Carnaval (06)

Paul and Joe Beaute

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Product Information

  • Availability: Permanent
  • Finish: Cream
  • Color: Pink
  • Undertone: Warm

Temptalia Review

Carnaval (06) is a brightened, medium pink with subtle warm undertones and a cream finish. On lips, it appears more muted than it did when swatched on the skin. It had semi-opaque color coverage with noticeable translucency all-over. I wish it had applied more evenly; because the color isn’t quite as bright or as opaque, some of the unevenness is less visible from a normal viewing distance. Maybelline Blush Essence (095) (P, $8.99) is shimmery. Maybelline Mauve Mystique (025) (P, $8.99) is cooler-toned. Maybelline Caramel Infused (065) is similar–a little less pink. (P, $8.99) Edward Bess First Kiss (P, $30.00) is lighter, cooler-toned. See comparison swatches.

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