Sunday, November 4th, 2012

OCC Triptych Lip Tar
OCC Triptych Lip Tar

OCC Triptych Lip Tar

OCC Triptych Lip Tar ($16.00 for 0.33 fl. oz.) is described as a “true 24K metallic gold.” It’s a molten honey gold with a metallic shimmer-sheen. Shocking, I’m sure, but I don’t have a dupe for this. Back in June, I reviewed Triptych in its Loose Colour Concentrate form (and it was amazing), and as a lip color–oh, la la! If you have that, you could try mixing it with clear gloss to achieve a similar color.

It’s mostly opaque, and it has a very lightweight feel once applied. As always, Lip Tars are best applied with a lip brush and with very, very little product. OCC says that you need even less of these than you do of the regular Lip Tars, as too much can minimize the metallic finish. There’s a light mint scent but no taste.As soon as these arrived yesterday, I ripped into the package and photographed straight away so I could get to testing them, as they are typically long-wearing, so I needed all the time I could get! This was the first shade I tested the wear of, and it wore brilliantly (there’s a pun in there somewhere)–just under eight hours.

The Glossover



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If you ever wanted full-on gold lips, Triptych has you covered! Not so sure about opaque gold? It also works well patted on top of your favorite berry and red lipsticks.











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OCC Triptych Lip Tar
OCC Triptych Lip Tar

OCC Triptych Lip Tar
OCC Triptych Lip Tar

OCC Triptych Lip Tar
OCC Triptych Lip Tar

OCC Triptych Lip Tar
OCC Triptych Lip Tar

OCC Triptych Lip Tar
OCC Triptych Lip Tar

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OCC, $16.00 (November 15th).

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I couldn't think of any!

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On eyes: Bare Escentuals bareMinerals The Rare Find Eyeshadow Palette, Buxom Sculpt Mascara, Urban Decay Baked Eyeliner. On cheeks: Maybelline Deep Nude Blush.

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70 thoughts on “OCC Triptych Lip Tar Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Mahnaz

    Wow!! This looks so awesome !

  2. WOW~ Christine: does this mix well with other regular lip tars?

  3. This shade probably isn’t something I’d wear alone but boy, it would be amazing for mixing or layering! <3

  4. angelique

    That’s an interesting color. A thin layer over red lipstick would probably look fabulous. Also, I just have to say this…your skin looks AMAZING! Are you wearing foundation? It looks naturally beautiful.

  5. Natasha

    It’s kind of funny that I think this yellow gold lip tar actually looks quite flattering on you!
    Christine, I was wondering whether you’ll be doing a review on the TARTE Carried Away Collector’s Set? It looks too good to be true ..If it really is good I was thinking of buying 2-3 sets to give my girlfriends for Christmas!

  6. blueraccoon

    Since I don’t have it I have no idea if it’s close, but maybe Illamasqua’s Stranger? Intense lipgloss in metallic gold, so goes the description.

  7. helen

    I don’t think that i’ll ever have the need to pull off a gold lip but i do love the OCC line. The concealers (that can even be used as foundation – when used sparingly) are incredible.
    But if anyone can get away with a gold lip, it’s you!
    PS: You look very happy/calmness (in your photos) these days. So happy for you!

  8. freshpinklips

    holly molly! that is awesome.

  9. Amanda

    Do these dry down? Or do they stay like a gloss?

    • They’re not a gloss – they’re a lipstick :) They have a metallic sheen, so they don’t have a satin or matte finish like the regular Lip Tars!

  10. Kali

    Ugh. HOW do you make this look good? How?

  11. Ellie

    This looks really good! Who decided that reds, pinks and the likes are the only normal and wearable colors?! :(

  12. Dominique

    Very pigmented indeed but no so easy to wear ! Great colour though ( and I positively have yellow )

  13. This color is so pretty! I’ve been seeing lip tars everywhere lately, I feel like the universe is telling me that I need to try them!

  14. Natalie

    That is absolutely gorgeous.

  15. Dinitchka

    LOVE THIS! It’s like liquid gold for the lips!! LOL!

  16. Barbie

    omg so pretty!

  17. Fitrah

    Finally. I have been searching for a gold lip for a long time. I wish it was already at Sephora (in time for the VIB weekend) but I will definitely be getting this.

    • helen

      Is the VIB sale this weekend? I didn’t get an email yet.

      • Fitrah

        Neither have I, but it was indicated on my VIB landing page on Sephora’s website a week or so ago. However, I just checked again and it’s not there anymore. Perhaps I was being crazy/thinking wishfully. I just googled “sephora vib weekend 2012 november 8″ and got a few hits, but nothing from Sephora themselves. Sorry to get anyone’s hopes up.

        • xamyx

          I was at Sephora earlier this week, and the girls told me it was starting on or about November 06; I would just call my local store (or customer service for those relying on the site) to find out exact details. HTH

      • Tammie

        I got Snail Mail about it today :) You should too by now.

  18. Barbie

    also, it’s crazy how a year ago when I bought my nsfw lip tar it was 13 dollars and now it’s almost 17 dollars!

  19. Precious

    Oh, wow! Honestly, I think you’re the only person who can pull this off. :) Interesting shade though, reminded me of Cleopatra.

  20. Do the metallic Lip Tars dry down the same as the regular ones?

  21. wow! Looks amazing! OCC Lip Tars are so mesmerizing. They make me try colors that I would have NEVER dared to pick up in lipstick form. I wonder what a hint of this would look like on top of some other lip tars…

  22. I literally gasped out loud.

    Do need. I love me some gold products ;;

  23. Mich

    My reaction while scrolling down the page: “Wooooooooooooooooowwwwa”

  24. Sarah

    I’m curious about how this would look on top of other lip colors too…applied lightly on a matte red lip for a pretty shimmery sheen…Hm…

  25. Jillian

    This is what I have been wanting for the longest time! Whenever I wear red lipstick, I always take a gold eyeshadow and pat it on the center of my lips. It looks gorgeous but I wanted a lip color that was gold and this is it! I need it!

  26. Oh my. OCC just keep pulling another amazing product out of the bag! Whenever you think “that’s it, they can’t do any better!” they really knock it out of the park with something like this!

    I can imagine this over a rich purple lipstick… oooh. Or a pink so it’s like MAC rose pigment- pink with the shimmering gold!

  27. Yumi

    OMG this is awesome.

  28. Meredith


  29. Carie

    I’d maybe mix it with something, but IDL the color on its own. Sorry.

  30. unfair how you look good in this colour also :O

  31. Carrie

    This is awfully yellow. It’s definitely one of their more limited use colors but certainly eye grabbing!

  32. Gabby

    This actually reminds me a lot of Lime Crime’s Carousel gloss in Golden Ticket, although this is a little more yellowy and probably more opaque and long-lasting.

    • Barbie

      wow i didn’t even think of that! plus i think this comes with more product then lime crime’s lipgloss too

  33. kathi

    I wouldn’t have considered getting this without seeing how good it looks on you :)

  34. Adrianna D.

    It does not get any better than a LIQUID GOLD shade!!!! ahhhh Love it!!!

  35. Amy

    Ooooo beautiful! I wish it was more of a “cool toned” gold like the MAC paint pot that came out earlier this year! So beautiful!

  36. Wow! This is pretty fantastic!

  37. Cat

    I love this! I couldn’t wear this on a daily basis for sure, but it would be awesome for some of my football spirit looks. It’s so pretty!

  38. Jade

    I have to say how awesome it is that OCC make such out there colours. A lot of the time if you want crazy lip colours you have to buy costume makeup, or dodgy cheap brands. I never risked it because I feared the potential for an allergic reaction.

  39. Naz

    That is pretty fantastic. Unexpectedly so.

  40. maíra

    I know it’s probably useful to some people, like when they wear costumes or even to use on a tv or a movie production… anyway, I’m “leaving it”, way too odd for me!

  41. I never thought I’d be saying these words, but: you actually look really good in yellow lipstick, Christine! 😛 What a great colour!

  42. Adele

    I really want to try mixing with this, it seems like it might give a nice golden sheen or sparkle to other colors!

  43. Lola

    I wish this was less yellow-y. It’d still look good as an accent on your lips, though!

  44. Argh! You look so good in golds!!! Personally I don’t pull them off well (fairly cool toned and P A L E) I still think I’m going to pick this one up though – along with some of the others. I’m not the HUGEST fan of Lip Tars (I have several in the old packaging, which I can’t stand) but I’m a sucker for anything metallic :)

  45. Nae

    I kinda love it.

  46. Aly

    I have been waiting for an opaque gold since forever, I’m so happy!

  47. Jennisa


  48. Yellowlantern

    How transfer resistant are lip tars (do they survive drinking easily)? You said the shade lasted about 8 hours, is that with or without eating? Have you ever tried eating with these on? Do they last well through a meal?

    Thanks for the reviews of some neat products!

  49. Christine, you can make any lipstick color look amazing, seriously…

  50. Laura

    I doubt I’d wear it alone, but I bet this would make some amazing shades mixed with other Lip Tar colors.

  51. Jasmine

    I find it strange that I really love this! Wish I can be bold enough to wear that alone but it looks like it would work really nice mixed in with other colors :)

  52. Abbi Wallace Pemberton

    Must have, cannot wait!!!!!!

  53. wow looks funny but I dont think I’d ever dare to wear it myself 😛

  54. VickyM

    Cool! I had a cheap jordana golden lipstick when I was a very young teen and don´t know how I dared to wear that when I was about 13-14 lol…but this looks nicer than that one and could work if mixed with another color like beige, pink to make it softer. :)

  55. Anna

    Who knew that yellow lips could make teeth look so white!

  56. Omg I want this sooo bad. Santa can you hear me?

  57. I bought this the week it came out to use with Super NSFW and I think they’re both beautiful. My only issue is that Triptych seemed to tarnish after only opening the tube for about a minute while I swatched it. It had greenish-gold streaks running through it. While it may not have impacted the formulation, it made me uneasy about using it and certainly it would impact that color to some degree. I hope they fix this issue as it is really a lovely color and works awesome when used to highlight the center of the lip with a red base like Super NSFW.