Do you enjoy reading beauty books?

Do you enjoy reading beauty books? What are your favorites?

On occasion, but I really have to be in the mood. Honestly, when I have the time to read, I want to just read a romance novel. I’m not big on non-fiction or any other fiction genre! The few times I’ve strayed… it’s usually about a dog, and it ends with me sobbing! I love looking through Kevyn Aucoin’s books, though – those are classics.

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I do! I’ve read probably a dozen over the last few months, all of the ones that the regional libraries keep in circulation. Some are awful, though, and many of them say the same things over and over again. But the Scott Barnes books are good and the Kevyn Aucoin photos are lovely.

I have some that I will read through once. Usually I just have beauty books for keepsake purposes, and the odd time I’ll look through for some inspiration. 

I have bought several make up books but I’m rather disappointed with their content. I never learn anything new and don’t even get a new source of inspiration. I prefer make up blogs for my beauty related readings. 🙂 And Temptalia is one of my favourites.

I do not own any.. I have a few on my wishlist, yes Kevyn Aucoin because I love him, on Amazon, but there is always something else that receives higher priority…  Like DVD’s for Breaking Bad and The Killing and In Treatment…etc..  LoL   I used to be an avid reader and would chew up books, metaphorically, of course, but I have slowed down considerably over the last 5 years and I do blame the internet and television.  I always preferred books as I like the ability to imagine characters and scenes in my own way.. movies about books always seem to wreck it for me..  I will make an exception for the movie The Lovely Bones because that movie can make me bawl like a baby and it’s so perfect!!!  Anyhow, I agree with Kafka..this font sucks and makes me feel like I should STFU!!!!  The End 🙂

No, not really. I’d rather look at magazine photos, and take inspiration from those. Beauty books just seem like long advertisements for a brands products, and the “generic” ones on the market have too many “rules”. I like to go with my own instincts when it comes to color and placement, even if they don’t fit the “rules”.

I used to have a really great beauty book.  It really went into depth about the industry, different ingredients in makeup, as well as application.  It also gave a really good overview of when it’s best to spend extra money on a product and when you’re better off going the inexpensive route.  Too bad I lost it when I was moving.  I also have Kevyn Aucoin’s books and they are awesome.  I bought a book about wedding makeup when I decided to do my own makeup.  So, I guess to a certain extent I do like makeup books 🙂

God, no. I spend enough time reading Temptalia!! Heaven only knows what would happen to my time and wallet if I were to throw beauty books into the mix as well.  Besides, I think much of the instruction would make me feel more inept than I already do when I see some of the technically advanced or complicated looks that people here do, and the simple stuff, I already know.  More importantly, money on beauty books is money away from my NARS addiction…. <grin>

The only ones I own and have read are Kevin Aucoin books, other than that I have a sepcial effects book & a MUA Magazine subscription.

If you’d like to read a book about a dog, then read The Art Of Racing In The Rain.  I highly suggest it.  It was one of the best books I’ve read in a long time.

Definitely. I first learned about makeup from Bobbi Brown’s book for teens. I lovee my two Kevyn Aucoin books and page through them for inspiration all the time. I really like Rae Morris’ book (although the way she does skin drives me bananas). I was really impressed by Scott Barnes’ book the first time I read it, but now I’m realizing that it’s a ton of photoshop and he often skips steps (like fake lashes) in the instructions.On my wishlist: more Kevyn aucoin,  francois nars’ bookHonestly though, I do feel like I’ve learned more from Youtube/blogs.  It’s just nice to have an actual book sometimes.

I do enjoy beauty books but these are not the first ones I reach for when I feel like reading or have time to do it. I do plan to get Kevin Aucoin’s books in the near future and maybe then I will get hooked 🙂 !

I like the photos in the Kevin Aucoin ones for inspiration but that’s about it.  I’ve always found the advice in  most beauty books too general to really work for me.  And nowdays, youtube tutorials are a lot more helpful than any book could ever be.  I do like vintage beauty books tho’,  I have a beauty book from 1964 that shows how to set your hair in rollers for a hyoooge beehive that’s a fascinating look into a different era of fashion.

Yes,I love them!! beauty books,meaning MUAs,beauty and fashion magazines,both in print and online,Youtube tutorials,dermatologists’books and blogs,makeup blogs and I view beauty sites voraciously!! I guess that’s why I don’t have much makeup(although I love to use what I have and do add something new occasionally).

My guilty pleasure is fashion magazines. In fact, as a way to make myself look forward to traveling I let myself buy a handful of them at the airport! Then I give them away to family and friends or leave them in the seat-back pocket as a nice surprise for whoever else sits there (I’ve found a fashion magazine in my seat pocket before and it made me SO excited. :)) I love relaxing and watching YouTube tutorials, too. I’ve never bought a beauty book before, though…has anyone read Lauren Conrad’s latest book? Amazon keeps recommending it for me! Lol.

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