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The Glossover


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Product Information

  • Availability: Permanent
  • Finish: Pearl
  • Color: Green
  • Undertone: Warm

Temptalia Review

#16 is a medium-dark, olive green with warm undertones and a golden sheen. It had fairly good pigmentation, and the texture was soft but not powdery. It lasted for eight hours before starting to fade along the edges. Tarina Tarantino Dandy Lion (LE) is darker. Makeup Geek Kryptonite (P, $6.99) is also darker. Urban Decay Jealous #1 (LE, $18.00) is darker. Urban Decay Mildew (P, $18.00) is darker. Dior Garden Pastels #1 (LE) is lighter. Inglot #412 (P, $6.00) is lighter. See comparison swatches.

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