brown color scheme. Might end up buying this with my MAC gift card!

  28. Well my first thought is: I’m out. These shades are too warm for me. I’m neutral to warm and anything really warm or really cool just doesn’t work on me.

    Secondly, this may not cost as much overseas as everyone is expecting. There is an upper limit to how much people will pay for makeup. But it will be interesting.

  29. Definitely would consider investing in this – gorgeous shades. I usually buy MAC lipsticks and eyeshadows from other brands but I really like this!

  30. Justine

    No more neutral palettes!!! LOL – Kidding, but between all the naked palettes, the lorac pro, and my own custom mac palettes, I would have to say that this is one purchase I just cannot justify. The cost and the performance of the more recent (past year) palettes mac has put out make it easy to pass on this one. I am glad they included some new shades, though.

  31. Oh wow this is pretty gorgeous. I like every single color. I wish they’d included that pro color Burnt Orange though, over Saddie, but still, this is beautiful
    Catherine Recently Posted: VEGAN CUTS Beauty Box Review

  32. Kristina Kala

    The price is grazy and I have gathered one by one the neutral colours + pigments that I have pressed…thanks god!

  33. Nikki

    Maybe I’m the only one, but I’m always a bit sad when a neutral palette doesn’t include a matte black eyeshadow. I just feel it should always be an obviously color choice.

  34. I definitely need more golds/coppers/browns in my makeup stash. I wear many bright colors, but it’s nice to tone it down a bit sometimes! I especially like Amber Lights — it’s so pretty.

  35. Arely

    Im really liking this palette. Yes, it is pricier than the Naked palettes or Lorac and others but I love how warm they are. I own over 20 Mac eyeshadows and they are all in pots so I’ve paid over $300 for what I have now. Having them all in one single palette makes this worth it for me.

  36. zFashionizta

    Thanks, now I know I definitely do not want this.

  37. Expensive for me, but I don’t how much eyeshadow is given.

    I probably won’t purchase this because I already have too many neutrals anyways. =]

  38. They shouldn’t have gone with a neutral palette. Firstly, most of us have so much neutral palettes and neutral single e/s that there’s no need for extra 15 golden/neutral e/s . Secondly, UD sells their palette for 1/2 the price ($100?! for a pre-made palette?!) . To me, the MAC palette doesn’t look as appealing as eg. UD’s 1 or 2 (brown, taupe, golden colors). I have 22 MAC e/s (two custom palettes) and 3 UD palettes (original, basics, ammo) and I much more prefer the quality and performance of UD’s. Wish I haven’t spent so much money on MAC’s e/s :(