Monday, June 9th, 2014

Rant & Rave

Share: Tell us what you love and hate about Wide Nail Polish Brushes!

my answer: Sometimes they are TOO wide! When they’re too wide, it’s hard to apply polish to my narrower nails, like my pinky, and I think I have slightly wider/larger nails than average so I can only imagine this being even more frustrating for others. I love a slightly wider brush for better application, as it reduces streaks and seems to apply more evenly.

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23 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Wide Nail Polish Brushes

  1. A Name

    I like them when they cover the width of my nails perfectly in one stroke (the essie ones in the UK, though not US do this for me). I don’t like them when its easy to pick up too much polish and flood the nail – I think I’ve had this problem with OPI in the past.

  2. Jackie

    I really just hate the julep brushes. Since it’s so long it holds a ton of product that slowly drips down and floods the nail. I either have to work really fast for spend a ton of time wiping, either way it’s not fun!

  3. Yes, sometimes they are so wide that they’re too big for my pinky nail, but that’s the only nail I ever have issues with, overall I really love wide nail polish brushes as they speed things up and make it easier to get even coverage.

  4. Ashley H.

    I tend not to like them very much. I have small nail beds so on some fingers one swipe is too wide. Also, I agree that it is easy to have the wide brushes too full of polish. When this happens it pools to the side of the nail. I think a wide brush that is not too thick would be good because it can hold less product.

  5. I like them! It makes it easier to get a nice, even coat. They’re definitely useful with shades that are a little streaky. You just have to be careful not to pick up too much polish
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  6. I like them.
    Once you master how much product to put on them, they really are wonderful.

    But I have big barry white man hands and banana fingers and my nails are proportioned as such, so maybe that’s why I like them hahaha.
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  7. I don’t like them square. My nails are rounded and small, so I need a round brush that’ll also fit my pinky. Wide nail brushes could be easy but often arent.

  8. GRRRR! They are usually too wide for me but I have tiny fingers!
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  9. CKG

    I like them!
    I have a lot of OPI but the Ruby Kisses HD line is great. Most times one swipe is all you need!

  10. I really hated the wider brushes when they first came out. Especially the Wet-n-Wild ones. They were (and still are) nothing but mops. I think Sally Hansen has done a bit of a better job but not by much. With practice, though, I have learned how to use the the wider brushes so I don’t mind them as much anymore. The width of the Sally Hansen brushes is just enough to cover all my nails in a single stroke without too much mess on the cuticles or sidewalls. The pinkie can be a problem but I’ve learned to use less pressure so that the brush doesn’t spread out as much, which gives me the same single stroke coverage with minimal mess.

    So I guess I would say that I’m getting used to them. Except for the Wet-n-Wild brushes. They still suck. If they would cut them a bit more evenly and make them with fewer bristles so that they are flatter, it would definitely help.

  11. I actually prefer wide brushes as my nails are quite big. I find small brushes are streaky and dont pick up as much product as I want. However, Bourjois’ 1 seconde polish brushes just annoys me as it is too big, but not big enough to cover my whole nails in one stroke.

  12. Dee

    I’ll take wide brushes over narrow ones any day. I do have prettynarrow nails, but the wide brushes still make for a much smoother, quicker application. Narrow ones are just…annoying lol

  13. Christina Jay

    Not a fan…they always have way too much polish on them.

  14. kellilee

    As someone with little fingers and little fingernails to match, wide nail polish brushes irritate me no end. I will avoid buying polishes that I know have wide brushes unless the color is just too good to pass up.

  15. As someone with little fingers and little nails to match, wide nail polish brushes are a total pain. I will avoid buying polishes that I know have wide brushes unless the color is just too good to pass up.

  16. I have…no strong opinions on these! 😛 I find them to be similar to normal brushes for me – the important thing is basically that the brush not be too *thin*. Past a certain width I don’t really mind :-)
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  17. PJ

    Im starting to really love Dior polishes. Their brush used to be a little too flat and wide, they made an adjustment recently. The newest ones have a brush that is just perfect! Like– one swipe covers entire nail —perfect!

  18. Ginny

    I absolutely love them. I have wide nails that grow long. It is very hard for me to get an even stroke with a thin brush. And my big toe? Forget it! In the past I almost never painted my nails because I hated the way it looked. The first time I saw a wide brush (I think on a L’oreal polish) it was like hearing angels sing. I will never buy a thin brush polish again. I really love the Revlon Color Stay line.

  19. I would love them if I didn’t…have this one weird feature. The flesh around my nails is raised, so it’s impossible to get the edge of the nail without getting polish on my skin. I HATE IT. If I had three hands (so I could use hand A to pull back the skin on hand B as hand C is polishing it), it wouldn’t be a problem, but you know…I don’t…

  20. Rae

    I LOVE wide nail polish brushes. The OPI Pro-Wide brush is like my brush dream — maybe it’s just the shade I happen to have that makes it apply so well, but I swear, I’ve never had it that easy before.

    It *is* a little tricky to get the pinkie finger, which is a bummer, but I think it’s totally worth it for how evenly wide brushes apply polish to your other eight fingers!
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  21. Brenda

    I prefer a wide brush as i find it does make application smoother. The OPI brush almost does my whole pinky in one stroke, I just have to touch up the sides a bit, and I find that size of brush works really well for me. My thumbs have a decent width to the nail bed so a narrow brush makes such a mess of them.

  22. I keep my nails short because they are just too wide to look nice when they’re long, so I love a wide brush that will cover in one stroke. The brushes in the Sephora $5 nail polish line are perfect for me, and I love how collectable and cute the little bottles are :)
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  23. Definitely love them! I’ve never had one that’s too wide though, so I can’t comment on that. I like the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri and Nicole by OPI brushes.