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If you ask Wende about the evolution of Urban Decay and how we stay relevant year after year, she’ll probably tell you, “We’re always evolving.” Case in point: lipgloss. We’ve created lots of glosses over the years, and they’ve all held a spot in our makeup-obsessed hearts. But NONE of them can top our newest formula. Urban Decay launches Naked Lipgloss. Like a luxe gloss and a rich balm all rolled into one, it’s unlike ANYTHING you’ve ever tried. We painstakingly crafted the formula, obsessing over every last detail until it was just right— and then we tweaked and perfected it some more! Even the firmly gloss averse will become hardcore addicts when they try Naked Lipgloss. It not only looks and feels amazing on your lips, it’s also really nourishing. And we have the claims to prove it! With its creamy texture and gorgeous, high-gloss finish, Naked Lipgloss is the perfect gloss to complement a UD smoky eye. It not only makes your lips dangerously kissable but also feels so luxe that you’ll want to keep applying it all day (even when you don’t need to).

Temptalia Review

This spring, Urban Decay Rule34 Naked Ultra Nourishing Lipgloss ($20.00 for TBA fl. oz.) launches as the newest (but permanent) gloss formula as part of the Naked range.  It’s a sheer, hydrating, creamy gloss that feels fairly lightweight.  The consistency is somewhere between gel, cream, and lip balm (the kinds found in tubes, not the stick variety).  They’re very comfortable to wear and last between three and four hours on me (about average).  I didn’t notice any taste, but they are scented with sweet mint (like the Lip Junkies).  Shades like Lovechild and Streak don’t apply as evenly as I’d like, but shades like Beso, Naked, and Freestyle are great options for anyone who likes sheer lipgloss.  (If you aren’t into sheer lipgloss, consider the Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color range instead.)  But as a result of the sheer quality of the glosses, they tend to look more alike once applied than they do in the tubes, as the image above illustrates.  There are subtle differences, and the biggest difference is often shimmer versus no-shimmer.

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