Monday, April 21st, 2014

MAC x Proenza Schouler Collection
MAC x Proenza Schouler Collection

The MAC x Proenza Schouler Collection will debut online on April 21st and hit stores and counters on April 24th. At this time, I’ve reviewed all of the pieces I received early, but I won’t have reviews for the Blush Ombres or the Nail Lacquers (one shade is Nocturnelle, which is permanent) until I’m able to buy them online myself. I suspect that the Blush Ombres will sell well, given that they typically do and MAC doesn’t release them often–plus both shades are new (and of course, limited edition!), so unfortunately, I might not be able to have anything helpful up before they sell out. The below list is incomplete, given there are still five products yet to be seen or tested, but for now…

Heads up!  The collection is now available at Nordstrom, Macy’s, and MAC!  As a note, it looks like the blushes are backordered/haven’t yet arrived per Nordstrom’s beauty rep, but MAC has them to order on their site. I bought the missing products and have them coming overnight, so hopefully they’ll arrive tomorrow (fingers crossed!).

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MAC x Proenza Schouler Collection
MAC x Proenza Schouler Collection

MAC x Proenza Schouler Collection
MAC x Proenza Schouler Collection

MAC x Proenza Schouler Collection
MAC x Proenza Schouler Collection

MAC x Proenza Schouler Collection
MAC x Proenza Schouler Collection

MAC x Proenza Schouler Collection
MAC x Proenza Schouler Collection

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63 thoughts on “Round-up: MAC x Proenza Schouler Collection Overview & Thoughts

  1. Dylan

    are you going to be reviewing the blushes??? those were going to be my main purchases from this collection!

    • Hi Dylan,

      Did you read the post above? I wrote, “I won’t have reviews for the Blush Ombres or the Nail Lacquers (one shade is Nocturnelle, which is permanent) until I’m able to buy them online myself. “

  2. Meg

    I feel like we’ve been waiting forever for this collection lol. I saw the blushes months ago and made a mental note that I need to get at least one when they come out. Then they pushed back the date, and yeah….still patiently waiting!
    Meg Recently Posted: Kat Von D Chrysalis Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches!

  3. cca

    Underwhelm again, I hope MAC releases a collection where i want a few things.

    I am really interested in seeing the Blush Ombres

    I hope tangerine dream is more deeper/vibrant coral.

  4. I like the packaging colour scheme, and Dynamo and the colour of Woodrose, but I’m not sure there’s anything I’d put on my wish list at the moment. Besides, this collection probably won’t get here for a month or three – we’re still on A Fantasy of Flowers… 😛
    Sylirael Recently Posted: Answer Me These Questions Three! – A Suitably Geeky Makeup Poll

    • Well, at least my review will be timely for someone 😉

      • There you go! So you never need worry if you think a review is ‘late’ for MAC – there will always be a country that is still waiting for it, LOL.

        It’s like the ‘the sun is over the yardarm somewhere in the world’ rule 😉

  5. CKG

    Hmm. Guess I can save some money! I only like Mangrove and Ocean City looks nice.

  6. not too keen on the packaging!

  7. I love the colors of the packaging, but the font used looks so tacky to me. Everything so far is a skip!
    Helena Recently Posted: Makeup Look: I’m Not Really an Egyptian

  8. I am not really excited so far. Maybe as you said, I will go for the Ombre blushes, the coral one ;-). Thanks for all the reviews well before the launch. It does really help decide!
    Vineetha Recently Posted: Sephora Collection 10 Shades Of Samba Waterproof Eyeliner Set Review, Swatches

  9. At least the lippies were nice!
    Erin Recently Posted: Edna Valley 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon Review

  10. kriesha

    thanks for the pictures! i think i might get some of the lipsticks only for the packaging lol and the blushes too! i wish you had them ahead of time but oh well thanks as always! :)

  11. Hmm well I’d like to see how the blushes will turn out. Unfortunately I think you’re right Christine & they may sell out before your reviews can be done! That’s the tough thing about MAC… Sometimes I don’t know why people get so sucked in by limited edition stuff (especially when this line doesn’t even really seem have any “stand out” items other than the usual brand name collab & packaging), other times I’m totally falling for totally dupeable LE’s!

    • Definitely interested to see if they sell out and if so, how quickly… I just know that everyone loved them before, and since these are new shades, and I think they’ve only re-released the blush ombres once before… yeah, I don’t think they will last long!

  12. Soren

    really weird packaging… I dont know, theres something about it that makes me think of cheap photoshop effects. I just feel like they could have made it less… tacky. the packaging reminds me of those cheap $2 chinese offbrand perfumes you get from the dollar store that are mostly chemicals and alcohol

  13. I like all the high performance products here.. 😀 though I am intrigues about those Ombre blushes.. :)

  14. Chiara

    Dynamo is very similar to Impassioned, isn’t it?

    • I only looked for other lip pencil dupes for Dynamo (I usually stay within the same product type), but there are definitely a lot of lipsticks that are similar! Impassioned is a bit pinker on me, but it could work over it.

  15. The only standout item in this collection to me is the blushes, and ombres are a popular mac thing and with the ombre trend still on the rise i feel like it would be impossible to get a hold of them. Think ill skip this one I guess.
    Elana Recently Posted: My No-Nail Rant

  16. Mangrove was probably the product I liked most. But like you said: “most dupable.” But I will be checking out the blushes in person since I’m a blush fiend.

  17. Stephanie

    Squeee! I can’t wait for you to get the ombre blushes! I haven’t been tempted by a MAC LE collection in a LONG time, and I just bought the blushes online-sight unseen. Looking forward to your swatches and thanks for this overview! :-)

  18. Lizzi

    I got the two blushes!!! Yay!!!

  19. JOSIE

    Ocean City Blush already sold out…. Arrr….

  20. Mangrove and dynamo are my fav from this collection .. :)

  21. Tasha

    Christine, someone on ebay use your picture

    [link redacted]

  22. Hey Christine – Any idea when these will be released internationally, if at all? :)

  23. Jenn

    I see on spectra that mac sent people the wrong colors of blush. Did you receive yours and did you get the correct colors? I am worried mine will be wrong now!!!

  24. Lori

    Well, MAC sent me the wrong blush. I’m so incredibly angry right now.

  25. Mallory

    Definitely passing on this collection, I think if they had used the regular rounded lipstick bullet packaging for the lipsticks and just added the ombre effect to it I would be much more tempted to buy a lipstick or two just for the packaging, but not a fan of the squared bullet and the font…it almost looks cheap.

  26. ppk

    I only got two of the lippies based on the packaging, I love it because is so internet art, hip art trends, in sync with the minimal tacky 90s return in high fashion going on right now. My excuse: I really haven’t own a ‘nude’ and a red-orange lipstick in a long time. Like you said, they are not really a stand out, they are quite basic, gosh, I felt sort of bad investing so much money in a quite unremarkable collection in a Make Up design sense. But I’m a sucker for the looks. I’d love to pull this out my purse to apply with that gorgeous hip fashion thing going on!

    Your reviews really helped me a lot! I was totally gonna buy Primrose hence is the shade that could be most “unique” but, yuck, based on your reviews and some other pics I saw on the web, the formula looks rather cheap and bad.

    Now I do wanna get one of the Ombres, I’ve never had one. Ocean City seems like a good summer shade, I probably will fall for that too. Do you happen to know why are they not up in the online page yet? Because it doesn’t say sold-out, but they didn’t came out with the rest of the collection for some reason.