Sunday, September 29th, 2013

MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Collection
MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Collection

Here is some picspam of the collection, along with some permanent products in the limited edition packaging that I’m not reviewing separately, plus a round-up of all the reviews from the collection! A few reviews will see their ratings added today and tomorrow as I work through wearing the remaining lip products. You can see official collection information here.

MAC tweeted out this information regarding the online launch tomorrow:  “Tick tock: The #RiRiHeartsMAC Fall collection arrives online tomorrow, 12PM ET in North America.”

See more photos!

MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Collection
MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Collection

MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Collection
MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Collection

MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Collection
MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Collection

MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Collection
MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Collection

MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Collection
MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Collection

MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Collection
MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Collection

MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Collection
MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Collection

MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Collection
MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Collection

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59 thoughts on “Round-up: MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Collection Reviews (and Extra Photos!)

  1. I was so excited about the eyeshadow until I saw your review of earlier today :-( Sniff. Guess I will have to get something else instead.

  2. Marie

    Thanks for the review ! Do you think the riri liner would match cockney ? Or Russian red (it may be too orangey for that ?) thank you !

  3. mercedes de leon

    Im in love with this collection! I was wondering if we could use our pro discount on this one? Any idea?

  4. Annak

    Christine will you be reviewing the mascara, eyeliner and brow pencils ?

  5. Asia C.

    Have you tried the two brushes that come with the collection? I would be interested in hearing your thoughts! Thanks!

  6. Stephanie

    Hi Christine. Thank for the honest review. I want the Riri Woo Lip glass and Nude lipstick ( i think it’s perfect for me) I’m NC50/Smashbox Halo liquid 8/9. I was praying that Talk that Talk would be awesome but it looks so patchy. I think I’m going to just keep on trucking with Nightmoth liner and Rebel. I’m sort of interested in the blush but it looks so powdery.

  7. Oh my gosh I want to try everything in this collection!!!! (:

  8. Angel

    Christine, what do you think of the packaging? It is plastic right? How is the quality? Do you think the overall look is appealing? Would you whip this out and use it in public?

    Sorry if you already answered this in a post. I don’t recall seeing it.

    • Hi Angel,

      Personally, I thought it looked better than it felt, but that’s because it looks like metal, but it’s very lightweight plastic – so it lacks heft. It will hold fingerprints, since it’s metallic. Otherwise, it’s sturdy, nothing feels too large/too small or flimsy. The metallic rose gold color didn’t scratch off easily (tried to scrape it with my fingernails, against the edge of my desk). I don’t think I use any makeup in public, but I really wouldn’t care what anyone thought – hey, I leave the house with two distinct eye looks on 😉

  9. I figured I was going to skip this collection, but there actually are a few things I like.

  10. Dominique

    Hi Christine,
    Do you have any photos of the brushes that are being released with the collection?


  11. The packaging is stunning!

  12. Ivana

    It´s such a shame that Smoked Cocoa performs so poorly… I will skip this collection and hope for better ones to come out soon 😉

  13. Hi Christine,
    Question: can we use our pro discount on this collection? I know that the last collections have been only online and wasn’t able to use the pro discount, is this any different?? Thanks

  14. It is too bad that the eye shadow quads weren’t totally original, but I guess that is good, as I have all the original colors mentioned in the posts. No need to buy these anymore, and they were the only thing I wanted from the collection.

  15. abigailod

    Wow, I’m surprised just how dark the Plum lipstick appears in the photos – will be waiting on your review on that one, Christine!

    Thanks for your insights on these! :-)

  16. I thought I would have more on my shopping list for this collection than I do.. not sure I’ll be fighting on the front lines for these products.

    FYI: if anyone is looking for the paint pot “constructivist” from the pro longwear collection, I ordered one this morning as it is now avail for purchase on-line after sitting on status ‘coming soon’ for quite some time…

  17. Karla

    Hi christin! Soon im gonna start buying mac brushes because i have read sooo many good reviews about them everywere, i gonna start slowly buying one by one cus they are expensive but if they gonna last me for years i dont mind paying a little extra plus i ve never used a foundation brush before and i want the 187 for that!! And the 239, 224 and the concealer brush :)

    • Hi Karla!

      MAC brushes can be nice, but I have noticed a quality decrease in the past couple of years so you may want to look across all brands and get a little from each :)

    • Runa Laila Begum

      Hi Karla
      all these different companies have great brushes but no company has a great full selection. i would try japenesque, tom ford, nars, gossmakeupartist. they do great brushs but you have to feel them out whats right for you and your shape. Samantha Chapmans brushs are great too and its not really a big deal if you have top of the line unless your in

  18. Tunisia

    Do you think the Talk That Talk, lipstick is worth purchasing? When Rihanna wears the color, she must layer it and use a possible lip pencil, as it appears much darker than your review of it?

    • Our natural lip colors are probably different, too, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she used a lip liner underneath it! In the PLW Lip Pencil post, you can see Talk That Talk over the PLW Lip Pencil – it goes on much darker.

  19. Cara

    I’m really upset that the lipstick is berry colored, and not a dark blackish purple. I bought an Urban Decay lipstick in Shame, and the color looks quite similar. Orange frosty lipsticks don’t flatter my skin tone, and the nude color will wash me out. I just want RiRi Woo in the new packaging, plus the lipglass. Everything else isn’t my color, or looks boring to me. The packaging is what I will go for. Thanks for showing us swatches, so I know.

  20. Luiza

    Cristine, This collection will be limited to one unit per purchase as was the last collection?
    Usually the limit is 4 items of the same color by request! One is too little!

  21. Thanks to your reviews, I was able to cut my to-buy list in half! Now I’ll have more money to keep my VIB Dusty’s at Sephora haha. You’re awesome, Christine!

  22. beck

    Skipping the whole collection. Nothing interests me.
    Maybe Diamonds or the blush but they are so easily
    duped in my arsenal. The packaging is kinda cute
    in a tacky 80’s way but I don’t hate it.
    The quads were snoozers and highly unimpressive.
    The lipsticks look nice esp. that dark shade.
    I’m gonna skip it all though.

  23. I was really looking forward to this collection.
    Unfortunately, I’m really underwhelmed.
    It just looks really blah to me, especially the lipsticks.
    Thank you for giving us an “early look” though.

  24. Catherine

    Decided I will get Riri Woo, and try a cool red lipstick for a change. I dislike this packaging, though, and I wish I’d got it first time around in the regular MAC lipstick bullet.

    • Catherine

      Update: I bought Ruby Woo a few days ago, so I won’t be getting Riri Woo (or anything else from this collection).

  25. Thanks for the blog post on the RiRi Hearts MAC Collection. I’m excited for the new collection as well.

  26. Michal

    Hi Christine!
    Thanks for the (p)review! I was wondering how close Talk That Talk is to Sweet Succulence from the Indulge collection?

  27. Kim

    I wonder how the nude lipstick compares to Mac Hot Chocolate?

  28. Runa Laila Begum

    its such a shame mac did not deliver ey, i will be getting the riri woo in the new packaging and thats it.

    x :)

  29. Asal

    Hi Christine, I was wondering if you knew whether the rihanna line was being released on ??

    • Hi Asal,

      As written in the official information post, this collection will be available at all MAC counters on October 3rd, so this would include places like Macy’s, Dillard’s, Nordstrom, etc. Hope that helps! A heads up – those respective retailers all have their own schedule as to when online goes up, which may or may not coincide with in-store dates.

  30. I think it’s borderline unhealthy how nervous I am that I’m going to miss out on this collection…. not even for the items… just for the packaging… smh

  31. dayna

    Hi Christine! Do you think, in your personal opinion, there is anything in this collection worth picking up? Even after swatches there is nothing I have fallen in love with. I feel like I’m the only person not going crazy over this collection.

    • Not really – I don’t think I personally liked anything that much, and in general, everything is pretty dupable. But you have to take that with a grain of salt, as I’m not going to jump up and down unless it’s a REALLY good product these days :)

      Honestly, if you aren’t in love, there’s no need.

  32. christine too

    I’m still waiting to purchase since Noon – it’s now 1:37 PM EST. All I want is one lipstick…

    • Took about 80 minutes for mine to go to the actual products’ page but then I couldn’t add anything to cart (I just wanted to go through the process so I knew how it went personnally), but I gave up after that.

  33. Hi Christine! I’m very fair, i’ve never been matched for MAC foundations but I’m usually the lightest or second lightest in foundations. Do you think any of the lipsticks would look good on me, besides Riri Woo (i already know i want that one!) I’m especially eyeing Nude, it looks so pretty on everyone else, I just have my fingers crossed that it wouldn’t look weird on me ! It looked gorgeous on you, nice and smooth and glossy, in the swatch!

  34. shelley

    I was a brave soul to stand in line at the MAC store release (Sept 26) of this collection and the dark purple shade is definitely not what you see in the promo ad. It is a cranberry shade and not that deep dark purple that we’ve be anticipating. I did get RiRi Woo as it applies much better than Ruby Woo and isn’t as drying. They only allowed 3 item purchase limit on the collection. What absolutely blows my mind is how they conduct these L/E collections online. I can’t even purchase any non-L/E products. It should be interesting to see how the release goes at the counters. :(

    • Michal

      It is actually really deep purple with black undertones if you put the Talk That Talk lip liner underneath. I got both the lipstick and the liner and I’m really happy.

  35. Kaylee

    Riri Woo Lipsticks and Lipglass are sold out. Do you think they will restock eventually?