Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Mellan says, “Pretty please!”

It would help us out tremendously to know how we are doing and what are the reasons you visit Temptalia so that we can improve, refocus, and continue to develop new features and fine-tune existing ones! Thank you so much :)

If you’re having any trouble viewing the survey, please click here to view it on its own page. Thanks again! :)

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70 thoughts on “Please Take Our Reader Survey!

  1. I couldn’t possibly say no to that face!

  2. Roxann

    Mellan needs a mani pedi! Lol

  3. Icequeen81

    There was one choice missing Mellans pictures :) one of the reasons I love visitin temptalia on friday 😀

  4. Leticia

    I´ll be happy to take any survey you request anytime – it’s the least I can do for my super favorite beauty blog out there!

    On question 3, Why do you visit Temptalia, I practically selected all boxes, but there’s one missing: Mellan :)!

  5. Who could say no to those puppy eyes?? :-)

  6. t_zwiggy

    I might be weird, but I LOVE taking surveys. I find them very calm and relaxing, lol.

  7. Carolina

    Would be interesting to see the results of this survey… :)

  8. Deb

    I have to tell you, Christine, you just about killed me. I just turned 45 and I’ve never had to answer a survey that lumped me in with a 60 year old. EEK. (No disrespect to those 60+, but that’s a really broad cohort).

  9. Chanterais

    Christine, there’s one other reason why I love Temptalia: you! You’re wonderful. Thank you so much for all the work you do, and for being so generous and fair and open-minded in the way you approach your work. Quite apart from the fact that your site is so beautiful and useful, it’s just such a pleasure to be in your company here. You deserve every success, and more!

    • Aw, thank you so much, Chanterais :) I appreciate your amazingly kind words! Have a lovely day <3

      • Chanterais

        I’m sorry about humping your leg so enthusiastically, though. That’s not dignified. But you really are a star, C. Truly.

        (Mellan and I are gonna go form your fan club now. Badges are 50¢. Everyone wear pink on Wednesday.)

  10. Silka

    How could not say YES to those eyes?

  11. Shani

    taking the time to conduct surveys like this is the reason why your blog will continue to flourish. Thanks for asking!

  12. Barbie

    omg i can’t say no to that face.

  13. Lara

    I love you and your blog, Christine. You come across as a nice person. I also love the looks you put together.

  14. Fitrah

    ooh, i hope the question about mobile devices means you’re considering making a responsive mobile site! *crosses fingers*

    • It’s definitely something we talk about, but there are (presently) some roadblocks to it so we’re definitely looking to understand more about how readers actually use the site on their phones/tablets so we can prioritize and/or make certain features more mobile-friendly.

      • Dee

        Ditto! :) Would be nice to have a mobile version since I always visit Temptalia from phone/tablet.

        Thanks, Christine! Love your reviews.

        • Thanks for the input, Dee! Definitely great to hear from people who are using it on their phone!

          • Sabriel

            I think it would be nice to have an app or something to access the Editor’s Choice Awards.

            I refer to those a lot. Most recently, I was at a drugstore thinking about picking up a gel eyeliner, and I used my phone to see which budget gel eyeliner got your vote.

            (And then I ignored your choice because they didn’t have wet n’ wild, ha.)

            Since I’m making requests, it would also be really nice to be able to sort your reviews by rating.

            For example, do a search for “gel eyeliner” and then sort by grade, with the highest grades at the top.

            I know that probably means completely re-vamping your website… but it would be cool. :)

  15. Catherine

    Thanks for all your hard work Christine- I can’t imagine how you do it all, you do such a great job. Temptalia is my absolute favourite blog, coming on and reading all your new post always makes a rubbish day better (or any day for that matter)!

  16. Valerie C.

    I love that pup :) I did the survey too.

  17. David Nuggets

    First time posting in the comments, but I feel the need to tell you how much your site honestly does help me out!

    Not only the incredible Swatch and Foundation matrix (which I have spent countless nights browsing and comparing shades with), but the reviews and everything else you post!

    Have always had a passion for makeup, but just in the last few months really been delving in and participating in online blogs. Your website was the first that I memorized and will remain the first I consult for anything beauty related!

    Please keep up the good work, and stay beautiful! :)

    • Happy first comment, David! I hope you’ll comment more :)

      Thank you SO much! I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to know we’re helping you!

  18. Miss J

    With all the work you do on this blog, and the fact that I visit it multiple times a day, the least I can do is take a minute to fill out a survey. Plus, Mellan asked so nicely, and who could resist those sweet eyes?! :)

  19. Gena

    I love Mellan, too! Christine, I really appreciate that you have products at all price points! Too many other beauty media sources concentrate on high-end products only. Your questions and tips/tricks posts are so informative, too. Keep adding to that Dupe List–one day, someone will discover a substitute for Lippmann Rehab! I love your site, Christine!

  20. Little Red

    Anything for dearest Mellan.

  21. kEG

    I never take surveys-but I took yours- I know I wont be getting a zillion follow ups from ad agencies!… and as everyone else commented-how could i possibly turn down the precious Mellan!!! He is beyond cute, and such a poser for the camera!

  22. Mel

    I took the survey (I love surveys) and I just wanted to add a note. Thank you, Christine! Your Foundation Matrix has helped me multiple times and I have never seen a cross reference like it. The Dupe List is awesome and helps me save money. The Swatch Gallery is so cool I absolutely love lining up my possible purchases to decide which I will get. I come here before I buy anything beauty related in hopes to find a review from a trust worthy source. You swatches are great and consistent. Your photos are excellent. Your reviews are well written and thorough. You are the best!

  23. Maíra

    Will we see the results? I’m really curious!! (btw, I already answered from my work place, I won’t answer it again, obviously!)

  24. Terri

    Thanks for the survey and asking us bout our preferences. As for me, Temptalia is what I look forward to every night after work. After everyone is settled for the night and I turn on my computer with sense of anticipation. It’s nice way to end a day…..with visions of beautiful colors dancing in my head!!! lol

  25. Anne

    Well I cannot resist those puppy eyes! :)

    I have a question, Christine: I’ve noticed that the reply button has disappeared from the comments on old posts. But when exactly does it become impossible to add any comment?

    • Hi Anne,

      Comments automatically close on posts older than 180 days!

      • Anne

        Thanks! Also, will you continue to showcase one product on your pictures (instead of showing us a picture where you’re wearing not just the product in the review, but other as well)? I’m not sure what the feedback was on this subject; I personally really enjoy seing the looks you coming with, as I usually get ideas from the way you associate products (and I like the creative aspect of it). I hope you don’t mind my saying, though?

  26. Yellowlantern

    When you say “check out” in Q2 do you mean check out/read about on your site or check out in a store?

    Because I do like seeing reviews for things that get bad grades because I’m so curious to learn what’s so terrible about it. But I don’t go out to the store to look at products with bad grades usually.

    • Really trying to gauge if a review influences you to look more into a product in some capacity as a result of seeing the review :) So that might be digging deeper to find out why/why not, looking at it online, or going to the store.

  27. Leila

    My favourite feature on this site is the swatch gallery, it is truly unique. I would like to make a suggestion for it though.

    There is an option to select brands as well as colours, but of course you can only select one of each. Is it possible to add a feature so that you could select say two or three brands together rather than only all brands or one brand? Or a way to filter out a few brands?

    As all brands aren’t available in all regions, it would be useful to be able to leave out a few that one would have no way of getting without some hassle and effort. As time goes on and the gallery gets bigger, it can be overwhelming so to be able to have greater control for a more limited selection would be great!

    Overall, I really love your website, thank you for all the hard work you put into it!

    • Hi Leila!

      Thanks for your suggestions! We have some major projects in the works right now, so hopefully you’ll see what you want addressed in the future.

  28. Erica

    No fair posting Mellan’s sad puppy face photo. What a cutie!

  29. Lilac

    Thank you for all the work you are doing. I don’t always buy everything that gets good votes (that would be a bit much product) but I do avoid those items that get very low rating, because I experienced a couple of times that the negative points listed in the review were true 😉 But of course it is always nice when what I wish to buy anyways also gets a good review here.
    I have a bit of a “request”, if that is possible though it mainly refers to MAC-products: I notice sometimes that in the comments on which product / colour something is similar to, there are mentioned different brands, additionally to MAC. In general, that is of course very good, to have some alternatives across brands, with different price points, too.
    However, when it comes to MAC-Lipsticks (or also Eyeshadows), I personally (and I know that I could be in the minority here) only look for alternatives among other MAC-products. So if a there is a lipstick, which is limited and sold out in seconds (happens quite often in Germany), I would only look for alternatives within MAC (that could also be older LE-products I might have already).
    If I can’t find it in within MAC, I am not going to buy Revlon, Lancome, Milani, Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder (I would perhaps consider Estee Lauder as parent company, but they are about 50% more expensive than MAC), or anything else, rather I go without the Lipstick, because it´s the only brand whose lipsticks I truly like and am not allergic, too, either. For eyeshadows, it´s a bit less strict, but in the end the same.
    Usually you compare colours to other MAC-products, too, but I have the feeling that through the last year or so, sometimes the alternatives / comparisons listed are only_other brands. Of course it can be that there is nothing close within MAC, but if there is, I would be really grateful if it could be mentioned.

    I certainly don’t want to sound small-minded, I just tried out a lot through the past years and had to realize that I still like MAC best for the categories of lipstick and eyeshadow (and blush usually, too). Alternatives caused reactions or they just did not perform as well. Some higher-end alternatives are simply too expensive for me to ever consider them, some drugstore alternatives are not sold in Europe or at least my country and can only be purchased by mail-order from the US. I tried some Chanel and did not like it, either, so I think I will save money in the long run if I just stick with what works best for me.

    Thank you :)

    • Hi Lilac!

      I list all the dupes I can think of – MAC or not, same brand or not :) If there are no MAC products listed, it means I wasn’t able to think of anything similar from MAC! Hope that clarifies it for you!