Saturday, July 28th, 2012

Reach for Olympic Gold with 5 Favorites

I thought it would be fun to celebrate the London Olympics with a few posts inspired by the colors of the medals handed out (gold, silver, and bronze). This post features five of my favorite gold-colored products!

What’s your favorite gold-colored beauty product?

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36 thoughts on “Reach for Olympic Gold with 5 Favorites

  1. Mariella

    For eye shadows, TF Honey Pot, UD Half Baked (does that count as “gold”) and Dior Gold Touch.  And I’m a huge fan of The Mary Lou Manizer but I guess I think of it as more “champagne” than actual “gold”.

  2. At the moment I’m loving Jouer’s Sheer Highlighting Créme in Tiare! It’s so, so lovely. Also, just off the top of my head from my collection: Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bold Gold, L’Oreal Infallible eyeshadow in Eternal Sunshine, and Essie Gold as it Gets (more of an antiqued gold), I really want a gold liquid liner after seeing a review for one recently!

  3. xamyx

    NARS Albatross highlighter is really the only gold I’m loving at the moment. I have others, but I’m not such a fan of gold, so nothing is really standing out for me.

  4. I hate when people say mary lou-manizer is champagne, it’s SOOO gold on me.

  5. Kafka

    I see the Mary Lou Manizer as a more Champagne colour, too. I would like to nominate a colour I don’t even own (yet) but, by Jove, I hope to do so soon. The one and only incredible, antique gold NARS Etrusque:   Every time I saw it in Sephora, I was drawn to it and I’m not someone who normally wears any variation of gold eyeshadow.  Also, as an FYI in case anyone else likes it, it’s still available on the NARS website, even though it was originally supposed to be Limited Edition.  :)

    • xamyx

      Again, another reason to love NARS-they keep their LE items around for quite a while.

    • Kafka Was that the one with the really horrendous fallout??  I can’t remember exactly..  It was even worse than Tropic.. Oh man, I loved that colour, but I’ve never experienced anything quite like it.  LoL

      • Kafka

        wwendalynne  I don’t know but I imagine not as it doesn’t have glitter in it and Christine gave it an A-.  She hated Tropic *because* of the fallout, so I doubt she’d spare Etrusque if it had the same problem.  Is the eyeshadow you’re thinking of something that had glitter in it? Perhaps it was something from the Night Series?

    • maureenmojen

      Kafka I have Etrusque and I love it. The texture and pigmentation is perfect. I save it for special occasions when I really want to shine. The only downside is the price, but I don’t regret buying it.

      • Kafka

        maureenmojen   You’re almost as bad an enabler as the others around here! <grin>  I’m so glad to know it’s as great as Christine said it was. I’m especially happy to know about the texture and pigmentation. I hear you on the price but I suspect I will never — EVER — hit pan on any of the NARS pieces I have, so I try to think of it as costing less than 1 cent a day. LOL. Do you pair it with anything other shades or just go for the full glam, Cleopatra look? :)

  6. diamond_8806

    My favorite gold product is NARS lip gloss in Moonfleet! It is absolutely stunning over most lip colors and adds sexiness instantly!

  7. I love Fyrinnae Shenanigans and Book of the Dead, BftE Salted Caramel, Inglot 7, NARS Desperado, Meow Aurora Australis, UD Half-Baked… I love golds.

  8. I like Julep Oscar, OPI Rising Star, MAC Gorgeous Gold, UD Honey, and BE True Gold 

  9. blueraccoon

    I don’t own it, but Illamasqua’s Stranger intense lipgloss is *gorgeous*. I want it, but I’m afraid I”d never wear it and I don’t want it to waste away in a drawer.

    • blueraccoon I have the same strange pull to that lipstick and dream I could pull it out if I could convince Harald to go drag some night just for fun.  But, unfortunately, I haven’t been able to convince him it’s a good idea.  He’s such a killjoy!

      • blueraccoon

        wwendalynne booo to Harald 😛 I’m wondering if I could maybe layer it? Like I know it’s opaque, but maybe I could put a thin layer over a red lipstick? Would it be translucent enough for that, maybe? I just can’t see myself ever wearing a true gold lip.

        • Kafka

          blueraccoon  Didn’t Christine layer some L/E MAC gold lipgloss over red lipstick about a month back? If that was an opaque lip glass-type of gloss, then perhaps it would be manageable for the Illamasqua one too? Personally, I say, go for it!  You can always put lip balm on first to somewhat dilute the gloss or just really sheer it out with your fingers before putting on the lipstick. Imagine how pretty a gold-dusky rose might look, in addition to the gold-red combo that you mentioned.

        • blueraccoon It’s either going to be spectacular or absolute FAIL.. LoL..  you gotta do it!!!  

        • Kafka you enabler..  I’m busy enabling too!

        • blueraccoon

          wwendalynne Kafka both of you are enablers and I just wish I could see it in person before I get it, but my local Sephora doesn’t carry Illamasqua. So so tempted.

      • Kafka

        wwendalynne  I don’t think gold would be Harald’s colour. Personally, I see him more in vivid jewel tones like dark teal, glowing emeralds and rich rubies…. Poor Harald, if he only knew the plans people had for him. <grin>

        • Kafka Oh man..I’ve got to get him to the point where he says yes..  And normally I can weasel my way into anything, but he seems quite adamant about not participating in my Drag Harald project.  I’m so disappointed in him..  he’s usually game for anything!!

  10. I love gold!  I really do.. but I have to be so careful not to look like jaundice woman.. That being said, I am wearing a lot of gold lately and two shades come to mind.  The antique gold in the Illamasqua neutrals palette and another Christine burrowing insect bomb (a product that eats away at my brain until I have to order it) – LMDB in Goldstone!!  oh, and Tom Ford nail enamel in Silver Smoke which looks gold on me.

  11. Jennifer

    My favorite gold right now is Essie Good as Gold. It’s GORGEOUS :)

  12. I have tooooo many favorite gold shades! At this very moment I have Maybelline Bold Gold and OPI Glitzerland on. Enough gold right there? lol

  13. I’m not a fan of gold in jewellery, but a big fan of gold in make-up! One of my favorite gold-colored beauty product is probably a Catrice eyeshadow called Walk like an Egyptian. It’s very golden, very glittery and I like to subtly use it along my lower lash line. I also like Roger & Gallet Or Sublime eau fraîche. It’s a orangewood-scented eau fraîche with tiny gold specks in it that can also be used as body shimmer. Delicious scent, gorgeous golden glow.

  14. laiagmartin

    Urban Decay Honey is the prettiest shade of gold I own, but I am also looking forward to get my hands on MAC Goldmine someday! Gold looks pretty good on me – especially when I am tanned – since I have warm undertones :)

  15. Cat G

    Gosh so many favorites when it comes to gold… Mac Goldmine and Mac Gorgeous Gold, Mac Uppity Fluidline, Clinique Strike It Rich Super Shimmer eyeshadow, Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bold Gold, Benefit Hollywood Glo…I can’t think of any lipstick/lipglosses…

  16. Sugar Pill the Goldilux.  And UD Honey is pretty when applied.

  17. Guys, I don’t own ANY gold makeup! Now I feel weird. Lol. That Inglot is gorgeous, though. 

    • Kafka

      annedreshfield  See, I think you could totally pull off gold, depending on the hue, undertone and your application. With your lovely face and colouring, I think gold would emphasize those pretty, fresh California looks that the whole world loves so much. :) Why not start with a bit of a gold-shimmered gloss? Or a subtle shimmered blush? Actually, I think with your colouring, you’d fall in love with NARS’ Luster blush. I really do. Just wait until Christine gets to the “L”- portion of her NARS blush reviews and you will see what I mean. One of the best NARS blushes for a subtle glow. It’s not a pure gold blush at all (I believe Christine calls it an apricot-gold, if I remember correctly), but I think you’d love it. 

      • Kafka Ooh, I’ve heard good things about Luster, but yes, I’m waiting for Christine’s swatches of just about all of NARS’ blushes before I bite the bullet and buy another one. I’ve tried Orgasm (pretty, but wasn’t a must buy for me) and I bought Deep Throat and have been wearing it all during the summer. I love it, but there’s not really gold in it…more peach than anything else. I’m off to look at swatches of Luster now…darn you, NARS, for being so tempting!