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Temptalia Review

Marc Jacobs Beauty The Mod (112) Style Eye-Con No. 3 Palette ($42.00 for 0.14 oz.) is a trio of eyeshadows with a smoky, monochromatic vibe. The formula in these is supposed to “allow true, instant color payoff and long-lasting, plush performance.” The three eyeshadows vary in size, with the lightest being the largest and the darkest being the smallest. The white eyeshadow is the best performer, as it is pigmented and had a good texture, while the other two were less impressive and required some extra work/patience to get to work just right. I think the palette is a rather basic set of shades, so it’s a real shame this didn’t knock it out of the park–because a good smoky eye palette is always a nice color combination for a permanent range.

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